16 August, 2009

The Great Masters of the Lie

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How can you tell when a Jew is lying? His lips are moving. Another Jewish media lie about Hitler is exposed as a fake. Big surprise. Almost every “fact” about The Fuhrer is baloney:


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  7. 21 Responses to “The Great Masters of the Lie”

    1. Tom McReen Says:

      The 1936 Olympics as a subject makes a great entrance point for deceived newbies to discover that the media lies to them constantly.

      In particular, the fact that Germany topped the medals table thus shattering the jewish media’s myth of the ‘master race being humbled by black sprinter Jesse Owens’.

      I enlightened someone using these facts today.

    2. Eric Blair Says:


      I haven’t seen that before. I think I may have heard about it though.

    3. Parsifal Says:

      “I enlightened someone using these facts today.”

      How’d you do that, Tom, by getting arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct and then telling the cop (in a slurred, incoherent voice) all about your “secret knowledge”? He and the other cops on duty must’ve had a good laff as he threw your drunk ass in the cage to dry out overnight.

      HAH, HAH, HAH!!!!Can you hear me, Tom? I’m laffing at you! Yes I am! HAH, HAH, HAH!!!

      You one crazy-ass cracka.

    4. sean gruber Says:

      The Holocaust is also a lie. It was admitted some years ago that the tales of human-skin lampshades and human-fat soap were fabrications – wartime propaganda. The number of “death camp” victims has been revised downward substantially. You don’t hear about these things in the controlled media, of course – for the same reason Jesse Owens’s side of the story was suppressed (read the link to the story, posted by Socrates). As Alex Linder said, sometime in the not very distant future it will be admitted (quietly) that the existence of “gas chambers” was a myth. Already it’s admitted no gas chambers operated in Germany proper – they keep getting pushed farther east, beyond the former Iron Curtain. As evidence from the former Soviet Union continues to pile up, it will (unless suppressed) probably bear out Alex’s prediction.

    5. sean gruber Says:

      Here is a good website to expand your education – the kind of education not taught in schools.

    6. lawrence dennis Says:

      From the article:

      He said: “It was taken behind the honour stand and so not captured by the world’s press. But I saw it, I saw him shaking Hitler’s hand.

      “The predominating opinion in post-war Germany was that Hitler had ignored Owens.

      “We therefore decided not to report on the photo. The consensus was that Hitler had to continue to be painted in a bad light in relation to Owens.”
      Note the use of “we” to explain the decision of the jewish editors.

    7. Irma Grese Says:

      Re: the website – thanks, sean gruber, I’ll certainly take a look at some of these!

    8. Parsifal Says:

      Jews are best at lying by omission. If an inconvenient fact surfaces and can’t be refuted without threatening the Jews’ entire web of lies, then they simply ignore it. Jessie Owens shook hands with the Fuhrer, there were no lampshades or bars of soap made out of Jews and the Jews were responsible for bringing Black slaves over here from Africa in Jew-owned slave-ships……The Jews lie about all of those inconvenient truths by omitting or ignoring them.

    9. Blackshirt Says:

      Oh geez, how long are we going to go on and on rehashing WWII? Really folks, it’s 2009- that’s 64 years after the end of the war. History is great and I love it, but let’s just think about how much time we worry about and converse about Hitler, the Third Reich, etc.. Seriously, we have a zillion problems in the here and now, like how we are going to purge Christinsanity and worn-out right wing strategies from our people’s minds.

    10. Parsifal Says:

      But don’t you want to spend a few grand attending the 24th annual Holocaust Revisionist Conference in Scottsdale this October? How about a nice 1500 page long tome written by a 90 year old Holocaust revisionist? Only $49.95 plus free shipping if you act now.

    11. Eric Blair Says:

      Blackshirt, the Jews are still fighting WWII.

    12. Jim Says:

      Most of the disasters that have befallen the
      White world since 1945 stem from a misunderstanding of the real nature of that titanic conflict. The jews have tried desperately to demonize everything connected with Hitler and the Third Reich. Probably at least ninety percent of the history of that period that the jewsmedia brainwashes the sheeple with are outright lies or gross distortions of the truth. In the deepest sense, the Second World War was a battle for the truth of Race, Folk, Family, High Culture, against the jewish world’s lie of racelessness, greed, trash culture, and the destruction of all traditional Aryan values. The WN movement can never capture the future unless it first destroys the lies from the past.

    13. Blackshirt Says:

      “Blackshirt, the Jews are still fighting WWII.”

      OK, then we should keep fighting it too? What kind of logic is that?

    14. Tom McReen Says:

      “OK, then we should keep fighting it too? What kind of logic is that?”

      Presumably the logic that jews are fighting a war against us and we should respond by undermining one of their major propaganda canards.

    15. Karol Says:

      Did Hitler really murder 6 million Jews? Would anyone actually care if he had? If Hitler did so, I’m sure he was justified. If not, TJB for them slandering the Germans with genocide. And why do Yids get a free pass for the Russian Rev, Holodomor, etc where they clearly did engage in genocide themselves? I guess some lives are more “equal” than others.

    16. Z.O.G. Says:

      Gee, what a surprise, the usual suspects(Parsifal/Blackshirt) are trying to dissuade people from discussing the Hollow Hoax and events surrounding WWII.

      You guys are getting too predictable.

    17. Z.O.G. Says:

      Jim is exactly right. Great post.

    18. Z.O.G. Says:

      Hey, Parsifal, why don’t you tell us what you were in jail for, huh? You said in a previous thread that you had been in jail briefly a couple of times. Why?

    19. Tom McReen Says:

      “Hey, Parsifal, why don’t you tell us what you were in jail for, huh? You said in a previous thread that you had been in jail briefly a couple of times. Why?”

      For being a draft-dodging, soap-dodging hippie?

      For being caught ‘loitering’ in public toilets before homosexuality was decriminalised?

      “Why don’t we all put on spiked helmets and gas-masks so we can pretend we’re fighting World War One?”

      Only if you promise to put on your spiked helmet upside down. But you’ve got to stop sitting on it first.

      Yeah ok, that was a blatant flame post. But after all the abuse I’ve taken, and the totally unprovoked attack on my first post on this page, just allow me this one. :)

    20. Z.O.G. Says:

      For being caught ‘loitering’ in public toilets before homosexuality was decriminalised?

      Yeah, I think it’s that one. lol

    21. Blackshirt Says:

      As usual, McReen has nothing constructive to say. Same old attacks, nothing has changed. It is SO obvious he is a troll.