15 August, 2009

Woodstock’s 40th Anniversary

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Most media people fondly recall Woodstock because they know that the counterculture played a major role in America’s transformation from “conservative” to “liberal.” Trivia: almost all of the big counterculture icons were Jews, e.g., Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and Herbert Marcuse. In fact, Jews played central roles in the creation of the Woodstock concert itself:


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    6. 78 Responses to “Woodstock’s 40th Anniversary”

      1. Mega Therion Says:

        December 6 marks 40 years since Altamont. Now THERE WAS A CONCERT!!! Kicking the shit out of hippies, punching smart ass Jew singers in their face(Marty Balin) and the icing on the cake…Meredith Hunter getting stabbed to death in his lime green pimp suit. Too fuckin’ much,man!

        “Let’s all cool out” demanded Jagger from the stage, as white men laid down the law. An underrated moment in our history,IMO

        And who cares if the CIA was behind the fiasco…it made for great amusement. “Gimme Shelter” is worth viewing,just to see a nigger get greased in slow motion.

      2. Parsifal Says:

        I agree, Mega T, the Rolling Stones concert at Altamont, along with the Manson Family rampage, is a more fitting symbol of what the 60s and Flower Power were REALLY all about. As we discussed the other day, Cali in the late 60s and early 70s was full of killer biker gangs, Satanic cults, mass murderers, Black Power militants, Sunset Strip porno actresses, blow, smack, etc. Peace and Love my ass!

        Strange that the hippy-dippy Jerry Garcia would recommend using the Hell’s Angels as security for that concert. I think the Dead’s keyboardist “Pigpen” was an Angel, not sure. But after greasing that coon, the Angels should have offed his slut White girlfriend, with her miniskirt and macrame vest.

      3. Tom McReen Says:

        “Woodstock was horrible. Woodstock was only horrible because it went so wrong. It could have been extraordinary. I suppose with the carefully edited view that the people got through Michael Wadleigh’s film, it was a great event. But for those involved in it, it was a terrible shambles. Full of the most naïve, childlike people. We have a word for them in England. Twits.”


      4. Tom McReen Says:

        Forgot to add that was Pete Townshend of The Who on Woodstock.

      5. JJ Says:

        Townsend deserves a commendation for the whack to the back of the skull he gave Abbie Hoffman with his red Gibson SG Special. Too bad they were changing film when that great moment happened (the audio survived).

      6. Parsifal Says:

        The reason there wasn’t any violence at the Woodstock festival was probably because everyone there was either stoned, tripping or bummed out by the rain, mud and outhouse stench that permeated everything, not because of any Peace and Love philosophy. The best part of the concert was Jimi Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner performance, but it happened at 5am on the last rainy, miserable day of the event, when almost everyone had had enough and left. So yes, the editing of the Woodstock film was somewhat deceptive.

        But the Isle of Wight concert in 1970 was even worse.

      7. Mega Therion Says:

        Exactly, Isle of Wight(8/70) was a thud. French “anarchists” causing problems,that tired old cunt Joni Mitchell yelling at the audience…a disaster(Jethro Tull were good though). The Mar Y Sol concert in Puerto Rico in 4/72 was another festival flop. 5 dead,mayhem, no show acts.

      8. Justin Huber Says:

        Didn’t The Doors perform at the Isle of Wight concert in 1970? I believe they still have the Isle of Wight concert/festival today.

      9. Parsifal Says:

        Yes, the Doors did perform, albeit poorly, at that Festival. Jim Morrsion was taking a brief break from his public obscenity trial in Miami to do the show and he was no doubt distracted about the trial’s outcome. I think it was The Doors’ last performance with Morrison, who died 10 months later. That Festival also featured Hendrix’s last performance, I think. He died a few weeks later in London in the arms of his German girlfriend.

      10. Justin Huber Says:

        It always saddens me to watch the later performances of The Doors. Although the band is spot on, you can clearly see that Morrison is on a collision course with premature death. In my opinion, Morrison’s obscenity trial was a bunch of trumped up nonsense. Have you ever seen any of The Doors: Live at the Hollywood Bowl? That performance is much better than any of their later shows.

      11. Justin Huber Says:

        Actually, one could write a great book about modern day music festivals and all the mayhem that accompanies them. My personal favorite was when the 1999 Woodstock festival ran amok and turned into a fiery nightmare of rioting and looting. It’s hard not to laugh when things go terribly wrong for the self important “peace and love” crowd.

      12. Mega Therion Says:

        I think very highly of the last two Doors studio albums with Morrison, but he had become a wreck in a live setting by 1970,out of shape,usually too wasted to really effectively perform. The obscenity charges were indeed a disgrace,more “morality police” bullshit.

      13. Parsifal Says:

        And to think that he was charged with obscene behavior in Miami, of all places. That place is swarming with strippers, middle-aged wife-swappers and bleached-blonde mudsharks. Those charges no doubt hastened Morrison’s demise and almost ruined The Doors financially by getting them banned from performing in dozens of US cities.

      14. Parsifal Says:

        I always thought their first album and Waiting for the Sun were their best work, but they’re all pretty good. Their weakest album was The Soft Parade, but the title track and Wild Child are great cuts.

      15. Mega Therion Says:

        Great point,Parsifal…Miami is a city of homosexual JEWS from New York and Havana. And yet they were offended by Morrison!

        Soft Parade was the low point, sounded rushed to me things like “Runnin Blue” and “Shaman” were filler…but “Wild Child” was great.

      16. M. Kraus Says:

        Nothing good came out of Woodstock, racially speaking. I liked some of the music, but it was really nothing more than a collection of bands and an audience functioning under adverse circumstances. There were a lot of music festivals before and since. I’m not sure why the so-called counterculture picked that particular one as representative. It was no great victory for them, and no great setback for us. The myth far outstripped the reality.

      17. Dagon Says:

        Interesting point about Townshend and the rest of the Who’s collective dislike of “Flower Power” and their distrust of the veracity of that movement’s self-declared idealism.

        I recall Townshend writing about his thoughts while at Woodstock. He described the sea of mud, mindless sex, Yippie radicals, and the prevalence of hallucinogenic drugs – all thanks to the triumph of Marcuse’s hoped-for revolution leading to “polymorphous perversity” – and remembered thinking to himself “If this is the Hippie dream then I want no part of it. Let’s get back to Shepherd’s Bush, London where people are people.” Not sure of the exact wording of the quote, but sentiments to that effect.

        Despite the Who’s resistance to accepting Hippie-dom on Hippie-dom’s own terms, Townshend and the others, for all their quite healthy pronouncements about music, the UK, America, and youth culture over the years, have never really challenged the Culture of Critique – the ulterior movement that facilitated the cultural shift of the 1960′s and 70′s which the Who were ultimately a part of and of which Woodstock signalled the turning of the tide of the Culture War in favor of the Frankfurt School. Like many of their generation and the generation to follow, the ex-members of the Who, while distrusting the 60′s youth culture on an implicit level even during its heyday and their participation in it, did not take their questioning further.

        They continued to gripe about the symptoms but failed to take little note of the unerlying disease. Roger Daltrey, for instance, once talked about moving out of the UK to Australia or the US during the early ’80s as Britain was not the kind of place he wanted to raise his kids, he ended up staying though. Pete Townshend recently complained about about the influx of Third World mainly Muslim migrants to the UK, but apparently doesn’t care to look any deeper at the causes of this state of affairs. Keith Moon, before his death, made no secret of his resentment for the migrant inflow from the Indian subcontinent that radically transformed the ethnic balance of his native London neighborhood of Wembley. He even saw a psychiatrist to cure what he beleived was a form of multiple-personality disorder, and confessed that he had personified his own darker impulses by giving them Indian names – “Mr. and Mrs. Singh.” Yet, apart from some inchoate drunken grousing similar to Eric Clapton’s “Enoch Powell” rant, Moon subdued his disquietude and just kept living the life of a dissapated rock star.

        So, while I like the Who’s music very much, on most matters of interest to people on this forum, they might have been a bit more “clued in” on a gut level than alot of their contemproraries, they were and are still ‘sheeple.’

        The Finsbury Park Mosque, one of the biggest and most radical Mosques in London, is located close to the Finsbury Park Astoria, later the Rainbow Theater, where the Who often played and where they debuted the album “Who’s Next” live in 1971. Messrs, Townshend and Daltrey may have also noted this particular irony but they’ve still not publicly identified the root causes from which it arises.

      18. Tom McReen Says:

        Hey I have a great idea!

        Let’s NOT talk about the jews duping the world with their holohoax story and let’s NOT, like, criticise the jews and the 1960s ever! Instead we can discuss at length the 1960′s and its awesome rock music!

        What is YOUR favourite Doors album?

        What’s YOUR favourite Jimbo Morrison hairstyle? (He’s, like, so kewl!)

        How excited did YOU get when Jim got his lizard king out?

        All contributions welcome, especially ones which harp on irrelevantly about ‘right-winger/Hannity’ and pointlessly bash Christianity! Bonus points for a Germanic username!

        When we’re done we can hail satan and pay tribute to the Manson Family! Just don’t mention the ‘caust, dudes!!!

        Hey, did you know the 60′s hippie movement was White? Some old lefty queen with a German name told me so!

        “Come on baby fight my liars….”

      19. Antagonistes Says:

        “Can’t we all just get along (and talk about the Bee Gees)?” —-Rodney King

      20. Mega Therion Says:


        You are a worthless troll, a JEW infiltrator who adds nothing. You are a kosher Nazi straight out of Hollywood central casting.

        Reinstate the BAN on this turd!

      21. Blackshirt Says:

        As usual, “McReen” has nothing productive to add to the conversation, just attacks on other posters. It’s easy to spot the REAL troll.

      22. Justin Huber Says:

        Tom McReen, you’re a great American! It sounds like you should attend one of Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concerts and sing along to “God Bless the USA”. Should be right up your alley.

      23. Mega Therion Says:

        “a great American”

        HA! Very good, Justin. That’s exactly “McReen’s” language. The Hannity.Limbaugh,”Savage”,Bill Cunningham school of idiocy. Clowns of all ‘em…

      24. Z.O.G. Says:

        Why is almost everyone posting in this thread a left-wing hippie burnout from the 60′s?


      25. Z.O.G. Says:

        There’s a lot of people here who are WAY too enamored of 1960′s hippy culture, as is evidenced by these posts.

      26. Tom McReen Says:

        “There’s a lot of people here who are WAY too enamored of 1960’s hippy culture, as is evidenced by these posts.”

        VERY knowledgeable too. Almost…rock journo knowledgeable, wouldn’t you say? ;)

      27. Antagonistes Says:

        I am not a left-wing hippie burnout.

        I hated Jim Morrison, in the late sixties.

        But I felt compelled to look into his life. I found a soulmate, of sorts.

        I found myself at the same place he ventured to, only I went another way.

        Jim Morrison is a Door to Aryan spirituality. He is a door, but he himself was unable to enter through that door.

        Jim was disgusted with Christian spirituality:

        “When I was back there in seminary school,
        Someone put forth the proposition that you could petition
        the Law-wood (“Lord”) with pray-ah (“prayer”)
        Petition the Law-wood with pray-ah!
        (contemptuously) Petition the Law-wood with pray-ah!

        Jim also suffered from some kind of affliction that he could not shake, which, according to one biographer, was childhood sexual abuse (I think so):

        “Can you picture what will be, so limitless and free,
        Desperately in need of some stranger’s hand,
        In a desperate land . . .

        Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain,
        Where all the children are insane . . . ”

        He also suffered from modern techo-lonliness:

        “Music is your only friend,
        Until the end . . .”

        Yes, he was screwed- up. But maybe that is the lot of high-IQ individuals in the modern age (Morrison’s IQ was around 170).
        He also had a thinly-disguised homo-erotic side. But maybe that is the lot of young men without a masculine role model (Morrison’s father was a Naval officer, rarely at home).

        One day his rage just spilled out.

        That is what all white people are going to experience, probably pretty soon.

        We need a new spirituality, an Aryan spirituality, to focus and direct that rage, and to ensure that the situation that brought it forth is not repeated.

      28. Mega Therion Says:

        McReen was last seen at the Charley Pride concert. Go on do-si-do with Curt and Zog at the cunt-try music fest. Wave that flag and shake the cross,you fuckin shit heels.

      29. Z.O.G. Says:

        VERY knowledgeable too. Almost…rock journo knowledgeable, wouldn’t you say? ;)


      30. Z.O.G. Says:

        Maybe Parsifal/Mega Therion/Zarathustra/Zoroastro is a writer for Rolling Stone? lol

      31. Z.O.G. Says:

        When we’re done we can hail satan and pay tribute to the Manson Family! Just don’t mention the ‘caust, dudes!!!

        “Bummer, dude. The Holocaust really sucked. Those Jews are so persecuted.”

      32. Z.O.G. Says:

        Hey, did you know the 60’s hippie movement was White? Some old lefty queen with a German name told me so!

        Did that faggot Parsifal really say that the hippy movement was created by White people?

      33. Mega Therion Says:


        If they really are individuals, then it’s clearly FOLIE A TROIS and you scummy trematodes need be stomped to a bloody end.


        Or better yet…Reinstate the ban

      34. Mega Therion Says:

        Tom…Limbaugh listening,Hannity watching GOP RETARD.
        Curt…a Randy Kraft type, probably HIV +
        ZOG…Abe Weinburg, Brandeis sophomore on here to cause trouble

        That’s the profile…

      35. Blackshirt Says:

        Excellent post, Antagonistes.

        Mega Therion said:

        “McReen was last seen at the Charley Pride concert. Go on do-si-do with Curt and Zog at the cunt-try music fest. Wave that flag and shake the cross,you fuckin shit heels.”

        I think we may have gotten McWeenie wrong, Mega. I noticed he mentioned in another thread “here in the UK…” We may be dealing with a Brit, a dickhead Brit, but a Brit none the less. Of course, we may not be dealing with a “Brit” at all, perhaps “he” is several rabbis in a internet cafe in Tel Aviv? But let’s just pretend he theoretically is who he claims to be- someone in the UK. What would you call someone like him in the UK? I think they have a name for his type in Britain- a Tory. A stuffy sort of Brit who has money, loves the Queen (the system) and hates all things “leftist”. What do you guys think?

      36. Mega Therion Says:

        Hmmm…A British guy with an Irish “name”. Lots of potential self loathing there.

        But the Tel Aviv angle is also very likely.

        I wish he was in the London Underground on 7/7/05.

      37. Mega Therion Says:

        ZOG listens to “Topol Sings the Standards”, then he puts on some Streisand for when Curt comes over with a vat of K-Y.

      38. Mega Therion Says:

        Parsifal, many a truths are said in jest, but the ZOG-Curt “affair” has a certain verisimilitude. ZOG would definitely “catch”, since his function on this site is to be concubine who parrots whatever Tom and Curt says. He reminds me of a Elmer Wayne Henley, while Curt and Tom play the Dean Corll role.

      39. Mega Therion Says:

        “Zog”, Schlomo and Sarah’s good little bubeleh, is just mensch trying to teach us Neo-Nazis a lesson. He’s got me fooled!

      40. Mega Therion Says:

        In all fairness to ZOG..

        My “final four” choices for a handle were
        (1) Eichmann Hunter
        (2) Moshe Dayan Jr
        (3) SPLC.com
        (4) Mega Therion

        I rolled the dice and # 4 was the selection. And…to ZOG,McReen and Curt….That’s SARCASM.

      41. Mega Therion Says:

        You’re correct. These idiots take everything literally, especially the “Good Book”…

      42. Z.O.G. Says:

        Wow, six posts in a row from “Mega Therion”. Maybe you should consider getting a life or something, huh?

        Oh, hey, I just figured out the connection between MT and Parsifal. They were arrested in a men’s bathroom together by an undercover cop. :-D

      43. Mega Therion Says:


        Don’t get into a battle of wits with me….you’re frighteiningly under armed. And my “6 posts” had rejoinders that were apparently erased.

      44. Z.O.G. Says:

        MT, did you forget to take your meds this week? You seem more psycho than usual.

      45. Z.O.G. Says:

        ZOG would definitely “catch”, since his function on this site is to be concubine who parrots whatever Tom and Curt says.

        This sounds more like the relationship that you and Parsifal have with each other. Stop projecting your homosexual WN fantasies onto me, please.

      46. Mega Therion Says:


        Your idiotic handle says it all. You are a laughing stock on this site. You are either a RETARD or a plant…fuck off shitball

      47. Z.O.G. Says:

        Nope, the laughing stock on this site is left-wing Marxist nut jobs like you and your buddy “Parsifal”.

        You’re confused. :-)

      48. Mega Therion Says:

        Go back to your Glenn Beck page,Zoggie…

        “Left Wing Marxist”…the language of a Bush-bot retard.

      49. Blackshirt Says:

        ““Left Wing Marxist”…the language of a Bush-bot retard.”

        Exactly. We definitely have a few Christian Conservative Fox News types hanging around this forum.

      50. Mega Therion Says:

        Clearly, Blackshirt and I are NOT GREAT AMERICANS! Excuse us for not being Hannitized, or card carrying members of the Savage Nation.

      51. Antagonistes Says:

        WHERE . . . IS. . . NEW AMERICA?

      52. Coup d'Etat Says:

        Brits on board! That would explain the half and half witted comments from the land of no free speech so they, Mega and the lot, have to make up half-witted comments in a hyperactive mode to make up for more meaningful conversations.

        So sorry, Mega, that you got left out from being a “GREAT AMERICAN.” LOL

      53. Justin Huber Says:

        In my opinion, the popular conservative movement, as exemplified by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity etc. is just as poisonous as anything that is found on the left. In fact, it might even be more dangerous. Obama rallies or Freedom Concerts, pick your poison white man. Either one will kill you.

      54. Igor Alexander Says:


      55. Igor Alexander Says:

        Regarding The Doors: I agree about Soft Parade being their weakest album with Morrison (the stuff they did without him was horrendous, and I don’t even like American Prayer that much). Touch Me sounds like elevator muzack, and Morrison sounds like he’s pissed out of his skull on that song. Wild Child and a couple of others are OK, though, as others have said.

        I love the LA Woman album. It’s a good example of the kind of magic that can happen when a band ditches the stale studio and records an album live. It was also their only album with a real bass player, AFAIK; on all the other albums, it was Manzarek playing a bass keyboard.

        Regarding Morrison’s obscenity trial, though, I have to say that these days I tend to side with the people who put him on trial more than with him. The people who put him on trial saw him for the threat he represented to a moral society and tried to stop him. Should we blame them for that?

        Today no one gives a shit about morality or public decency anymore.

        The way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised if 20 years from now parents take their kids to see faggots daisy-chaining each other down the street in pride parades.

        I would LOVE for some of these perverts to get their heads bashed in with nightsticks and to be put on trial for obscenity. As it stands, cops now side with the faggots against the rest of the population.

        Was this sad state of affairs what Jim Morrison and his ilk were fighting to bring about? Now that the hippies (and the jews that backed them) have won their revolution, are we really better off?

      56. Mega Therion Says:


        GO FUCK YOURSELF. You’re another troll,occasionally showing up here to start shit. Fuck you, you don’t deserve anything more than “half-wit” insults you scummy MORON…

        You didn’t even understand my post! Parsifal is correct..Satire and irony are beyond your GED grasp.

      57. Igor Alexander Says:

        “Jim was disgusted with Christian spirituality”

        The West was much better off under Christianity than it is today.

        A Europe that is full of atheists and neo-pagans who reject 1600 years of their history, who refuse to have children, and who think “gay marriage” is AOK is not going to resist Islamization.

      58. Mega Therion Says:

        Thanks Parsifal…the feeling is mutual. Good to see you back. It’s really something how the Hannity types on this board are basically now equal to a Morris Dees or Abe Foxman. Total fuckin obstacles.

      59. Igor Alexander Says:

        “Igor, it’s the height of hypocrisy that a place like Miami should put Jim Morrison on trial for obscenity.”

        OK then, so because others are breaking the law and getting away with it, that means it’s wrong to prosecute anyone. I think it’s obvious that Morrison was chosen to be made an example out of because he was a public figure.

        “As you doubtless know, Miami is full of strippers, wife-swappers, mud-sharks, promiscuous homos and dope smugglers.”

        I have no idea what Miami was like at the time he was put on trial. I’ll take your word for it.

        “The facts surrounding that Doors concert on the night of March 1, 1969 are unclear, but it seems that Morrison was drunk on stage and should have been fined for it. But nothing more than that.”

        The only thing which was unclear was whether Morrison actually showed his wang or not. Whether or not he actually showed it, he was certainly pretending that he did.

        Anyways, I don’t get this. Are you cool with people flashing their wangs in public?

      60. Igor Alexander Says:

        “1600 years of Christianity have taken their toll on the European race. Europe may never recover from it.”

        Europe was doing fine until the last century or two. If it’s Christrianity that killed Europe, it must’ve been some slow acting poison, and oddly, the death throes only came after it was removed.

        A society that has no religion is as good as dead.

      61. Igor Alexander Says:

        * Christianity

      62. Igor Alexander Says:

        “Jim also suffered from some kind of affliction that he could not shake, which, according to one biographer, was childhood sexual abuse (I think so)”

        I highly doubt that Morrison was diddled as a child, and I don’t see this suggested in the lyrics you quoted. He was just a typical army brat rebelling against authority is all.

        Highly intelligent boys who grow up in strict religious/authoritarian households often tend to go over the top when they start rebelling. Aleister Crowley is another example.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the people at VNN shitting on Christianity were raised in fundy households.

      63. Igor Alexander Says:

        “He also had a thinly-disguised homo-erotic side.”

        I’ve never heard of him sleeping with men, but he did seem somewhat vain, and vanity in a man tends to smack a bit of queerness.

      64. Blackshirt Says:

        “I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the people at VNN shitting on Christianity were raised in fundy households.”

        In my case I was raised in a mainstream Protestant church, although I had many friends who took me to fundamentalist church youth groups. When I look back on that period do I regret most of the things that were pushed on me? You bet. Even my “mainstream” Christian church tried to impress on me that sex outside of marriage was bad, I was to be ashamed of my body, and Rock ‘n’ Roll was the devil’s music. All these things were high priority to the Christians around me, but race meant nothing to them. I remember when the first race mixed couples showed up in the ’80s, my church welcomed them with “Christ’s love”. Fucking disgusting.

      65. Blackshirt Says:

        Parsifal, presumably the management is deleting your posts as soon or soon after you make them…

      66. Igor Alexander Says:

        Christianity definitely needs a few changes, that’s for sure. But I also think it served some social functions that were extremely important and I haven’t seen anything better pick up the baton.

        I don’t know if Christianity is really salvageable at this point, since no one in their right mind literally believes in it, but I don’t see any alternatives for the time being. It’s there, it’s everywhere, it’s part of our heritage, and even whites who reject it still hold a certain number of “Christian” values, even if they’re not fully aware of it. I always get a kick seeing “Satanists” standing up for the underdog; well, isn’t standing up for the underdog a Christian value?

        I think Christianity can be reformed to take out the self-destructive stuff and leave in the stuff that’s actually useful to our survival.

      67. Mega Therion Says:

        Parsifal is banned, while Curt Zog McWeen are allowed to spew their retardation all over the place.

        That’s WRONG. Offensively unjust. And very,very sad…

      68. Igor Alexander Says:

        I just got through a protracted argument with a Christian Zionist (though I suspect it may have been a kike posing as one to sucker gullible Christians).

        Anyways, I found that some of the most effective arguments were to accuse the jews of being Christ-killers and to mention that story about Jesus overturning the money changers’ tables.

        Christianity is like playdough; you can shape it into almost anything you want.

      69. Tom McReen Says:

        “Anyways, I found that some of the most effective arguments were to accuse the jews of being Christ-killers and to mention that story about Jesus overturning the money changers’ tables.”

        I’ve used similar arguments to challenge those brainwashed zionist idiots on MSM forums. Those dupes have no idea how much they have been manipulated, it’s pleasing to embarrass them with their lack of Biblical and political knowledge. They think the evangelical TV networks and Fox News are all they need to know. They’re quite sheltered, it doesn’t occur to them they are being played.

        “Christianity is like playdough; you can shape it into almost anything you want.”

        That’s unfortunately been true but you could say the same thing about anything else the jew touches. The fundamental problem is lack of real education about jews and their allies.

      70. Antagonistes Says:

        I was not “molested” as a child, but I was sexually abused (mostly by female teachers, one of whom would tell us ten year olds of her romances, run her hands down inside my shirt-front and unzip her dress to show us her bra and slip. I got so hot for her that one day I jumped on my bike, riding around, totally clueless, looking for her house!) .

        Anyway, Morrison, I believe was molested. I think I was drawn to him, almost against my will, because I subconsciously recognized a sexually-abused soul-mate, mostly because of emotions expressed as rebellion against the authority figures who abandoned him (and me) :


        I also was “desperately in need of some stranger’s hand, in a desperate land.”

        The more I looked into Morrison’s life, the more I became convinced of this, even before Davis’ book and interview.

        I will say this for Christianity: I did not go Morrison’s route of debauchery and promiscuity because of it. Now, being older, I realize that, whether I believe in Christianity or not, such behavior is ignoble, and has a terrible cost to my own soul.

      71. Blackshirt Says:

        But McReen, Jesus was a JEW. What about that, Tom? You mean you hate Jews, but worship a JEW? Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite? ;-)

      72. Tom McReen Says:

        Morrison from an army family, abused as a child…there are websites that investigate the military’s connections to satanic child abuse and programming. It’s difficult to know if there is something going on or if those people are paranoids. There are some documented facts:

        “The Temple of Set was established in 1975 by Lt. Colonel of the US Army Michael A. Aquino and certain members of the priesthood of the Church of Satan[1], who left because of administrative and philosophical disagreements with its founder, and, as Aquino said, because he was disgusted at the corruption within the Church of Satan.[1] The Temple of Set was incorporated in California that same year as a nonprofit church.”


      73. Blackshirt Says:

        Hey McWeenie, when are you going to answer my question? Doesn’t worshiping a Jew when you supposedly hate Jews seem a bit hypocritical? What’s a matter, can’t answer that?

      74. Antagonistes Says:

        OK, “McReen”, that is totally absurd, about the military molesting Jim Morrison. I did get a laugh out of it, however.

        Temple of Set, indeed!

        In the interview, Morrison did NOT, WOULD NOT say who molested him. He told his mother, and she shushed him.

        I think that goes a long way in explaining his hatred of women , and his using, or abusing, them.

        “McReen” indeed!

      75. Tom McReen Says:

        “OK, “McReen”, that is totally absurd, about the military molesting Jim Morrison. I did get a laugh out of it, however.”

        That’s not what I said.

        “Temple of Set, indeed!”

        What I specifically posted is documented fact. Trying to misconstrue what I posted to score cheap troll points makes you look bad.

        “In the interview, Morrison did NOT, WOULD NOT say who molested him. He told his mother, and she shushed him.”

        I don’t really care, just making conversation but as you’re another Parsitroll I’m no longer interested.

        “I think that goes a long way in explaining his hatred of women , and his using, or abusing, them.”

        Don’t care now. Shoosh.

        “McReen” indeed”

        ‘Antagonistes’ indeed!

        Obsessed with my name? Coming out of nowhere to flame me for no reason? ‘I’m laughing at you’ comments? I must say, you did a good impression of a genuine poster for a time but it now seems you’re a Parsifal groupie.

        “I was not “molested” as a child, but I was sexually abused (mostly by female teachers, one of whom would tell us ten year olds of her romances, run her hands down inside my shirt-front and unzip her dress to show us her bra and slip. I got so hot for her that one day I jumped on my bike, riding around, totally clueless, looking for her house!) .”

        Tall tale troll fantasy. Go back to weeping on your pillow listening to your dead singer soul mate.

      76. Blackshirt Says:

        Hey McReen, what about my question… you know, the one about you supposedly hating Jews but worshiping one (Jewsus)? Why can’t you answer that? Why are you avoiding the question, you HYPOCRITE?

        Should I answer it for you?

      77. Antagonistes Says:

        Sorry, Tom lad..

        I thought you were pulling my chain.

      78. Tom McReen Says:

        No problem then, Antagonistes. I apologise for my part.

        I’ve made the same mistake in the past. That’s the nature of the internet. Sometimes one doesn’t get the tone of an internet post or perhaps I didn’t make my post clear enough.

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