11 July, 2009


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“Let us all recognize that we Jews are a distinctive nationality of which every Jew, whatever his country, his station or shade of belief, is necessarily a member.” — (bold is mine) from a speech by the famous, Jewish lawyer and Supreme Court judge, Louis D. Brandeis (above), called “The Jewish Problem and How to Solve It,” April 25, 1915. In other words, regardless of where they live, Jews are Jews first and foremost, and they are “Frenchmen” or “Englishmen” or “German” in name only. Brandeis was one of the Jews who ruined America’s legal system. He pioneered the so-called “Brandeis brief,” in which legally-irrelevant, social/psychological baloney is inserted into written legal arguments in an attempt to sway the silly goyim – who are, sadly, often swayed. A Brandeis brief was used in the landmark court ruling Brown v. Board of Education.

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    1. Shyl0ck Says:

      The quote below is a bit out of context, but some of the sentiments are similar. The speaker is part-Jewish and is reluctant to call the Yids out explicitly for who and what they are:

      Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D, University of Michigan) is partly of Jewish extraction. He is also a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College. He writes:

      …when I look at the Middle East to realize that an awful lot of American Jews do not think of themselves as Americans who happen to be Jewish, but as Jews who happen to be living in America, and that as de facto unregistered agents of a foreign government they have caused enormous damage to America at home and abroad, and brought an enormous amount of death and suffering to a lot of people across the region who simply happened to be in Israel’s way.
      …to many Zionists they are REALLY chosen, and everyone else is disposable.

      The bad news is that excising this ultra-Zionist/neo-con cancer is not going to be easy.


    2. old dutch Says:

      I wonder what Martin Garbus’s pound of flesh will be?

    3. Adam Says:

      Brandeis says “nationality” where he ought to say “race”, of course. Also from Brandeis’ speech:

      “It is no answer to this evidence of nationality to declare that the Jews are not an absolutely pure race. There has, of course, been some intermixture of foreign blood in the 3000 years which constitute our historic period. But, owing to persecution and prejudice, the intermarriages with non-Jews which occurred have resulted merely in taking away many from the Jewish community. Intermarriage has brought few additions. Therefore the percentage of foreign blood in the Jews of today is very low. Probably no important European race is as pure.”

      He elides this distinction with unusual skill, even for one who, as Brandeis does, stems from the race of born liars that we know as the Jews. It is in the interest of Jews to blur and confuse the difference between race, nationality, and religion because they are the one and only race who has developed a racial religion over the course of millennia. The god of the Jew is, in essence, himself. He worships his own blood.

    4. Parsifal Says:

      Why is it OK for a Jew like Justice Brandeis to say that his people have no loyalty to any of the countries they reside in, but when a White person points out the same thing, he gets villified?

    5. Walter Says:

      the Jews call themselves in Germany “Juden in Deutschland” – i.e., Jews in Germany, there is not even the pretence to be anything but a foreign entity.The word “Schicksalsgemeinschaft” -the idea that a people, even a nation, is bound together in good days and bad, and will stand together always, is forever nonsense to people without loyalty.