31 July, 2009

NWO Rule: You Can’t Offend Queers

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But you can offend White people, especially men:


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  7. 13 Responses to “NWO Rule: You Can’t Offend Queers”

    1. Parsifal Says:

      Why would any decent White man want to be a cop these days? All the PC bullshit they have to put up with, the little 4’11” brown squaws and incompetent, angry Blacks they have to work with, the ADL and SPLC lecturing them on how to do their job all the time………And now the fudge-packers are getting uppity, too. I don’t care about the homos and what they do with or to each other, but since they are all mentally ill, diseased and potentially dangerous, perhaps getting their skulls smashed in once in a while will keep them in line. Reasoning with them certainly won’t

    2. Igor Alexander Says:


    3. Igor Alexander Says:

      I wish we had more Dan Whites in the forces today.

    4. Igor Alexander Says:

      “The men said it was because two of them kissed, leading to slurs and hostility from guards.”

      OK, so faggots have the right to swap spit in public, but apparently we don’t have the right to speak our minds about it?

      Homosexuals have been annoying me far more than any other minority group lately.

    5. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Steve Ortega said they were worried that the case, which has received national media attention, was damaging El Paso’s reputation.”

      Key phrase: received national media attention. It’s the mass media that controls government, not the way around.

      The cops would’ve told those queers to piss off if it weren’t for the threat of receiving bad publicity in the jew-dominated mass media.

      BTW, are all the queers in El Paso beaners? So these beaners come to the USA to openly engage in deviant sexual behavior that would not be well tolerated in their own country? I guess a dog never shits on its own doorstep.

    6. Igor Alexander Says:

      “The additional police training also was welcomed by Briana Stone, executive director of the Paso del Norte Civil Rights Project, but she said she wanted to see more concrete actions.”

      Is Briana Stone jewish? Is Andrew Kreighbaum, the author of the article, jewish? And then we have Sam Aguilera, “cofounder of Puentes LGBT Resources,” who as I said in my previous comment is probably a beaner.

      So we’ve got jews, beaners, and homos uniting as usual to shit on the majority.

    7. Igor Alexander Says:

      “A responding police officer threatened to cite the men for ‘homosexual conduct,’ an old law that was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

      If they didn’t have Big Jew pointing its media gun at their heads, they could just charge the faggots with public indecency.

    8. Igor Alexander Says:

      * not the _other_ way around.

    9. Curt O'brian Says:

      I believed Dan White was sexual harassed by Milk because he was a white confident man and when he complained to the mayor I will bet you he was laughed at and told “how sensitive you are” with a little smile.

      White was proud of what he did instantly after he did it. He was a trained policeman but he didn’t care. Why? He instantly confessed in the police station and the police prevented public defenders from coming into the station at the time to stop him.

      Then the police allowed White to have ice cream and other liberties in jail. Why? Because the police knew the whole story. White had to brought down for shooting the mayor… but still he had a reason that was provocation not simple hate.

    10. Parsifal Says:

      I guess Dan White just got fed up with being denied promotions and respect by the Liberal Queer Mafia that was ruled by Mayor Moscone and the Jew Harvey Milk. BTW, there is a public HS in Jew York Shitty named in Milk’s “honor” that is for “GLBT” students only. And I understand it’s one of the worst-run and worst-performing schools in the whole NYC school system. America’s cities are the anuses of this country, the places where parasites and waste matter accumulate.

    11. Mega Therion Says:

      White’s 1985 “suicide” certainly wasn’t. Where he fucked up was not wasting Feinstein and Willie Brown as well. He should have cleaned out City Hall that day, not just the Jew fag Milk and the Crypto-Kike Moscone. Those were heady days…Leo Ryan,Milk,Moscone all rubbed out in a 9 day span.

      I remember reading an opinion piece many a year ago that it was almost certain that Milk would have been the first politician to die of AIDS had he made it into the 1980’s. So he was on a road to PC martyrdom no matter what.

    12. Curt O'brian Says:

      I heard the best Public defender San Francisco had talking about walking into the detective room though two doors and being pushed back out mid stride with one huge hand by a Policeman that was nicknamed Lurch. He had come to tell White to stop confessing but he wasn’t allowed to get close enough to say anything.

    13. Parsifal Says:

      “Where he fucked up was not wasting Feinstein and Willie Brown as well. He should have cleaned out City Hall that day, not just the Jew fag Milk and the Crypto-Kike Moscone. ”


      If only he had done just that! He would have been one of the greatest American heroes in history. The Jew-liberal-queer mafia in SF would never have recovered from such an attack.