17 July, 2009

Up, Down, Up, Down…

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Federal Reserve Note

“Rogers is clearly unhappy with the massive monetary easing the Fed has engineered under Chairman Ben Bernanke and he sees inflation and a currecy (sic) crisis as a result of these policies.” Inflation, huh? Wonder of wonders. Up and down go the fortunes of America’s economy, like a roller coaster, decade after decade. Big Jew “cycles” the economy by controlling both monetary policy and banking rules. Due to that cycling, the “dollar” (your savings) is always losing value. Yet, year after year, the official story is that Big Jew is “safeguarding America’s economy against financial trouble.” Ha-ha! What if White people controlled our economy instead of Jews?


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  7. 81 Responses to “Up, Down, Up, Down…”

    1. old dutch Says:

      This isn’t an academic exercise with me. This invasion needs stopped. Those are Roman Catholics invading across our Southern border. Not Protestants.

      That is a “wise” Latina woman who will make it SIX Roman Catholics on the Supreme Court. Do you think a Supreme Court packed with Catholics & Jews will do anything to stop immigration? Legal or illegal.

      It’s also pretty obvious that the Pope clears everything he does with the Jews—notice how Bishop Williams(was that his name) has dropped down the memory hole.

      Then you have Roman Catholic politicians allied with the Jews in Congress to provide social services of every type to the so-called immigrants. Including this national healthcare however it turns out. Or more spending of money that we don’t have on immigrants or jew homeland.

      It’s time to name the Roman Catholic along with the JEW, and time to let the Roman Catholic politicians & priests know we are naming them too.

      Some of you either don’t understand real world politics, or you are working for the catholic & jew alliance.

    2. Mega Therion Says:


      If you think I’M the problem then you should get your head checked. There’s only ONE ASSHOLE fucking up this thread and it ain’t me.

      I blame Linder…he’s allowing this shit to occur.

    3. Mega Therion Says:


      Somebody more concerned that the brown tide from Mexico is CATHOLIC than that they are SPICS.

      Is that a person who is really a WN?????

    4. Blackshirt Says:

      “Is that a person who is really a WN?????”

      The answer is no.

    5. Z.O.G. Says:

      The answer is “no”. It’s someone who is obsessed with religious crap. ;-)

      (full disclosure: I don’t particularly like Catholics any more than OD does)

    6. Parsifal Says:

      OD, are you saying that if the mestizoes simply went to a Protestant church on Sunday mornings instead of to Catholic Mass it would OK to let them in here? What kind of “logic” is that? Besides, many mestizoes these days have indeed converted to Protestantism, while many of the full-blooded Indian types either still practice paganism or a mixture of Catholicism and paganism that the Church does not approve of.

      Meanwhile in Ireland, didn’t the Roman Catholic Irish people just toss out those horrible Gypsy invaders? And wasn’t it the Catholics in Germany, France and Austria who have always stood up to the Jews? And neither Bill Clinton, Stephen Harper, Ronald Reagan, Orin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, Tony Blair, the Bushes or Dick Cheney, et al is a Roman Catholic, yet they have all served their Jew masters well enough.

      Your reasoning is so stubbornly flawed, OD. What else is there to say to someone like you?

    7. Parsifal Says:

      OD has put me in the awkward position of defending Catholicism, something that I am unacustomed to doing. I have no use for Popery or Levantine mysticism, but let’s get our facts straight here and not get sidetracked by unproductive religious disputes.

    8. Mega Therion Says:

      Same Here…It makes my skin crawl defending that corporation known as the Catholic Church, but the Alzheimer’s ridden moron is so deluded…He’s clearly insane and stupid.

      And NOT a white nationalist.

    9. Mega Therion Says:

      August 28,1963. Washington DC. An assorted Bonzo brigade of “holy mens” gathered as Michael King gives his “Dream” speech.

      Were they Catholic? Mike King and the multitude were THEY Catholic?

    10. Z.O.G. Says:

      No, Martin Luther King was Jewish. “King” is a stereotypical Jewish surname. :-)

    11. old dutch Says:

      Those are Roman Catholics invading across our Southern Border—what are your Roman Catholic politicians going to do about it?

      What are your Roman Catholic politicians going to do about those Roman Catholics already here illegally?

      Don’t call me names—try calling your own Roman Catholics names.LOL.

    12. old dutch Says:

      What are Roman Catholic politicians going to do to stop the invasion from across the Southern Border that is skewing our political system in the US towards a Roman Catholic Mestizo form of government.

      The same question could be asked of legal immigration & refugees from Roman Catholic countries in Latin America who are refugees from their fellow Roman Catholics i.e, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hondorous etc. etc. Why send them to the US? Why not send them to Italy or Ireland. LOL.

      This is real politics—not make believe.

    13. Mega Therion Says:


      Frank “Old Dutch” Collin.

    14. Blackshirt Says:


      Frank “Old Dutch” Collin.”

      Yep. It’s useless to debate with someone like that. Best to ignore him. On the other note, is he really the infamous “Frank Collin” (Frank Cohen)? Now that would be some interesting information…

    15. Mega Therion Says:

      Frank Cohen was a Jew accused of molesting boys…I think he and Old Douche have a lot in common.

      “Collin”/Cohen ventured into new age mumbo jumbo in the mid 80’s and he took on a pseudonym(“Frank Joseph”) in that endeavor. I believe that Art Bell actually had him on about 15 years ago in this new persona.

    16. old dutch Says:

      Mega Tard, you are a perfect example of a Roman Catholic, and a real credit, along with Blackie to the Italian race or whatever it is…LOL.

      I’m waiting for Linder to enforce his rule about calling people Jews; I agree with Alex that’s a serious charge, and Mega you should be banned from VNN.

      Btw, have you or Blackie ever donated any money to Alex or any VNN media project??? I doubt it!

      Hey Alex, have either Mega Tard or Blackie put their Roman Catholic money where their Roman Catholic mouth is…LOL.

      How about some of these other Catholic champs?

    17. Mega Therion Says:

      Keep dropping Linder’s name,he’s apparently your ONLY protector. Why he surrounds himself with John Patlers in the making is a mystery to me.

      Old Douche and Rounder. If you need money THAT BAD..get a job. Don’t leech. But it’s in your JEWISH NATURE I GUESS.


    18. Mega Therion Says:

      I’m from Ireland. Old JEW’s descendants are from the JEWISH epicenter of Amsterdam.



    19. Mega Therion Says:

      old douche is a JEW



    20. Mega Therion Says:

      Yeah, ban the Catholics and turn this into the PTL site that Old Douch craves

      Or is it ADL..or JDL?

    21. old dutch Says:

      Really, O’Reilly. What a credit you are to the Irish Roman Catholics….

      Don’t light any candles in church. LOL.


      I’m waiting for Linder to enforce his rule about calling people Jews; I agree with Alex that’s a serious charge, and Mega you should be banned from VNN.

      Alex, has O’Mega Tard ever donated to VNN, or any VNN media project? Any of these other Catholic champs ever put their money where there mouth is…

    22. Mega Therion Says:

      I believe in burning down every place of worship of every denomination. While the moron flocks are inside of course…

      Starting with Old Douche’s SYNAGOGUE..

      Yup…Called you a JEW…LOL!!!!

    23. Mega Therion Says:

      These desperate “Alex, Alex” pleas are a sign of a lonely old JEWISH douche.

      And you prove your JEWISHNESS with each “how much money” gasp.

    24. Parsifal Says:

      OD apparently didn’t read a damn word I wrote, so I likewise will no longer read anything he’s got to say.

      Nope, no Jews or niggers are responsible for anything bad, OD, it’s all the fault of White Catholic people, most of whom probably haven’t even attended Mass in years. Now ain’t that just like a Jew to divert all the blame away from him and his tribe?

    25. Mega Therion Says:

      “Now a’int that just like a Jew to divert all the blame away from him and his tribe”

      EXACTLY…and that’s Old Douche’s function on the site. On EVERY thread he enters.

    26. Z.O.G. Says:

      Hey, OD, if all the Mexicans and Latin Americans flooding into America were White Catholics instead of brown Mestizo Catholics, would you still have a problem? ;-)

    27. Parsifal Says:

      What if a bunch of blond-haired, blue-eyed Pollacks were sneaking into this country? They’re all Catholics, too, so I guess they wouldn’t be welcome by OD. But if a bunch of Black Seventh Day Adventists from Zambia wanted to come here, OD would squeal and giggle with delight.

    28. CW-2 Says:

      My ten cent’s worth; ALL Christian churches appear to have made a doomed alliance with the twin evils of zionism and marxism.

    29. Parsifal Says:

      Zionism, Marxism, Christianity, Freudism, Feminism, the New Left, the Neocon Right, global Capitalism, civil rights…………They’re all poison tentacles that are attached to the same Semitic octopus.

    30. Blackshirt Says:

      CW-2 and Parsifal are right on the money. And in regards to the topic at hand, anyone mourning the demise of the dollar needs to understand that the dollar isn’t “our” currency any more than the US government is “our” government.

    31. ED! Says:

      No Old Dutch, those are spics coming over that border! And it is the followers of Jesus/Jew on a stick and their ass-hole buddies the kikes that like that cheap labor! The rapture bunnies love their criminality so they can run them through their legal meat grinder for the big bucks they extract from us tax whores! I live in Houston, so I do not need any body to tell me about the religion of the Mexi-shit-skin spics. They worship Miller Lite and his son Bud Lite when they are not ripping off everything in sight!

      That depleted dollar is just a trick to lower our standard of living; they give themselves raises to match the inflation while we eat wage stagnation.

      Old Dutch; I am not going to get into your little war you are trying to wage with everybody else. I know who my friends are, I know who my enemies are, and believe that everyone should be as fortunate. I flushed the toilet on the Jew/Jesus/Jehovah cult long ago!

      When it is LOCK AND LOAD TIME we shall see who has the will of IRON and the BALLS OF STEEL!

      My Thor’s Hammer is ready to do business!