5 July, 2009

Saddam Hussein’s Last Interviews

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“Every thing that happened to us was because of Israel. Israel pushes US politicians and fills them with hatred.”

You don’t say!


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  7. 10 Responses to “Saddam Hussein’s Last Interviews”

    1. old dutch Says:

      A true patriot to his people; not a craven sand nigger like one finds living all over the US today.

    2. gollywog Says:

      It makes one think long and hard what the out come would be like today if the US government had any control over the oil cartels.
      Oh how stupid of me. The International Jewish Banking Mafia and the Western World Oil Cartels are the US Government.

    3. Parsifal Says:

      Saddam was an Arab Nationalist leader, like Nasser in Egypt. In his country, women could drive and wear Western clothing if they wanted to, or be traditonal Muslims. Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians…all religions were tolerated as long as they didn’t cause any trouble. His only “crime” was standing up to the Zionist Entity in Occupied Palestine.

      Just before the Jew-ordered invasion of Iraq in 2003, I called the Iraqi delegation at the UN and told them as an American, I didn’t support the impending war against Iraq. I also told them that I resented how Israel and the Zionists were forcing us into this needless conflict. “Yes, Israel is behind all of this, but apparently we are not supposed to talk about that”, they said. Anyway, they were very glad that I called, even though I could hear tons of mysterious beeps and clicks on the line.

      It bothers me a great deal that almost no Americans, except for the professional activists on the Far Left, care about what this country has done to Iraq over the last 30 years. And almost no one in the USA is concerned that the Bush/Cheney Regime lied about Iraq’s imaginary WMDs, a lie that has killed tens of thousands of US troops and over a million Iraqis. Through its willful stupidity, ignorance and indifference, the USA has lost its right to exist, IMHO.

    4. Igor Alexander Says:

      “It bothers me a great deal that almost no Americans, except for the professional activists on the Far Left, care about what this country has done to Iraq over the last 30 years.”

      That’s what it’s like when you live under a jewish tyranny.

      BTW, didn’t the U.S. support Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war?

    5. Igor Alexander Says:

      Nita Renfrew’s biography of Saddam (a must read):

    6. Parsifal Says:

      The US goaded Saddam into going to war against Iran, something which resulted in the deaths of between 1 and 2 million people on both sides of that conflict.

    7. ajiarcher Says:

      Yes it’s true, we have a lot of blood on our hands, and nobody seems to care.
      I’m not a fan of Obama’s but it seems he may be double crossing the jews, by at least attempting to put the brakes on their lust for war with Iran. A war that we would of course fight for them.

    8. karen_j66 Says:

      his greatest crime….befriending USA

    9. Parsifal Says:

      Somebody give karen-j66 a free ice cream cone, as she has hit the nail on the head with that observation.

    10. Eman Says:

      Believe it or not, Hussein’s Iraq was partially modeled on many policies of National Socialist Germany.

      Hussein’s Iraqi Ba’ath Party was technically an “Arab socialist” political party, an ethnic nationalist party basically.

      Many people don’t know this.

      Jews also seek to destroy all forms of ethno/racial-nationalism or ethnically-based socialism (because those systems very often exclude the non-native Jews and are fullyu Jew-aware).

      Jews hate true socialism! Jews hate true ethno-nationalism!