27 September, 2009

Hungarians Taking Action

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(Above: Jewish, communist leader Mathias Rakosi in the dark days of Hungary, circa 1950).

The Hungarians, better than anybody, know what the Jews do to a country. But with a little luck, this attitude of Jobbik’s will spread throughout Europe:


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  7. 17 Responses to “Hungarians Taking Action”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I thought the guy in that picture was Ed Asner.

    2. Vaultner Says:

      “the union has signed a cooperation agreement with the radical right wing Hungarian party “Jobbik” (Movement for better Hungary) which backs and operates the extremist paramilitary movement “Hungarian Guard”

      That sounds fantastic I wish we had law enforcement like that here.

      Yes the old jew in the pic does look like Ed Asner.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      No, not Ed Asner just another fat ugly repellant jew.

    4. 2050 Says:

      Maybe we’ll have to bomb Hungary next.

    5. Vaultner Says:

      I think Ed Asner was another fat ugly repugnant jew.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      Yes, what was Mary Tyler Moore thinking about.

    7. Lutjens Says:

      There will be some key assassinations in the Jobbik party coming to a theatre near you, ala Joerg Haider.

    8. Lutjens Says:

      “Yes, what was Mary Tyler Moore thinking about.”

      Money, fame, fortune. By way of the Jew. Here in this multicultural shithole called Amerika, that is the only way.

    9. Coup d'Etat Says:

      What really happened to Hungary during and after WWII:

      Hungary’s Fight for Freedom
      by the editors of Life Magazine, publication 1956

      …”When the Russians drove the Nazis out, the Hungarians expected retribution. They were unprepared for the violence of Soviet,” (Bolshevik jews were still in power) “vengeance.

      ‘”Rape is causing the greatest suffering to the Hungarian population,”‘ “the Swiss Legation in Budapest reported home in spring, 1945.” ‘”Violations are so general – from the age of 10 up to 70 years – that few women in Hungary escape,”‘ “Rape and looting were the crimes of individual Russians, tolerated by the Soviet command. Dismantling of industrial plants and deportation of Hungarians to Russia were crimes ordered by the Kremlin.” These were crimes in which the Germans were falsely accused of.

      “The calendar of revolution”

      “October 24. Ten thousand Soviet troops and tanks enter Budapest. They and police mow down demonstrators before the parliament. Fighting spreads all over the city. The Hungarian army gives the rebelling partriots arms. Communist Boss Erno Gero, who had called the Russians in, falls from power. The rebels demand that the Soviets get out.

      October 26. Fighting spreads to provinces.

      October 29. Russians refuse to leave until rebels lay down arms. The rebels refuse to lay down arms until Russians leave. Street fighting flares again. Then Russians break off fighting.

      October 30. Major Soviet units start to leave Budapest. Rebels find themselves in command of city. Hungarian air force announces it will bomb Soviet tanks unless they evacuate Budapest within 12 hours. Rebels attack Budapest security police headquarters and Communist party offices. Moscow says it will consider withdrawing troops from Hungary, Poland,” (Again, Germany was falsely accused of horrific crimes in Poland for which Bolshevik jews were responsible.) “and Romania after negotiations.

      October 31. Soviet tank units continue to withdraw from Budapest. Rebels are full of victorious joy. Democratic political groups emerge. …Other government members press Soviets to leave all of Hungary.

      November 1. Russians reinforce their troops in Hungary.” (Same sort of behavior seen when jews renig on leaving the Gaza.)

      “November 2. More Soviet divisions pour in. Soviet tank forces seal off Austrian border.

      November 4. The Soviets strike back. Hundreds of tanks thunder into Budapest. The Maleter mission has disappeared. Russians slaughter indiscriminately, shelling resistance pockets into submission and threatening to bomb Budapest unless rebels surrender.

      November 5. Rebel radio is able to broadcast only sporadically.

      November 6. Rebel radio spends farewell messages.

      November 7. Rebels attack Russians in Budapest. Soviet troops work from house to house. Last free radio goes off the air. Refugess stream into Austria.

      November 8-10. Hungarian Communists” (jews) “admit their organization is in chaos. Fires rage in Budapest. Soviets loot the city and attempt to starve out any rebel fighters left alive.

      November 11-15. Soviets conduct mass deportations of able-bodied Hungarians to Russian slave labor camps” (While the jews were crying about being enslaved in German camps, the jews in Russia were enslaving Hungarians, Polanders, and Romanians; most of Eastern Europe.)

      “November 16, 17. General strike continues. …food is withheld from Budapest until it ends.

      November 18. Ten thousand Hungarians are reported to have been deported to Russia.

      November 19-21. Only about 25% of the strikers have returned to work. Budapest, hit by bitter cold has only 1/7th the coal, 1/3rd the electricity it needs. Polio and jaundice are reported spreading.

      November 22. General Ivan A. Serov, the head of Soviet Union’s security police, is reported to have taken over in Budapest.

      November 23. Ex-Premier Nagy leaves the Yugoslav embassy under a Communist-issued safe conduct and disappears. He is believed kidnaped by the Soviets.

      November 24. Scattered fighting is continued in the provinces. Some Soviet soldiers defect. Others shoot at Hungarians fleeing into Austria.

      November 26. The number of refugess who have crossed into Austria approaches 80,000.

      November 28. Soviets press a nationwide roundup of patriots implicated in the revolt.” What do you think happened to those patriots?

      These are the things that are yet to occur in the U.S. They have already happened and they will happen eventually in the U.S. if the jews are not kicked out and organizations such as B’nia B’rith, ADL, JDL, JWC, SPLC are not dissolved. The jews are more of a threat to us with their lies, deceit, and manipulation than we are to them. With their control over the media, they can tell only one side of the issue that favors them. With their control over money, they can tell us how we should live. With their control over politics, they will kill us whether we rebel or not.

    10. ajiarcher Says:

      I remember watching what little of the revolt made it to our tv, with my mother and grandmother, they were both crying, I was only about 7 at the time and didn’t understand, they did, they were Hungarian.

    11. whodareswings Says:

      Bela Lugosi was chased out of Hungary in 1921. He was a vice minister of culture in the short lived Hungarian Soviet under Bela Kun. Kun was a turd infested picklesnoot whose real name was Bela Kohn. Lugosi claimed he an his sister went to Catholic schools which isn’t implausible as upperclass Hungarian Jews sometimes sent their children to parochial schools which were usually run by Catholics. 99.9% of Hungarians, however, weren’t into Judeo-Bolshevism so it probably safe to assume that Lugosi, who looked like a Jew, was one.
      Hungary is being prepared, along with Romania and Poland, for the return of the Jews. They’re buying up everything they can get their hands on as well as waging court battles for reparations and the return of property confiscated during the war and nationalized after it.
      Why are Jews buying up Hungary, Romania and Poland? Because
      they’ll be needing somewhere to go to escape the missiles and mayhem
      once they get their sneak attack on or proxy war with Iran.

      Shimon Peres crows about buying up Manhattan, Poland, Romania and Hungary here:

    12. Geist Sigma Maxbot Says:

      “Why are Jews buying up Hungary, Romania and Poland?”

      Slavic Eastern Europe has some of the few remaining pools of Whites left.

      This Jewish Vanguard is going to try bringing in anti-racism and immigrationism into Eastern Europe!

      Always the Jew attempts to subvert from within!

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Bela Lugosi” was just a stage name, like “Boris Karloff”. Those actors probably came from England or Canda, not Transylvania.

    14. Whodareswings Says:

      Correction.. The Hungarian Soviet Republic was declared on March 21, 1919.

      “…The Romanian Army reached Budapest on August 3. 1919. Kun and his ministers fled to Vienna., most never to return (among them Lazlo Moholy-Nagy, the Bauhaus genius and Bela Lugosi , under-Minister of Culture and future Dracula. ” – TimeOut Guide Budapest

      Born Be’la Ferenc Dezso Blasko on October 20, 1882, Lugos, Hungary (now Lugoj, Romania) . The youngest of four children. During WWI, volunteered and was commissioned as an infantry lieutenant. Wounded three times. Married Ilona Szmik (1917 – 1920) Arrived in New York City in December, 1920. Married Ilona von Montagh (? – ?) Became an American citizen 1931. Married Lillian Arch (1933 – 1951) Father of Bela Legosi Jr. (1938 – ?). Helped organize the Screen Actors Guild in the mid-30’s, joining as member number 28. Died of a heart attack August 16, 1956. Buried in his full Dracula costume, including a cape.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Dr. Who, you’ve done your homework. But in general one should be wary of celebrity bios as they are notoriously inaccurate and often made up from whole cloth.

    16. Whodareswings Says:

      How did he get from Vienna to the USA in one year? Probably with the help of some Judeo-Bolshevik rat line. I very much doubt that a true Hungarian would have been involved with Bela Kun’s government. Magyars aren’t Jews and don’t like Jews going all the way back to the Boyars (landed gentry) who used Jews as their regulators and tax collectors. I’m
      going to have to ask a Hungarian cineste what the deal was on this guy.
      There was a lot of revolutionary fervor in Hollywood between the wars and afterwards, Senator Joseph McCarthy notwithstanding. Most persons supoenaed by HUAC were, indeed, Communists and fellow travelers and more often than not immigrant Jewish ingrates.

    17. The Red Skull Says:

      I am For the Hungarians!They are a Proud and resourceful people.I look to Hungary to maybe be the first White country to throw off the yoke of International Jewry.They certainly are more Jew-wise than most Americans.They also did a good job helping Hitler in WWII.Go Hungary!May the Arrow Cross rise again to defend her people.