8 July, 2009

Tiptoeing Around Our Problems

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by Dr. William Pierce.


We’ve been talking about the very dangerous situation in the Middle East recently, just because so much is happening there, and undoubtedly we’ll be talking about it much more in the future. For that reason I want to make very clear what my motives and sympathies are, lest I lead anyone astray and be thought a hypocrite for doing so.

First, regarding Palestine: although my sympathies definitely lie with the Palestinians rather than with the Jews, it is not horror at what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians that motivates me. What motivates me is horror that my country is being used by the Jews in their war against the Palestinians. If America were not involved at all in the Middle East I still would sympathize with the Palestinians and I would wish that they could be successful in driving the Jews into the sea and annihilating the abomination that is Israel, but that conflict between Jews and Palestinians would not be a major concern for me. At least, my concern there would be dwarfed by my concern for problems more directly involving my own people in America and in Europe and in southern Africa.”

The rest is [Here]. (For the audio version, go [Here] and scroll down to 04-13-2002).

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  7. 2 Responses to “Tiptoeing Around Our Problems”

    1. Parsifal Says:

      Notice how Dr. Pierce did NOT say we should ally ourselves with the Mohammedans against the Jews and Zionists. That is a significant ommission, I believe, and a correct one. We have to fight our own battles against Jewry. Teaming up with the Mohammedans would mean that we’d eventually have to deal with them, too. We should have as little as possible to do with Semites of any kind, as well as avoid all Semitic religions and other poisonous, unwholesome Semitic influences.

    2. Will Williams Says:

      Well put, Parsifal! Dr. Pierce had surely hit stride with his influential ADV broadcasts just before he died. This was one of his last mass messages to us and hit the mark squarely. So much of what he told us was IMPLICIT, as you note about the incongruity of “anti-Semites” teaming up with Semites to advance exclusively Aryan group interests.

      That’s not to say we can’t encourage Israel’s enemies toward shared goals without compromising our greater goal. It’s notable that several Arab/Muslim news sources were picking up relevant ADV broadcasts/transcripts and republishing them in Farsi, or whatever, to show the Hidden Jewish Hand in U.S. foreign policy.

      Dr. Pierce made clear as National Alliance policy that Xianity was Jewish poison, ideologically opposed to that of our Alliance. He did not avoid the crucial issue. Is there a pro-White group around today that deals as forthrightly with the Big Lie as did Dr. Pierce’s NA?