7 August, 2009

Orwell Now

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by Arch Stanton.

Here is a great example of why Americans are clueless. This is one of the subtle lies used by jews to keep the American corpse upright until they have sucked dry the very last drop of its blood. If you read my story about the metal salvager’s encounter with the Chinese bidders (coming soon — Ed.) (that event happened back in the mid-eighties) then you understand just how much of the following quote is bogus: “But American manufacturing has been on a steady decline for decades and some economists say they fear that if the trend is not addressed soon, the U.S. industrial base will disappear for good.” Excuse me, it already has disappeared for good. To reaffirm the fact, one only needs to take a trip to the most American of all-American stores, Wal-Mart, to see the imported goods. As Wal-Mart once advertised, try “buy[ing] American.”

Note however that the journalist starts off with some truth by stating, “American manufacturing has been on a steady decline for decades.” Yes, but what about the manipulation in the remainder of the statement? One only needs to apply the current unemployment numbers to see what is actually happening; but, take those numbers and double them (doubling government statistics offsets its chronic lies about the real figures). Where exactly did all those jobs go? Continue this line of thought by asking how America’s unemployment situation might be addressed when the major manufacturing infrastructure was shipped off to China years ago. Just who is going to hire the burgeoning throngs of unemployed workers? Where are the jobs going to come from? If you say “the federal government will create the jobs” then quit reading right now, turn on the TV, grab some donuts and watch Oprah.

The jews run around the ruins of the American factories yelling, “Look out! If we don’t outsource jobs, America’s economy will stagnate and collapse!” And the sheeple all bleat out, “Yes! Yes! It’s true! Experts named Goldberg and Weinstein said so.” Once again I say: Orwell was made privy to the plan. His book “1984” was a fictitious account of a very real plot white men now suffer under.

California Bleeding Manufacturing Jobs, Report Shows [1]:

[1] the Milken Institute was founded by convicted, Jewish fraudster Michael Milken

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    1. Parsifal Says:

      Remember about 15 years ago when the economists, the politicians and the right-wing blowhards on talk-radio all said that NAFTA was going to be good for the US economy? It was going to create a huge, new class of consumers in Mexico for American products and make lots of jobs for Americans. And all of that prosperity would keep the Mexicans from sneaking under the border fence. God damn liars.

      And then they said not to worry, America will have a “service” economy instead. That apparently meant shitty $8 an hour jobs flipping burgers and selling magazine subscriptions over the phone. And now even those shit-jobs are disappearing. Yet those arrogant, eletist scum STILL have the chutzpah to squawk about the “dangers of protectionism”.

      There’s so much killing that needs to be done. So very, very much killing.

    2. Stronza Says:

      But you’d have to have a population of fools in the first place to buy the idea that a “service” economy is somehow better than agricuture, manufacturing, etc.

      I remember seeing a program on the Global TV network (Asper family) going on about how Canada could become a garden of Eden, without the pollution caused by agriculture, manufacturing and all those “hard” aspects of a normal economy. Yes, they said, Canada could just be devoted to “clean” things like “information”/computers and “service” – whatever the **** that means.

    3. Angryyoungman Says:

      @ Parsifal

      You’re 100% correct. I would be tempted to say that if things keep heating up and CONservatives and “progressives” start having mass protests against each other that whoever in our movement is brave enough should show up at these possible rallies and scream that both sides are completely brainwashed and wrong. At least for enough media attention to defy and condemn the whole rotten system.

      If the Obambots and scum like Pelosi and Frank are voted out, that’s fine and dandy. But it doesn’t mean a goddamn thing if they are replaced by Neocon scum in the vein of Lindsey Graham and Juan McCain. Hell, even the somewhat sane Paleoconservatives and Libertarians need their asses kicked since they have chickened out on the Jewish problem for so long now.

    4. Waldo Starr Says:

      Yeah NAFTA was suppose to be just great for the good ole USA, we could finally get rid of the buggy whip companies that were polluting our beautiful cities like Detroit, Baltimore, Newark etc. But what happened was other people were willing to work for less than the Mexicans so the factories moved again and again and again. Then squat low and his family came here from Mexico to hollow out what jobs were left that couldn’t be shipped offshore. Middle class becomes poorer and becomes dependent on the benevolent govt. The govt. doesn’t care that they don’t pay taxes because they can just print all the money they need. I think the end is in coming into view.

    5. Kuda Bux Says:

      P.C. libertarianism
      and the Jewish taboo


      “American libertarians were once freedom-loving, truth-loving iconoclasts who took pleasure in spurning the shibboleths of Establishment pundits and intellectuals. No dogma was deemed too sacred to be safe from their skepticism, and every alleged truth was subject to examination by free minds reveling in free inquiry. They were totally outside the mainstream, and they relished that position: one thinks of giants such as Frank Chodorov, Albert J. Nock, Murray N. Rothbard, and Roy A. Childs, Jr., standing lonely but unafraid.

      But libertarians today, with some honorable exceptions, are a changed breed. They shy away from the ever-multiplying taboo issues, if they do not actually celebrate the reigning intellectual orthodoxy. Libertarian principles are noticeable chiefly by their absence.”


    6. Parsifal Says:

      Libertarians are the most cowardly wretches on Earth. To me, they are all the way at the bottom of the respectability scale, along with Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jimmy Swaggart, the SPLC, NAMBLA and Christians United for Israel.

    7. Stronza Says:

      Love the article by Henry Fields. Anyone who takes on Ilana Mercer is a friend o’ mine.

    8. Irma Grese Says:

      Parsifal says: It was going to create a huge, new class of consumers in Mexico for American products and make lots of jobs for Americans. And all of that prosperity would keep the Mexicans from sneaking under the border fence. God damn liars.

      Good god, they actually SAID that? And people were stupid enough to BELIEVE THEM?? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! Stronza is right, you WOULD need a population of fools to be able to get through a plan as dumb as that! As I’ve said before, the globalist rich class deliberately ship jobs overseas and muds over here to drive the price of labor down so that Whites can’t get a job which pays a decent living wage. The kikes amongst them do it because it’s good for jews but the whites and nig mischlings among them do it because the only thing they give a damn about is money.

      When the Revolution finally comes I feel that it is absolutly vital that the white one-worldist ultra-rich race-traitors be made a special example of. MERE EXECUTION IS NOT ENOUGH. For all of the blighted lives, for all of the misery pain and death they have caused, there needs to be something like an Auto de fé where they are forced to publically confess the wrongness of their crimes and then burned alive. Or skinned & impaled, as Vlad used to do to the Turks! Or made “the show and gaze o’ the time,” to quote Shakespeare, as they are fed to wild animals in an arena for the amusement of the crowd! ALL OF THEM, including their families excepting the white babies/toddlers who can be adopted and raised by healthy, racially-aware White families.

      I’m as serious as a heart attack on this! In whatever new White Republic we manage to build, it needs to be established straight from the outset that sociopathic greed will earn you the kind of epic beatdown which is whispered of for centuries to come. Make these backstabbing selfish “ME ME ME” bastards SUFFER.

    9. Blackshirt Says:

      Years ago when I pointed out what was happening to the manufacturing sector and to the economy as a whole to my conservative relatives they just shrugged and called me a naysayer. Now the American economy is in the toilet and they have seen their savings and investments dwindle they grudgingly admit I was right. But it is too goddamned late and now they’ll have to feel.

      I’m glad some of the “greatest generation” jerk offs have lived long enough to see the end of the “American dream”. These are the same geezers that until a few years ago would chastise a young man who couldn’t find a decent job as lazy or not ambitious enough. The fact is that in the USA today you can work hard and never get ahead, and you can have all the ambition in the world, but it is useless without any opportunities. Land of opportunity my ass!

    10. Parsifal Says:

      Unfortunately, it’s still a land of opportunity for the Pakis and dot-heads who are colonizing this country. They are so close-knit and unified that they have taken over every Kwikie Mart and gas station in Amerikwa. And all that money they make off of their dumb White customers (who can’t live without those overpriced cigarettes, slim-jims and lottery tickets) gets sent back to Islamabad or New Delhi.

      Some of them even manage to get a White woman, since most of the Wog-girls in their home countries get stoned to death at birth. But those White women foolish enough to marry a Wog can look forward to a life of threats and beatings from their greaseball husbands.

    11. -jc Says:

      Granted, a lesson I learned during my brief, eye-opening career farming, it is important to hang dead coyotes on the fence, along the paths, as messages to living coyotes to consider another route. That is the purpose of public humiliations, like the stocks or, deliver us, the kind of hanging, racking, mayhem, and execution of William Wallace. And of show trials. No matter how frustrated, exasperated, decent men do not gratuitously inflict pain.

    12. Stronza Says:

      -jc, about those dead coyotes you hung on the fence as a deterrent: if decent men don’t inflict pain, how did those coyotes get dead in the first place?

      I agree that hanging those corpses might serve to keep the living ones away, but I am curious to know if you just found some dead ones in the first place or what. I hang deer skulls around my garden fence to discourage deer from jumping over the fence, cuz it’s not high enough. But I didn’t kill any deer to obtain those heads. I just found them on dead deer over a couple of years, and tore them off.

    13. ED! Says:

      I do remember Michael Milken and his rampage through the Corporations, stock markets, and banks. That Jew along with many other fellow kikes (like Ivan Boesky) ruined the lives of millions. The Reagan administration stood around with their finger in their asses and did nothing to stop it, kind of like the Bush administration did for eight years. Lie, cheat, design wars, and steal; the four things Jews do best! Many manufacturing companies were knocked to their knees and had no choice except to farm out the work to the Pacific Rim. Is there anything the Jews do for us that is good? Yes I had it wrote down on a small piece of paper and I had it here somewhere, let me see it was here, a well a, I will get back to you later on that, damn where did put it?


    14. Irma Grese Says:

      Decent men do inflict pain, but only when and as needed. Not gratuitously, as niggers and kikes do. Impailing and/or burning alive rich white race-traitors, thereby providing an object warning to any future potential traitors, would be a good thing.

    15. -jc Says:

      “How did those coyotes get dead in the first place?”

      Let’s distinguish killing from torturing, shall we? Ranchers and “varminters” may play a recording of a coyotes in distress to call-in curious coyotes but, at least these days, they don’t torture a live coyote. This is a practical matter and, to a civilized man, in what I believe is the classic sense of what I was raised to consider the nature of a white man, less repugnant. The operative word is “gratuitous:” No matter how angry, exasperated, whatever, one does not torture as it brutalizes and defines the character of what whites loathed in Amerindians, for example, popular left-liberal “entertainment” notwithstanding.

      If one breeds dogs, one must only allow satisfactory puppies to breed, which means either going the expense of spaying & neutering and continuing to feed those of no practical value to the enterprise at hand, essentially stepping on their heads, etc. Being decent does not mean being squeamish about what must be done but it does mean being compassionate and the kind of entity with which I, for one, am willing to associate and help to survive and prosper.

    16. -jc Says:

      Ooops “… [or] essentially stepping on their heads…”