4 June, 2009

What Is Moral?

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by Dr. William Pierce.


A few days ago I spoke with a friend who is a historian and a writer and is interested in many of the things we discuss on these weekly broadcasts. He congratulated me on the growing influence of American Dissident Voices. He said, and I quote: ‘Many more people than you realize listen to your broadcasts. They mail the texts to many other people. I meet many people at universities and in other countries as well as here in southern California who listen to your broadcasts and talk about them with each other.’

My response was: ‘Then where are these people when I need them? Why don’t I hear from more of them? Don’t they realize that I can’t continue doing these broadcasts all by myself forever? The country is going down the drain, and all that these people you mention are doing is talking about my broadcasts and sitting on their hands. Why don’t they help? Are they afraid that they’ll be kicked out of the country club if they associate with me?'”

The rest is [Here]. (For the audio version, go [Here] and scroll down to 01-12-2002).

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  7. 32 Responses to “What Is Moral?”

    1. brutus Says:

      The good doctor had a way of cutting though the bullshit like a laser beam. I don’t remember ever listening to this particular broadcast. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I also highly recommend that others listen to it as well.

    2. Adam Says:

      We deliberately left smallpox-infected blankets for the Indians
      to find, knowing that the Indians had no natural resistance to the

      I’m surprised to see Dr. Pierce repeat this canard, which is a blood libel against white people. Although the settlers would probably have thought that was a splendid plan if they’d been able to think of it, informed opinion today discounts this idea. The injuns were already defeated by the time the germ theory of disease gained wide acceptance, which was only at the end of the 19th Century. Smallpox did kill a lot of injuns, but there were other ways that smallpox was more likely to have been spread. The widespread injun practice of digging up recently buried settlers so that the injuns could steal their clothes is one I’ve seen mentioned.

    3. Marwinsing Says:

      What is moral? In the fight for survival, nothing is moral, except for biological/genetic survival itself. Morality is nothing but a pseudo-philosophical construct based upon the preferential sentiments of the authors of whatever issue in morality lies in question at the time. Morals change, eg: Christian morals worked yesterday for us but they won’t save our bacon today. These flawed and outdated morals have certainly failed whites of late but flawed and outdated morals still remain morals.

    4. Tom McReen Says:

      We are moral people because we are White, unlike the jews.

      Unfortunately most people confuse morals with not fighting. Conservatives have helped to spread this sickness for years.

    5. Susan Says:

      Unfortunately, most Whites see their continued support of multiculturalism and diversity AS being a moral effort. They are so blinded by their brainwashing by the jews and their ilk, that they would rather sacrifice their daughter to a nigger than be called a racist. They actually see the former as being the more moral of the two options.

      It’s okay to have a White daughter who dates, marries, and has an offspring by a nigger if by disagreeing with her choice or doing something to prevent it, you would be called a racist. White fathers have lost their courage to stand up for what they know to be right and against what they know to be wrong.

      Comfort and convenience have overtaken moral obligation and duty to your family and race. Until we somehow get our collective racial courage back, there is no hope for the White race. There are going to have to be sacrifices made along the way to win this war. So far, no one is willing to sacrifice what is necessary–including me.

      We need to find our racial mojo and get it working.lol

    6. Stronza Says:

      I am as bothered as any of you by the extinction of my race. However, would I rub you all the wrong way (I hope not) by suggesting that maybe, just maybe, our time is up?

      If we go the way of the dodo, we will not be the first race to do so. I guess a few of our genes will live on in the mulligan’s stew that will prevail.

    7. Truthteller Says:

      “Why don’t they help?”

      The lemmings are cowards. However those that know and do nothing, as Dr. Pierce noted, are the worse cowards of all!

    8. Parsifal Says:

      Maybe you’re right, Stronza. Maybe all the self-destructive stupidity the White Race has engaged in is finally going to be our undoing. But if we are destroyed, then by all means let’s use the “Samson Option” and take down the colored hoardes with us. Then maybe the earth will be able to recover and Nature will re-assert herself without any more Japs slaughtering whales for use as pet food and lipstick or niggers killing off rhinos and tigers for magic fertility potions.

    9. CW-2 Says:

      None of this defeatist talk! We are going to win this war even though it may take a century or more. The outcome depends on us doing our best every day. This is no time for quitters. Although we won’t live to see the new Aryan dawn let’s have hope in our hearts that future men, and women, of Dr Pierce’s calibre will lead our people.

    10. Geno Type Says:

      Presently there is no fight for survival. There is only talk – in marginalized corners of the Internet and in a handful of obscure paper rags worth little more than toilet paper. Still, I maintain that moral nihilism is not the way to go. Compared to the other races Whites are a moral people. They will not join an amoral cause. They will, however, listen to moral arguments for survival. We must make those arguments. Furthermore, I think that working poor, blue-collar, and lower middle-class Whites will even fight for those arguments if the social and financial disincentives of the judeo-socioeconomic system are removed or otherwise rendered ineffective. As I’ve stated elsewhere, the only way to “confront” these disincentives is to bypass them with alternative, White socioeconomic systems – for us and designed by us.

    11. chubby Says:

      @Geno Type

      I think you nailed it. Go mouth off about the Jews to the wrong people and you will be unemployed and unemployable–labeled as an anti-semite and maybe come under scrutiny of the DHS unable to travel. Pretty soon, money dries up and you find yourself homeless and penniless. Will your white gentile race-conscious brethren help you then because you were “true to the cause”?

      I don’t think so.

      We really need to have our people occupy positions of authority within the establishment and bring this corrupt and rotten system down from within.

      I can’t see how anything can change without getting a hold of the mass media that has the minds of the lemmings mesmerized.

    12. brutus Says:

      Quote from Chubby:

      “I can’t see how anything can change without getting a hold of the mass media that has the minds of the lemmings mesmerized.”

      This is correct. Dr Pierce is also correct about Whites needing to have righteousness on there side in order to support that cause.

      Our challenge is to show the uninitiated the righteousness of our cause and that can be done by stepping up our presence on the internet. The web is overtaking the jew’s MSM and we need to make sure that we all do our part in making it so.

      We need to attack the minds of the lemmings from many different levels. There should be the hardcore like VNN that goes right for the jew’s juggler and there should be softer proWhite probes that tread lightly in order not to frighten-off the most brainwashed. And all levels in between.

      We need to post on the lemmings blogs. The newspaper forums. All of the places where we can talk to the people. One could fly under the radar as not to get banned or just go ahead and blurt-out a proWhite rant and get banned, anything to plant a seed. (one can simply sign-up again using proxies – just as the antiWhites do here)

      Geno Type above said, “we’re in marginalized corners of the Internet……” Well I say, no one is making us stay in a little corner except ourselves. Get out there and fuck with their heads. Make them think. Make them cry. Slap them. Insult them. Mock them. Ridicule them. Shame them. Point out their hypocracy. Pretend to be one of them in order to get close. Reach into their little protective bubble and burst it wide open. Be relentless.

      And for you defeatists. Move out of the way.


    13. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      “that goes right for the jew’s juggler”

      After the juggler is dead, one may want to go for the JUGULAR.

    14. Parsifal Says:

      Defeatists or realists?

    15. GenoType Says:

      Chubby asks, “Will your white gentile race-conscious brethren help you then because you were “true to the cause”?”

      No, they will not. That is because we are thinly spread throughout the country. Within our respective locations we – that is, most of us – are socially isolated and completely dependent upon the judeo-socioeconomic system for survival. Our electronic communication medium is fragile, impersonal, easily penetrated, and manipulated by the enemy. Dysfunctional personalities and criminals are drawn to it like flies. None of this inspires trust and confidence. Sane, functional, moral Whites with families looking for solutions are put-off by it. We mischaracterize their actions as cowardice. Consequently, our numbers remain small.

      There are many more ex-White nationalists than are presently onboard. Unwilling to tolerate criticism for past failure, we conclude that “control of the national media” is necessary before the situation can change. This is a myth perpetuated by self-important liberal arts graduates with a flair for wordsmything, software geeks who erroneously describe themselves as “the new media,” aged pensioners with a history of donating money to losing causes, and a handful of wealthy contributors “working behind the scenes” to send the occasional “bankroll” our way – for it is in their interests to maintain racialism’ status quo. White nationalism will not take the national media until it has taken the ground in the huge middle of the country with alternative socioeconomic systems which free us for local political activity.

    16. Tom McReen Says:

      Once was enough.

      Fearmongering is for Alex Jones patriotards. Our future is just beginning.

    17. brutus Says:

      “Defeatists or realists?”

      The only reality should be that we’re going to prevail. Nothing ever has been effectively advanced by focusing on the negative. In any revolutionary movement there are great risks involved. This thing is not for the fainthearted. Does this mean that we’re to go off half-cocked? Take foolsih chances? Play into the hands of our enemies? Of course not. We carefully weigh our strategy before implementation and we’re keenly aware of the pitfalls of the paralysis of analysis.

      What is real is that they’re insideously killing our people. There is no greater reality than that, even if the TV has nothing to say about it. We’ll boldly tell the truth here.


    18. chubby Says:


      If I understand what you are saying, you want to create an economy where whites deal only with other whites and spurn dealings with Jews and non-whites. Fine, I’m all for itm but how precisely do you do that???? I just don’t see how it is possible. There are enormous barriers and not just legal.

    19. Susan Says:

      I post on local news websites here in the Atlanta area where I “name the jew” and amazingly enough my comments are mostly left intact. At WSB 750 AM website, my comments usually appear. I don’t think my comments have ever been censored in part, although there have been a few that have not been shown at all. I frequently “name the jew” and use phrases such as “news jews” “news through the jews” and these have been left intact, so people are reading them.

      There is a situation going on right now here in the Atlanta area where there is a White man who has been accused of rape and kidnapping and the accuser is most likely lying. She is a stripper and has plead guilty twice before here locally to making charges of rape and kidnapping that were not true. Please go to my thread at the Phora and read about this:


      The beginning of the thread is about nigger on White crimes that I have commented on and the end of the thread concerns the situation with the White man I mentioned above. The thread began to be about how nigger crime occurs in the Atlanta area and the media refuses to identify the criminal element as being mostly niggers.

      I make the connection between how the news jews write about Whites in the media and how niggers and their ilk are covered. People are beginning to make connections–it’s slow and laborious, but strides are being made in waking up the sleeping masses–and I try to get people to think about what they read and WHY it is written as it is. I try to get people to stop accepting what they read at face value. Too many people do this.

      There are a number of people at this news site who “get it”. For a while I was using the tact of telling the news jews at WSB that they could either print my comments or I could come in person and protest. Lately, I have taken to asking them “please print my comments–I am asking nicely for the sake of freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas” and it seems to be mostly working. Whatever works. The point is to get our ideas out there and get people to begin to connect WHAT they read, HOW it is being written, and WHO is writing the news.

      There has been an increasing amount of nigger crime downtown Atlanta particularly in property crimes and assault crimes. People are waking up to what the problems are and calling the media on it when the media refuses to name the nigger in crimes. The whole process of waking people up is slow and laborious, but what is the alternative? We give up? I don’t think most of us want to do that. Most of us cannot “name the jews” at our jobs, but we can do so on the internet and make headway. That’s the most I can do right now. I have to settle for doing what I can do or I do nothing at all.

      Right now because of the paranoia that is present among Whites, being a lone wolf seems to be the only way to do things. Fine. That is what we will do until a better strategy comes along, or until the time is right for getting together in public. We did it briefly for Channon and Christopher but no one has shown much interest in doing this since that time.

      Lone wolfism: It can be very effective. Be creative. Stick to facts. Leave out references to Nazis. Nigger on White crimes and the way the media portrays this is a particularly pertinent topic AS WELL AS the way the media portrays those few crimes involving White men as opposed to the ever increasing nigger crimes.

      Name the jew and show HOW the jews do what they do. That is what I do in my posting on local internet news sites. I make references to WHAT the jews do, HOW they do and WHY they do it in my local county newspaper too. I cross reference these in my posts so people will know that it is the JEWS everywhere who control the media and WHAT information gets out and HOW it gets out and WHY it gets out.

      Internet Warriors–we CAN be effective. Woohoo!!! It can’t END here but it can BEGIN here. Let us remember that.

    20. Parsifal Says:

      I don’t want to sound defeatist. In fact, I have stated several times before that the White Race survived the Ice Age and the Black Death, so surviving the whiny, nebbishy Jews shouldn’t be a problem. And yet it is! We have become too soft and effeminate as a race. Look at the British these days. What a bunch of homos. They weren’t like that a few hundred years ago, nor were the Swedes, another race of wimpy self-haters. Can all that degeneracy be turned around in just a few short years? I certainly hope so, because that’s all the time we have left, I fear.

    21. Ein Says:

      Thank you, Susan. Naming the Negro comes first. And after that comes naming the Jew.
      Most people are so brainwashed, they can’t see the Jews’ hand in this at all. (“What’s religion got to do with it?”)

      Most naive gentiles haven’t a clue, and that’s how the Jews want to keep it.

    22. Parsifal Says:

      “Naming the Negro comes first. And after that comes naming the Jew.”

      I don’t know about that…..Getting rid of Hymie is the hard part. After that, getting rid of Sambo and Pedro will be a proverbial piece o’ cake.

    23. Susan Says:

      Well, I guess we could argue til the cows come home about which “comes first” or which is more important: the jews or the niggers. But, the important thing is that we CONNECT the two–always. That is what I try to do in most of my posting. Show how the news jews excuse the niggers’ behavior, etc. I give specific examples of just how the jews do it. I show how they use certain language when referring to niggers: “Youths” “teens”, we all know this, but many people have not made the connection.

      We have to show all the means by which the jews do what they do on a daily basis. How they use the media to advance their evil agenda against the White race. How multiculturalism and diversity is the means by which they intend to destroy the White race and its influence.

      I show how the media refuses to name the nigger when talking about violent crime: the kinds of crimes that Whites do not even partake in at all: gang violence, robbing crews, home invasion crews, etc. And people here in the Atlanta area are getting this. You see it on the news websites comments.

      But we have to keep pointing out the insidious ways in which the jews do what they do. By showing WHAT they print as well as what they DON’T print: it’s all important and meaningful. The news jews have as their goal the destruction of the American White male and his sphere of influence and power, and they will stop at nothing to achieve this.

      We have to keep showing this. I know it gets tiresome and time consuming. But what is the alternative? Giving up? Believe me, I know it’s enough to drive you insane. Sometimes, it’s more than I can take without thinking I am going to just lose it. Give yourself plenty of breaks. Take care of your own mental health. Be good to yourself. But we must keep fighting because to give up is to let the jews and the niggers win. And that is simply not an option at this point. I think most of us would agree on this. Right?

      What a world we live in. How did we ever allow ourselves to be dictated to by the lowest common denominators in our society? Be it the jews or the blacks: they are both the lowest of the low in our society. They both have to be called on for their inexcusable behavior in a civilized White society.

    24. brutus Says:

      Quote from Susan:

      “Well, I guess we could argue til the cows come home about which “comes first” or which is more important: the jews or the niggers.”

      Yes, niggers then jews is logical progression. Even the slowest dullard can see the massiveness of nigger-on-White crime when pointed out.

      And we must understand our audience is at many different levels of racial awareness, from zero to nearly there. We must provide the full spectum of racial knowledge and the folks will natually gravitate to that which resonates on their level. Just as the jew has many different radio and TV channels each geared to brainwash a specific slice of the population’s IQ, our efforts must likewise do the same when we deprogram the masses.

      Each one of us needs to pick a level and work it. And be aware to support other WN deprogrammers in the trenches.

      You’re doing fine work Susan.


    25. Susan Says:

      Thank you Brutus. Even though I am considered a ‘tard at VNN, I guess I am doing okay in the real world. Bwahaha

    26. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      “How did we ever allow ourselves to be dictated to by the lowest common denominators in our society?”

      Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

      Matthew 20:16 The last shall be first, and vice-versa.

      BLESSED are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3

    27. Parsifal Says:

      I guess you could say the Negro presents the most immediate danger. Even a lot of Jews hate the niggers.

      Has anyone noticed that when the Jewsmedia releases a photo of some violent Black criminal who was killed while in Po-lice custody or by a White gunowner trying to protect his family, the photo that’s used is of the spade when he was in elementary school wearing his little graduation cap and gown? They’ll never show a police mug-shot of the menacing Black ape, only pictures that are supposed to tug at your heart-strings and make him look like a victim of White cruelty.

    28. Susan Says:

      Yes, Parcifal, you are exactly right. The news jews always want to give the impression that whatever the nigger has done pales in comparison to the fact that he is ALSO a good boy, a football player, sang in the church choir, or is an honor student.

      Never mind if any of these things is actually TRUE, doesn’t matter, we’ve said them and that’s all that matters. Never mind that the pos just murdered three people or raped an 11 year old, or tossed a kitten or puppy in an oven and roasted it alive. Folks we have a GOOD BOY HERE…..AND HOW DO WE KNOW HE IS A GOOD BOY…….WHY HIS MAMA SAID HE WAS A GOOD BOY. What’s wrong with you Whitey? You really think Mama is gonna lie about her boy???

      This is one of my huge pet peeves about the news jews and how they cover nigger crime as opposed to White crime (when it happens): this inexplicable need to define this piece of shit as a GOOD PERSON??? It really gives you a bird’s eye view into the soul of a jew, doesn’t it?

      When they have this need to destroy Whitey so much, that they will raise this lowly piece of shit who just blew someone away at point blank range, or raped an 11 year old or 88 year old, or burned alive a little helpless kitten or puppy, into some creature deserving of sympathy or empathy and not someone a civilized society would just as well throw on some burning trash heap and be done with. Oh–would that we could!!!!

      We can dream, can’t we???

    29. Truthteller Says:

      When Dr. Pierce left us for Valhalla the National Alliance had a membership of around 2’000 and a mailing list of 45,000 yet the good Doctor complained about known WN getting involved with him. While WN,s have to derive an income from the system we must smash, no racial change will take place.

    30. Truthteller Says:

      Sorry that should read “known WN not getting involved with him.”

    31. Tom McReen Says:

      “Susan Says:
      6 June, 2009 at 7:33 am

      Yes, Parcifal, you are exactly right.”

      Do not feed. Lurkers and newbies are watching so if we aren’t permitted to ‘argue’ while exposing this anti infiltrator who keeps posting here then at least we can ignore it.

    32. Parsifal Says:

      What balls this jerk Tom has. Now he’s telling others here whom and whom they should not respond to. Get lost, McReen. You’re just a troublemaker who contributes NOTHING to the conversation.