6 September, 2009

Always Erring on the Side of Blackness

Posted by Socrates in AmeriKwa, anti-White themes, General Decline, mulattoes, multiculturalism, Obama, race, racial preferences, Socrates at 1:48 pm | Permanent Link

Seen: another mention of Obama as a “Black” president. Why are mulattoes always called “Black” when they’re actually half-White? (A trick question).

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  7. 24 Responses to “Always Erring on the Side of Blackness”

    1. -jc Says:

      When dairy farming and explaining labor-intensive “dairy clipping” udders with a surgical clipper blade, I recall asking how much feces my astonished family member was willing to tolerate in her child’s milk.

      The federal government sets inspection standards for such things, including the amount of insect parts and rodent hair in flour.

      These days, we have a high percentage of Blacks and Jews relative to their representation in the general population. When I was in government school, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, starting in second grade, and continuing through university, I recall about every third teacher was a Jew.

    2. Heather Blue Says:

      There is no such thing as half white. One speck of black blood in your veins makes you black.

      What is the trick question?

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s the same story with mischlinge kids. They’re only half or part Jewish, but are always raised as full-fledged members of The Tribe. The Jews have no choice but to accept them, otherwise the Jew population would eventually sink far below replacement level. Additionally, the introduction of fresh Gentile genes into their population helps to prevent the Jews from inbreeding themselves into extinction.

    4. John Denton Says:

      Well if Obama looks black, which he undoubtedly does, then it’s fair to recognize him as black. He also identifies himself as black anyway.

      Tim, I disagree about your comment on mischlinge kids. A lot of Jews pass themselves off as a white, so when they intermarry a gentile they don’t make any overt effort to raise them as Jews. Thery’re just Jewy in the sense of the genes they inherit. Furthermore there is no evidence the Jewish population is threatened with extinction due to inbreeding. That’s pure baloney. Besides there are many other small countries and principalities in the world where the local population has bred amongst itself for ages without any negative effects of inbreeding. It is only a problem when the relatives are very close to each other. There is much debate over inbreeding. Nobody can accurate gauge how large the worldwide population is, but the general opinion on VNN is that it’s underestimated. You can’t just go by openly declared religious Jews.

    5. 2050 Says:

      Why are mulattoes always called “Black” when they’re actually half-White?

      Because White + Nigger = Nigger
      And the press knows it.

    6. -jc Says:

      A tip of the hat for the new-to-me term:

      Mischlinge (“mongrels” per the Encyclopedia Britannica)

      See article with good photos and footnotes here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mischling

      Mischling (“crossbreed” in German) was the German term used during the Third Reich to denote persons deemed to have partial Jewish ancestry.[1]

      The word has essentially the same origin as Mestee in English, mestizo in Spanish and métis in French, and literally means “mixed person.”

      Nuremberg laws

      As defined by the Nazi Nuremberg laws in 1935, a Jew was a person who had at least three Jewish grandparents, regardless of religious affiliation or self-identification. A person with two full Jewish (German: Volljuden) grandparents was also legally “Jewish” (so-called Geltungsjude, about in English: Jew by legal validity) if they met any of these conditions:

      * Practiced the Jewish religion
      * Were married to a Jew
      * Had a Jewish parent, even if illegitimate

      People who did not belong to these categorical conditions but had two Jewish grandparents were Mischling of the first degree. Someone with only one Jewish grandparent was Mischling of the second degree.[2] See Mischling Test…

    7. Brian Gareth Says:

      Obama: Icon for the sheeple, tool of the oligarchs. The teleprompter puppet isn’t white. That’s all you need to know.

    8. Coup d'Etat Says:

      How about this one:

      Mulattoes can easily claim Black because blackness carries more fringe benefits than being White which the jew, Cellar, has made a point of through his illegal law giving non-Whites more rights.

      If anyone is in doubt about how much White people have rights and why the Whites are paying the price, take notes and compare the following two articles. The headlines speak for themselves:



    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      John C., you’re obviously unaware of the large number of retards and sickly inbred types found in the Jewish community, esp. among the Orthodox Jews. They need fresh Goy blood infused into their Tribe, otherwise all they’ll have left are mongoloids and Tay-Sachs patients.

    10. John Denton Says:

      Tim McGreen: I don’t know what the numbers are, but I think Tay-Sachs only affects a relatively small number of Orthodox Jews. Remember we shouldn’t confuse inbreeding with breeding with another member of your race. Like I said in my initial comment, you could can find small communities around the world who have bred with each other for centuries (Iceland is an example) and the majority of the inhabitants don’t suffer from genetic disorders. Inbreeding is only a problem when it results from say a brother and sister mating, or a close cousin perhaps. Orthodox Jews for their part are maintaining Jewish heritage while their liberal assimilated kin are mating with white gentiles, the latter of whom are gradually outbreeding themselves out of existence as we can see for ourselves.

    11. Irma Grese Says:

      What was the method the Waffen-SS used to determine racial purity in it’s members?? Because when we take over we NEED to implement it throughout our society! For the last 233 years we’ve had varying strains of UNTERMENSCH running around within our borders, and that’s a LOT for the coming 4th Reich or Northwest Republic or whatever to CLEAN UP.

      What will an ALL WHITE North American continent look like??

    12. Angryyoungman Says:

      @ Tim McGreen

      The only problem is that a genetic Aryan raised in the Jewish mindset is a bigger threat than the sickly, mentally-unstable pure Ashkenazi. Joe six-pack and Sally soccer-mom will be much more susceptible to the lies of an Alicia Silverstone or a Kirk Douglas than an Abbie Hoffman or Susan Sontag.

      Gene-hijacking is the most horrible of all racist crimes!

    13. ein Says:

      “The only problem is that a genetic Aryan raised in the Jewish mindset is a bigger threat than the sickly, mentally-unstable pure Ashkenazi.” [Angryyoungman]

      Absolutely! The worst ones, in my opinion and after long thought, are always the semi-Jews, because they can infiltrate and pass among us and most people never know the difference. Who would ever guess about Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, and so many hundreds of others? No, many thousands! Scads of them.

      And furthermore, in my experience — just like mulattoes such as Obama , Jesse Jackson, Malcolm X, etc., — these mixed-breeds ALWAYS seem to identify with their MINORITY side. I don’t know why, but that’s invariably so. I’ve never known an exception.

      Yes there is such a thing as good-looking Jew — such as Joan Collins or Lauren Bacall when she was young. But those are the ones who don’t look Jewish! In fact, genetically speaking, they probably are hardly Jewish at all. But in their brains, they ARE. They think of themselves as Jews and they identify with other Jews.

      As for those pure Orthodox Ashkenazis, they are some of the most sickly, pasty-faced, shriveled, degenerated, malformed, repulsive specimens of “humanity” you could find anywhere. They are disgusting even to look at. I’ve even known Jews who find them disgusting and have said so.

      As for John Denton’s naive comment that — “A lot of Jews pass themselves off as a white, so when they intermarry a gentile they don’t make any overt effort to raise them as Jews. They’re just Jewy in the sense of the genes they inherit.” … I have to take issue with that. Even if they don’t raise their kids as Jews, in any formal sense, those kids end up thinking and acting as Jews. I was reading up just yesterday on whatever happened to Kathleen Turner. She’s a Missouri girl; her parents were Methodist missionaries in China; about as Christian as you can get. Then she came to New York to become an actress, associated with Jews, was passed around among Jewish lovers, married one of them, had a kid by him, then divorced him. Now, alone, she’s raising her daughter to be a Jew and says she even considers herself short of Jewish too! (She still doesn’t have a clue about Jews, btw. This is mostly what comes through between the lines.)

      And take as another good example Broderick Crawford: the son of a secular Jewish mother and Irish father, very gentile looking, he was raised largely in rural Ireland, never had any Jewish training whatsoever, never set foot in a synagogue. But now he’s “come home”. Today he strongly feels his Jewish identity and his solidarity with the Jewish people! So says his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker (another mischlinge raised outside of Judaism and basically ignorant of it by her own statement). They are sending their young child to a Jewish school, attend seders, celebrate Jewish holidays, etc.

      I could go on. Those are just several examples, but there are zillions of them. There may be the rare mishling (or mulatto) who identifies with his white side, but most of them are overwhelmingly partial to the “minority” side. They are lost to us. They are harmful to us.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      There are a lot of beautiful Israeli girls that you would never think were Hebresses, like the lovely supermodel Bar Raphaeli. A normal White man’s instinct would be to try and mate with them and have offspring, but what kind of offspring would you get? Would they be Aryan in appearance and thought or would they posess some kind of latent Semitic characteristics and mannerisms? You could conceivably wind up having a kid that looks like Abe Vigoda or Susan Sontag!

    15. Reck Says:

      His mother was jew, NOT WHITE!

    16. Bret Ludwig Says:

      We are all partially inbred, as Steve Sailer points out. Moreover some inbreeding is NECESSARY for Darwinian selection to work: evolution being “random” variation and NON-RANDOM survival. Once an inbred population is “straightened out” by a lot of selective dying-off you get a stable consistent population where brothers and sisters can produce consistent healthy children with only occasional genetic driftoffs. If they’re culled consistently this can go on forever. Else populated small islands would have died off in a few hundred years.

      One of the most successful people I know-a retired airline pilot who speaks five languages and is an accomplished classical musician-is the son of a woman and her grandfather. She did not know he was her biological grandfather when she had sex with him. They were big in the Unity School religion (based in Lees Summit, MO) which Alex may know of. He has fathered several children, and though two are very excellent, others have been in the nuthouse, prison or killed themselves.

      The problem is that today we don’t have the culling, the die-off.

      Dog and cat breeders breed a daughter and father or grandfather or mother and son all the time, on purpose, to bring out a trait. It’s a little bit experimental and if the pups are not what are wanted they cull them. Now the tenderhearts are aghast at that and some breeders have them fixed and sold as pets and these dogs are sometimes the ones we read about that went nuts and mauled a kid.

      The Hapsburgs would have been OK if they had shot hemophiliac infants at birth and sterilized or relegated to chastity the mothers.

      The Jews have preserved the most unfit and crazy of their own through their high cohesion and ultimately that’s one reason why we will triumph and they will fail, if we can get our people racially aware in time. And it looks like we might. As Pierce pointed out, the Jews always reach past their grasp, and that’s their failing we must exploit. I believe we have some cause for optimism.

    17. ein Says:

      “but what kind of offspring would you get? Would they be Aryan in appearance and thought or would they posess some kind of latent Semitic characteristics and mannerisms?”

      I once worked with a man of German Jewish descent, last name Frank, probably not a practicing Jew or at least a very liberal one … an obvious product of the German flirtation with miscecenation that went on in the 19th century. More German genes than Semitic, that is. He was tall, muscular, ruddy-faced, blondish hair, and you would never have taken him for a Jew if you didn’t know.

      However… one day his grown son came in to see him. That son was a typical Jew if there ever was one! He had J-E-W written all over his face.

      There’s no escaping it! If it’s there, eventually it comes out.

    18. John Denton Says:

      ein: That’s indeed how recessive genes can work. Although a half-Jewish person may look quite Ayran in many cases, sometimes their descendants can turn out with very Asiatic Jewish features, especially if their mate also has some quantum of Jewish blood.

    19. Marwinsing Says:

      Why are mulattoes always called “Black” when they’re actually half-White? (A trick question).

      Because y is a crooked letter and you can’t make it straight.

    20. Mr Jones Says:

      Half a piece of shit is still a piece of shit.

    21. Winston Says:

      In regards to the “mishclinge” debate above: Look at all the stupid “mamzer” celebs like Kate Hudson and Rob Schneider who shill for the Jews that call them bastards. Accepted or not, Jewish on the wrong side or not, like Hudson and Schneider, they put forth Jewish interests no matter what. (Maybe b/c not being completely Jewish, they mostly witness only mainstream pc Judeophilia and not the actual sickly ugliness of Jews.) Itz good for the Jews. Remember Schneider bashing Gibson? Stealing our genes helps cloak the true inbred ugliness of the Jews, which is why Hudson doesn’t have the trollish funhouse look of saying Bette Midler. Didn’t someone on here talk about jewish gene theft?

    22. Winston Says:

      Bar Rafaeli?!! She looks like a hook nosed blonde mongoloid! She has no eyes. Aryan my ass! And she has that miserable look. Why does everyone on here like her?

    23. Long Live The Confederacy!!! Says:

      Ever hear the saying “Once you go black you never come back”. Well that’s because us whites no longer want them. So basically what I’m getting at is whatever foolish white person in Obomber’s family tree slept with a nigger sealed his fate and those of future generations to be niggers.

    24. The Black Messiah Says:

      I have heard so much garbage from you all imbeciles with all of that white this & white that until it doesn’t make me nearly as sick anymore.
      The white race, as is what “crackers” these days want to be called are just “God’s sick evil albino children” Cave dwelling scum asses who are so cursed that all of you cock suckers age rapidly old before you are in your late 40’s. your skin wrinkles and sheds and most of you get some kind of skin cancer most of the time, so that is what you got to brag on and the only race that is cursed which is..
      guess who…..YOU ALL!

      No one cares what you all think anymore but eachother…you are all dying breeds..not by race…but as idiots with small brains who are only good at brainwashing eachother. So please hurry up & choke & die!

      Black men don’t love your women, they love us and hate you…it’s true!
      you show them your lack of intellect & your cowardly ways everyday! ain’t it about time we even up the score and screw every white woman we can find…after all you helped yourselves to all the slaves from Africa to America against their will.

      That’s why they call us African Americans
      ….stupid dumb cracker retard! pencil dick fags! you kinky weirdos! you wrote the book on violence and is the most hated race on earth…that is something to be proud of……just like an imbecile piece of white trash….but God bless you anyway…because you all need it more than all of us!

      So i’d rather be a monkey as you all like to call us, than a white man
      because even white scientists even determined from studies & research that monkeys are indeed smarter than the average white man of any age group. Besides you paled faced fuckers we all can’t deal with that no pigmented skin you all got!