1 June, 2009

USS Liberty Sailor Honored

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When Jews attack your ship, and you behave heroically during the attack, it will take about 4 decades for you to be honored for your heroism; any sooner and the Jews might be offended:


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  7. 20 Responses to “USS Liberty Sailor Honored”

    1. Blackshirt Says:

      In a just world this story would be on the front pages and in the major news outlets. Instead it is a small, local ABC affiliate story that somehow got under the radar. Does one really need any more proof that the Jews own the media?

      Even though someone managed to slip this story in the news, notice that the fact it was an unprovoked attack by Israeli jets isn’t even mentioned until the third paragraph.

    2. Tom McReen Says:

      Jews can openly attack the USS Liberty and squash the story so it’s not difficult to see how they can pull off other crimes like 9/11.

    3. Parsifal Says:

      The Jews sweep it all under the rug and down the Memory Hole, just like their murder of American peace-activist Rachel Corrie.

    4. Mega Therion Says:

      Patriotards in the US still refer to it an “accident”. If they know about this atrocity at all!

      Instead we get to hear about the D Day assholes on June 6,1944 while the events of June 8, 1967 are ignored/forgotten.

    5. Tina Carter Says:

      Their idea was to destory the USS Liberty, and blame it on Egyptian, and this way American would be killing Egyptian.

      Of course, their recent flase flag operation were backed and covered by American & other allies.

    6. John Says:

      I have been called a vicious anti semite before being banned just for mentioning the USS Liberty on forums where these sick kwan patriotards gather

    7. Lee Luttrell Says:

      IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!! Thank God some of these guys survived. The sorry truth is that most Americans still don’t know anything about what happened. Not just the attack, and what happened afterwards, but what they found out before the atttack, that contradicts history!!!

    8. Tom McReen Says:

      “I have been called a vicious anti semite before being banned just for mentioning the USS Liberty on forums where these sick kwan patriotards gather”

      Really. Right. Even patriotards usually stop and listen when someone who was on the USS Liberty has something to say on the matter.

      A while back I saw a patriotic website campaigning for truth about the USS Liberty. If I could remember it I would post it.

      The USS Liberty is one way of breaking down ‘patriot’s’ wrong ideas about Israel. Another issue we can use like the holohoax and 9/11, depending on who you’re talking to.

    9. The Red Skull Says:

      The “Liberty Incident” needs to be kept in the forefront of White Nationalist Memorial thinking.I’m glad Socrates or whoever found this posted it.Here is a man,who’s responsible for saving over 260! Lives of his Fellow Servicemen.Even Audie Murphy of WWII never pulled that off,and this Hero is overlooked for FORTY FUCKING YEARS!The Power of the ZOGPRESS to suppress news that would “hurt” Israel is astonishing indeed.And Only a Silver Star!This guy DESERVES THE CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR!!!!!
      Ohhhh,but pardon me,I sorta forgot that would bring too MUCH “Undue Attention” to an event best left in the past as far as ZOG is concerned.The person who posted about them trying to put the blame on Egypt is correct.Egypt was set up to be the “Fall Guy”,by the insidious KIKES,but their plan went off track in 2 areas.
      One:The valiant crew SURVIVED and lived to
      tell the tale.Two:The crew was able to send for help from a nearby Aircraft Carrrier,thanks in Huge Part to Sailor Halbardier’s Heroic Effort.The Effort to Hush IT UP came straight from the top in the shape of Jew-Puppet Lyndon Johnson.Who had his head so far up ZOGS ASS that he never saw Daylight while he was “Only Following Orders” to Destroy White America with Vietnam,Snivel Rights, Importing Drugs and Forced Integration.How much it made the paper I don’t honestly know,but i’m sure it was hushed as much as possible in the press, I DO know the crew WAS Threatened with Court Martial if they talked about it to press.Can’t have “Our Gallant Ally” look bad while their busy stabbing us in the back multiple times,trying to sink OUR ship AND involving us in a war with a country that had nothing to do with all that to begin with.
      The Ship was Shredded!Huge holes and thousands of bullet holes were evident!Then,after the JewJets initial attack failed to sink the ship,they came up with speedboats and let loose with 50.cal machine guns on the crew and ship.With a Huge American Flag Flying,put up by another Hero after the KIKES shot the 1st one down.
      The Kikes! try and excuse it as an “accident” and never apologized or paid any reparations to “our” gov’t as far as I know.That was a Hell of an Accident!I think they KNEW the American Public would be Justly Outraged by the whole affair,and so Big Jew kept the lid on it as it would threaten our alliance and aid and technical support our jew-run gov’t was giving Israel at the time.Indeed,it WAS an ACT OF WAR.
      The LIBERTY needs to be Kept at the Front of any future all WHITE NATIONS thinking,and it should be as the “ARIZONA” was to Pearl Harbor.A Sacred MEMORIAL to the Eternal Treachery of THE ETERNAL JEW.As A burn to the Jews-when they say Never Forget!We tell them “The USS LIBERTY!!!” and what you KIKES did to her and her crew!
      Herr McReen is correct,The Liberty is a GREAT way to break open the typical Patriotards Numbskull with a dose of harsh reality.The fact that they have never even HEARD of such an “incident” also gives weight to the next reality dog-turd they have to swallow to WAKE UP-THE JEWS CONTROL THE PRESS!!!!!!!!—-Thank you VNN,ALEX,SOCRATES,THE FIRST FUCKING AMENDMENT,and GOD,that SOMEWHERE on the planet,and this looks like the LAST place,I Can write that.THE JEWS CONTROL THE PRESS!Therefore,they Controlled the Typical “KWANS” reaction to it.No harm no foul they used to say.The whole thing makes my blood boil.
      It is POWERFUL Information!The Best part is its like Holy Water on Dracula to the Jews!Throw it on them whenever they shriek at you what “victims”they are.Its a Classic and TYPICAL JEW stab in the back,just like Hitler said.If they can pull that off they certainly are AND WERE capable of 9/11.This Guy should be pestered somehow into writing a Book,so his story is not lost to us forever.

    10. The Red Skull Says:

      Alas,I forgot to mention one other thing.The whole point of the attack from the Insidious,Slimy Kikes view was to maintain a blackout on how they were conducting the War.Very similar the they recent blackout of Information they conducted again as they committed all kinds of WAR CRIMES in GAZA.The KIKES DONT LIKE when you wanna see how their fighting their wars—–massacreing mostly innocent Palestinian Men,Women,and Children with white phospherous shells and stuff,and snipering pregnent women.Yeah.But EVERYONE ELSE is GUILTY of War Crimes,not them.
      As usual ,One Standard for THEM,another For The Goyim.As a matter of fact,there was a World Wide Suppression if INFO on that “incident” ,now that I come to think of it.That too,would be GOOD ANTI-JEW HOLY WATER for the slimiest of human Parasites.Somehow,we must collect a factbook of info of the list of even “suspected” war crimes the Hymies committed while involved in the latest “incident”>

    11. John Says:

      ‘Really. Right. Even patriotards usually stop and listen when someone who was on the USS Liberty has something to say on the matter’

      Yes REALLY
      Jews fully cotrol the patriotard movement and they ban people who bring up such topics. I was even banned on the largest heavy metal forum on the net for bringing it up and discussing Israeli crimes. Go to Shaun Hannity’s forum, post about the Liberty and we will see how long you last.

    12. Mega Therion Says:

      The Patriotards are completely clueless about the Jew. These morons listen to their corrupt preachers about saving Israel, elect every Zionist they can. As mentioned above…the average Hannity listener/viewer will get outraged if you mention that Israel in any unflattering light.

    13. Tom McReen Says:

      ‘John’ and ‘Mega Therion’ – it’s you again, isn’t it? ‘Hannity’, ‘patriotards’…this psycho must have no life to have so many usernames here at VNN. Scary.

      Patriotards are useless though, especially those who believe Osama Bin Laden did 9/11 and the holohoax actually happened.

    14. Mega Therion Says:


      I just saw you RUIN five other threads with this bullshit of yours. I GO BY ONE HANDLE, I’m nobody else. Why don’t you go to FreeReublic you flag waving phony fuck.

      You’re a fucking asshole…AND A PATRIOTARD! Go listen to Rush,Hannity,Beck and “Savage” you FOOL!

    15. Mega Therion Says:

      Mc-RETARD. You’re the lowest turd on this site. Socrates should get rid of you for this bullshit of yours. Go join the army you fucking moron. Don’t project mental illness on me. Go read Takimag or National Online you clown.

    16. Socrates Says:

      Once again, all posters: please stay on-topic. Talking about other posters is not on-topic. Focus on the topic only.

    17. Mega Therion Says:


      Not a problem from my end,I never took any shots at anybody…it’s the same guy starting all the shit on the board. HE’S THE PROBLEM

    18. Ein Says:

      Mega Therion Says: ” I never took any shots at anybody…it’s the same guy starting all the shit on the board. HE’S THE PROBLEM.”

      We know. We all get the message by now, Mega. A disruptive poster or two (doubtless the same), no names needed, will jump in here and attack anyone indiscriminately. Frothing like a rabid dog. This time it was your turn to get bitten.

      You could give the weather report or recite the alphabet … It doesn’t matter! The rabid dog will attack you anyway. He/they will argue and find fault with anything you say. Some people come here to discuss, and some people come here to disrupt. It’s very obvious. Some are in permanent attack mode. We don’t need those who come here to fight. If they can’t be removed, just ignore them.

      Otherwise, we should all just go away and let him/them have it all alone… to argue with himselves.

    19. Ein Says:

      John says: “Jews fully cotrol the patriotard movement and they ban people who bring up such topics. I was even banned on the largest heavy metal forum on the net for bringing it up and discussing Israeli crimes.”

      You’re absolutely right, John. And anyone who attacks you or tries to shut you up is on their side, not ours. It’s high time the full story of the Liberty came out in the open for full public discussion, but they’re desperate to prevent that at all costs.

    20. Dave Baker Says:

      With regard to the Liberty, it would have been virtually impossible to carry out that lengthy and vicious attack by “mistake”. The crew all knew their U.S. Ensign was waving, and that the ship was in international waters. What truly characterizes this perfidy is the U.S. Government and U.S. Navy coverup efforts. If this attack did anything, it proved just how prominently the Jewish power structure functions within the U.S. Government, and NATO.