31 July, 2009

Suicide–Or Murder? Kaufmann’s Rise and Fall of Anglo-America

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

“Eric P. Kaufmann’s The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America presents the case that Anglo-America committed what one might call “suicide by idea”: White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants were motivated to give up ethnic hegemony by their attachment to Enlightenment ideals of individualism and liberty. Anglo-Americans simply followed these ideals of the Enlightenment to their logical conclusion. The result: immigration was opened up to all peoples of the world, multiculturalism became the cultural ideal, and WASPS willingly allowed themselves to be displaced from their preeminent position among the elites of business, media, politics, and the academic world.”


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  7. 16 Responses to “Suicide–Or Murder? Kaufmann’s Rise and Fall of Anglo-America”

    1. Shyl0ck Says:

      A few of the central ideas of Kevin MacDonald’s ‘Culture of Critique’:
      The Enemy Within
      Jewsd & Communism

    2. whodareswings Says:

      Good essay about Kaufmann’s and MacDonald’s theories on how and why the American WASP elite handed the farm over to their capitalistic competitors, the apparently smarter in-every-way Jews, here: http://www.occidentaldissent.com/ The consensus among the few scholars who have written books about this transference of power is that, unlike Russia, the revolution here was won without firing a shot. Thanks to “The Greatest Generation” we live in an Adam Sandler nation today. Way to fucking go dad!

    3. Parsifal Says:

      Most of the biggest race-traitors and race-cowards are members of the great Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian Race. Whites of Slavic and Mediterranian descent are a lot tougher and more racially concious. Unlike the Germans and Scandanavians, they would never let their daughters sleep with niggers. Also, most of the impoverished hillbillies living in Apalachia are of Anglo/Saxon descent. So much for being racial Supermen, you Nordicists.

    4. Blackshirt Says:

      Good observations, Parsifal. I’m just waiting for the Med/Slav/Celt haters to come out of the woodwork for this topic. As soon as anyone starts talking about the decline of “WASPs” turds like Old Dutch will come out to bash Irish and Italians under the guise of attacking Catholicism.

      I honestly don’t see how bemoaning the demise of “WASPs” is a good idea. How about bemoaning the decline of White society in general? Why the focus on Anglo-Saxon Protestants? Are they somehow better than White Polish Catholics, or White Greek Pagans? That is what is implied in my opinion.

    5. Parsifal Says:

      Yes, it won’t be long till Topkea comes along with his usual anti-Slav bullshit.

    6. Mega Therion Says:

      Parsifal and Blackshirt are right again…and WITHOUT A DOUBT, the usual suspect(s) shall return with his/their “Rome” conspiracies deflecting proper blame.

    7. Angryyoungman Says:

      “Most of the biggest race-traitors and race-cowards are members of the great Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian Race.”

      That may be true, but I think class is also an issue. There’s still working class Englishmen, Germans, and Scandinavians who would go nuts if Vikki brought home Jamal or Muhammed. The wealthier the white man the more cowardly he gets, just like here in the States. The Bourgeoisie in Western Europe has been a hotbed of decadence for the last 300 years, even Hitler admitted that originally. We’ve also had an easier lifestyle a century before the Slavs, Mediterraneans, and Celts, so it has made us soft.

      The reason the wealthy whites in Northern Europe/France and North America are so PC is because
      A.- They were the first ones who had divershitty training in their skyscrapers. They are one rung under the Jews and bluebloods so they “got with the program” before any other whites.
      B.- They can afford to live away from divershitty. Their spoiled brats join antifa because they think muds are decent and kind like the ones on the Jew tube.

    8. Angryyoungman Says:

      @ Parsifal

      Those Appalachian hillbillies are the one group of Anglo-Saxons people are afraid to fight :)

    9. 2050 Says:

      The focus on WASPs is because that was what Amerca was. I remember during the social/cultural/sexual revolution of the 60s-70s, the unending drumbeat about WASP power and WASP oppression of minorities, etc.
      Once the WASPs were brought into line through the unending media campaign, that was just the culmination of a decades long attack on them by the jews, the battle for Amerikwa was over. I am a WASP. Though mixed with enough other Euro ethnicities that I guess I’m not pure WASP. The term WASP though, was loosely used to mean all White peolple.
      By using the no doubt jew created term WASP for white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, it helped to foster a division and a distrust among whites. I think they wanted to sort of make white catholics and non-Anglo whites, feel like the white of Celtic/British stock were oppressing them too. Even cause them to empathize with the ‘oppressed’ minorities. Typical divide and conquer srategy.
      Don’t worry, once exposed to enough TV Amerikwan style, those Slavs will marry off their daughters to niggers too.

      And I’m going to side up with Angryyoungman here. Having married into a strain of those Appalachian hillbillys, I would like to say that they are nowhere near as impoverished as the media would have you believe. Some are, and I’d rather sit around and shoot the shit with any one of them before most of the rest of the country, including the folks around my town. Good people doesn’t even begin to describe them. There are still all white towns here and there back in those hills and hollers.

      MacDonald is batting them out of the park these days in my view. He gets it guys. He says more truth and in a way that can’t be argued at least not with reason. Of course his critics don’t care about reason.

    10. Adam Says:

      Suicide or murder? That’s a false alternative. It’s more like an assisted suicide, and even at that, it’s very questionable how much of an assist that the Puritan-descended whites (i.e., WASPS) got from the Jews. MacDonald still isn’t dealing with the death wish issue because it doesn’t fit in with his theoretics, but who can look at the history of the white elites in the period 1850 to 1965 and not see the clear evidence of it? Over the period, the white elites led their people into two horrific, incredibly bloody, and enormously expensive wars, both with the express goal of ending the supremacy of their own race – in the first case, the supremacy of their own race in the South, and in the second, they fought vigorously to defeat a movement for the global supremacy of their own race. Then these paroxysms of suicidal rage were brought to a head in 1965, when these same elites agreed to betray their own posterity, and give away their racial homeland to non-whites. The fools tore down their own national borders, and though by this point one can clearly detect the baleful Jewish influence, they still went along with it, most of them with great fanfare and enthusiasm, congratulating themselves and wearing big smiles. These elites literally acted in the cause of their own racial demise for more than a century, and for much of that period the Jewish influence was marginal at best. A “death wish” describes this behavior perfectly.

      Also left out of this paper is much treatment of the Transcendentalists, whose attitudes on race were typical of the white elites in the nineteenth century. These Northeastern bluebloods literally didn’t give a damn about preserving the white race, and many of them openly urged extermination of the white race through miscegenation. The Transcendentalists were closely allied with Abolitionists such as John Brown; they were the intellectual voice of the Abolitionists. Nor does MacDonald here mention the Civil War, the moral justification for which was a suicidal effort to promote racial egalitarianism. One might think that the bloodiest and most expensive war the nation ever fought – and fought, ostensibly, for such a foolish cause – might deserve at least a passing mention, since it would appear pertinent to his subject. But MacDonald, to my knowledge, is not one who believes that the Jews caused that conflict. I don’t think he believes they played much of a role at all, and if true, then it was purely suicidal.

      Also not explained by MacDonald’s theories is why racial suicide seems to be proceeding at least as quickly – or perhaps even more quickly – in Europe as in the United States, in spite of a much reduced Jewish presence there. In order to adequately make his case, he really needs to produce another Culture of Critique and document in equally meticulous detail how it was Jewish influence that caused each country in Europe to commit racial suicide.

      Darwin’s theory of evolution is one of the cornerstones of modern science, and its offshoots in the forms of sociobiology and evolutionary psychology are also worthy of a great deal of attention, but by themselves, they just don’t explain what we see very well. Only with the realization that the expansion of the technological system is itself the cause of many of these problems does a better understanding arise. What has happened with this expansion is that, suicidal all along, whites have now obtained the means to carry out their own destruction. To their longed-for Promised Land of Racial Death they are now proceeding with all deliberate speed.

    11. New America Says:

      I suspect that the WASP “elite” had pretty much stopped being a meritocratic aristocracy – think Theodore Roosevelt, and his formation of a third political party, for example – and had degenerated to being a naciocracy, disguised with aristocratic Forms.

      “Suicide or Murder?” is one way to state the issue.

      Another is “Suicide, or Stupidity?”

      Is there one of us who does not realize the entire “Civil Rights Movement” – and God, but we need such for our Race! – was entirely manufactured to manipulate us into accepting a Second Reconstruction?

      Is there one of us who does not see “Affirmative Action” – the program that deliberately works to destroy the White Men, first, as part and parcel of destroying the White Race – as part and parcel of a plan to deliberately destroy our potential Warrior Caste from developing, while encouraging other Races to form “gangs” of tens of thousands of members, organized internationally, along the lines of Race?

      To quote Metzger:

      Who do I blame for this?

      I blame us for this, because we let it happen.

      Metzger’s position leads us directly to the only position that leads to true Power, and that is the acceptance of Responsibility, leading to our decisions to DO SOMETHING about it…

      While we can.


      Burnham made the point, in “Suicide of the West,” that the West began to commit suicide when it ceased to expand; in turn, it ceased to expand when it questioned it’s right to rule.

      What group formulated that Idea, and even made it desirable?

      That’s right, Children.

      The Jews.

      What group adopted those values, and actively supported them, to the detriment of the future of their Posterity?

      That’s right.

      The Self-Proclaimed, God Damned, Paper-Hat on Memorial Day Wearing “Greatest Generation.”

      It will be the work – the Duty – of generations to come to turn this around.

      Fourteen Forever

    12. New America Says:

      Let me restate one of the points I made in the post above.

      Burnham made the point, in “Suicide of the West,” that the West began to commit suicide when it ceased to expand; in turn, it ceased to expand when it questioned it’s DUTY to rule.

      Now, defining that Duty, and incorporating the systems needed to insure we met that Duty, and our Posterity CONTINUED to meet that Duty, is an issue worthy of study, and discussion.

      Two useful ideas around this:

      One, the Jews are taught FROM BIRTH that it is their Duty to God to rule over all other life on the planet. Their entire social system works to reinforce that belief, and act on it, with ruthless discipline.

      Note the last two words in the last sentence:

      Ruthless Discipline.

      Two, Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic Analytical Model offers us the best, most comprehensive, Model for organizing a Racial Homeland we can imagine.

      Ruthless Discipline.

      It works for them, and it will work for us.

      Fourteen Forever

    13. Adam Says:

      2050 Says:

      The term WASP though, was loosely used to mean all White peolple.

      Yes, exactly. And the term itself is a pure stroke of propaganda genius, because what are WASPs, after all? Why, they are a venomous, hurtful insect! And what do we do with WASPs? We exterminate them, of course! WASPs are definitely not cool – they are harmful to children and other living things! Yet, you are a WASP and I am a WASP. It can’t be denied. No one even wants to. As powerful in effect as the term “nigger”, if not moreso, it’s not even seen as a term of opprobrium. Very sneaky!

      We should mount an effort to come up with acronyms having similar negative associations for niggers, Jews, spics, and other vermin of the two-legged variety.


      From dictionary.com:

      acronym for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, 1962, said to have been coined by University of Pennsylvania sociologist E. Digby Baltzell, but first recorded reference is in an article by E.B. Palmore in “American Journal of Sociology.”

      Wiki, on the other hand, blames Andrew Hacker:

      “The term was popularized by sociologist and University of Pennsylvania professor E. Digby Baltzell in his 1964 book The Protestant Establishment: Aristocracy & Caste in America. However, its first recorded use was by Andrew Hacker in 1957.[6]”

      Baltzell is alleged to have been born into an Episcopalian family, but Hacker and Palmore smell jewy, judging from the course of their careers, although I have no definite proof.

    14. Parsifal Says:

      It’s been said that the Civil War was actually a conflict between the Anglo-Saxon North and the Celtic Scots-Irish South. In other words it was basically a continuation of the old tribal conflicts in the British Isles.

      If only we could be racially concious without having to denigrate each others’ White tribal background! Greeks, Spaniards, Poles and Italians have all contributed to White civilization, not just those “lucky” enough to be of Northwestern European descent.

      And if it’s OK to use the acronym WASP to describe a certain group of Whites, then it should also be OK to use the acronym JAP to describe a Jewish American Princess. But I don’t think WASP has quite the same negative connotation that “honky” or “cracker” has.

    15. Junghans Says:

      Assisted suicide is, indeed, a good way to historically describe the self-destructive, lemming like behavior of the warped Anglo mindset. Kmac is getting better all the time, but needs to research the bewitched Anglo psyche, in depth. Adam, Prozium, Sunic and others are locked onto various aspects of this Pogoesque, Anglo mental enigma, but much more needs to be done.

    16. Adam Says:

      Another thing to notice about WASP is that its expanded form – White Anglo-Saxon Protest – is only descriptive, and not at all perjorative. This is what makes it so hard to deny, and so sneaky. When even the victim of a verbal assault participates in it, it’s quite a spectacle.

      WORMs – Worthy Old Religious Men – might be a good acronym for Jews. It’s tempting to spice it up a bit – to Weird Old Religious Maniacs, or something like that – but then it wouldn’t parallel the construction of WASP. Also, the word “JEW” itself almost seems like the acronym we’re looking for, although it is not, of course. Yet one can find few worse things to call a Jew than a Jew. Usually they react to being called that like the devil would react to being sprinkled with Holy Water. But how could they possibly object to being called Worthy Old Religious Men? I for one would like to see Jews calling themselves WORMs with the same nonchalance that whites call themselves WASPs.

      For the spics, American aboriginals who for the most part are descendants of the Aztecs and Incas, ROACHes – Real Original American Continental Humans – would be my suggestion. A small, stinky, verminous brown insect that breeds prolifically and contaminates anything it is able to infest – that’s them alright! ¡Vivan las cucarachas! They want to be proud of being here first, don’t they? Then they shouldn’t object to the acronym ROACHes!

      Still working to come up with a good acronym for niggers…