11 September, 2009

Ohio: More Black ‘Wilding’

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First in Akron, now in Cleveland. Black gang-assaults on Whites are becoming more common:


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  7. 45 Responses to “Ohio: More Black ‘Wilding’”

    1. Hoff Says:

      38.000 white women are raped and gang-raped by niggers – EVERY year in America, Zero black women are raped by white people.


    2. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      “They kill one of us we kill 10 of them”.
      …Every white country puts up with this slaughter of its own people at the hands of non-white sub humans.
      This is WAR against the white race! This cannot go on.
      ….when your people are being raped,robbed and murdered and you government does nothing what do you do? Who do you turn to?
      The white man has no government!
      …Our governments are guilty of murder of the white race. The JEWISH BEAST is guilty of murder of the white race. The niggers and every other non-white in our lands are guilty of murder and genocide of the white race. The police are guilty of murder of the white race. Self hating whites are guilty also.
      Who is going to help you white man? Who?
      ….nobody!!! ..thats who!
      Your on your own white man….you are hated!
      .. You are laughed at and slapped around like a crack whore everyday!
      “You are forced to eat shit”, while your women and children are murdered and raped
      ……………..you are not feared white man! Not at all!

      …You want to win white man?
      ….every time a nigger rapes one of our women ten nigger beast should have their heads removed.
      Every time the JEWISH BEAST puts anti white shit in the media, ten JEWS should have their heads removed.
      ..Some self hating white prick writes an anti white piece for the newspaper….ten self hating whites should have thier heads removed.
      You fight terror with even greater terror.
      You fight savages by being even more savage.
      .. You fight the JEW by killing it. remember this white man “The police are just another anti-white gang!”
      In the whole history of the world show me where the cops have helped any oppressed people in any revolution.
      They never do! ..never! …NEVER!
      ….If you do not send a very violent blunt message to your enemies you will always get fucked over and laughed at.
      Whites are losing badly because we don’t fight back.
      ..One day brave white man must act.


    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      If this kind of chimp attack took place 80 to 100 years ago, every White man and White boy in Ohio would’ve swarmed into Darkietown and lynched or shot every stinking NIGGER they could get their hands on. The nigger has lost its fear of the White Man and so naturally it has become bolder and more aggressive, just like any other wild animal would.

      Less than a century ago, northern industial cities like Cleveland, Buffalo and Detroit were centers of culture, commerce and industry. Great libraries, museums, symphony orchestras……………Allowing the nigger to immigrate to those cities from the 1910s-1950s was a fatal mistake. Then came the Great Society and finally globalization. It’s a paradox that the same Capitalist forces which made those cities great were also responsible for destroying them.

    4. Leucocyte Says:

      The police officer who saved the boy was named Officer Kwan… talk about life imitating art.

    5. ED! Says:

      .223, .308, 000 buck, 45, and 357— five cures for nigger mania! Wake me up when you are ready because I am now! Niggers are animals that learned to walk upright! Death to the nigger race and the Jews who push them on us! When the niggers take over no one is safe! May the blood of the niggers who rob, rape, beat, and murder us run like rivers in the gutters!

      This shit goes on each day in every Jew infected White Nation on earth!


    6. Shyl0ck Says:

      Congressman Jim Trafficant Exposes the ZOG

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      Christianity taught that the poor are blessed–simply because they are poor. Not because they chose to be artists, inventors, or entrepreneurs and got fulfillment out of it, but did not make much money. No, Christianity celebrates poverty for the sake of poverty, and promises these poor a state of blessedness.

      Christianity taught that the meek will inherit the earth. Not the humility that comes from strength, wisdom or martial arts ability, but meekness is celebrated for the sake of meekness, and Jesus promises these meek a great reward.

      These are just two examples, but my point is that Christianity, as Nietszche said, has changed the natural value scheme, calling weakness “strength”, and poverty “blessedness.”

      In the same way, Liberalism tells us that cowardice is “tolerance and understanding.” It tells us that not protesting one’s dispossession of what he loves is “broadmindedness and multicultural awareness.”

      What I am saying is that Christianity and Liberalism are connected like Siamese twins.

      They both use the mechanism of “transvaluation of all values” and are thus wrecking everything we hold dear. They both celebrate as exemplars those who, in previous times, would have been looked upon as wretches and cowards.

      Christianity, I believe, gave rise to Liberalism AND STILL FUELS IT.
      Not in the ancient sense of “going to Heaven” for being a coward and a wretch, but in the sense of getting the acclaim of others for being a coward and a wretch. And these others, who give the acclaim, do not hold an Aryan sense of valules, to be sure.

      THE GREAT ERAS OF THE WHITE RACE CAME FROM A SENSE OF OUR NATURAL ARYAN ETHICS. The un-natural Christian ethics were co-mingled, and have now taken prominence, producing the dry-rot of Liberalism, to the detriment of the White race.

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      I must also point out this parallel between Christianity and Liberalism:

      The INDIVIDUAL who is proud of his accomplishments, who has lived his life with courage and grace, is judged by Christians to be guilty of the worst sin of all: PRIDE.

      The GROUP who has pride in the accomplishments of its members, who have produced works of nobility and empowerment, is judged by Liberals to be guilty of the worst sin of all : WHITE RACISM.

    9. Irma Grese Says:

      It was an unprovoked chimp attack that put me in the hospital for a few days and lead to my racial awakening. Funny, I actually blamed MYSELF for it all at first. Can you imagine that? Amazing how extensive the brainwashing was.

      Before that event, I wanted to become a medical scientist, so as to find cures for diseases like cancer and aids. I still do.

      But now, it’s a DIFFERENT kind of cancer I intend to cure one day.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ms. Irma, you are apparently one of the very, very few White victims of chimp-on-human aggression who has learned the right things from her attack. Remember Reginald Denny, the truck driver who was attacked by a pack of feral niggers during the Rodney King riots? Or that White yuppie woman who was gang-raped in Central Park while jogging? Those fools never made the connection between race and crime. I hope you have made a full recovery from your ordeal. The Jew/liberal press, schools, politicians and churches are working overtime to destroy what’s left of the White race.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      The sickle cell, diabetes, high blood pressure and HIV are all Nature’s revenge on the cruel, violent nigger.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Amazing how extensive the brainwashing was.

      Edward Bernay, and his brethern did alot of brainwashing that worked better than they could have dreamed it would.

      Congoids IMO as race are in the highest percentage of any race for being hysterical and violent along with rarely owning up to what cime they have committed against US.

      The last 50 years of Forced race war on U.S. has left a trail of evidence a mile wide and they knew that day would come when Whites would be forced to awaken, so hence the open borders for a SAVAGE reinforcement invasion IMO

    13. Howdy Doody Says:


    14. Howdy Doody Says:


    15. Irma Grese Says:

      Thank you, Mr. McGreen! It happened over a year ago, actually, during my senior year in high school, and I have recovered nicely since then. I got suspended for “fighting” right along with the niggorilla in question, even though IT attacked ME. I wasn’t a racist or White Nationalist then, and I said NOTHING to provoke it’s attack! Since then my eyes have been opened wide to the danger of these WILD ANIMALS in our midst, and of the KIKES who sicced them on us. If I ever see that talking chimp again after the revolution comes, I’ll thank it sincerely for sparking my personal racial awakening!

      Then I’ll hang it slowly with piano wire from the nearest lightpole.

    16. CW-2 Says:

      Wise up people! All these attacks, and there are quite a few of them in the jewK too, are just a dress rehearsal for the post 2042 world. It is all part of the conditioning process to make White people more fearful, timid and less likely to venture outside of their shrinking neighborhoods.
      All these reverends and do-gooders preaching ‘love & tolerance’ will be the first to feel jew hatred when the jihadist muds are free to rampage as happened last week in Birmingham. Don’t expect any help from the ADL-trained cops. At a recent anti-globalisation protest in London these ‘guardians of the peace’ spent most of their time batoning women and disabled men.

      For the color of crime in Britain go to, http://www.iamanenglishman.com

    17. Johann Says:

      Good on ya’ Irma.

      You are a fine example of how Whites need to conduct themselves when faced with nigger agression.

      Situational awareness.

      Take no shit.

      Strike first.

      Fight back, fight to the end.


    18. Waldo Starr Says:

      We have no one to blame but ourselves for these black savages running amok among us. We were given the power to have dominion over all living things and we have dropped the ball. We have built a great civilization with great technological advancements but we have allowed low IQ savages to take our wealth and despoil our society. Nowhere on this earth, where these humanoids inhabit, is it safe to visit let alone living in. We have allowed these lesser beings to be treated like equals with horrendous consequences. We might as well take rattle snakes in our homes to live and hope they won’t bite us. Our schools are failing and our penal system is stretched beyond limits. In order for America to be a power house again we need to rid the garbage from our shores and that includes squat low from Mexico. Since when did citizenship in this once Great County depend of how little on would work for. We need a leader to emerge before it’s really too late.

    19. 2050 Says:

      In 1969, I was attacked by a group of 20+ young black men. It was in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, and wannabe Black Panthers were everywhere. Newly emboldened by Civil Rights, they roamed in large groups into white parts of town looking for white people to beat up.

      I was walking with a friend going home from school and saw the niggers coming from a side street. I was from California and didn’t know what was up. Feral niggers there too, but not the same grudge as southern niggers had. I said to my friend that there were niggers coming, but he was already running.

      They surrounded me, a tall one grabbed me from behind. Right there on a main street full of traffic, they took turns pounding me. Till one of the last ones was beating me and he said, “Say, I’s too big to be beating on this little white boy!”

      He announced again to the group, “I’s too big to be beating on this little white boy. We gots to find somebody his own size! Hey Monkey Man! Monkey man, I’s to big to beating on this little white boy. You his size! Here you come over here and beat on this white boy, cause you his size.”

      I still remember every word.

      A very short King Kong came and looked me straight in the eye. I remember thinking that this one straight up looked like a gorilla. He had bigger muscles than all the rest and he beat the shit out of me far worse than any of the ones who were ‘too big’. I begged for the bigger guys to take over the ass whipping.

      Then they were done and they left as quickly as they came. I ran home, shouting ‘nigger’, when I they were safely out of earshot. I know, what a wuss.

      It was the only time anyone besides my older brother kicked my ass.

      I think they’re much more savage in the beating they give now.

      It really saddens me to here of Irma’s ordeal. Though I am glad you have awakened and we have at least one young woman among our ranks.

    20. 2050 Says:

      A little synonym dyslexia there^^. Actually saddened to hear of her encounter with niggers.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      Irma has acquired more race-smarts at her young age than most other racially-conscious Whites, who don’t usually wise up until their Thirties.

      I guess if I ever find myself walking in a heavily niggerized neighborhood, I’ll have to bring along a pet snake or domesticated skunk. Niggers are REALLY scared of those two kinds of animals and will take off instantly if they see them.

    22. Howdy Doody Says:

      There are so many stories that will never been told of Violent acts done to Whites by Savages especially since 1965 when they became a protected specie.

      Know this the savages were assaulting White children in the late 50’s in NYC, I mean 6-7- and 8 years old walking home from school.

      Fast fists and feet were developed by White boy’s in the Jooyork city.

    23. Howdy Doody Says:

      Any who post’s on any White Web Site IMO is full of shit if they think any thing is funny about Africoon’s! It also tells me you are not White, or you Did not Grow up in a Savage NON White Coonmunity and attend a Jungle school.

    24. Howdy Doody Says:

      At different times of the year Africoons would form groups of 100 or hundreds and roam down a street stopping cars, and beating Whites senseless who were careless or stupid enough not see these creatures coming.

      Cops in NYC would do Nothing.

      Under that Denkins that was leading that filthy city I can’t believe ANY Whites were still in that Shit hole called NYC!

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      Africoons ARE funny. They dress and act like stupid clowns. They are scared of snakes and skunks. They can’t do math, can’t shoot straight and can’t swim. They are an evolutionary failure that is being kept artifically in exsitence by idiotic White compassion. Generally, they are passive and docile, except when it gets real hot outside or they see a fat White girl shaking her can or a basketball rolls in front of their big hoogly-boogly eyes. Then they gets all worked up.

    26. Ein Says:

      Not all Africans are afraid of snakes, apparently, although I suppose most are. A black woman I once worked with said she wasn’t fazed by snakes at all, they meant simply nothing to her. However she was utterly TERRIFIED of a little mouse or rat. Just the picture of one (in a newspaper) would terrify her. She couldn’t look.

      Another one had a bat fly in her open window one summer evening. She nearly had a heart attack! She had to take a few days off to recover from the shock. Just to tell about it had her gasping and hyperventilating and she had to sit down. According to her, it was the most terrifying experience of her life.

    27. Dave Logsdon Says:

      I’m gonna make a wild suggestion here so consider it before you dismiss it out of hand. One thing I believe that plays greatly into the hand of Black violence is the government giving them full reign in the jails. If you get into GP in most county jails you know you will be outnumbered at least four to one with blacks. Black culture doesn’t shun their violent criminals like white folk in fact many like it when whites get brutalized. Their animals are considered kind of unpolished heroes/celebrities and their crimes are overlooked when they get out. There’s not much of a down side to Black criminals that know they will be safe with their own kind if they get busted beating raping or robbing whites and praised in their own communities when they get out.

      As Tim said:
      “The nigger has lost its fear of the White Man and so naturally it has become bolder and more aggressive, just like any other wild animal would.”

      True statement, and this is the crux of the problem. Our only real key to starting to turn the tables. If you look at life in jail (where any white man is gonna spend some time if he fights back and wins against a black at least until he gets a good lawyer) beatings and rape are routine and whites don’t always stick up for one another because they are so greatly outnumbered. The corrections staff look the other way because they don’t want racial lawsuits, demotions caused by political crap from the black communities. One common tactic used against a new inexperienced white inmate is to come up from behind throw a blanket over his head and start beating him while multiple blacks hold him down and rape him. When it’s all over and they wake up from the beating you don’t have a clue who did it or how to fight back. Vile cowards aren’t they! Many of the victims end up with AIDS.

      If we want it to begin to change things we have to own up to assisting our own bad-asses and prevent weak young or old inmates in jail from being overwhelmed and getting attacked with no retribution. Even a proud strong man will learn to look out for just himself if that’s all you allow him to survive. We need to go behind the scenes and do some private pay back ( or at least make the thugs think so,) so blacks won’t be so happy about returning to jail or prison. I will give you three legal suggestions to do it you can think up your own for the rest.

      1. Get some contacts at all local jails. Visit and find some whites that can handle themselves and know the system preferable ones that don’t go around beating or raping whites. Let them know that if blacks beat down a weak white it will benefit them to know the name(s) of the leader of that beat down. Two or three guys could take turns visiting a few of these experienced whites once a month and get names when a gang attacks a white. Nobody needs to know your purpose, you could pretend to be a old friend checking up on an inmate. For those that help, put a little in the account for the inmates or help with a minor (legal) favor doing something outside for him. Keep the loyal whites on retainer so to speak. Even twenty bucks is a big deal when your in jail or prison. Once you have that info do some public records searches get some personal background on the scum. Look as some of the testimony of their trials there’s always something they wouldn’t want known.
      2. You could feed back some of that info to the white contacts- like where the thug lives his friend or family names so he knows he’s is not anonymous anymore.
      3. When its time for probation or parole if the system didn’t prosecute the bastard for the beating send an anonymous letter or make a call to remind the parole board of what he did to someone while he was locked up. Don’t make any threats just let him know somebody is keeping track and knows where he comes from and where his people live. Hell you could tell him the color and make of his car all from public records. In extreme cases when the white guy gets out you might send along that name to him (once again anonymously) if the law won’t help him at least give him the ability to know his attacker.

      Might cost 30 or 40 bucks a month three or four hours to do the visits and look into some records. Could make a real impact on that jail. Get 10 guys in each major city and you got some payback. When some of the white guys get out they just might feel there are some whites that still stick up for their race and act the same. Share that public service duty between four or five guys consider it a contribution to your race. Do it for maybe six months and then turn it over to a new group of pro whites with your sources so no one ever recognizes the faces of the visitors.

      Suggestions for improvements or alternative are welcome but the bottom line is if the scum don’t feel safe in jail anymore it’s a whole new ball game. It’s a start.

    28. Tim McGren Says:

      Good observations, Ein. But I forgot to add one more thing Blacks are afraid of…Ghosts! Seeing a floating white sheet would make their eyes pop out like golfballs. Maybe that’s why the Klan chose to wear white robes and pillowcases.

      Negroes are more excitable and therefore more susceptable to heart attacks and hyperventilation than regular people are. Imagine a little bat or scurrying rodent upsetting Mammy so much!

    29. Tim McGreen Says:

      The whole idea of prison is Asiatic, not Aryan, in nature. Prisons are hate-factories that make bad men worse. I think it would be far more just and humane to castrate the rapist and hang the murderer than to stuff them in a cage for years on end at taxpayers’ expense. That’s how it used to be done before Levantine ideas about crime, justice and punishment took over Western society.

      As far as protecting White inmates is concerned, isn’t that what the Aryan Brotherhood is supposed to do?

    30. Ian Says:

      Yes, the prison seems an asiatic concept. The Western tradition is execution or social redemption through work.

    31. Antagonistes Says:

      If, by “Asiatic” you mean “Semitic” I would agree with you.

      It was largely the efforts of the American Quakers who produced the soft, “redemptive” prisons we have today.

      And, as I said, this religious Quakerism metamorphed into Liberalism (as did most other sects of Christianity), which carries on the same work, without the doctrines of the trinity, redemption, original sin, etc.

    32. Dave Logsdon Says:

      As far as the Aryan Brotherhood is concerned once you get to prison you can get some backup but everybody goes to jail first just so you know. The baddest Aryan in the world would still have a hard time in most jails unless some other white man had the guts to back him up or warn him when the blacks were on the move. Nobody can keep their eyes open 27/7 for months at a time.

      You miss the point, Blacks got the attitude and are willing to attack, kill and rape whites outside of the jail or prison cell at the drop of a hat because they know they can handle the time if they get caught.

      It has become an educational respite for them. They got all the sex they want by brutalizing weak whites, they are protected in numbers from violence by whites and they learn how to be a better criminal for when they get out. Sure I think castration for rapists would put the fear into them, just give me a clue as to when you think you’re gonna get that law passed. When a white man goes to jail his family suffers when a black man for the most part goes to jail or prison it’s no hardship for 90 percent of them because they weren’t supporting anyone but themselves anyway if that. You are supporting his family with your taxes. If you really wanna change things you got to do something that affects the violent thugs they are their soldiers and enforcers.

    33. Ian Says:

      I think White attitudes to jail are changing. The stigma of prison is lessening, and it becomes part of social awareness. That is important if white prisoners are going to get support.
      Black society seems more to accept prison. Also convicts such as rapists are accepted by other blacks. White convicts do not accept white rapists etc..

    34. Tim McGreen Says:

      Dave is right, prison is just a place to “chill wit da homies” for the criminally-minded Negro. Yet they always have to run whenever they’re being chased by the po-lice. You’d think they’d just give up without a fight, but I guess they have to give the illusion that they are resisting the “White man’s” authority to the end. The reality is that Blacks have a slave mentality and enjoy being institutionalized. Less responsibility, more time for b-ball and pimpin’, yo. Dat’s what um talkin’ bout, no whut umsayin’?

      And Ian is right about the stigma of incarceration not being what it used to be. It’s almost a badge of honor in some cases, a test of willpower that shows you can survive whatever The Man throws at you. But the prison-industrial complex needs as many victims as it can devour in order to justify its bloated, bureaucratic existence. Throw a poor man in prison for some non-violent, bullshit offense and his fatherless son is guaranteed to become part of the NEXT generation of incarcerated offenders.

    35. Janet Says:

      I was very naïve about the muds until I moved to NY. I lived in an almost black neighborhood of Brooklyn, Flatbush Avenue for about 6 months. I was scared for my life every time I went to the train station for work.

      My uncle used to tell me if you look like a victim, you’ll be a victim. I was no stranger to carrying protection as I carried a .38 when I was growing up in the South. I carried a pair of spike brass knuckles when I lived in NY.

      After 6 months of living in that infested Congoid bullshit I moved to Bensonhurst where it was all white. What a difference.

      One night my husband and I went downtown Manhattan to see a show. On the way back while we were on the platform about a half a dozen Congoids started circling us. The ring leader was eyeing my wedding rings.

      My spouse walked over, took a beer bottle someone had left on the floor, busted in half, jagged edges all over and told the ring leader, you boys got a problem? They left. After that day, I was no longer afraid of those savages.

      Fast forward today, I’m always observant of my surrounding. Criminals can smell it if a woman alone is not paying attention or looks vulnerable. I play dirty when I fight. If someone Congoid tried to attack me he’d have a fight on his hands. I’d kick, scratch out eyes, pull hair, kick in the nuts, whatever it took.

      I carry protection and wouldn’t think twice of shooting some SOB or stabbing him. Better to be charged with assault than gang raped by a bunch of Congoids.

    36. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wow, what a story! But Jew York Shitty is no place for a decent White person like yourself. Actually, no city in this fucked-up country is safe for Whites anymore, not even the pussified ones like Portland and San Fag-sicko. Best to stay out in the country, in White places like northern New Hampshire and West Virgina. The Jews and libs are trying like hell to get the muds to move to those places, but what would the muds do there, perform honest work like being a farmer or managing a John Deere tractor showroom? Not bloody likely.

    37. Howdy Doody Says:

      The Jews and libs are trying like hell to get the muds to move to those places, but what would the muds do there, perform honest work like being a farmer or managing a John Deere tractor showroom? Not bloody likely.

      Actually the enemy aliens have Gotten non Whites to move to ALL White areas, by building a PRISON against 80% of the people will who live there, forever destroying a wonderful area.

    38. Janet Says:

      Tim, we moved out of NY a few months later. After we left the subway my late husband started to break down. He kept his courage while the Congoids were trying to do their thing.

      The straw that broke the camel’s back was when my 11 y/o cousin was gang whipped by 5 niggers. This is a cute red-haired blue eyed boy. They took his lunch pail and his lunch money which was about $2. He had on his private school uniform. When that happened my late husband said, that’s it! We’re moving out of this shithole, enough. We moved to California.

      I live in an all white area. The ONLY time I see Negroes is if I travel to LA, which is a rarety. In fact, locals in the beach town have a phrase NIP (niggers in Newport) if they spot one.

      The biggest problem California faces is the invasions of mestizos. They are an ugly site. The women with their sharpie eyebrows, ugh. I sometimes am aghast at the fat slobs with those low rider pants on. It’s absolutely disgusting. They are fucking oblivious to how obscene they look.

      I had thought of moving out of CA, but where would I go? Most of this nation has been invaded by the muds! They’re not chasing me out of my country. I’m not having it. This is MY country, I live here and I’ll be damned if I let these freaks take over my country.

      The Day of the Rope my friends. What a fantasy.

    39. Tim McGreen Says:

      Howdy, you’re right! We have a gulag system in this country that puts ugly, unsightly, toxic prisons in beautiful rural locations so that everyone can enjoy having violent niggers and wetbacks in their neighborhoods.

      And Janet, you’re right, too. Whites need to stop running away from the Black and Brown menace and confront it. Besides, there’s no where left to run to, anyway. This is our country, godammit, not theirs.

    40. Tim McGreen Says:

      Oh, yes, the Latrinas with their sharpie eyebrows. Exactly! And their big asses in those tight toreador pants, loudly chattering away in their tree-monkey language. They are proof that there IS such a thing as human de-evolution.

    41. Ein Says:

      “Oh, yes, the Latrinas with their sharpie eyebrows. Exactly! And their big asses in those tight toreador pants”

      That’s the picture! Yep, with the fat bulging out at the waist. But you forgot to mention the ubiquitous baby carriage, the string of little kids a year apart, and an infant in her arms, plus another one obviously on the way.

      (PS. Not sure what are “sharpie eyebrows”. No matter.)

    42. Ein Says:

      “I live in an all white area. The ONLY time I see Negroes is if I travel to LA”

      Sounds like an area soon to be targeted by the Obaministration for some serious de-whitening. Oh, oh! You’re vulnerable. You’re going to be a prime target. I’d be worried if I were you.

    43. Ein Says:

      Unless it happens to be a heavily Jewish area — in which case it’ll be exempted.

      I live in a heavily Jewish area. We don’t have those problems here.

    44. Janet Says:

      Ein – the Mestizos shave off their eyebrows and draw them in with either an eye pencil or sometimes a sharpie. It’s quite disgusting.

      The area I live has been predominately white for as long as I can remember. The landlords are very picky here. It’s mostly condos, homes or large apartment complexes like mine. Most landlords who own property here have owned it for a long time and have long term tenants like myself. If they even hear a Mexican accent, they do not return the calls. For some reason the Mexicans have not invaded this area, which is a good thing.

      This is my country and I’ll be damned if I let them chase me out of here. I’ve spent time and money and I like where I live.

      A lot of self-hating whites try to placate the darkies just to get along. I don’t. Case in point, my local Costco is full of gooks. God I don’t know who I loathe more, the gooks or the wetbacks.

      I’m at Costco last night buying some stuff. A gook in front of me is yakking on his phone and starts stroking the product on the cart (my stuff). I tapped him on the shoulder and said excuse me, don’t touch my stuff. I gave him that psycho bitch look as if I’d been off my meds for a week.

      He gave me that I don’t speak English shit. I wasn’t having it. I said once again, don’t ever touch a white person’s shit here ever. He got it. The clerk behind the counter bent her head down, worrying there would be a showdown.

      I refuse to cowtow or placate these fuckers. I’m sick of it Tim. I don’t go looking for a fight or a confrontation. In the past I would be little miss Nice Gal and step aside. No more.

      They also will block an entire aisle. No more of that shit. I will come right out and say, is this the parking lot? They move. One of my friends will no longer go with me to Costco. She’s always afraid she’s going to get a call that I’ve been thrown in jail. LOL.

    45. Tim McGreen Says:

      No, never go looking for a fight, Ms. Janet. Then you’ll get branded with a Hate Crime and sent to Sybil Brand with the She-Boons and Spicarinas…

      But I like that little Gook game of “I no speak Ingrish” you described. You really have those zipperheads all figured out! And the Spicarinas are indeed always waddling around with a dozen or so Spiclets hanging off of them like a tree-dwelling primate. I guess they’re just born pregnant.