22 July, 2009

Philadelphia and Kampala

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by Dr. William Pierce.


I spend most of my time in rural, nearly all-White West Virginia, but
last week I was in Philadelphia. While there I spent some time late Friday night strolling the sidewalks of a commercial and tourist area in eastern Philadelphia, not far from the waterfront. It was an area full of cafes and bars and trendy clothing shops and tattoo parlors, and the sidewalks were jammed with pedestrians. It was a multiculturalist’s dream, with people of every race and culture imaginable pushing past one another.”

The rest is [Here]. (For the audio version, go [Here] and scroll down to 05-11-2002).

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  7. 9 Responses to “Philadelphia and Kampala”

    1. Parsifal Says:

      Philadelphia is symbolic of America’s urban and racial decay, especially North Philadelphia. And right accross the Delaware River is an even worse city, Camden. Once the coons show up, it’s over. Strange how those two cities turned Black so quickly after WWII, yet none of the White WWII vets living in those places stood up to the invading niggers. They just slunked away to the suburbs, until they too got overun with Blacks.

      I guess this was one of Dr. Pierce’s last ADV broadcasts. Too bad. But at least the Jews are now 7 years closer to their well-deserved annihilation than they were when this message first aired in 2002.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      The good doctor at the height of his analytic powers, the article is just as pertinent today as it was in 2002.

      Most major cities in the Western world are affected similarly. London must be a jew’s wet dream that is fast becoming a nightmare from which White people are struggling to awaken. It may not be quite as bad as Philadelphia but I advise tourists to take a walk down London’s premier shopping street, Oxford Street, not to buy anything, the jew-shops are all selling made in China junk, but just to look, really look, at the faces that pass on the sidewalk. You will be one of the few, very few, White faces.

      Dr Pierce’s analysis of the wider Mid-East situation is also interesting. It won’t take much to bring down the Pakistani house of cards, and then the US will probably force India to ‘take action’ in order to secure the nuclear weapons.

      There is much on the horizon that we can potentially take advantage from.

    3. Vaultner Says:

      I live just far enough north of Philly to remain away from the worst of it. There’s a very different attitude toward niggers by White Philadelphians then where I’ve lived before. It’s more apathy than disgust, literally like watching the monkey cage for entertainment. I’ve never really been able to understand it.

      A number of years back I was in Center City in front of “Love Park” (A haven for bums) when I saw a young White couple with their four year old on dad’s shoulders & mom looking at the tourist balloon map of the city, completely oblivious to their surroundings. A nigger bum 40 or 50 years old in a drunken stupor started reaching for the woman’s purse. I yelled at him to get the fuck away from there. That coon yelled back at me like I was doing something wrong to him, crazy. He backed away & the couple wised up & moved on but there is something severely wrong with this country. Niggers & the jews that help them.

      The city doesn’t seem to try to promote tourism the way they did back then, & I do my best to stay out of that shithole of a city.

    4. Harsh_Henry14W Says:

      An excellent inter-weaving analysis! Dr. Pierce (pbuh) ties together several different threads and shows that yes, IT IS INDEED THE JEWS, STUPID!

      The stuff about the middle east is very relevant as well. I live in one of those small college towns and many, many Whites are getting tired of seeing Palestinians abused. They are also angry about the murder of Rachel Corrie by the Jews.

      People with Jewish sounding names have tried to shut down some of the meeting that have been critiquing Israel around here. The fact that Jews themselves are having to do this, revealing themselves like a Vampire in broad daylight, instead of sending some White liberal gopher has really awakened some that there is indeed a Jewish Zionist menace.

    5. Mega Therion Says:


      Those WWII Vets were too tired from slaughtering German men women and children and saving Jews to fight the nigger stateside. The Mid-Atlantic, whether it’s Philly,Baltimore,Camden…all of those cities were lost by 1960. They’re dead now.

    6. Adam Says:

      We had, of course, plenty of destructive undesirables of our own already here. Even before the Civil War psychopaths such as John Brown murdered their fellow Whites on behalf of Blacks and attempted to “equalize” the races. After the Civil War we had even more hate-crazed egalitarians attempting to punish Whites — mostly White Southerners — for being better than Blacks. Some, like John Brown, justified their murderous egalitarianism on Christian grounds, but after the Civil War and the shameful policies directed against Southerners during the Reconstruction period, there was no large-scale, systematic effort by Whites, Christian or otherwise, to mongrelize and degrade America. We still had an abundance of crazies and haters around, but without an organizing force behind them they were a potential rather than an actual danger.

      This is congruent with MacDonald’s paper on Transcendentalism (a review of Gura’s book on the subject). But John Brown had plenty of company. Such men as Emerson, Alcott, Thoreau, Channing, Brownson, Beecher, and Ripley were quite at home with his philosophy. To the extent that a native white intelligentsia developed at all before the Civil War, it was Abolitionist, explicitly anti-racist and egalitarian.

      It is also important to notice that during the post-Civil War period, there was really no need for a “large-scale, systematic effort by Whites, Christian or otherwise, to mongrelize and degrade America.” That exhausting war had been concluded, the bloodiest and most expensive in the nation’s history. By the end of it, the damage had already been done, and America was well on the way to mongrelization, which would have inevitably proceeded even without any help from Jews. The presence of four million niggers on American soil, who had just been set on the path to being made full citizens by white idiots, would have proved more than enough to destroy what was left of the country even if there had been no Jews. It might have taken longer, but the history of empires past shows that the same sequence is always followed: economic relations between nations/races leading to political relations between nations/races leading to social mixing and finally racial mixing. It happened to the ancient Aryans who conquered India, it happened (with Alexander’s encouragement) in the Hellenistic Empire, and in the Roman Empire, and it is proceeding now in the British Empire, and in our own American empire.

      From the perspective of the expansion of the technological system, the Civil War and Reconstruction Era should be seen as a necessary integration and consolidation of the radically different economies of the North and South. Bringing this union about was Lincoln’s world-historical task. But the post-Civil War period, from Reconstruction up to the first World War, was hardly a period where nothing was happening at all. The technological system continued to grow, and its continued evolution was giving the Jews the opportunity to replace the white elites, who, like good anti-racists, had allowed them to infiltrate their country and ascend to its control without effectual resistance. Though disastrous for ourselves, in the twentieth century continuing technical improvements in the delivery of propaganda – including print media but especially via radio, film, and television – were to hand the Jews who had ascended to a dominant position in mass media an unprecedented control of the collective consciousness of our race. By the time of the Second World War, this control was enough to provoke what was in effect a second Civil War, occurring this time on a global scale and involving the entire white race. In this replay, the “North”, i.e., the Empire-building forces of integration, at once economic, social, and genetic, was victorious yet again, with the horrific consequences we see all around us today.

      Is it stoppable? Yes, but only to the extent that the technological system is stoppable.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      Adam, you are making a strong case for technological expansion for its own sake to be a significant and largely unrecognised component in the present crisis. While technology is definitely a two edged sword, its bad effects are those of ‘unintended consequences’.
      But this passive effect is quite different from the active and aggressive use of technology by jews and globalists. We shouldn’t confuse the two.

    8. Parsifal Says:

      “This is congruent with MacDonald’s paper on Transcendentalism (a review of Gura’s book on the subject). But John Brown had plenty of company. Such men as Emerson, Alcott, Thoreau, Channing, Brownson, Beecher, and Ripley were quite at home with his philosophy. To the extent that a native white intelligentsia developed at all before the Civil War, it was Abolitionist, explicitly anti-racist and egalitarian.”
      ******************************************************Adam, you’re doubtless aware of the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848, where all of America’s biggest White liberal race-traitors of the time gathered to “liberate” Blacks and White women. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, William Lloyd Garrison, their house-broken Negro mascot Frederick Douglass………….Too bad there was no Klan or even an FBI around back then to take those subversives out. Of course, those liberals cared nothing about the young White women and children working in the dangerous Northern textile mills, sweatshops and factories of the time. After all, they were only White and the Northern States were the “good guys”. Bullshit.

    9. CW-2 Says:

      Well, that’s interesting, I haven’t read anything about the ‘Seneca Falls Convention’. A bunch of champagne-sipping commies no doubt.
      It was much the same in northern England at the height of the American Civil War. No cotton was getting through Lincoln’s blockade and the textile mills were idle resulting in mass starvation of White workers. White upper class traitors (they could have been jew mill owners like Engels) were running about telling the already abused workers that they must ‘suffer for the sake of the negro’.
      Some things don’t change.