22 July, 2009

Online Book

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“The Dispossessed Majority” by Wilmot Robertson (a .pdf file. Use the zoom-in tool at the top of the book to enlarge the text, if needed):


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Essential reading for newbies and a welcome refresher for hard-core true believers.
      Two snippets that jumped out while flicking through. Both are from page 17.

      “…equalitarian dogma, the scientific hoax of the century.”

      “…blamed church leaders for falsifying science to bolster their ethical arguments for racial equality.”

    2. Irma Grese Says:

      I’ll have to check it out. What other books would you gentlemen recommend for someone new to the cause? I’m trying to compile a reading list for my own edification. Thanks!

    3. Justin Huber Says:

      Irma, that’s a good question. I’d be curious as to what other posters here suggest.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Well, for an easy read and a good introduction David Duke’s ‘My Awakening’ has got to be tops. A free audio version is available on davidduke.com. For a more in-depth analysis and historical background W G Simpson’s ‘Which Way Western Man’ is required reading. It is not an easy read, with many foot notes and references to original documents, but almost every page contains some challenging thought or insight. The first half tends to be a little dry and somewhat elitist, while the second half has a vigorous tempo and points the finger at you know who.

    5. hw Says:

      Mikulas Kolya — “Men Art War”

    6. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Don’t forget “The Best of Attack and National Vanguard”.

      “Which Way Western Man” is excellent but not recommended for beginners. The Dispossessed Majority, however, was one of the first books I read during the early days of my racial awakening. It isn’t a very difficult read.

      Would also recommend the works of Dr. Revilo P. Oliver and his audio speeches if you can find them. Oliver is an absolute genius.

      Beginners should try to listen to the late Dr. Pierce’s weekly audio broadcasts available in the archives at natall.com

    7. Irma Grese Says:

      I’ve been listening to Dr. Pierce‚Äôs audio ever since I discovered this site. It’s very enlightening, I do say! I’m already over half way through ‘My Awakening’ which is why I’m putting together the list. Thanks one and all for the great suggestions!

    8. Junghans Says:

      Revilo Oliver’s book, “AMERICA’S DECLINE”, and MacDonald’s ‘CULTURE OF CRITIQUE” AND “CULTURAL INSURRECTIONS” are very good. Arthur Kemp’s “THE MARCH OF THE TITANS” is excellent, as is Buchanan’s book “STATE OF EMEREGENCY”.

    9. Just Passing By Says:

      I was Just Passing By and thought I would share a link.

      The Real Secret Holocaust


      It’s really an eye opening writing about international jewry.

    10. Kurt Says:

      I’ll raise a point here on behalf of Ms. Grese:

      Something for your library shelf that ought to be required for anyone-and is most certainly required by anyone interested in politics-is a basic textbook on engineering.

      There’s a reason that I advocate this,and it’s a very simple reason. Anyone who has any sort of background in,or familiarity with engineering (and I use “engineering” in the broad sense of “making things from other things,not “went to college and got an engineering degree”) has a better chance of spotting obvious lies than someone who doesn’t.

      Just being able to count,and being comfortable with numbers-and what numbers imply-will put anyone who does some studying a long way ahead of the average resident of the Kwa when our would-be masters start talking about their great plans for our future.

      I’m continually amazed-and this gets worse every year-at the sheer IGNORANCE of Kwamians. Grown up white people who have no idea how a ditch gets dug,or what type of machines are needed. Grown up white people who have no idea how a fire burns,or what a dam does,or anything along those lines. People who are so ignorant of life that they really think that stuff just pops up by magic on the grocery store shelves,and that water gets into your bathtub because a friendly wizard decreed that it must be so.

      So next time you’re at the library,after you grab the political texts,stop and pick up a few “how things work” books. You might be surprised at what you can teach yourself!

    11. Irma Grese Says:

      That sounds like a great idea, Kurt! You ever go to howstuffworks.com? It’s practically my home page. Wikipedia as well. I love to read about how things like radios, computers or even plumbing systems operate. Others find it boring but I think it’s fascinating! It’s why I became a WN. I couldn’t figure out why niggers act the way that they do, always starting fights and causing trouble in class, getting arrested, shit like that. Not that whites or spics are any better, at least not in my school. But there were a FEW normal whites and NO normal nigs or spics! Then after I got beat up I started looking into it. I think I was actually researching black history or something online when in the comments on some site somebody mentioned “The Bell Curve.” I ordered it from Amazon and that was all she wrote! Long story short: that book – and “Understanding Jewish Influence,” which gave me the “why” – opened my eyes in a big, big way. Curiosity may have killed the cat but it seems to have done just the opposite for me!!

    12. Kuda Bux Says:

      The International kike, world’s foremost problem; by Henry Ford:


    13. Dagon Says:

      I’ve read Wilmott Robertson’s book several times over the past year and its been a refreshing read, I glean added depth upon each perusal.

      Few others have really understood both the modern predicament of the indigenous inhabitants of the West – White heterosexual males particularly – as well as how all this came to be, quite as accurately and instinctively as Robertson did. Though I beleive the first printing of The Dispossessed Majority was in the early 1970’s much of his descriptive narrative uncannily describes life in the contemporary West. Reading Robertson was alot like reading another’s precise echoes of thoughts one had in the past but seldom expressed. The centrality of a ‘minority cabal’ in originating and encouraging the dispossesion of Whites out of a variety of sometimes contradictory but often reinforcing motives is described very well by Robertson – his work is one of the most cogent and moving works on many subjects of interest to people here.