10 August, 2009

Jew TV, #3

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Jew TV #3

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  7. 20 Responses to “Jew TV, #3”

    1. Blackshirt Says:

      The TV assaulting us with negroid faces 24/7?

    2. Blackshirt Says:

      I have a White relative who sits and watches hours of professional basketball (African hand ball). I wonder with amazement how anyone who watches these games can ignore the vile, ugly groids in all their sweaty glory and just focus on the strategy of the game. I mean, you can watch regular TV and see groids all day, but they usually are made to seem somewhat acceptable by the Zionist media/showbiz. Those in control of Hollywood and the media make sure only clean-looking mulattoes or clever/smart negroes get on the shows and movies. But when you watch these professional sporting events there is no hiding the stupidity and ape-like actions and features of these coons. It’s all right there in front of your face and you really can’t ignore it when they do a personal interview with one of these coon players. Yet the White masses continue to cheer and hold these half-men half-apes up as role models. I guess I will go to my grave never being able to comprehend the mindset… White people cheering negroes while their race goes extinct.

    3. Parsifal Says:

      I understand that the popularity of the NFL and NBA is beginning to wane somewhat. Maybe White sports-fans are getting tired of seeing almost nothing but sweaty, simian-like Black and Brown faces all the friggin’ time on the Sports Channel (although they would probably never admit that). No more Tom Seavers, Larry Birds or Joe Namaths to root for, just a lot of interchangeable millionaire Nigg ball-players getting busted at strip-clubs in Miami with blow and illegally concealed handguns.

      But for those millions of White sports-fans who still love watching niggerball, maybe they regard the Groid ball-players as little more than well-trained animals bred to compete for cash, like race-horses, roosters and pit-bull terriers?

    4. Irma Grese Says:

      What would television be like in an all-white aryan republic? No niggerball. no thinly disguised porn like most soap operas, dramas and such. No gratuitous violence blood and gore. No foul language. No commercials every 5 minutes pushing cheap foreign-made garbage you don’t need. More uplifting programming designed to ennoble and inspire. more operas which are a truly WHITE art form. More educational shows that teach the TRUE history of our people. Above alll, more programs showing aryan men and women ACTING like aryan men and women instead of like niggers.

    5. Andrei Yustschinsky Says:

      The Jewish Obsession With All Things Fecal

      To quote this article from New Jersey Jewish News: The Past and Future of Jewish Humor
      “And if it’s scatological, all the better.”

      “For a Jew, a bowel movement is an event,” Waldoks declared. “That’s why there’s so much bathroom humor.”
      Novak nodded in agreement.

      “As you get older, it becomes a wonderful thing,” he said.
      Uh, ok. I also found an academic essay on Jewish “defense mechanisms” that featured the following photo and caption:

      Latrine at Auschwitz-Birkenau
      I’m all for freedom of speech and all. No topic should be taboo and hey, I suppose it’s something that comes up in everybody’s conversation on occasion, but what the fuck is it with Jews and their shit obsession? You can read Jewish writers and it’s a recurring theme. Off the top of my head one example I remember reading something by Alan Ginsberg where he talks about seeing his mother having a nervous breakdown and rolling around on the floor in her own feces. I remember back in the 90’s there was a zine that was published by a Jew that was all about shit. His own and other contributers musings on their toilet habits. It also included pictures of what they deposited in the toilet. I have always been big Howard Stern fan but you can listen to his show and his bowel movements are an almost daily topic. There are also whole sections of his book Private Parts dedicated to the topic. It is a common topic with Jewish comedians and on Jewish televison and movies. You ever see South Park? Ok, I’ll be fair. I believe only one of those guys is a Jew. Or how about the scene in Schindlers List where the kids are hiding in the pools of shit under the latrines?

      The late Dr. William Pierce brought up this strange Hebraic tendency in one of his radio broadcasts:
      “This is something I first noticed when I was a junior high school student in Dallas, Texas. The school I attended was in one of Dallas’ wealthier suburbs, and there were a number of Jews in the school. What I and several of my classmates noticed about the Jews was their uniquely Jewish sense of humor. One doesn’t expect much delicacy in the jokes told by 14-year-olds, of course, but the thing that made the jokes that appealed especially to the Jews stand out was their scatological content. Nearly every Jewish joke involved excrement in one way or another. As I said, this Jewish tendency was so pronounced that I and my Gentile classmates noticed it and commented on it, even though we didn’t understand it. And it wasn’t that we had an exceptionally large number of budding Howard Sterns among our Jewish classmates. The inclination toward scatology is a general Jewish characteristic. Jews themselves, including Jewish psychologists, have commented on this Jewish trait often, explaining it in terms of the collective Jewish experience throughout history. It is real, and it is quite noticeable”

      Dr. Pierce also relates this gem from what occured at Jew owned and run MTV:
      “MTV was taping a pilot for a new show called Dude, This Sucks. Some teenaged girls were visiting the studio during the taping. A studio employee instructed them to stand on the stage in a certain place for a part of the show in which a pair of performers known as the ‘Shower Rangers’ were to go through their routine. The girls were not told what the performance would be or how they would be involved in it.

      “The ‘Shower Rangers’ were two men dressed in Boy Scout uniforms. They came on stage, turned their backs to the camera and to the teenaged spectators on the stage, dropped their trousers, bent over, and let fly with a shower of semi-liquid feces, spattering the unsuspecting girls from head to foot. Apparently they had dosed themselves with a powerful laxative prior to the performance.
      “To Jews, including billionaire Jewish media moguls like the owner of CBS and MTV, Sumner Redstone, this sort of thing is hilariously funny. It’s their idea of humor. Unfortunately for MTV, however, the girls who were sprayed by MTV’s ‘Shower Rangers’ weren’t amused, nor were their parents. Last week two of the girls sued. One of them told the court:”

      “We were having a good time until the second act of Dude, This Sucks went on. All of a sudden I was smelling something disgusting, and I started to gag. I looked around at my friends. They were covered in something. As I looked down at myself I realized that I was too.”
      “Another of the plaintiffs, 14-year-old Kelly Sloat, spoke of the humiliation the girls felt when they returned to school:”

      “Everyone knew about it, even some of the teachers. Most of the kids were cracking jokes or wouldn’t come near us because, even though we washed off the feces, they said we smelled. I will never, ever forget what a horrible experience this was.”

      It’s well documented that Freud was totally obsessed with all things toilet related. There was also a Jew psychologist named Mortimer Ostow who recently died that claimed anti-semitism was a result of resentment toward fathers over bad toilet training during childhood that was then projected onto the Jews! Ha ha! Are these people fucking loons or what? I couldn’t make up stuff this weird if I wanted to.

      Theorist of Anti-Semitism Dies
      Dr. Mortimer Ostow, who tied anti-Semitism to early childhood experiences such as toilet training, died Sept. 23 at age 88.

      In the 1980s, Ostow led a group of psychologists in a study that examined the causes of anti-Semitism. Reviewing the case histories of patients, the group found that negative feelings toward Jews could be traced to early childhood, The New York Times reported. They suggested that troubles in toilet training or an Oedipal rivalry, in which a son’s negative feelings toward his father could be projected onto Jews, could be the cause. Ostow also wrote a 1996 book, “Myth and Madness: The Psychodynamics of anti-Semitism.”

      There is even a well known Rabbi in Israel that believes he can prophesize the future by looking at his stool! What the fuck is wrong with these people?!?

      An entry from Jewess Tori Spelling’s blog about how much she loves shit:
      I’m NOT shit shy. In fact, I’m a Poo Fanatic and a fart joke fan to the extreme.

    6. ED! Says:

      TV was invented by White Men and stolen by Jews, what Jews are unable to use for themselves they shit on so no one else can use it, LIKE RATS! M-TV as in MUD-RACE TV!


    7. 2050 Says:

      I remember some years back, as these things were being discussed by the media and sociologists and politicians and liberals, that the media needed to show more blacks etc on tv. And of course they began showing blacks much more. These days, though every seems like they use blacks for voiceovers, blacks etc as the main characters, as the wise ones.

      Commercials are loaded with race mixing, and every cartoon breakfast table on every cereal commercial has two or three races sitting at the breakfast table. Sometimes with no white kids.
      The liberal intelligentsia made it clear back when they started doing this non whites on tv thing, that it was needed in order to make whites used to the idea and more accepting of the idea of no whites playing a bigger demographic role. Which of course means the old how to boil a frog thing of getting us used to the idea, so that we won’t notice or care or think it’s strange that niggers and spics are everywhere.

      I think that the coming months and years will see increased mixed race families, and the all white family will soon be a rather rare scene as the mulatoes and mexicans take over the airwaves.

    8. Tom McReen Says:

      “There was also a Jew psychologist named Mortimer Ostow who recently died that claimed anti-semitism was a result of resentment toward fathers over bad toilet training during childhood that was then projected onto the Jews! Ha ha! Are these people fucking loons or what? I couldn’t make up stuff this weird if I wanted to.”

      Disturbing AND hilarious. It shows the jews can make up any old shit (!) about ‘anti-semites’.

      “I’m NOT shit shy. In fact, I’m a Poo Fanatic and a fart joke fan to the extreme.”

      Shit shy? Next they’ll be saying ‘fecophobic’ and pushing for ‘fequality’.

    9. Parsifal Says:

      Tom, you’re the life of the party. Please stop with your bon-mots, I’m laughing too hard.

      A few years ago, there was a Honey Combs cereal commercial on TV that really pissed me off. It featured a very pretty White girl eating her cereal at a school cafeteria table, literally surrounded by leering young male Groids. I fired off a letter to Post Cereals and the ad was soon dropped, never to be seen again. I don’t know what if any influence my letter had, but I suspect there were many other angry letters as well. So I guess as consumers we can still fight back here and there.

      Like Bob Grant used to say: Your influence counts, use it!

    10. Howdy Doody Says:


      In the year 1957 we were the majority and not yet totally conquered! They would not and could show the filth of TV for the last four decades plus.

      See this.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      Only 426 views too.

    12. Tom McReen Says:

      “Tom, you’re the life of the party. Please stop with your bon-mots, I’m laughing too hard.”

      I guess that’s your little backlash at me because I correctly stated on an earlier page that you’re not as funny as you like to see yourself:

      ‘McWeenie’. ‘Moishe McReen’. ‘Pee pees’.

      You’re still as lame as you were when you were ‘Mike Jahn’ on the forum. You’re like one of those typical jews who always tries to come over sarcastic and cool but in your case doesn’t have the mental wit to back it up.

      Who uses ‘pee pee’ apart from pre-schoolers and Adam Sandler? And ‘McWeenie’…good grief.

    13. Parsifal Says:

      McReen, if anyone is witless it’s you. “Fequality”and “fecophobic”………Is that your lame idea of humor, you old prick? Is that the best you can do in your pathetic attempt to ingratiate yourself with others on this forum? You must be an extremely dull and unpleasant person to be around. And in additon to your shitty personality, that sour stench of cheap booze and urine wafting out of your filthy old clothes keeps even the dogs away, doesn’t it?

      You totally suck.

    14. Tom McReen Says:

      Just keep on using your endless sock puppets to keep posting hints about me and my life that you shouldn’t possibly know, state agent troll.

    15. Parsifal Says:

      “Fequality” and “fecophobic”…………Lame.

    16. truth seeker Says:

      i stopped watching tv 11 years ago and haven’t missed it 1 minute. i am ashamed to say how many hoursw a day i used to watch it but thank God that’s over. The measure of it is that i was an adult and as such,when something became unacceptable,i could decline to participate in it.I had NO withdrawal from it at all.However,i still use the set for dvd’s and vhs tapes.no sense avoiding one of Aryan Man’s great inventions because of the vile nature of the kikes.I think this coming war with Iran coupled with the illuminati’s deliberate destuction of the world economy will spell the end of judah forever.

    17. Karol Says:

      Just keep on using your endless sock puppets to keep posting hints about me and my life that you shouldn’t possibly know, state agent troll.

      Says the guy who, when he does deign to reveal his asinine little “opinions”, often expresses support for Sarah Palin, Judaeo-Christardianity, and just about every other textbook GOP position. Not to mention attacking the NS-biocentric-atheist worldview that is essential to the survival of Euroman. All of your positions are textbook bible-thumping Republican trash – you bear not the slightest resemblance to the sort of people we want on our side.

      You are a fraud, false “White Nationalist” and don’t think the readers of this site don’t know it.

    18. Parsifal Says:

      Well said, Karol. That fake Irishman McReen is really just a right-wing, Mike Huckabee/Sarah Palin/Moral Majority fanatic. The White Struggle needs guys like that like we need William Kristol or Thomas Sowell on our side.

    19. Blackshirt Says:

      McWeenie said:

      “Just keep on using your endless sock puppets to keep posting hints about me and my life that you shouldn’t possibly know, state agent troll.”

      Which parts of Parsifal’s post are hints about your life, Tom? Perhaps the parts about “your shitty personality, that sour stench of cheap booze and urine wafting out of your filthy old clothes”?


    20. Parsifal Says:

      I wasn’t sure whether or not to include all that stuff about Tom’s objectionable personality and his nasty old urine-stained clothing. I thought it might be a little too ad-hominem, even for him.

      But do you know how I imagine Tom McReen to look? Remember Steve Dunleavy from “A Current Affair”? The old Aussie boozehound who used to annoy celebrites with his trashy tabloid journalism? That’s gotta be what Tom looks and acts like.