6 August, 2009

Export Cars, Not Democracy

Posted by Socrates in Cultural Marxism, democracy, democrazy, equality, equalocracy, Jew World Order, New World Order, Socrates, tikkun olam at 11:09 pm | Permanent Link

But, if America doesn’t push Equalocracy onto the rest of the world, then there goes the Jews’ best chance for major tikkun olam:


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  7. 6 Responses to “Export Cars, Not Democracy”

    1. zoomcopter Says:

      No one knows where those trillions of dollars are going to, but the Jews at the Fed. Why not spend a few hundred million dollars overthrowing, or underminding some poor country, like Georgia or Ukraine. Jews have mastered the art of buying off both political parties, here, in America, and now have access to the money printing presses, to try it worldwide. Why make automobiles, here, where Whites might actually make enough money to support a family, when Chinese will do it cheaper? The noose is tightening.

    2. old dutch Says:

      Here’s a really interesting modern artist—his homepage has tons of stuff:

      Here’s a self described weird Southern landscape painter. This guy started out painting pictures of Robert E. Lee:

    3. Tom McReen Says:

      ‘Equalocracy’ lol that’s a keeper.

      Of course, the jewish meaning of ‘equal’ means they get to be in charge.

    4. Waldo Starr Says:

      Boy are they ever in charge. They own, lock stock and barrel, the Golden Goose, the Federal Reserve. That’s why all the jew boys look like geniuses when the own professional ball teams, hedge funds, wall street and etc. How can you fail when you have Uncle Sh’mu’el to bail you out with “other people’s money”. Don’t all jews look like financial wizards? The great part is the Federal Reserve has never been audited and never will. Who knows where all the money goes; there is no accounting for any of it. The jews will never allow any oversight of the Federal Reserve because the “money machine” belongs to them and the world will cease to exist before anyone pries their cold clammy hands off the spigot. Good luck Rep. R. Paul but you are pissing up a rope if you ever expect an audit of the Federal Reserve. Which by the way is neither Federal and they have no Reserves. This is the greatest theft in the history of the world.

    5. Parsifal Says:

      It’s not about exporting “democracy”, it’s about promoting American imperialism and Zionist world domination.

    6. Tom McReen Says:

      “It’s not about exporting “democracy”, it’s about promoting American imperialism and Zionist world domination.”

      Jewish imperialism.