29 August, 2009

The Beauty and the Beast: Race and Racism in Europe, Part IV

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by Tom Sunic.

“The term ‘racism’ has a generic meaning today, denoting social ostracism of outgroups, or in the worst case scenario, depicting an act of savagery meted out by some race or some warring party to another race or ethnic group. In the standard usage today the word ‘racism’ is not necessarily a referent for a different skin color, or a depiction of someone’s high or low cognitive ability. As a result of constant semantic shifts the word ‘racism’ is used to describe a form of barbarism, generally viewed as despicable and contrary to the most basic norms of human conduct.”


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  7. 5 Responses to “The Beauty and the Beast: Race and Racism in Europe, Part IV”

    1. Adam Says:

      From the article:

      Today, the Germans are a thoroughly neurotic people, a case of the victor’s successful cultural (and genetic?) engineering — probably the most unique case in the history of mankind.

      War is the oldest form of genetic engineering. It kills the best, most courageous, and brightest alpha males, falling with particular severity on the losing side. The losing side’s women become the property of the victors, either by force through rape or by willingly giving themselves up as whores. I have a German friend who was present during the war and its aftermath who tells me that the American nigger GIs during the occupation often had several German “girlfriends” at a time, cheaply purchased for the price of a little food. Such women were thereby rendered worthless to the white race, and many of them went on to give birth to half-nigger monstrosities.

      Yet all of these horrors are well known. They are the direct genetic costs of losing a war, and they have been the same since our earliest forebears descended from the trees. In this case they underline the saddest fact of all, however, which is that it was not just Germany that lost WWII. It was the entire white race. The white genetic losses from WWII are incalculable.

      But what Sunic is hinting at here with his question mark is even more interesting. Seen in a broader context, it was the cultural changes induced during the process of de-Nazification which caused even more genetic damage, and are continuing to cause genetic damage to this day. For culture itself – any culture, not just the post-war culture in Germany – can be seen as nothing but a system of rules for rewarding certain behaviors and discouraging others. Therefore, even during peacetime, culture exerts a powerful effect in shaping genetics. Though human behavior is not entirely determined by genetics as it is in lower animals, all behavior has a certain genetic component. By rewarding and elevating the traitors over the best surviving Germans, who were dispossessed much as white America is now being dispossessed and handed over to its genetic inferiors, a lasting change in the white genome was implemented. In this and a myriad of other ways, the technological system is literally re-writing the white genetic code in an on-going genocide.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Put simply. there is a system of reverse evolution in operation.

    3. Adam Says:

      CW-2 Says:

      Put simply. there is a system of reverse evolution in operation.

      Yes, one can even reduce it to a word, if you’d like: devolution. But that’s misleading, first of all because evolution isn’t directional, and secondly because evolution in the biological sense refers to the process of natural selection. The revision of the white genetic code that is being undertaken by the technological system is un-natural – artificial, and man-made in every sense of the word. Of course, from our standpoint as white racists, the modifications that are being brought about are monstrous, a step backwards. Yet evolution only has one way of determining superiority, and that is survival. The technological system has become the new nature, a hyperreality that has supplanted the old; and in this new environment, or at least, at this stage of the system’s development, the white race is ill-suited to survive. The current trend, for a thousand different reasons, is now to kill it off with crime and disease imported from the non-white world (as in the Christian/Newsom murders, AIDS, etc.), shrink its size via scientific birth control, or to breed it out of existence (e.g. Heidi Klum). WWII with all its horrific genetic consequences for the white race was only a particularly violent and protracted demonstration of this trend. Whites who embrace the technological system are therefore embracing their own genocide.

    4. Marwinsing Says:

      WTF??? So a couple of kikes thumped BOTH The Allied Armies AND The Germans? I’m beginning to worry about what kind of race we whites belong to!

    5. Marwinsing Says:

      I’m going for a nose job.