11 July, 2009

Ohio: Negroes Gang-Attack White Family

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Even though the attackers made race-related comments during the assault – e.g., ”This is a black world” – it’s not yet a “hate crime.” You can bet your last nickel that if the roles were reversed – i.e., if Whites were the attackers and Blacks were the victims – “hate crime” charges would have been filed immediately:


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  7. 15 Responses to “Ohio: Negroes Gang-Attack White Family”

    1. old dutch Says:

      You won’t see this one on TV either…

    2. Mega Therion Says:

      A daily event everywhere niggers are found. Soon enough we’ll see the Jews and niggers holding concerts,fund raisers for the “Akron 47” if these shits are ever arrested.

      This country and society is a nightmare.

    3. Jon Says:

      Just another ugly example of un-“equal protection under the law” for White Americans. Further proof of the very biased, ANTI-WHITE GENTILE nature of hate crime legislation lobbied into law by those very cunning, white-goyim-hating, Judeo-Talmudists at the Defamation League.

      Still, they’re not satisfied and are pushing for MORE of the same via S.909! And these Jews wonder(?) why Jew-wise whites are so full of “hate.” How do you expect us to react, Jewdy??? Oh, I see,…just drink the spiked cool-aid, by a good goy, and accept the fate they have planned for us.

      This double standard has to end! But how do WE end it??


    4. Jon Says:

      “Akron police say they aren’t ready to call it a hate crime or a gang initiation.”

      How disgusting, hypocritical and NAUSEATING. How much f*cking evidence do you need? Just reverse the situation and you’d have dozens of FBI agents crawling all over the place looking for the “haters.”

      Pooo….I spit at their hypocrisy and this blatant double standard.

      Down with ZOG!


    5. The Irishman Says:

      Interesting questions this White Man asks, aren’t they:

      ”And we allow this to go on in our neighborhoods?”

      ”This makes you think about your freedom,” Marshall said. ”In all reality, where is your freedom when you have this going on?”

      Indeed. The answers are that this is all part of the plan, and freedom is but an illusion the jews use to camouflage over the ugly White Hating Rabbit Hole of reality that this man and his family almost got sucked down.

      Welcome to another Red Pill Freedom Fighter.

    6. Mega Therion Says:

      Not to be a prick here, but just a little realistic advice. Events that are potential “moron magnets” like fireworks or a mall…just stay home. These type of places are crawling with niggers,spics and white imbeciles who like to mingle with shits. If you’re going to have to be somewhere that shits may inhabit, then at very least arm yourself to the teeth.

    7. Blackshirt Says:

      Never let your guard down around niggers. NEVER. Try to stay away from them at all costs. Hopefully this family has learned this vital lesson.

    8. Waldo Starr Says:

      Blacks continually prove that they are incapable of coexisting with civilized people, and with blacks ranging and foraging freely in a society then it is a prerequisite that Whites assess their safety before they venture out into the public arena. All the war on poverty did was subsidize blacks illegitimate birth rates, and breed millions of ignorant hostile beings living in poverty. The ghetto to them is like Disney World. It’s a fun place to get all the stuff they like (sex and drugs), and still blame whitie for their miserable situation.
      Blacks are a cancer where ever they exist.

    9. Parsifal Says:

      Well said, Mega T! I no longer patronize such Moron Magnet events. Where there are morons, there will be trouble. Unfortunately, many of those morons are not muds, they are obnoxious White bikers, rednecks and sports-fans. I suspect this White family falls into one of those categories.

    10. Mega Therion Says:

      The niggers are a cancer,one that has metastasized with the birth of each mulatto monster. Thankfully, they kill each other with frequency and those who survive the shooting wars barely make middle age with their “dietary” habits. If not for these blessed events the nig population would be around 30% instead of the static 13% it’s been.

      Sporting events are maybe the ultimate white moron magnet right now(save for a rap concert,that goes without saying) but these fools who pay 300 dollars(and up) to Kike owners/concessionaires to watch dirty steroided Dominicans play baseball or watch thuggish niggers play basketball/football…these are the white people who need a reality check. I bet most of them are “anti-immigrant”, but don’t think twice about paying to see some shitskin from the Caribbean throw a baseball 95 MPH. Probably never dawns on them…

    11. Kunthjol Says:

      “Events that are potential “moron magnets” like fireworks or a mall…just stay home. ”

      Good advice, but still there are some good things that Whites can go to where they will be safe. A Rodeo (just had one over the holiday weekend behind my house!) is a good example with alot of good old boys there. Also Heavy Metal or Hard Rock concerts are good. You won’t get messed with at an AC/DC concert as it is almost entirely White and the few blacks there are the drug dealers hanging out way in the back like they had to on the bus in the South.

    12. Parsifal Says:

      The only rock concert I ever went to that was a totally postive experience was when I saw Frank Zappa. No punks, drunks or skunks there.

    13. ED! Says:

      “The Marshalls say they fear retaliation at home or when they go outside. They are considering arming themselves, but they’re concerned about the possible problems that come with guns.”

      All of the White Men in this Nation should arm them selves, and take their familys with them to the gun range and learn how to shoot! There is only one thing a nigger understands and that is brute force! When in the city it is shotguns with 00 or 000 buckshot all the way!


    14. Junghans Says:

      As someone once presciently commented, the USA has degenerated into an inter-racial madhouse, with state sponsored Negro breeding hutches (“housing projects”). It is, in fact, a dangerous “Negro hunting ground without warning signs”.

    15. Parsifal Says:

      The Jews and Liberals are always chirping about how Lincoln and the abolitionists “ended slavery”. But judging from all the Negroes who are in prison and on welfare, I’d say they were more enslaved than ever. Which is just how the Negro seems to like it.