9 August, 2009

Economy on a Scaffold

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“Bernanke’s Politburo”? That’s sort of an interesting comment, i.e., recall Father Charles Coughlin’s similar comment about the Federal Reserve being Leninesque. (By the way: this is a good article, but just for the benefit of newbies, I want to mention that the Federal Reserve doesn’t physically print America’s money, as you might think by reading this. It does, however, control America’s money in various ways):


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  7. 70 Responses to “Economy on a Scaffold”

    1. Z.O.G. Says:

      “Retard”? “Stupid ass”?

      Wow, talk about juvenile insults. And you ask ME if I’m in the seventh grade? lol

    2. Z.O.G. Says:

      Books? When would someone like you have time to read? You already admitted that you watch television. People who watch TV usually don’t read very much. :-)

    3. Tom McReen Says:

      “But you and your online alchoholic boyfriend Tom McReen are thoroughly infected with JewThink, that’s for sure.”

      I’m not the one who said that the holohoax may have happened so we must ignore it, that Saudis did 9/11 and that White captialists/White bankers are to blame more than jews. That is jewthink.

      More importantly, I don’t have access to information about other VNNers which would be impossible for anyone to know then post it under various pseudonyms on this forum. I don’t think your handlers will be too pleased to see you’ve let your hatred towards me overcome you and make you blow your cover.

    4. Z.O.G. Says:

      Is Parsifal a spook?

    5. Curt O'brian Says:

      I thought it was a Jewish interest group but how could they intercept the floating IP addresses of somebody who doesn’t have a fixed IP address and check with the providers to get names? Must be further up the totem pole than that?

    6. Blackshirt Says:

      It is easy to see that “Tom McReen” and “Curt O’brian” are one in the same. When “Tom” was banned and disappeared for awhile, so did “Curt”. McWeenie, you are and always have been a FAKE and possibly a enemy agent. I’m still waiting for Socrates to ban you again. Perhaps he hasn’t noticed that you are back?

    7. Parsifal Says:

      ZOG, I can get down to your borderline retard level if I must. I’d rather not, what with me being a Renaissance Man and all, but you’re such an idiot that you leave me no choice.


    8. Z.O.G. Says:

      …what with me being a Renaissance Man and all…

      Yeah, a Renaissance Man who watches TV.

      lol :-D

      Go fuck yourself, you effeminate old queer.

    9. Parsifal Says:

      Flame away bitch, flame away. You know you’re an idiot and you can’t deny it any longer.

    10. Parsifal Says:

      A flaming idiot, that is.

    11. Z.O.G. Says:

      Sure, Parsifal/Zarathustra/Heinrich Himmler, Jr., whatever you say.

      Why don’t you tell us about what important information you learned on today’s broadcast of the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour on PBS.


    12. Parsifal Says:

      All right, ZOG, since you’re calming down I’ll stop with the dumb ad hominem attacks. I don’t like having nasty, pointless arguments with people anyway, not online or in person. Go ahead, if you must, make fun of the fact that I watch PBS once in a while and not much else, except maybe something on the National Geographic Channel and “Family Guy”. I’m also reading novels by Robert Heinlein and Evelyn Waugh, in addition to poems by Sylvia Plath and Dylan Thomas. So there’s some more ammunition for you.

      My real enemy is that scoundrel Tom McReen. But I guess when Socrates returns from vacation, Ol’ Tom will be gone soon enough. I’m convinced that none of this unproductive back-and-forth between myself and ZOG would have happened if Tom wasn’t lurking around here stoking the flames.

    13. Parsifal Says:

      I think my fireplace metaphor needs some fine-tuning. One stokes embers and fans flames, doesn’t one?

    14. Tom McReen Says:

      “My real enemy is that scoundrel Tom McReen. But I guess when Socrates returns from vacation, Ol’ Tom will be gone soon enough.”

      I notice you’ve been appealing to authority a lot lately in order to get what you want but it’s painfully obvious to all who the source of the problem is around here.

    15. Parsifal Says:

      Yes, it certainly is painfully obvious to all who the source of the problem is around here.

      If only you would submit to Satan, Tom. He would make you very rich AND a hit with the ladies! You see, there’s nothing Satan can’t do if you ask him nicely.

    16. Karol Says:

      Hey Jebu! Willya hurry up with the Rapture already? Tom’s been waiting so long and we don’t need him here talking to us!

    17. Tom McReen Says:

      How could anyone read the two posts above (made by the same troll, mods) and NOT see a kike?

    18. Parsifal Says:

      Jeebus is still on vacation on the Riviera with his dusky French-Morroccan actress girlfriend Isis.

    19. Blackshirt Says:

      Notice how “Tom” makes no productive posts or commentary… his MO is to constantly attack other posters as being “sock puppets” “trolls” “leftists” “satanists” etc. etc.

      It is so clear what his purpose here is. The question is, for how long will he be allowed to continue his bullshit?

    20. Parsifal Says:

      McCreep contributes nothing to the conversation. He’s not even funny or entertaining, just a mosquito-like nuisance. But I’m sorta curious how he came up with that ersatz Irish name McReen? I know there’s a Mike Breen and a Steve McQueen, but Tom McReen? Maybe he’s an Israeli agent and they aren’t familiar with Irish surnames. I think he’s operating out of the British Isles.