10 July, 2009

England: Tell the Truth, Go to Prison

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That means if you lie, you don’t go to prison. Nice, huh? Vhat a country! Anyway, make no mistake, newbies. These British “anti-racism” laws were created by Jews, beginning in the 1960s with “Sir” Frank Soskice, a yid who posed as a White person. Pick one: Jews or freedom. You can’t have both:


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  7. 14 Responses to “England: Tell the Truth, Go to Prison”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Tell the truth of race and history and spend the next 4 years in the slammer. Well if jews think they can stifle the truth they are in for a big surprise.

    2. alchemy Says:

      WTF ?- “Adil Khan, head of diversity and community cohesion at Humberside Police” You can’t make this stuff up, folks

    3. Blackshirt Says:

      The BBC makes me want to vomit. The article was so biased, it could have been written by a Marxist… wait, the BBC is Marxist, right?

      The UK is even more of a sham democracy than the US is.

    4. Heretical American Says:

      Note that the BBC is clearly troubled by imprisonment of native Britons for holding unpopular opinions in the absence of any offensive action whatsoever. Thus they feature the terrible, overt act that gives rise to more than 2 years in the slammer: The pamphlet “Tales of the Holohoax” “was pushed” through the door of a synagogue! The pusher is unidentified. In similar “hate crimes” in the U.S., the person responsible is almost always a Jew.

      The pamphlet, which is online, tracks well documented lies told by holohoaxers and later quietly retracted, after their incorporation into required textbooks, TV programs, New York Times articles, Hollywood films, and other Jewish propaganda for the dumb goyim. While the quality of humor varies from page to page, it’s at least as funny overall as the Letterman Show and vastly superior to the third rate humor on NPR for Jewish women over 75 in Fort Lauderdale (e.g., “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me”). To print a readable copy, start with the following link and increase the number in the URL to see each succeeding page:


      For Americans, the greater scandal, is that the Heretical Two were imprisoned here and deported without much of a fight. Their plight was ignored by all the big name conservatives and talk radio blabbers, who regularly rail against “Holocaust Denial”. (Former sheetrock installer Sean Hannity wants to start a war with Iran because their President is a “Holocaust Denier”.) The principal defender of the Heretical Two on the Internet was a New York Jew with the pen name Nicholas Stix.

      The lesson of this case is that to be a dissident in the UK (North Wogistan), you have to remain anonymous.

    5. Parsifal Says:

      Heretical A., I like your comment about NPR’s “Wait, Wait….” show. You can just imagine all those 60 year-old Jewish hippies and boomers in the audience, with their scraggly Jew-beards and beanies, laughing their tookases off at every lame joke made by the king of dyke commedians, Paula Poundstone.

      I didn’t know Hannity ever had a legitimate job. I do know he’s a college dropout, like his draft-dodging, dope-fiend hero Flush Scumbaugh. Actually, I think they’d both look pretty good with my boot stomping on their lying faces over and over again………….I’m being too hostile, right?

      The BBC (Bolshevik Broadcasting Corp.) is vomit-inducing, allright. They use British taxpayer money to promulgate a globalist, anti-White agenda, much like NPR does over here. Imagine the US denying political asylum status to these two guys. They are true victims of political persecution. Yet every year, millions of gooks, chinks and West African nigs are granted such status by ZOG, even though they have no idea what “puhwitcur asyrum” is.

    6. JewTracer Says:

      “Sham democracy”, as if there’s any other kind.

    7. Kunthjol Says:

      It used to be that Free Speech was a Sacred Value and people would even let Nazis march in Skokie.


      Now a malicious Zionist Occupied Government is imprisoning people for MERE SPEECH!!!

      Some have pointed to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zions as a scheme to radically increase Freedom, and then when the Jews have control, shut the lid again and institute a Zionist Totalitarian State, looks like we are almost there and the description has been accurate!

    8. Jon Says:

      “Pair jailed for web race crimes ”

      My gosh! What horror!

      “Race crimes”? What race crimes? Blacks are the biggest race crimes perpetrators in the world and the anti-mainstream press totally ignores it!

      I ask you: How many more years of this Jewish-imposed, modern Dark Age do we have to endure?

      WTF?? What f*cking crime was committed??

      I am so SICK, DISGUSTED, and OUTRAGED reading about stories like this! It really makes my blood boil hearing about show trials like this, with good, decent, white men tried and imprisoned by these tyrannical “Jew laws,” as longtime friend of mine calls them.


    9. Marwinsing Says:

      Nah. Britain’s gone bonkers, it’s finished, muddified, dumbed down, brainwashed (almost) beyond redemption. I fled Africa last year “to seek a better life” and wound up as “an illegal” in Britain, erstwhile land of my ancestors (sic) and as fate would have it my crappy S.A passport-visa eventually expired, I had a fight with my pommie coke-addict manager (he paid me late, very late, too late for my liking) and subsequently got fired and was thus forced to return to South Africa on a one way ticket through Gatwick else likely face the S&M whip of a repulsive-looking and black leather-clad Home Office Secretary Jacqui Smith with me all chained up in some dark, damp and lonely River Thames dungeon-cell. Well, what a relief to arrive back in the Land of Bling! (coon-infested Johannesburg) …to waltz through the customs scanners manned by a micro-troop of monkeys in uniform, my once-lost freedoms again found! Okay, as a minority whitey in a Junglebunnyville, you may have nada rights left (WTF) but one can still do what the hell one wants here like pay no taxes – or attention – to the mayhem that is this place. Nah, in Africa if you can dance the Chimpa-woggawogga-mumjumbo you’ll get away with murder because nobody gives a damn. The red tape in Pommieland and Eurogulag is petrifying. Oh, those gormless cuzzies of ours, ugh shame, how tragic, how easily they fell. God – if He (did I say He?) exists – only helps those who help themselves, just ask your typical New Orleans swamp-monster wading through a hurricane-flooded down-town street with a crate of stolen Budweisers on its back and it’ll tell you, “Jah mon, dat true mon, dat varee true…”

      Niggers = No hope for Joy, thanks jew. Thanks a lot.

    10. Marwinsing Says:

      re: OUR Heretical Two. BWTF happened to their Magna Carta? Can’t they apply it against the Royal Family, Westminster, The House of Commons and all relevant politico-miscreants; but in amended and stricter form? In super-strict form. Who knows, we may one day be dusting off stocks and pillars, sharpening and oiling up guillotine blades, admiring the ropes riding the breeze, all gawking in sublime wonder as heads, scalps, wigs and crowns topple off the London Bridge and down yonder to the depths of the Thames below… if they could rustle up enough BritNats to form a riotous righteous and veritable Mob-o’-Yobs, REAL Men-o’-War, as in The Good Guys huh?

    11. Marwinsing Says:

      ERRATUM. The Royal Family. *except ol’ Harry (I think it was?) because he clearly believes in the transcendental energies of the hakenkreuz (judging by his fancy-dress outfits) and calls a Paki a Paki.

    12. Peter Simpson Says:

      These words should send a chill down the spine of any racial awake White man ‘diversity and community cohesion’. Means forced multi-culturalism. Now the UK Zogsters can now go after other racial patriots who have websites hosted in the jewSA. The war has just been ramped up another notch.

      Is it me or does Simon look a lot like GLR ?

      Anyway send letters of support to these brave racial patriots.

    13. CW-2 Says:

      The situation in the jewK is almost laughable. A raghead in charge of “diversity and community cohesion”. Don’t these stupid mud commies recognise that ‘diversity’ and ‘cohesion’ are mutually exclusive and cohesion cannot be compelled, it is the free gift of one racial brother to another.

    14. whodareswings Says:

      Why not do something thoughtful and send ” The Heretical Two” a postcard, a book, or a magazine? Carve out a little time to let them know you haven’t forgotten their plight. They usually write back. Not much else to do in jail which extra bleak in the UK. Write:

      Whittle, Stephen
      A8041AA Wing E5-19
      HMP Leeds
      2 Glouchester Terrace
      Stanningly Road
      Leeds, LS12 2TJ

      Sheppard, Simon
      A8042AA Wing E5-19
      HMP Leeds
      2 Glouchester Terrace
      Stanningly Road
      Leeds, LS12 2TJ