8 June, 2009

UK: Five-Year-Old Schoolchildren Exposed To Faggotry

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The queer agenda – i.e., Cultural Marxism – marches forward with the full cooperation of Western governments:


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  7. 44 Responses to “UK: Five-Year-Old Schoolchildren Exposed To Faggotry”

    1. Curt O'brian Says:

      It’s not civil rights. It’s a mental health issue which should be seen for what it is – a defect. Everybody is defective in something but this is a fairly serious one.

    2. Tina Carter Says:

      I should pointed out that Marxism — at least Soviet Communism was against homosexuality.

      In reality both political system “Democracy, & Communism” are nothing but tools used by Jews to control society.

      Racial Nationalism is the only solution.

    3. Parsifal Says:

      It’s true that the Marxist governments outlawed decadent or immoral activities like homosexuality, gambling and prostitution. But they did not do it out of concern for the moral health of society, but rather to maintain near total control over the population without any distractions.

      What’s going on in England now is even worse. That country is really going down the toilet fast. Pretty soon little White schoolchildren there will be forced to write essays with titles like “Why I am ashamed of being White”, or “When I grow up, I want to marry another boy”.

    4. Susan Says:

      God, you better believe it Parsifal: England is fast turning into a non White nightmare. ‘Course, so is America. Everywhere I look I see nothing but depravity. But, when the powers that be think it is fitting to expose tiny children to the likes of homosexuality, something is going on that is more than just “diversity”, it is a total turning away of a decent White society in favor of degradation and sickness. Poor children!

      The scum who subjected these children to this should all be put in prison for a very long time. Really. Enough is enough. When you expose children to the likes of this, radical action is needed.

      Childhood used to be the domain of innocence and not havng to be subjected to or have knowledge of things perverse or disturbing. These poor children lost their innocence when they were exposed to this filth and degeneracy.

      I lived the first twelve years of my childhood without ever even hearing a curse word!!! I first heard the word “shit” when I went to an integrated junior high school and from there on in was inundated every day with a non stop smorgasbord of profanity and filth–all thanks to the niggers we were forced to attend school alongside.

      What a world.

    5. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Britain is currently a funhouse parody of the world’s largest insane asylum, so this sort of news is unsurprising.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      Exposing children to depravity is all part of the jew & globalist agenda to produce more deracinated, confused, and atomised individuals.
      In some ways worse is better. The elites can’t possibly hold down the lid on the pressure cooker much longer.

    7. 13colonies Says:

      90% of all gays in America are Caucasian… a statistic I’m sure you homophobes do not like to hear! Why do you turn your backs on your WHITE sisters and brothers just because they are a little different than you? Some of us even sympathize with the NSM.
      Maybe showing something that pertains to sexual activity to kids as young as 5 is too early, but I doubt they showed sex. It was probably carefully worded in terms of love. If the kids were really afraid to have any kind of same-sex relationships then it was probably because they had been raised to look down on them.

    8. Susan Says:

      13: There is NO NEED to show five year olds ANYTHING to do with sex AT ALL EVER. Surely, even a degenerate such as yourself could understand this? Or are you a pedophile as well? Start ’em young, and get ’em early?

      Yes, we have always had fags and dykes among us, but years ago, they used to lead quiet lives behind closed doors out of sight of everyone else. We also used to keep sex between consenting heterosexual adults behind closed doors where it belongs instead of right out there in front of everyone 24/7. Constant sex and all of its goings on do not produce a healthy society. And what occurs on the internet is a perfect example.

      It produces a sick hedonistic society that is not good for families or anybody really. Sex is great when it’s kept where it belongs: between two people in a place viewed only by those two people. This should not be that odd of an idea.

      When did it become okay for sex to be a spectator sport anyway? How sick is that?

    9. J. Booth Says:

      Dear 13colonies:

      Do not too quickly dismiss suicide: There are many options available to you, including poison, a bullet to the brain, a tall building or bridge, etc.

      Please kill yourself, and sooner rather than later.


      J. Booth

    10. Parsifal Says:

      Tom McTroll asks: “Anyone get the feeling we’ve seen ‘13colonies’ before?”

      No, but I’m sure YOU have, either at the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, DC, or the Southern Poverty Law Center Headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama, where the both of you recieved instructions to infiltrate “White Supremacist and Extremist hate-sites” with your “good cop/bad cop” routine. But didn’t they tell you two goofs not to make it so obvious?

    11. old dutch Says:

      Did any of you notice that Hal Turner is in jail in New Jersey because two Roman Catholic politicians in Connecticut who are homosexual advocates ran and cried to the Connecticut police that Hal was talking about them.

    12. 13colonies Says:

      I find it so interesting that people who hate jews use a book WRITTEN BY THEM as their justification for hating homosexuals, i.e., the Bible. Just think about who wrote the Bible. Do you think that NO homosexual could possess any form of racial consciousness and awareness?

    13. Parsifal Says:

      “Catholic? Are they lapsed or is the Pope’s gang going all ‘Lutheran’ on us?”

      That’s so funny I forgot to laff.

    14. old dutch Says:

      The Italian Bishop of Connecticut knuckled under to the two Irish Roman Catholic politicians in the Connecticut legislature who are homosexual advocates. There is also a priest in the Connecticut legislature who acts as a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church, and he said that the RC church was wrong & broke the law in not registering as a lobbyist, and in spending more than $2000 dollars lobbying against the homosexual agenda.

      So the Roman Catholic church rolled over.

      I don’t doubt that the jews are hyper active in the homosexual movement, but what percent of Catholic priests are homosexuals? Include Bishops & Cardinals too.

    15. 13colonies Says:

      The Catholic Church protects their pederast priests the same way they protect illegal aliens. Food for thought for those who are Catholic…and maybe another reason not to give money to the Church!

    16. Mark Says:

      Cultural Marxism – A Jewish cultural weapon of mass destruction.

      I’m amazed that parents allow their children to be tortured like this. That’s exactly what it is, psychological torture and brainwashing.

      That headmaster should be strung up.

    17. Waldo Starr Says:

      Whew, when you read that article and see those horrible pictures you can’t help but understand why those jews are gay, they are sure butt ugly cretins! Would someone enlighten me on how these creatures are “chosen”. Anyway, it should be a criminal offense punishable with death to expose little children, or anyone else for that matter, to this degenerative lifestyle. The organization NAMBLA comes to mind when you think of children with pedophiles who motto is “sex before 8 – or it’s too late”. People of this bent should be banished from this earth and no nation could call themselves Christian should ever tolerate this type of behavior, let alone let them organize into a network of devils. Unfortunately the Christian church is bending over backwards, no pun intended, to celebrate the lifestyle. It appears that they, jews,have infiltrated all levels of church leadership. This is just another nail in the coffin of a once great nation.

    18. John Says:

      13colonies Says:

      8 June, 2009 at 6:41 pm

      I. Do you think that NO homosexual could possess any form of racial consciousness and awareness?

      I dont care what a homo thinks. You people are sick fucks, even worse than niggers and other non white sub humans. I mean a nigger has no choice, it is born a nigger but you vermin consciously chose to engage in this filthy jew promoted behavior. There will be no place for fags in a WN society.

    19. 13colonies Says:

      Hey, John, way to go! You show us your small mind and your provincialism by resorting to name-calling. How do you find so much time in your life for so much hate? Maybe if you are lucky, you will have a gay child. Even the Conservative Barry Goldwater (oops, he was a Jew!) managed to understand his gay nephew and not use pejorative terms. Stop confusing religion with sexual orientation. Gays are not all Jews. Many were raised Protestant and Catholic. The problem is that like many other groups which usually tend to be liberal, they’ve been brainwashed by the Communists. Every group contains some with same-sex orientation.

    20. Parsifal Says:

      You’re right, John. Fags, Christians and other subversive elements would have to be excluded from any pro-White society if it expects to prosper.

    21. Parsifal Says:

      Maybe “purged” would be a better word to use than “excluded”.

    22. 13colonies Says:

      How about you just tell it like it is? ETHNIC CLEANSING! Guess what? you purge the gays and they just pop up again! You want to rid society of them–just stop breeding, and kill all the ones you can find. It’s easy, really.

    23. chubby Says:

      It is possible that being gay is like having blue eyes, genetically determined. In fact, I really don’t think it can be otherwise. I remember the first girl I ever liked, and I was maybe only 7 or 8 years old. I couldn’t have told you why I liked her, nor did I have any notion of sex, but the affinity for girls was already there. I am pretty sure that no amount of “homosexual” exposure would have changed that, in my humble opinion. Who knows what the truth is, though. It is worth keeping any open mind as to the origin of homosexuality. That is not to say that exposure to sex of any kind at 5 is appropriate.

      For whatever reason, something gets crossed or deleted in the brain, the genes, or the chromosomes during development–maybe not too differently in the way hair color does and you have homosexual tendencies instead of heterosexual.

      I know many don’t agree but I don’t see why it couldn’t be biological. We see mutations and variations in almost every other trait, why not sexuality?

    24. Parsifal Says:

      I agree with you, Chubb, homosexuality is a genetic and/or psychiatric disorder that the victim has no control over. But that does not mean they have the right to live among us if we don’t want them around. Nor does their disorder give them the right to indulge in their perversions. Generally speaking, fags are rather disagreeable and obnoxious creatures, unless you are Cher, Liza Minnelli or Liz Taylor, I guess. But this ain’t the friggin’ Tony Awards.

    25. Cpt. Candor Says:

      13colonies said:
      “How about you just tell it like it is? ETHNIC CLEANSING! Guess what? you purge the gays and they just pop up again! You want to rid society of them–just stop breeding, and kill all the ones you can find. It’s easy, really.”

      That’s like saying that we should stop breeding because each generation of our race produces some violent criminals. The phenomenon of queers as a group rising to levels of social prominence, such as they have in the present-day West, is usually just a symptom of a deformed and dying culture. Perhaps if we hadn’t spent over a century killing off or otherwise maiming our best men and letting Judeo-TV/Hollywood rot our brains, we wouldn’t be anywhere near this point right now.

      And in response to one of your earlier posts, my disgust with homos doesn’t stem from the jew-book.

    26. chubby Says:

      It may not be possible to eradicate it. Like albinos that occur among Africans. If it really has a biological basis it will arise spontaneously.

      In a basically healthy society where there are no elements engaged in active subversion of the nation they would not appear to be the menace that they are now. It is that the most hateful elements in our society find it useful to channel homosexuals against the rest of society.

    27. Parsifal Says:

      “It is that the most hateful elements in our society find it useful to channel homosexuals against the rest of society.”

      Who or what comprises these “hateful elements” you speak of? To whom are they hateful and for what reason? And how does one “channel” homosexuals against the rest of society?

    28. chubby Says:

      Who? The Jews.

      How? Let’s see…the media, the government, schools….

      Who do they hate? Christians, whites, the West, Europe

      How are they channeled against us? They are told to that they must join the multiracial and multicultural armies arraying against Whites and the West or they will be despised, hated, and killed.

    29. Curt O'brian Says:

      Anytime you have to put your penis into a tube filled with shit you are doing something wrong.

    30. gollywog Says:

      Gays like the fucking jews are here to stay. Hell there is not one religion or race of people out there that has not, down through the ages, “experimented” with homosexual favours. For a matter of survival it is common place in every living species. Does that make it natural???? For one’s personal survival yes, for the survival of the human race but more importantly for the white race no.
      Up until modern times homosexual living was the open secret that people knew was happening but did not want to know.
      Fast forward from the 70’s when the white governments and their religion were being hijacked we have what is common place today.
      Personally I do not give a shit. Like the Jew I know the Homo’s are among us but there are far more important issues to occupy my energy.
      Here is a bit of advice…If you do not want to have your child listen to such shit but instead to go to school to learn then join the PTA. Then get like minded people to join onto the committee. You can change the system but it does not happen in your lounge. Take it to the streets. You do not believe me then drive around to some of the close knit towns and see what is happening.
      Only two weeks ago a town ..call Camden.. in Australia stopped a Muslim school from being built. The final summing up was something like ..”it would not suit the towns’ country and historical atmosphere…” Now this is a small farming community. Mostly white anglo/saxon and they stopped change. Done in the streets with like minded people.

    31. Blackshirt Says:

      Look, there will always be queers, so thinking you can “cleanse” our society of them is ridiculous. The best you could hope for is to drive them back into the closet- and I’m fine with that option.

      Frankly I don’t care what they do amongst themselves and when they are in private. What I care about is them teaching children that their “lifestyle” is normal and should be explored. That’s where I draw the line.

      Remember that the main reason the Western world is on or has been on a witchhunt for queers is because of Jewish Christianity. Judaism and it’s two offshoots Islam and Christianity are the reason why so many patriotards are over-fixated on this. Keep the queers away from the kids and from teaching their lifestyle in schools as normal, and as far as I’m concerned let them do what they do in peace.

    32. Anti-Racist Watch Says:

      “Hey, John, way to go! You show us your small mind and your provincialism by resorting to name-calling. How do you find so much time in your life for so much hate?”

      Hey 13 colonies way to go! you engaged in name calling by referring to John’s “small mind” and “provincialism” when you accused him of – name calling.

      How do you find so much time in your life for hate, when you still haven’t figured out that your anus really isn’t a woman’s vagina?

      Get lost, creep.

    33. Tina Carter Says:


      Homosexuality was tolerated in Roman Empire, and Greek. Even when Christianity took a foot hold in Roman & Greek. However, what most of you forget. Before the fall of the Roman Empire split into two empires; Western Roman Empire, and Eastern Roman aka Byzantium Empire. Byzantium empire lasted for 1,000 years, and Christianity was main religion of that hapless land, and many of the priests were homosexual – and they love raping and molesting little boys. Most of these low life moved to Italy when Turk over the Constantinople (present day Istanbul) thereby ending Roman obamination. Homosexuality was part of the religion, in fact one of the reason Roman Catholic Priests and Nuns live prefer voluntary celibacy is due to their homosexual tendency.

      Jews & Homosexual have destroyed the greatest empires. Babylon, Roman, Egyptian, and Greece empire are gone b/c of homosexual & Jews. There is a reason why native of North Africa cheered when Arabs took over the area, and killing homosexuals, and expelling all the Jews.

    34. Blackshirt Says:

      Go fuck yourself McWeenie. We’ve got you figured out, agent provocateur.

      As usual your posts exist only as a attempt to disrupt. At best you are a Christian Cuntservative apologist, at worst an agent for ZOG.

    35. Tina Carter Says:

      @Tom McReen

      I don’t know if you have ever read bible. Bible support racism — but not It’s also support inter-racial marriages.

      Even Jesus, a product of his cultural upbringing, responds, I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel (Matthew 15:24).

      This woman did not concern herself with his agenda, the disciples’ snub or the divisions between them. Her child deserved a new beginning. She desired to be free herself. So she cries out again, Lord, help me! (Matthew 15:25)

      It’s not nice. We don’t like to admit it. It doesn’t sound like the Jesus we love, but as a Jewish male, even he refers to her as a dog — the common Jewish reference to gentiles.

      Biblical commentaries often try to soften his answer by saying that Jesus’ use of this word was in reference to a little house dog. But, a dog is a dog is a dog!

      Girlfriend, is not angered, embarrassed or shamed. The stinging rebuff does not shut her up. She engages in the dialogue of justice. She stresses the point that she may well not be a lost sheep, and, indeed she may well be a “little, female dog.” But, even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table from God’s amazing abundance, she boldly declares (Matthew 15:27).

      Jesus agrees!

      He praises her great faith. He steps outside the established agenda and provides deliverance for her and her daughter. The inclusion of “those people” turns on the relentless pursuit of a woman of color.

      Thank God for women who continue to cry out for the liberty for which Jesus Christ died. Praise God for women who long for the day when their children might inherit freedom, equality and equity in every system. Praise God for Jesus who saw her need, felt her pain and included her in God’s amazing grace.

      Long story short — We can’t used bible to defend our race, because it prefer mix-race brown population. Last but not lease, Do you really believe that Jesus the Jews would care if our race survive at the expense of his racial tribe?

    36. 13colonies Says:

      Communist or Jewish plot, or both? I’ve become aware of the essential Jewishness of Communism, and how jews are always in the forefront of any movement for “social justice.” I think that in general, Communists (perhaps even by any other name) have taken leadership roles in black/feminist/gay liberation movements.
      It’s funny to hear that at one time, hard-core Communism disapproved of homosexuals, but now they seem to embrace them, at least in America. I suppose “International” Communism finally decided that if it were not to appeal to those Conservatives who were in power, they would collect the flotsam and jetsam of every disaffected group of society, cobble them all togetether, and try, through numbers, and incessant political activity, to create a force to change policy more to their liking. I’m trying to figure out where La Raza fits in all of this. It seems the Aztlaners don’t like Jews and homosexuals, and being mostly Latino/macho culture, they don’t exactly value women either…except, of course, for Sotomayor. And it seems they have no trouble accepting WHITE members into their group, as long as the whites have a Spanish surname. I don’t think we should waste our time on homos here; La Raza is the next big wave we’ll have to face. And frankly, due to their violation of our border, and their breeding program, they may just well overwhelm us with sheer numbers. I’m not sure the average illegal immigrant understands the concept of Aztlan, but the Hispanic academics sure do, and they crow about it at every opportunity. Something about “breeding the white man out of existance…”

    37. Tina Carter Says:

      [email protected]

      Aztlan group has already have won. White people are minority in California & Texas, New Mexico. These three states are now consider minority majority states.

      google for “minority majority”

      from wikipedia

      # Four states are majority-minority as of 2009: Hawaii (which is the only state that has never had a white majority), New Mexico, California, and Texas[1].
      # The percentage of non-Hispanic white residents has fallen below 60 percent in Maryland, Georgia and Nevada, Arizona, New York, and Mississippi.[2].
      # The District of Columbia reached a majority black status during the latter stages of the Great Migration.
      # All major United States territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa) are majority-minority areas.
      # 7 of the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. are majority-nonwhite.
      # As of 2008, 10% of U.S. counties are now majority-minority. Another 7% are near the tipping point and will be majority-minority soon

      See u tomorrow guys.

    38. Parsifal Says:

      McReen, you have shown over and over and over again that you are not the least bit interested in contributing anything of value to any discussion on this website, something that either makes you a provacateur or a clueless pain in the ass. You have been told by many people here to get lost, but you are determined to kill off all intelligent discourse on this site and reduce the comments section to nothing more than a Tom McReen Only forum. Nice try, asshole, but it won’t work. You are boring, stupid, repetetive and you thoroughly suck.

      As far as King Jay-sus is concerned, one could try to make sense of the Christian Bible till the cows come home. But since it was written by men and not gods it makes no sense and contradicts itself at every turn. The Christ cult is based on ealier savior god religions, all of which have their origins in ancient myths about the Sun, the seasons and agriculture. Even the Vatican knows that.

    39. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      I used to worship the sun god. Then I worshipped the son god.
      Now I worship the pun god, and I have fun in the sun, I mean son, I mean pun. The Punsters was the best TV show.

    40. Anti-Racist Watch Says:

      13colonies Says:

      “I don’t think we should waste our time on homos here.”

      Well, now, 13 colonies, I have to agree with you on that. Objectively, the number of pro-white queers is probably pretty small, and if they want to help establish a white homeland, or white territory, I say, let ’em

      But, subjectively, the queer movement’s “in your face” style, coupled with things like trying to get fudge packers into the boy scouts, and endlessly forcing the “gay marriage” issue, has polarized many against them, and you, I guess, including me.

      But back to objectivity: in the bigger picture, it may not be a big deal, the queer thing. We have to pick and choose our battles, it seems, else we’ll end up like that Don Quixote guy, tilting at every windmill. Lord knows, we need some focus.

    41. 13colonies Says:

      I wonder if you’re making the mistake of assuming that the members of a group want the same thing as their “leaders.” You know, without constantly carping for marriage, most non-profit gay groups would have nothing to do! I thought the Boy Scout lawsuit was absolutely stupid and over-the-top. Most gay men aren’t that interested in spending time with children anyway. I have warned, over the years, of the backlash, told other gays to just sit back and keep their lives private. I can see the backlash very clearly, yet still the “leaders” are pressing for MORE. I doubt the majority of gays, who are NOT in control of what their leaders demand, care all that much about marriage. Until federal income tax and inheritance laws are changed, it won’t go anywhere anyway.

    42. Anti-Racist Watch Says:

      Very true. I knew some gueers who could care less about “gay marriage,”, they just live their lives. In fact they themselves think the whole “gays in the boy scout thing” is wrong.

      Up to the point where the whole “gay” issue was pressed, I don’t think anyone really cared one way or the other.

      I suppose in the big BIG picture, the “leaders of the world” don’t care about anyone, whites. blacks, straight or queer, etc., as long as they sit on top of a pile of dumbed down slaves.

      It’s a mess.

    43. Ein Says:

      “Until federal income tax and inheritance laws are changed, it won’t go anywhere anyway.”

      Very good point! That makes good sense to me. I’ve always said that if you feel the tax and inheritance laws are unfair, then you should work to change the tax and inheritance laws. Who says you need to get married?

      The fundamental purpose of marriage, to me, is to establish a secure, stable home in which to bring up a family. It’s about children. It’s been that way since the beginning of time, why change it now? Marriage is not about collecting social security benefits or getting a better tax bracket. This is a distortion of what marriage is all about. And if you want a lover, you can shack up together; nobody’s stopping you. You don’t need a certificate.

      The social engineers and manipulators have created a new “aggrieved” group to add to their coalition of Jew-led minorities, so that they can use them as a battering ram in their war to tear down society. Who’s kidding anyone? The Jews don’t really like gays any more than they like blacks. These people don’t realize how they’re being used. They’re all being “useful idiots”.

    44. Parsifal Says:

      Marriage isn’t a word, it’s a sentence. Hee-hee.