9 August, 2009

Two Arrested in Persecution of God-Like Being

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This victim wasn’t just a human. No. He was a suhvivah – the greatest of all beings! Let’s forget, for a moment, the two arrested men. If the victim was previously in a Nazi “death camp,” why wasn’t he already dead? In fact, why are there roughly 3 million “death camp” survivors in the U.S. alone? Something doesn’t add up, Moshe. It’s that darn Jewish math. Were the Nazis that incompetent?


Interesting details about Brinkmann: [Here].

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  7. 13 Responses to “Two Arrested in Persecution of God-Like Being”

    1. Michael Mavros Says:

      Now thats poetic justice. He escaped those evil Germaans and their death camp in Poland only to be murdered by saintly groids in lovely Jew York. I love it.

    2. Blackshirt Says:

      Yep. Poetic justice. HA HA

    3. Michael Mavros Says:

      They may be Gods when it comes too escapping the Germans and their evil policy of extermination but the nappy heaeded bros sure know how to kill them.

    4. 2050 Says:

      Mr. Brinkmann, born in Latvia, went to Germany and then Poland as a supporter of Hitler’s Third Reich, Mr. Brinkman said. When the Gestapo learned that Mr. Brinkmann’s mother was Jewish, he was moved to the Jewish ghetto, labor camps and Auschwitz.

      “To the Germans he was Jewish, and to the Jewish he was obviously German,” Mr. Brinkman said.

      He looks like a shady used car salesman in a polyester suit.
      Pretty much all hebe says I.
      Any ‘support’ of Hitler would have been spying, and trying to organize and spread dissent. Or even just trying to confuse things and people with lies and half truths.

      Kinda funny though.
      Oy veh, the Schwarzers are coming!

    5. Harsh_Henry14W Says:

      There are so many survivors… seriously, who did the National Socialists kill?!?!

      If National Socialists were that incompetent, then they couldn’t have been that evil!! They were more akin to the Nazis in ‘Hogans Heroes’ then and if that is the case then it should be ok to be an nazi!

    6. Hoff Says:

      Jewish math explained easy: 12 + 15 is always six million dead jews.


    7. Michael Mavros Says:

      It does stagger the mind. This demi god survived the greatest killing machine in all of human history, complete with cyanide gas, crematoria, burning pits, head bashing machines, electrified floors, exhaust fumes from engines only to be killed by a lowly brace of monkies. Now what are the odds of that happening?

    8. A.Galland Says:

      The Germans did not intend to kill jews but to get rid of them. Why would they put them into nice striped uniforms and tatoo a number on them ,if they wanted to kill them.

    9. Curious Says:

      Hasib Cutts? Well, my, if that isn’t a mooselimb antisemite!!!

    10. Vaultner Says:

      Killed by the chosen peoples chosen little buddies, or Giligan kills the Skipper LOL.

      There were supposedly 11 million European jews under NAZI control. But not all of them could have been in death camps.

    11. ED! Says:

      Jew money brought the black man to the Americas for free labor. The TRIBE creates its own problems here, there, and everywhere they infest.


    12. Marwinsing Says:

      C’mon, gimme that can of insect repellant…


      (ahh… better…)

    13. Parsifal Says:

      I find it amusing when Blacks strike back against members of the Tribe that has enslaved and exploited them for several hundred years. And Ol’ Hymie thought he had Blackie under complete control, like a trained circus chimp. But wild primates do turn on their masters once in a while.