11 July, 2009

U.S. Troops Found on Neo-Nazi Website

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“…in apparent violation of Pentagon regulations prohibiting racist extremism in the ranks.” Well, that’s interesting. Judaism is racist extremism that is practiced by Jews (although a few gentiles have converted to Judaism) and it’s found in the U.S. military. Why isn’t Judaism banned by the Pentagon as well?


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  7. 20 Responses to “U.S. Troops Found on Neo-Nazi Website”

    1. Parsifal Says:

      It’s those “White supremicists” and “neo-nazi extremists” who are doing all the fighting and dying for ZOG in the Near East right now. Without them, the Army has only the queers, the squaws and the negroes to do all the important work. In other words, the Army would be shit-out-of-luck.

    2. Jon Says:

      Look at the way they world it. Had our Founding Fathers been alive today, they would’be been denounced by the same smear terms.

      F*ck the jewstream press! That’s great news U.S. Troops are getting enlightened.


    3. Jon Says:

      Sorry for the typos. I meant to say:

      “Look at the way they word it. Had our Founding Fathers been alive today, they would’ve been denounced by the same smear terms.”


    4. Larson Says:

      it’s not surprising, many US soldiers are varied, some minorities in the armed forces must visit some other ‘extremist’ websites, but again judasim is always portrayed as benevolent and jews we know are victims of the Holocaust, which has almost become a religion in America. the real question is why the Pentagon reports this, are they worried ‘white racism’ leads to unpatriot (non-Kosher) acts? this all leads to other questions for US soldiers, namely, whether they have the right to follow unconsitutional orders. Soldiers swear an oath to the US Constitution. Those that understand that doctrine along with white racial self-awareness, will later become agents against ZOG. ZOG truly does not have many friends now, just corrupt politicians and money-makers, most other jews, and some foreign elements that support Washington for various reasons.

      Ironic how European heritage and culture sometimes is considered ‘racist extremism’ and diversity is ALWAYS considered peaceful and inherently non-racist.

    5. Larson Says:

      People are so brainwashed about the word racism, they equate it with violence. Racism really means you study humans biologically. As long as all the idiots associate racism with violence, race discourse will always be distorted.

    6. Jon Says:

      I wonder if there would’ve been an uproar if U.S. Troops were ‘found’ frequenting one of the countless pornographic web sites on the Internet? How about web sites of pro-homosexual, lesbian or pedophilic (NAMBLA) nature? Hmmm? Or how ’bout La Raza (The Race) web site for those Spanish-speaking illegal aliens in the U.S. military?

      We all know the answers to those questions.

      Down with ZOG!


    7. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Hate = Whites wanting their kids to live in good communities and get decent schooling.

      Love = An IDF sniper blowing a large hole in a pregnant Palestinian woman’s belly, and then proceeding to make callous jokes about it with his spotter.

      I’d love to see how well “our” feminized, negrified legions would do against the Chinese in a conventional conflict.

    8. Gollywog Says:

      Now there is always a positive to the negative as I see it. You know, when you get bitchslapped by some colored and you then have to knock him out. Well here is the positive to this new source of personal prying.
      As the war on terror is ultimately going to broaden and drag the whole world into a more serious conflict, now that Lieberman has given the Illegal State of Israel the green light and US support, to bomb Iran all of the worlds armed forces are going to have to be enlarged to cope. With world unemployment growing by the day desperate families still have to survive. Apart from jail the only other way of getting the most basic of a weekly income and some meger health care is by joining the military. (lets not split hairs you can earn while in lockup)
      Now here is the positve.
      We know the fight is not with our kind or at the start for our benefit but purely for the security of the racist Illegal State of Israel. They want us (and believe me apart from total national conscription) to be voluntary in our signing up. So we wear our own badge, (tattoo, books, greetings, clothing, flags etc) openly from the start. They accept us for want we are / represent or we don’t take up the good fight. We show them from the start who we are. They want us then they accept for who we are. We have the power to do this with our feet when we walk up to sign on the dotted line. We show them our support for our country and they see in us why we will fight for our country. They want the numbers in their war they get us on our terms. Remember military service at this point is a voluntary assignment.
      Now here is the bonus positve. We don’t sign on they don’t get the numbers for the good fight. They don’t get the numbers on a voluntary basis in comes conscription. They then have to take all within their conscription rules……tattoo’s and all.
      Win Win

    9. Mega Therion Says:

      Hopefully the white Patriotards who sign up for Uncle Moshe’s Armed Goon Squad are awakened to reality that Arabs 6,000 miles away from America are not a threat to their well being. Serving side by side with Latin Kings,MS-13 and El-rukns in the “American” military should also be a wake up call. Racial strife(i.e. wanton attacks by the shitskins) is very common, almost to a point when it’s comparable to a prison setting. So, that is a potential positive, that these naive white kids who sign up to “serve their country” at 18, are on the road to being dedicated WN by the time they are 22 and realize that their race’s survival is what is important, not a disgusting corptocracy.

    10. ovidio Says:

      dont worry according to blackshort, we will have another queen elizabeth lmao or jean d’arc to save da day

    11. ovidio Says:

      dont worry according to blackshirt, we will have another queen elizabeth lmao or jean d’arc to save da day

    12. Blackshirt Says:

      ovidio, what the hell was that all about?

      Regarding the article, these guys are pretty stupid to be posting such intimate details while they are active duty. I know a little about being a racist in the military since I was a ZOG trooper once. I feel sorry for these guys since they probably don’t know any better and they think that the military won’t come down hard on them. I was in during the mid 90s before the incidents out at Ft. Bragg in ’96 which brought alot of attention to the skins in the Army. Most of those guys got kicked out without honorable discharges. Of course this was during the time of military cuts by Clinton and the atmosphere was definitely hostile. I think we are coming into another period similar to that time, so these White racists on active duty need to run silent and deep, no overt stuff. Get the training and the benefits, and then get out. Try to hold your nose while you are doing it. It’s hard, because even when I was in during the early 90s, race mixing was rampant. Sometimes if your unit knows you are racial, they will try to provoke you… in my case they tried rooming me with negroes. Funny thing though, they thought it would bother me, but it bothered the porch monkey more and he ended up trying to get out of my room. Believe it or not, most blacks I knew respected me for being open with my racism, unlike most of the whites they dealt with who tried kissing their asses.

      Bottom line, if you are in the military stay as covert as possible. The military establishment might want to cover up your service, but this isn’t because they care about you, it is because they don’t want anything to embarrass them. The military hates bad publicity.

    13. Shaun Says:

      Wonder how banning people from the military for racist postings will play out when they start the draft back up;
      with the first draft-era conflict, a huge influx of members to racist websites will materialize by people avoiding the draft.

      That will present a whole new problem, blacks and hispanics will insist on being banned from military service due to membership in their organisations.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      Cpt. Candor Says:

      11 July, 2009 at 6:14 pm

      Hate = Whites wanting their kids to live in good communities and get decent schooling.

      Love = An IDF sniper blowing a large hole in a pregnant Palestinian woman’s belly, and then proceeding to make callous jokes about it with his spotter.

      I’d love to see how well “our” feminized, negrified legions would do against the Chinese in a conventional conflict.


      Don’t watch TV nor listen to talk radio except for a few minutes when driving to see how stupid it can get.

      First and last anti White, and last time I listened to KGO 810 heard at night from Baja CA. to Finland with 50,000 watts of clear channel the host was bletting on about Arab women wearing Burkas etc.

      All Talk Radio IMO is disgusting, but this one is a Kosher special.
      http://kgoam810.com/ IMO

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      Our present forces put back in Korea 1950-52 IMO would have been swept off that apendage in months if not weeks with out using nukes. IMO

    16. Parsifal Says:

      The US would have lost both World Wars and the Mexican War if it had the kind of sorry troops in its ranks then that it does now. Squaws, Negroes, Homos, White soldiers with yellow Oriental wives, dope fiends, misfits…..A truly sorry bunch. Only a few elite military outfits, like the Navy’s submarine force and the Marines’ fighter-jet squadrons have been spared from the anti-White PC scum agenda in Washington.

    17. Shaun Says:

      The future of the US as a global power is not part of the Washington mindset.
      The DC mindset is one of globalism.
      Corporations have been globalist for years now, as has the mindset of most University staff as well as the msm.
      The plan is to allow the US to weaken without a catastrophic event.
      This is being done before our eyes.
      The only holdout of concern are traditional US citizens.
      These are rapidly being replaced via immigration.
      Will the devaluation of the dollar, people will line up to trade in their dollars for the new global currenty. There will be no resistance to the new currenty, quite the opposite, it will be embraced as a saving stroke.
      Out with a whimper, as has already been said.

    18. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Yeah, the present trend of rolling over 4th/5th rate conventional forces and then abusing the locals for roughly a decade seems to be about all that ZOGFOR can handle anymore.

    19. Hoosier Says:

      I’m a member of New Saxon, and new people have joined BECAUSE of the SPLC write-up. Thanks for all you do, Mo!

      To join, go here:


      “An Online Community for Whites by Whites”

    20. Hoosier Says:

      Update: There’s many new members at New Saxon, conservatively, about 200 new members in the last couple of days. Thanks for the promotion, SPLC, you’re the best!

      Here’s some of the comments:

      “POSTED BY: Jew_Slayer on 07/12/2009 04:00:46 [ Quote ]

      So when I checked this morning there were 23 pages of new members. WOW! I cant ever remember so many guys joining in such a short time.

      Lets make them welcome.

      Is it just coincidence that this happened when the SPLC were squealing about New Saxon? (especially as there seem to be a good number of military / ex military amongst the new joiners).

      Perhaps someone in Admin can message that Dees jerk and thank him for his recruitment efforts on our behalf! LOL”

      “POSTED BY: logan7 on 07/12/2009 09:34:57 [ Quote ]

      i’ll be honest, i had never heard of this site until the SPLC started their bitching. as a veteran and proud white man, i’m very glad i found this new online home. thank you SPLC, wow, never though i’d say that…lol.”

      another comment:

      “I am new here. Not sure how I will get along or if I will be accepted. I guess time will tell.

      As my name suggests, I am ex-Navy. Due to the fact that the SPLC is having this website investigated for racist extremism because active military may be members, I am not inclined to reveal my occupation at this time. It seems as though the only people entitled to freedom of speach are liberals, blacks, minorities, and Jews, etc.

      …The reason I joined is directly due to the articles I have read regarding the SPLC suggesting that this website be investigated for “the threat posed by racial extremists who may be serving in the military to ensure that our armed forces are not inadvertently training future domestic terrorists”. Read the article here.

      I hope I will be of some support in some way.