1 August, 2009

A Sneaky Photo from One of the Sneaky People

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Gee, who could have guessed? A name-changing Jew – his real name was Friedmann – was a photo faker. (Of course, nearly everything about the Spanish Civil War was fake, e.g., the Jewish-managed, Soviet-backed “republicans” were said to have been fighting for “democracy” and not communism, and General Franco was said to have been an evil “fascist” who was fighting to install tyranny and oppression in Spain; naturally, the opposite was true: under Franco’s rule, Spain was safe and stable for decades, which only increased the hatred directed at him):


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    1. Parsifal Says:

      Another bullshit “atrocity” photo staged by Jews is the one showing a “nazi” soldier about to “shoot” a Russian woman and her baby. Such photos look very staged and obvious, but most of the public doesn’t think critically anyway. They’re too easily swayed by sensationalism and the Jews know that.


    2. Igor Alexander Says:

      Something I’d like to see more attention paid to is the atrocity propaganda that was disseminated by our jew-dominated mass media during the 1999 bombing of Serbia.

      Of those 100,000 allegedly murdered by the evil Serbs and buried in mass graves, were even 100 found?

    3. Igor Alexander Says:

      “And my first thought, my thought any time I’ve seen this picture, was: does it matter?”

      This is the typical liberal response whenever one of their cherished icons is shown to be a fraud.

      “So race does exist — does it matter? Even if race does exist, is it any reason to treat people differently based on their race?”

      “So Jerzy Kosinski’s and Binjamin Wilkomirski’s books weren’t literally true — does it matter? Isn’t the message nonetheless a good one?”

      “So the holocaust may have been exaggerated — does it matter? If only 6000 jews had died, would it be any less of a tragedy?”

      “Does it really matter if Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic weren’t really guilty of the atrocities they were accused of? Weren’t they bad people anyways, because they were nationalists?”

    4. Igor Alexander Says:

      “‘The Kiss’, an apparently spontaneous once-in-a-lifetime snatched embrace between young lovers by a fountain in Paris in 1950, spoke down the decades of passion, freedom, youth and more innocent times: did it matter, at all, as we eventually found out, that it was all so wilfully, artfully, staged?”

      An astonishing number of people, many of them intelligent and who ought to know better, are still under the illusion that a photo never lies.

    5. Parsifal Says:

      For the Jews, the truth is that which benefits them and hurts their enemies. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous or absurd the story is, to the Jews it’s simply true because they want it to be so. For us, the truth is an honest and objective account or explanation of what really happened, even if it makes us look bad in the eyes of our enemies. We will never be able to peacefully co-exist with the Jews. Their mentality is far too alien and hostile for that.

    6. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Jews utterly dominate photography and have since mercury vapor and cyanide on silver were replaced by safe and inexpensive materials. Ed Romney, the late camera repair guru (and a great White man, although he was not a WN, he never really did believe Jews were bad per se and yet was denounced as a racist, fascist anti-Semite homophobe) pointed out that photography was the best and worst of the arts because what was not so could be so convincing.

      Susan Sontag (whom RPO calls “a Kikess who would no more call herself a White woman than she would a bitch or a sow”) wrote a missive called ‘On Photography’. Read backwards, so to speak, it is a helpful discourse on photokikery of all sorts. She was the lesbian companion of Annie Leibowitz, who is in the news currently.

      Jews simply do not deal in facts, per se. It’s true if it benefits jews and false if it offends or damages them.

    7. -jc Says:

      “But if they pick you up?”

      “I have papers.”

      “So have we all but thou must the wrong ones quickly…”

      “In my left breast pocket I carry our papers. In my right the fascist papers. thus one does not make a mistake in an emergency.”

      -Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls [a novel about the Spanish Civil War], Chapter 23

    8. -jc Says:


      “So have we all but thou must EAT the wrong ones quickly…”

    9. -jc Says:

      Talented whites, often journalists, filmmakers, and photographers, USUALLY end up on the wrong side of these issues. See Jew Louis Kaplan’s book, American Exposures, on (I believe) gentile photographer and mentor to Ansel Adams, Steichen, on the Holocaust here: http://books.google.com/books?id=etO0uGPG10QC&pg=PA68&lpg=PA68&dq=“the+family+of+man”+photo+steichen+jew&s

      I believe I posted this earlier in a VNNForum thread:

      In the film, “Shot Throught the Heart,” Serbians were portrayed as swarthy and heartless; Albanians were played by White actors and were depicted as senselessly persecuted…

      Spain refuses to recognize the new state of Kosovo, which is composed mostly of non-White, part-Turkish, Muslim Albanians, squatting on a former White region, Old Serbia. Spain ought to know, having had its share of experience with Maranos (three in Isabella’s court who, according the Henry Ford, financed Christopher Columbus’s expedition to the Americas), Moors, communists, and even American do-gooders like Ernest Hemingway during her hideous Civil War.

      That non-Whites were allowed to steal ancient, culturally-important, White land with America’s blessing says a lot: Given how America usually treats Muslims, U.S. support of a Muslim state in the Balkans, Kosovo, means what’s important is trashing White Western Civilization.

      You can likely Google-up
      “Spain rejects EU’s call for Kosovo recognition
      Spanish foreign minister rejects call to recognise independence of Kosovo, says ‘Spain has its opinion’”

      [and] Related Articles:
      EU parliament: Kosovo must be recognised by Europe
      Serbia renews push for EU membership
      Serbia angered over new Kosovo security force

    10. Zoroastro Says:

      ….John Heartfield (19 June 1891–26 April 1968) is the anglicized name of the German photomontage artist Helmut Herzfeld. He chose to call himself Heartfield in 1916, to criticize the rabid nationalism and anti-British sentiment prevalent in Germany during World War I…(Wikipedia)
      This ‘artist’ was infamous for his rabid anti-German propaganda in the 30’s; he had created some of the appallingly hateful ‘collages’ in the days when the kikes were violently pushing for the war-google this ‘artist’s’ ‘work’ but beware of the extreme levels of the unbound hatred, the hatred that is seemingly the only real agenda of the con tribe…

    11. whodareswings Says:

      Igor Alexander’s description of the liberal response to historical truth “Does it matter?” is, unfortunately, how most people in polite society actually think. A review of a good book about the split between Hemingway and John Dos Passos over the death of Jose Robles in Spain is here: http://calitreview.com/105 Dos Passos’ reputation with the literary elite was damaged in Spain over the Robles affair while Hemingway’s reputation soared. “Dos” went on to become anathema to progressives for his support of Joe McCarthy.

    12. CW-2 Says:

      Bret, it is pleasing to hear that Ed Romney was almost one of us.

    13. Hoff Says:

      Serbia and Kosovo show who run America’s foreign politic very clear – the jews.

      1 – Is it good for Jewistan?
      2 – ls it good for the jews?
      3 – How much can we steal?

      Serbia = Big time nationalism that might spread to Germany and Europe as a whole = Bad for the jews. The jews hate nationalism. Whatever the jews do it’s all about killing off any nationalism.

      There is nothing complicated about the jewish conspiracy once you see the big picture. The highest worldly power you can take is to control the state. To be able to control the state is the ultimate power you can get in this life. There are 200 states in the world and the jews want to control all 200 states.

      There are 20 million jews in the whole world and they can’t do that by themself so what the jews must have is a jewish proxy war machine. lf you want to control the world you start by taking the biggest country and make that country do your fighting.

      The british empire was in fact a jewish empire. England was a jewish proxy war machine, and still is to some degree but is insignificant. lt’s about jewish gang wars. Communism and Zionism are jewish frauds and it’s all about jewish gang wars. The zionist jew gang controlled England, that is why GB took Palestine and gave it to the jews.

      The communist jew gang took over Russia 1917 and renamed her Sovjet. Jews controlled Sovjet lock, stock and barrel from 1917 to 1991. What the jews did was they turned Sovjet into a jewish proxy war machine. Sovjet imperialism was in fact jewish imperialism. The jews tried to conquer all the 200 states of the world from Moscow.

      The zionist jew gang took control of the american state at the same time the communist jew gang took control of the russian state.

      Today 2oo9 the zionist jew gang is in total control of the american state and the jews have turned America into a jewish proxy war machine. American imperialism is in fact Jewish imperialism. Understand that jews controls America, understand how the jews think and America’s foreign politic make sense.

      Kosovo is small time nationalism, that is not a threat to the jews. On the contrary, small time nationalism will create ethnic tension. The jews pit people against each other all the time. Divide and conquer is the jews strategy.

      Why was Franco’s Spain under international boycot for decades? Who – except jews – gained a thing from the boycot of Spain? Who – except the jews – gained anything from the boycot of South-Africa? What the jews have done is that they turned the whole western world into a jewish proxy war machine.

      Who – except the jews – have gained anything from the ten years boycot of lraq and the then destruction of lraq?

      The jews proxy wars do NOT start on the battlefields, they all start with boycot. Take any hate-lran-propaganda and exchange Iran with lraq and what do you get? The same jew mafia scam all over again.



    14. CW-2 Says:

      Good posting Hoff, history is no mystery once you see the big picture.

    15. abc Says:

      I’d just like to point out that Franco is said by some to have Jewish blood. I’m not sure, I’ve read it somewhere.
      I’m more sure about this: Franco used North-African soldiers to fight the Spanish, and they were given “rape-time”.
      Remember that Franco didn’t help Hitler at all during WW2. He left Gibraltar, the key to the Mediterranean see, alone.

    16. Tom McReen Says:


      I read the same thing about Franco somewhere. Of course, it doesn’t change the point Socrates made about the propaganda.

    17. Parsifal Says:

      Excellent observations, Hoff, but I would just point out that Organized Jewry pretty much abandoned the USSR after WWII. They focused almost all their postwar attention on Zionist Palestine, the UN and the USA instead.

      With the Czar and his family butchered, with millions of Russians, Ukrainians and Germans dead, with the Russian Orthodox Church rendered utterly powerless and with Stalin about to go after them, the Jews got all they possibly could get out of the Soviet Union by 1950. Many Jews began to denounce Soviet-style communism in the 1950s and 60s, when the USSR and its Red allies (like Cuba) started defending the PLO and providing MiG 21s and T-55s to anti-Zionist Arab states. And so the anti-Communist, pro-Zionist Neo-Kahnservative bowel-movement was born.