19 August, 2009

Right and Wrong: “Diversity” Destroys Morality

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“When I was a little boy I was taught that it is bad to lie. I was taught that it is always better to tell the truth, even if that sometimes puts one at a disadvantage. For example, if my mother asked me, ‘Bill, did you eat all of the cookies in the cookie jar?’ and I had done it, I knew that I was supposed to say, ‘Yes, mother, I did,’ even though it might mean a whipping for me.

I believe that I was taught this pretty well, because I always felt guilty, I felt very bad, when I lied to avoid some unpleasantness or to gain some advantage. Actually, I usually told the truth, and as I grew up I admired and respected people who had the courage to be truthful when it was disadvantageous to them.”


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  7. 7 Responses to “Right and Wrong: “Diversity” Destroys Morality”

    1. Tom McReen Says:

      Jews attacked morality and introduced semitical correctness. Too many bozos today can’t tell the difference.

    2. Coup d'Etat Says:

      What they actually don’t see is the psychological damage the jews have done. Their continuous bombardment of Hitler and false accusations six millions jews were killed with their own kike owned media at least every week since WWII.

      You know it’s pervasive when you have White people talk down about the blond hair, blue eye looking alike or all look like nazis or a particular religious group having a majority of whites as being nazi at your own workplace. Going as far as the White person dying her hair black thinking that what she is doing is the right thing. You know its vastly pervasive when similar thinking happened at several other work places in the past.

      The damage done by the jews has been done. There is no doubt about it. How to reverse it … well… that has yet to be seen.

    3. Adam Says:

      From the article:

      In planning, in preparing, in building, we must understand why we have this problem of moral decay, of moral breakdown, in our society now. Our ancestors in England, in Scotland, in Ireland, in Germany, and in the other parts of Europe from which they came brought to America a common morality which was many centuries old. Why this sudden collapse during the past 50 years or so?

      I’ve already pointed out that as we moved from a homogeneous, essentially European or White society in America before the Second World War to a multiracial, multicultural chaos today we were bound to experience a certain degree of moral confusion, of moral disorientation. But we also must note that during the past 50 years or so the mass media have had an unprecedented degree of influence on manners and morals in America, and during that same period the mass media in America have been almost entirely under the control of people whose ancestors did not share the morality of our ancestors.

      When the true history of the sudden collapse of white civilization in the 20th century is finally written, Jewish control of media in that era will be only part of the story. Equally important, and not touched on at all here by Dr. Pierce, was the simultaneous Jewish takeover of academia. The minds of a generation of whites were taught to doubt their own moral and intellectual competence, and in this they were being shaped by forces that were substantially beyond their control. This turnover of intellectual elites, wherein white elites were dispossessed and replaced by Jews, had political and social consequences, some of which Dr. MacDonald has covered at length. The Civil Rights movement, the Voting Rights Act, Affirmative Action, the Immigration Reform of 1965 and the tearing down of national borders via illegal immigration were all offshoots of the sort of thinking fostered in the minds of the baby boom generation by the Jews who had taken over academia.

      These Jewish takeovers have aspects of conspiracy, and to an extent they were conspiracies. But here I do not allege that they were conspiracies in some overarching sense of a few top Jews who consciously formulated and carried out over the course of centuries. The facts are best explained by noting a conspiracy of common racial interests, which found expression in Jewish networking to empower themselves individually, which put them into a postions to express their racial hostility to the white societies they had invaded. They would very likely not have succeeded, however, but in this project they were aided by many developments in science and philosophy that were serendipitous for them. I can only sketch a few of these developments, which stemmed directly from the work of the four well-known names who did so much to shape the thinking of the 20th century – Darwin, Marx, Einstein, and Freud.

      Darwin – The triumph of evolutionary theory throughout the sciences did much to undermine the confidence of western man. Before Darwin, Christianity had taught whites that the existence of God was a certainty, since man’s existence could not otherwise be accounted for. The moral order of the world, with whites (and especially, rich whites) on top and in control, also was seen has having been determined by this God. Darwin’s theory, which overturned all that, and which is still being resisted to this day by fanatical hold outs, essentially abolished what remained of the need for God as an explanation; it consigned him to metaphysical irrelevance, and by implication abolished any moral order established by Him. When Nietzsche proclaimed the death of God, he was proclaiming the triumph of the scientific world view. In a sense, science has no other object than to abolish God.

      Marx – Marx’s theories, which were based, in their essence, on a weird fusion of Hegelian metaphysics, Christianity (in the sense that it envisioned a Christian-like utopia from which strife would disappear and in which all men would be brothers), and a keen understanding of the role of money in technological societies, also did quite a bit of damage to western man’s self-confidence. Although they were not workable theories in practice, since they took insufficient account of human nature, it wasn’t all bunk. Specifically, it is undeniable that money does play an important role in society; in the industrial civilization of Marx’s time in particular, the ruling class DID exploit and endeavor to keep down the proletariat. And again, contained within Marx, there was an attack on God, and the old moral order. Religion was seen as no more than the opiate of the people; the moral order came not from God, but was designed by the ruling class to keep down the proletariat. When taken together with the other developments that were occurring simultaneously in other branches of human knowledge, this critique made a lot of sense and became enormously influential.

      Einstein – Einstein’s relativity theories constituted a revolution in thought that fundamentally overthrew the old intellectual order. After Einstein, western man was forced to regard with suspicion not only his own motives and origins, and not even just the absolute character of the moral order that he had been taught to believe came from the transcendent souce called God. Now, in a relativistic world, even the evidence of his own senses was called into question. Bertrand Russell was later to formulate the dilemma perfectly: Naive realism leads to physics, and physics, if true, leads to the conclusion that naive realism is false. Neither time nor space were anymore absolute. As a direct result, the old, comfortable, placid Newtonian and Euclidean universe ruled over by a bearded white Gentleman who created man and had given him his moral rules to live by had been destroyed. The blast at Hiroshima was both a public announcement of the truth of this totally new world view and a confirmation of the death of God.

      Freud – Before Freud, psychology was simple and almost Cartesian. What appeared to be, was. Man’s motives were simply what he thought them to be. They were self-evident, in the sense of being evident to oneself and wholly explained by one’s own opinion of them. Likewise, his systems of thought, as developed in his manifold ontologies and epistemologies, were held forth as only the product of rational processes, and completely explainable as the workings of his conscious mind. Freud introduced to western man the subversive, but not entirely untrue, notion of the unconscious. Man’s motives, as Freud was able to show, were not always what he said they were. Consequently, after Freud, western man needed always to suspect himself. Even the very notion of God, and the moral order provided by Him, were brought into question. For what if, instead of an actual existence, the idea of God merely expressed man’s unconscious desire for a return to an infantile existence, presided over by a God as parents preside over their children? If this were true, and Occam’s razor would suggest that is was, the scientific project had once more abolished God.

      Overall however, certainly the most important factor in the decline of white civilization, and only faced obliquely in Dr. Pierce’s article, was the growth of the technological system itself. This expansion followed the necessary progression of economic integration of races/cultures -> political integration of races/cultures -> social integration of races/cultures, and terminates finally in the genetic integration of the world’s races and cultures, the deplorable end phase we see happening all around us today. Without this expansion, there would have been no Jew infection of white civilization to contend with. The very existence of Freud and Marx as intellectual forces in white society would have been rendered impossible. There would be no immigration problem today in white societies, and consequently no race-mixing problem, because the very means to carry out such large-scale immigration would not exist.

    4. Truthteller Says:

      Please stop posting these long scripts, that’s what the forum ia for!

    5. antizog Says:

      That was a very good, well-written and thought-provoking post by Adam.
      The technological influences he mentions also include electronic mass media. They allowed the jew to make another quantum leap in introducing poison into the collective psyche of the gentiles.

    6. Lee Luttrell Says:

      North Korea says “Multi-culturalism and diversity is a poison and will not be permitted here.” Something to keep in the back of your mind when you here all this shit being said about North Korea.

    7. Demon Pollock Says:

      Adam’s post is very well-written but he glossed over one important piece: The decline of the aristocracy of Europe. The ancient Indo-European/Aryans understood the genetic basis of caste and made allowances for the same. And so the peasants, priests and nobles merely as a matter of course occupied the vocations they were meant to. But in the face of capitalism, with it’s concurrent rise of the power of money, and radical egalitarian ideals birthed during the Enlightenment, caste was cast into the dustbin of history.

      But just because Euros have forgotten that caste is a biological reality doesn’t mean that Nature has. We were never meant to be ruled by short-sighted, opportunist, appetitive peasants but by our warrior aristocracy that functions as both temporal ruler and embodiment of the national Spirit. The current situation is what comes about when peasants and their parliamentary institutions are given authority. And people wonder why the Economy then becomes of more importance than the native people – Du-uh! There’s a reason peasants were peasants and not rulers.

      Capitalism is a false and rootless meritocracy and the current times are just the logical conclusion of what happens when insane, universalist, Semitic fantasies are indulged in white societies(not that they’re all that white anymore – thanks peasants!).

      And no, I don’t just blame the Jews because they could only have implemented their rule-by-peasants, money-worshipping Leviathan with not-so-tacit aid from a lot of traitorous goyim. Oy vey!