2 July, 2009

What is it Like to Teach Black Students?

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Very interesting. But nevertheless the Jews and the egalitarians will continue to insist that race doesn’t matter:


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  7. 18 Responses to “What is it Like to Teach Black Students?”

    1. Mega Therion Says:

      I just completed a course at the college I attend. We had only 19 students in the class. 14 white, 3 Asians(foreign exchange) and 2 negroes. And of this class(Rome from the Republic to the Renaissance) 4 of the thirteen members failed. 2 foreign exchange students..and the 2 negroes.

      The two nigs failed to pass in due assignments(a simple 4 page essay every other class), one of them got a “35” on the mid-term. The other one, was 2 hours late for the final, was perplexed by the essay..and got up and LEFT! My professor, a very patient guy, was completely exasperated by the niggers. Especially, the fact that he gave these boons a chance to make up the missed assignments, and yet they still failed to turn them in. Thankfully, he didn’t give in to them and better yet PUBLICLY POSTED our exam scores and these boneheads were at the bottom with their “35” and “46” on the mid term. The class average was “78”…the whites averaged “87”.

      Those are ADULT niggers. Youthful turds are even worse.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      I read this article in the current issue of American Renaissance.

      Very good, very accurate.

      I was a counselor in a Christian “inner-city” camp in my youth. I saw most of what Jackson talks about. Only it was given a frothy, bubbly veneer of “Christian understanding.” Shit. Liberalism does the same thing.

      Two issues must be addressed: 1) the Negro lack of initiative (to better themselves, their houses, their yards–anything!) , and 2) the inferior nature of the Negro brain.

      Since “all men are created equal” and “there is neither Greek, nor Jew, etc. etc., blah, blah ” neither will EVER be addressed. Which means all will be “equalized” down to the Negro level. Pulled down, actually, since any White excellence will give the lie to human equality.

      We are doomed to watch the decline of every value, every excellence.

    3. Lutjens Says:

      “We are doomed to watch the decline of every value, every excellence.”

      No we aren’t. They are too busy killing each other off. They can’t function in an academic environment,as some might pretend to… kike media can’t keep them propped forever… they fail at everything. Self-destructive shitskins and kikes. The Jew has already gone too far. Even the blind are now seeing. Soon, soon…

    4. chubby Says:

      This has got to be satire! No?

    5. Terrorsaurus Says:

      Awesome article. As for the very simple cure to this scourge of young nigger TNB clones…Africa awaits.

    6. Parsifal Says:

      “The Jews and White liberals say they believe that Negro students are just as smart and capable as White students. Yet, they send their own kids to private schools, where there are few if any Negro students to be seen. Even the Negroes who can afford it will send their little DaQuon or Tameeka to a mostly White or Jew private school.

      The Negro has no sense of anything but the Here and Now. For him, there is no past or future. Those concepts are too abstract for him to comprehend. Hence his inability to appreciate history and his indifference towards planning for tommorrow. Also, the Negro has trouble with the concept of empathy. He can only understand things from his point of view. Hence his indifference to the fear and pain he inflicts on his rape victims. He cares only about instant gratitification of his animal impulses.”

      -President Barack Hussein Obama

    7. Adam Says:

      Interesting that the article was blogged by a Contributing Editor for US News & World Report and NPR radio host, notwithstanding his politically correct disclaimers. He also appears to be a Jew. Note the Semitic face and the “improving the world” (tikkun olam) phrase in his blog mission statement. What is the advantage to Jews in promulgating this piece about how hopeless are attempts to edumacate the niggaroos? What’s in it for the schnozzim?

    8. -jc Says:

      If not a Jew, then certainly a left-liberal demonstrated by nothing more than his credentials. Interesting article however. Does this sound anything like the current U.S. President?:

      “Anyone who teaches blacks soon
      learns that they have a completely different
      view of government from whites.
      Once I decided to fill 25 minutes by
      having students write about one thing
      the government should do to improve
      America. I gave this question to three
      classes totaling about 100 students,
      approximately 80 of whom were black.
      My few white students came back with
      generally “conservative” ideas. “We
      need to cut off people who don’t work,”
      was the most common suggestion.
      Nearly every black gave a variation on
      the theme of “We need more government

    9. Parsifal Says:

      Only a Jew could get away with writing an article about the inherent mental deficiencies in Blacks. A gentile educator would be commiting career suicide by publishing such truths.

    10. Waldo Starr Says:

      “What are the “civil rights” that we owe our Negroes if they insist on having them? A free ride to Africa. ”

      What We Owe Our Parasites by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver

    11. Mega Therion Says:

      Nigger students are one thing…but ever have a nigger teacher? They’re as dumb as the day is long. If it’s an “English” class expect Maya Angelou,bell hooks and other primates, as Shakespeare,Samuel Johnson get dropped down the memory hole.

    12. Paul_W Says:


      “Marty’s mother claims that he could read the New York Times at age 3 and that his reading comprehension in the 1st grade was at the 12th grade level. That’s either the exaggerations of a Jewish mother or the first sign of what was to come.”

    13. zoomcopter Says:

      “For those of you with children, better
      a smaller house in a white district than
      a fancy one near a black school.”

      Better yet, homeschool.

    14. zoomcopter Says:

      From Marty Nemko’s website…

      “He volunteers for The Israel Project, which provides information to the media and to leaders.”

    15. Howdy Doody Says:


      Oregon is hostile to Home Schoolers IMO and from what parents have told me.

      The enemy alien regime made sure a “White Oregon Born citizen did not get this Un-Needed Position IMO.

      Leftist, White Hating ? Then move to Oregon and get in to government IMO.

      Great people in Oregon/Washington, but the scum misfits are crammed in to alll its cities and naturally enemy aliens are in control IMO.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      When it comes to hate your going to see alot more of it directed at Whites from now on IMO.

      Every Phone Book ad, and bill board shows enough.

      The billboards in my state show White males with warning not to drink and drive, never have seen a Messycan, etc.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      As a Child I attended public schools with the majority of class mates being Congoids with asorted others.

      No White child should have to suffer such stress.

      No doubt about our people are massively brain washed and living in fear if they live near the savages.

    18. Zoroastro Says:

      This has got to be satire! No?

      Unfortunately not. It would be nice tough, on some far-off (unsustainable) Niggo-Noggo-Kiken planet.