21 July, 2009

Black, Harvard Professors These Days

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“Gates accused the investigating officer of being a racist…” You don’t say!


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  7. 11 Responses to “Black, Harvard Professors These Days”

    1. Mega Therion Says:

      This nauseating nigger is also an ardent Zionist. A “close pal” of Alan Douchawitz, this Napoleonic nigger is the typical “blerd”, a black nerd who spends his life pleasing Massa Jew. A mediocre mind at best, your average white highway toll taker has more wits than this Jewed hack nigger.

    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Great, the nigs always need a cause celebre to galvanize their so called community. This affirmative action, nigger professor was probably threatening and harassing the cop. Most white professors would have acted dignified and simply thanked the officers for showing up and the officers would be going on their way.

    3. Parsifal Says:

      Excellent observations in the above posts! I love how this this “distinguished African- Amercan scholar” (an uppity token ape who is used to having cowardly Whites kiss his Black ass) got treated like just another no-good nigger who was caught being in the wrong neighborhood. Of course, an army of powerful Jew lawyers, backed by the Jew press, will now sue the police dept. for simply doing their job. And the Feds will get involved, too, no doubt.

    4. Mega Therion Says:

      It’s being reported that the effeminate nigger governor Deval Patrick made a “call” to the Cambridge PD. Which of course lead to the charges being dropped.

      And you’re absolutely right, Parsifal,all today and night the Jew parade has been out in full force in the Boston media,legal and political circles. Fucking disgusting.

    5. Phineas Says:

      WHAT “WHITE Priviledge”?
      WHAT “Racism”?
      WHAT “Sys-tuh-mat-tic O-press-shaaaawwwwwn”?
      WHAT “Man Keepin’ Da Bruhthuz DAH-Yooowwwwwn”?
      WHAT “Suh-laaaaaay-vuh-reeeehhhh”?
      WHAT “In-just-us”?( Typical niggnorant old nigger attempt at so-called dark humor that’s real deep.No,Pryor and Mooney,it AIN’T “deep too” – nothing but one of too many self-rigteous,nigger delusions-of-grandeur )

    6. creature555 Says:

      I’ve never had an opinion on “African American Studies” up until recently, but this guy is a classic case of self-obsession on his “blackness” and victimhood, even though he’s a wealthy upper class prof living in Harvard property in no way a victim.

    7. lawrence dennis Says:

      We can be reasonably certain that this nigger of modest intellect quickly reverted to TNB upon the arrival of the police, dropping the F-bomb and the MF-bomb (and probably even worse) right and left, refusing to cooperate with the “raciss pigs,” and so on, etc. He almost certainly deserved to be arrested for his TNB alone. And he knew full well all the while that nobody could touch him and teach him the lesson he deserved, physically or legally.

    8. Mega Therion Says:

      Another “proud” nigger…whose daughter is very light-skinned(and fat) indicating,like most “proud” niggers…he goes for white womenyz.

    9. Luek Says:

      I wonder who the justly deserving White scholar got affirmative actioned out of the academic slot this piece of black sh_t is occupying?

    10. Parsifal Says:

      No White scholar had to make way for this uppity coon. The Jews who run Harvard simply created an “African American Studies” program and put him in charge of it. At least Cornell West, another “distinguished Afro-American scholar”, has a sense of humor and can BUST A RYHME.

    11. Mega Therion Says:

      That Mulatto monster of a “President” chimed in last night as well. Typical Nigger Shit.

      I wake up every day hoping it’s a repeat of Friday Nov 22,1963 or Thursday April 4,1968.