3 September, 2009

De Mountins Be Needin’ More Darkies

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As if Blacks care about anything beyond what they can eat, drink, smoke or screw:


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  7. 14 Responses to “De Mountins Be Needin’ More Darkies”

    1. Justin Huber Says:

      Fortunately, I don’t think our government will have much luck in getting blacks to go to National Parks. In all my years of doing things outdoors I can’t recall seeing many negroes.

    2. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      As long as there is a paycheck, benefits, no real responsibility, and plenty of white campers to rape and murder in the night, you’ll get niggers out in droves.

    3. reactionary Says:

      The National Parks need more diversity like Custer needed another
      Indian. They are one of the few nigger-free places left in this country.

    4. Waldo Starr Says:

      I would be willing to bet these two ugly stereotypical cretins live in an all white area far removed from the diversity they wish to push onto white people.(Doesn’t he look like Unka Ben and she looks like Aunt Jemima?) Our national parks need more blacks visiting about as bad as Detroit needs another crack ho. I can see it now, boom boxes blasting out the latest “mah dik” rap song along with the rolling juke boxes bassin’ thought the still mountain air at all hours of the day and night. The wild life will head for the hills never to be seen again. Back at base camp all forms of garbage and baby diapers will be left for whitey to clean up. Then, like Detroit, the white people will stop coming and the parks will fall into disrepair. When darkies show up, civilization, as white people know it, ceases to exist. Better visit a park while you can, Pres. Obongo will be appointing a Nation Park Czar pretty soon with travel vouches for these hominoids.

    5. Justin Huber Says:

      Keep our parks white–er–I mean clean! Almost slipped up there.

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      Congoid’s who are For ever hating Whites complained about five or six years ago that the Grand Canyon Park was not friendly to These lovely African specie’s, because this Congoid couple could not find other Africoon’s to blab and blab with. The story went on to state that the Parks service should advertise for more Congoids etc.


    7. Irma Grese Says:

      HA!! Yeah right – niggers don’t like the forest! When’s the last time you seen a nigger out CAMPING?! Mountains, forests and lakes speak to the Aryan soul while the only thing that speaks to NIGGER “souls” is a GARBAGE DUMP!

    8. Leucocyte Says:

      The title of this CNN article should read: “Extra! Extra! Tiny isolated corner of wilderness discovered! Thousands of miles from civilization! White people live there unmolested by niggers! Obama administration begins busing in niggers on Monday!”

      The concept that A FUCKING DESERTED WILDERNESS is discriminatory to niggers shows how delusional these people are. “Da’ fo’rest be racist n’ shit!”

    9. Leucocyte Says:

      Niggers don’t belong in National Parks, they belong in zoos.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Niggers and Spics are dirty, urban-dwelling parasitic vermin. As such they cannot live self-sufficiently on farms or in rural areas like fully-evolved (White) humans can.

      Screw your divershitty and go back to Puerto Spicko, you brown mongrel bitch.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      “””The other goal “”” of Peterman’s conference is to increase diversity within the national parks’ work force in which minorities are vastly underrepresented.

      By midcentury, minorities are expected to become the majority in this country, but 5.5 percent of the current park system staffing is Hispanic, while 9 percent is black and 1.8 percent is Asian, according to the National Park Service. About 80 percent of the park service work force is white.

      In a report issued in May, the park service acknowledged it needs to make diversity in both its work force and its visitors a priority.

      “Although the nation’s demographics have been changing for years — Hispanics now outnumber African-Americans and together these two populations are nearly equal to non-Hispanic whites — the majority of American visitors to our national parks continue to be primarily white,” the report says.

      “The national parks most ardent supporters are visitors, and if visitation is not representative of the racial, ethnic, and generational diversity of America, crucial support could be lacking in the future.”

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      U.S. Office of Personnel Management Report: Blacks in the Federal Work Force
      More news stories on Racial Preferences in Hiring

      Adversity.net, July 23, 2007

      According to OPM’s FY 2006 report, all 23 independent federal agencies exceeded their racial quotas for hiring blacks by dozens or even hundreds of percent.

      This year the First Place prize in the federal quota competition again goes to Court Services and Offender Services (CSOS) for employing 808% more blacks than their affirmative action target (quota).

      And NASA again came in dead last by exceeding its black hiring quota by a mere 49%

      Each of the other 23 independent federal agencies exceeded their racial quotas for hiring blacks in FY 2006 by 62% to 503%.

      The five best independent agencies for overhing blacks in FY 2006 were CSOS (808%), U.S. GPO (503%), the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) at 409%, the EEOC (401%), and the Smithsonian Institution (338%).

      The five “worst” agencies for blacks still over shot their racial quotas by significant amounts: NASA (49%), the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) at 62%, NRC (68%), FDIC (97%), and the Securities and Exchange Commission at 113%. These percentages represent the amount by which the agency overhired blacks as compared to the availability of this group in the civilian work force.

      1.2—Federal Executive Departments:

      OPM’s FY 2006 report reveals that among the 18 federal executive departments, once again this year only the Department of the Interior failed to achieve its racial hiring goal (quota) for hiring blacks. Interior “under” hired blacks by -37%, i.e., they don’t “look like America” because they hired 37% fewer blacks than are available in the civilian labor force.

      All of the other 17 federal executive departments exceeded their racial quotas for hiring blacks by a minimum of +14% (Air Force) to an impressive +363% (Housing and Urban Development).

      The five “best” federal executive departments for overhing blacks were HUD (363%), the Dept. of Education (329%), the Dept. of State (231%), the Labor Dept. (176%), and the Veteran’s Administration (147%).

      Most of the bottom five “worst” independent agencies for overhiring blacks in FY 2006 still managed to exceed their quota by significant percentages. The exception is the Dept. of the Interior which once again missed their quota by -37%. However, the next “worst” agency for blacks, the Air Force, exceeded their quota for blacks by 14%, the Dept. of Agriculture by 15%, the Navy by 19%, and the U.S. Dept. of Transportation by 22%.

      [Editor’s Note: Readers are encouraged to visit the original source for this story, where there are several more charts, graphs, and exhaustive tables.]

      Original article

      (Posted on September 4, 2009)

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      1 — underdog wrote at 6:23 PM on September 4:
      “And NASA again came in dead last by exceeding its black hiring quota by a mere 49%”

      Where are all of these black rocket scientists coming from?
      2 — George wrote at 6:54 PM on September 4:
      This is why the federal goverment gives such poor service. It has become another welfare department except the welfare is a good paying job with security. White man pay your taxes but don’t come looking for a job, cracker! How long will we except this?
      3 — Anonymous wrote at 7:23 PM on September 4:
      Nasa came in last. So, eventually we will have to lower the standards, like they did in are military. Whenever I see surface pictures of Mars, or venus, or the ISS, I always say to myself “that’s the accomplishments of whites only.” Sure, asians would of eventually went through the industrial revolution and made it to space but Africans would of remained in Africa. Quotas are very dangerous because they put groups of people in situations that their people never had the intellect to create themselves. Very dangerous.
      4 — feller wrote at 8:05 PM on September 4:
      I’d like to see GAO or the Congressional Budget Office compare qualifications of whties who didn’t get these jobs with qualifications of blacks who succeeded to secure federal job and help agency overshoot “goal” of hiring more blacks. Wander around a federal agency a couple of hours before closing time. All the black employees have “disappeared”.
      5 — WR the elder wrote at 10:39 PM on September 4:
      That is why blacks always vote for Democrats, who always promise to expand the size of government. Because government has a monopoly over whatever it does it does not have to be efficient, so persists for years with large numbers of half competent and outright incompetent employees. In short, a perfect employment scenario for black people. Best yet, those government jobs are the only jobs left (aside from the very rare CEO positions) that still offer defined benefit pensions. So long after the blacks retire they’ll have a legally guaranteed right to mooch off the rest of us.

      6 — Anonymous wrote at 11:28 PM on September 4:
      This is bizarre wording to point out that whites are underrepresented at 17 out of 18 federal departments. There’s even more to ‘celebrate’ as the white population has an average age close to 40, while the black population averages closer to 20 years of age.
      7 — Connor wrote at 1:47 AM on September 5:
      Feller wrote:

      I’d like to see GAO or the Congressional Budget Office compare qualifications of whties who didn’t get these jobs with qualifications of blacks who succeeded to secure federal job and help agency overshoot “goal” of hiring more blacks. Wander around a federal agency a couple of hours before closing time. All the black employees have “disappeared”.

      I would so like to see that too.

      I managed to do a little snoopying after being turned down for some government jobs and in the few cases I was able to verify I was passed over for a woman or a minority. In each case the position called for a degree but they ignored mine and gave other experience as a degree equivalent so I can;t see where they could really say I wasn’t more qualified.
      8 — SKIP wrote at 1:51 AM on September 5:
      The U.S. Army is the same way, I suspect it has overhired blacks by 1000% or greater to include Jamaicans, Haitians, Ugandans, Nigerians and a myriad of other black African languages I have heard in Afghan and Iraq.
      9 — Kenelm Digby wrote at 3:21 AM on September 5:
      – Even ‘exceeding the quota level by 49%’ is seen as a poor outcome.
      If anyone doubts that AA is anything to do with ‘fairness’ and not the deliberate margiinilization of whites, then they are deluded.
      10 — Thomas Jackson wrote at 7:47 AM on September 5:
      Since 70% of Blacks are born out of wedlock into poverty, whites end up paying for their:

      Births at hospitals
      Health care as they grow up
      Head-start education bootstrapping
      Some birth control
      Lots of abortions
      Dental Care
      Welfare payments
      $150 Michael Jordan basketball shoes
      Wheels and spinners
      Government housing and section 8 payments
      Criminal trials
      Defense Lawyers
      Stays at state prisons at $40K a year per inmate

      And for those that don’t end up in the projects or prison…

      All these high-paying government jobs to ensure that they VOTE the right way.

      White Chump America has no idea how hard they are working to promote all this insanity!

    13. Fharm Grimbolt Says:

      Listen the fact of the matter is most negroes are highly superstitious and are afraid of spooks in the woods! Also they are paranoid that some hooded klans-men might pop out from behind that fir tree on the right!

      The bottom line is Whites and negroes are spiritually different.

      Nig-nogs like to cut up chickens in santeria ceremonies spurting blood every-where or pretend Allah was a coon while they are receiving welfare in the middle of some urban hell-hole whilst Aryan Man is at home in Sacred Nature, a place his ancestors would often-times consecrate to Pagan Gods like the Mighty Odin!

    14. CW-2 Says:

      Jews also do strange voodoo things to chickens