12 July, 2009

Blacks and Their Behavior

Posted by Socrates in black behavior, black culture, Diversity, diversity is hate, multiculturalism, Socrates, videos at 3:36 pm | Permanent Link

“Heavens,” as good ol’ Evan Mecham would say. This sexually-themed video, featuring a Black sports star, is eye-opening, that’s for sure:

Video: [Here].

Article: [Here].

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  7. 16 Responses to “Blacks and Their Behavior”

    1. Blackshirt Says:

      I don’t know what is more repulsive- the nigger’s behavior or the White bitch’s seeming encouragement of it. If I were her daddy she’d be disowned or worse. This is an example of the lack of balls that most White men have with their women. In the old days this yard ape would have had all the male members of her family and many other White men with no relation trying to kill this animal for even touching this White girl in a sexual manner. The whole thing is fucking sick, sick, sick!

    2. Mega Therion Says:

      I’m not going to watch it, but I can only imagine the horrific sights within. And the white whores who involve themselves in this atrocity need to die. They are unredeemable. Cupidity and stupidity are causes of these white sluts actions,along with bad genetics and brainwashing(organized religion) that has made them into the scuzzy nigger lovers they are.

    3. Parsifal Says:

      “Unknown actress Heather Nichols”. That sounds like a fake porno actress name to me. But we really can’t blame the nigger for doing what it did to her. It was provoked by that little White skank. Its nature is to be a sexual predator, something that “Heather Nichols” was undoubtedly already aware of. Good luck in the jizz-biz, “Miss Nichols”.

    4. Terrorsaurus Says:

      What a filthy disgusting orc beast! I’ve never seen such unbelievable TNB. And boy he thought he was a clever coon didn’t he?

      “Am I in?”

      That stupid little bitch had a chance to put him in his place though, and she blew it. Too busy sucking up to some no-name nigger brute to put a stop to his antics with a little righteous indignation. I swear that had to be a kike at the end extending his arm to put a stop to ApeRage Jackson’s humping.

      And you know why he did what he did? Because he’s unable to answer questions or engage in intelligent discussion so he immediately resorts to the nigger’s sole asset: brute physicality.

      Niggers are a big reason why America is so embarrassing.

    5. Blackshirt Says:

      Upon further reading, I see she denies that she did anything to give this nigger the green light and she supposedly didn’t like it. Then why the sexually suggestive talk to the monkey? The fact is that she is a media whore, and maybe a real one to boot.

      And I agree with Terrorsaurus, if this bitch had any self respect she would’ve immediately shown indignation and disgust, instead she appears to accept his behavior. She says she was trying to act “professional”. What a crock of shit. I would’ve had some respect for her if she at least tried to push away or fight back.

    6. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Reminds me of the race mixers where I live, including a rising number of middle-class White men marrying Black women. And so the race that harnessed electricity and threw space probes to the edges of the Solar System takes yet another step closer to being absorbed and replaced by one that never invented a wheel and requires massive outside assistance to keep anything larger and more complex than a scrap-composed shanty town from totally falling apart.

    7. LoveWhite Says:

      A very depressing video that’s insulting to honorable white men. The deeper problem is that white men have become less protective, and thereby less masculine, over their own women. Have we lost love for own soft and delicate ladies? Judging by the rising number of interracial relationships it would seem so, and as Cpt. Candor notes, even white men are starting to day and marry black women.

    8. Sam Crossing Says:

      She looked nervous and scared before that happened. Look at her hand behind her on the post. She might have a jew boss and she knows that would be it for her covering those events if she says anything.

      Like scarlett johansson had her breasts felt up by that gay fashion designer on national TV at the Academy Awards. She talked about it afterwards and she didn’t see pleased but was trying to put on a happy face I think for political correctness reasons.

      The gutter ghetto ideology has taken over on TV. Wonder who is to blame?

    9. Dead Eye Says:

      Ain’t nuthin you can do when niggaz got a ‘muh dick’ on.

      Dats fo sho.

    10. D_Euro Says:

      Here is one of your examplars white man. go to youtube, and in the search box type in… Robbie Williams Interview (Kissing attack), and…. Robbie Williams tries to “pick up” Fearne Cotton, and ….robbie williams tonight show katie couric.

      white nationalists speak truth the jews speak lies- who is winning the propaganda war?
      niggers are badboys, sexually aggressive and criminal, we are polite and fear offending women-who is having more fun?

      we must out lie the natural born liars, i know its distasteful and against our nature, but we are gifted enough to pull it off. Cloak all our truth in a more palatable lie.

      we have and can again be more criminal then the nigger (and the jew for that matter) and with just a slight attitude adjustment, our sexual lust can be unchained from the jew conditioned restraint that has been pounded into us.

      Im not suggesting we ape the apes and become wiggers, our violence, our lies and seductions will be original and more potent, more terrible then anything the lessor races can come up with.

      im on the streets practicing every day, I have no shame, make no apologies, and increasingly I am getting what i grab for.
      A safe future for our race will be made largely by the criminal element, the psychopaths amongst us, the lusty sensuous predators. If you are not one of them, i suggest you encourage those traits and be the best (worst) you can be.

    11. D_Euro Says:

      hahaha, this nigger is a repeat offender, here he is humping a jap reporter…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKVeBOCPpGU

    12. S.U.N. Says:

      Orlando, Hialeah, MIAMI, POMPANO BEACH — real-life shitholes for white women / ape mating. Some homos as well. Repulsive.

    13. -jc Says:

      It will served this woman right if she’s type cast in romantic roles opposite Blacks.

      YouTube apparently moved/removed the video. I’d like a new address for just the video, if anyone has it.

    14. Blackshirt Says:

      S.U.N. says:

      “Orlando, Hialeah, MIAMI, POMPANO BEACH — real-life shitholes for white women / ape mating. Some homos as well. Repulsive.”

      Yep. The whole state of Florida needs to be quarantined and then cleansed county by county, town by town, and street by street. And if that doesn’t work, hopefully global warming will put it under water.

    15. Parsifal Says:

      Florida, New Orleans, SoCal, DC……..These places need to be vaporized with H-bombs. They’re all Jew and/or mudshark-infested shitholes.

    16. Blackshirt Says:


      Just go down the page on the second link with the article, there is a small video window where you can watch it.