26 August, 2009


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by Gott.

(This originally appeared at VNN Forum).

The greatest music – in fact, the greatest expression of Western civilization – is the lyric stage. All (or virtually all) great composers thought so and felt that they could not possibly be considered great unless they had mastered the noble and sublime form of opera.

And, very, very few did not at least try – usually spending years and years agonizing over those operas in conspicuous contrast to how easily they mostly tossed off works in other forms, like the symphony, sonatas, quartets, etc.

Opera is the highest manifestation of the dreams and aspirations of the Western Aryan peoples – in it are combined the noble arts of theater, painting, statuary, music and the greatest instrument of expression that has ever existed – the human voice. All the instruments were invented as a means to try and copy the things a human being can do with the vocal chords in his or her throat. And no other instrument is anywhere near as expressive as the voice.

As opera is the very embodiment of noble strivings (as in, it only suits Aryans and can uniquely inspire Aryans), opera has been denigrated and marginalized intentionally. If you can really get into Lohengrin as Wagner intended (and which is as ‘easy’ to do as teaching yourself to think in opposition to anti-thinking jew dis-education), then an entire world of ideas and noble sentiments will open to and for you. The jews did all they could (most successfully, obviously) to see to it that most hate this art, and also find it ridiculous and boring. Failing that, most who like it are taught to focus on the technical details of singing rather than the soaring ennobling sentiments that the music and the words embody.

We gave the world the greatest art that has ever existed, and how many here know it at all beyond the Ride Of The Valkyries, and a few other meaningless excerpts?

The jews and their ‘internationalism’ and ‘progressivism’ have robbed us all and the loss is nowhere more profound than in relation to the lyric stage. Life today sucks, for reasons all here know – you guys just don’t know how fundamentally you actually have been despoiled until you do the work necessary to open the door to the dazzling riches of Italian, German and French opera.

I’m listening to a Bellini opera now of surpassing beauty and nobility (Il Pirata). Beauty and nobility are very, very good for people – they remind us that life can be sublime, that there is more to it than shopping or video games and that there are things genuinely worth fighting for – our glorious culture most of all.

If you are here at VNN, it is because you taught yourself to think. It isn’t easy to teach oneself how to think, and it isn’t easy to get past the superficial barriers between oneself and this most complex and sophisticated artistic form. Easy things are not worth anything – we all get what we pay for. The rewards for having learned to think/work mentally with logic are great, but not as great as the rewards waiting for all of you in opera.

And, mostly only Aryans ever wrote operas, and mostly only Aryans ever loved opera. Opera is as Aryan as racing cars.

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  7. 14 Responses to “Opera”

    1. Stefan Francis Says:

      I had this man as a teacher. He is brilliant and well read, and a credit to our race.

      Thank you Gott,


    2. Stronza Says:

      The latest fad, both in Europe & here, is to take well-loved, classic opera, change the setting & century, and make it unspeakably lewd & salacious.

    3. 2050 Says:

      I’m one who has been deprived the ability to love opera. Of course I have the ability now, but certainly without such a piece i would probably never search it out and listen enough to start liking it.
      I will now.
      We have been taught to not like it, though. From the earliest cereal commercials on TV showing some fat lady with a horn helmet screeching while the cartoon kids laugh at her, we have learned what not to like. How much different we’d think and behave if no jewthink had ever been imposed on us.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Operatic music is great, particularly Wagner, of course! But there is the language barrier to be overcome. It would be more appealing to WN if more of it were in English. The English National Opera based in London used to do the great works in English but I suspect the company have fallen on hard times.

      Jews ridicule opera and Western culture because they cannot possibly appreciate least of all understand the lofty sentiments expressed in paint, stone or voice. For them vulgarity is the norm, hence their predilection to vaudeville.

    5. old dutch Says:

      Most opera is comic opera. Just because an opera is in a foreign language such as Italian doesn’t mean that it has some serious or deep meaning.

      These numerous so-called “White” bands would do well to listen to opera—they might learn how to carry a tune without a wheelbarrow. Or compose a song that doesn’t sound like a fog horn trying to grunt.

      Really, some White composers and playwrights are much in need. A good “White” amateur theater company would be fun, and could pack a full house in my opinion.

    6. Kuda Bux Says:

      Don’t forget the VNN Soap Opera, as conducted on the front pages.

    7. Marwinsing Says:

      Opera rocks! (oops, should I have said that?)

      Kuda Bux: Don’t forget the VNN Soap Opera…

      “Guilty, Yer Honour.” (BWTF)

    8. RR Says:

      I rejected opera as a kid. It’s too loud and obnoxious for my taste. I’d rather see a Shakespeare play any day.

    9. Angryyoungman Says:

      @ CW-2

      “For them vulgarity is the norm, hence their predilection to vaudeville.”

      Completely correct observation. I cannot wait until an Aryan has the guts to play to the MSM…”Their ain’t no business (kick) like, shoah-business.”

    10. nignogger Says:

      as u know jews promote the negro rap, i was in an elevator in dwntown chicago today and they had a niggerized/rap version of one of beethovens/mozarts classic (i dont know whichone)

    11. R CROSS Says:

      It is simply that what passes for “music” these days is a direct stimulation of the ego,while the classics directly appeal to the soul of those prepared to listen.This barbarous noise that we are subjected to these days is designed to prevent thought,through sheer volume,repetition and the appeal to unatural lusts,and self-centered desire,to isolate your being from all others,destroying your spiritual roots,as has been done to religion,if the heart can not fly,it is a slave.

    12. Kradmelder Says:

      I agree with what R CROSS said. So much of our time and energy are wasted dealing with monkeyshines that we have little time left to devote to higher pursuits.

    13. beavis Says:

      Opera rocks, it’s better than FireFox or Internet Explorer.

    14. Don Says:

      I worked as a Bach Jock for a public radio station in the mid 90s. I was not a great Classical DJ, but I was pretty good–better than the jew DJs that now pollute the air waves. The Chicago Classical station (WFMT) sucks. The station generates no interest in Classical music because the music is set to fit a time-frame that ranges 2 – 40 minutes. Seldom is a major work played and forget operas. jew conductors are always featured. It is really sad to see an appreciation for our Western Culture being eroded by the greed and the stratagems of the jews.