15 September, 2009

Racist Babies? Not a Joke — An Actual Concern of the MSM

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by Christopher Donovan.

“Major newsmagazines like Time and Newsweek have descended into increasing irrelevance over the years, each one looking more like People magazine than a serious journal of the times. Shorter articles, more fluff.”


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  7. 18 Responses to “Racist Babies? Not a Joke — An Actual Concern of the MSM”

    1. Lutjens Says:

      Pictures of baby Hitlers too, way too funny. I would rather my kid wear that than that nigger shit kids wear today. Oh yeah, I was a racist baby too. I entered this world looking for a kike to fry :)

    2. Adam Says:

      From the article:

      In other words, talk of racist babies is “good for Whites.”

      Not necessarily.

      One may predict with complete confidence that what will ultimately result from this “new” discovery – actually common knowledge for some time now among child psychologists – is earlier and more aggressive interventions by the brainwashers to overcome this hard-wired racism.

      Within a few years, given continued progress in genetic engineering, we can also expect efforts to wipe this out at the genetic level via gene therapies. The fact that eliminating racism is thought to be such an unquestionably worthy goal by nearly everyone will make this effort all but inevitable. Needless to say, once a cure for racism is available, all good parents will want their children to receive such genetic modifications, for what kind of parent would want to perpetuate racism? Only a bad, unfit parent, one who should have their children taken away by the state, that’s what kind.

      Far from being “good for Whites”, this bit of scientific knowledge could well provide the justification and the means for their elimination at the genetic level.

    3. Vladimir Sikorski Says:

      The idea that as societies get more racially diverse, there is more stress and distrust. I can attest to this as my own city as progressed negatively in this direction since I was a kid. I would totally disagree with Putnam’s later assertion that as multiculturalism progresses to a later state it benefits the society as a whole:

      “In the long run, however, successful immigrant societies have overcome such fragmentation by creating new, cross-cutting forms of social solidarity and more encompassing identities. Illustrations of becoming comfortable with diversity are drawn from the US military, religious institutions, and earlier waves of American immigration.”

      What nonsense! Using the military or religious institutions as examples of ethnic tolerance. In the military you are forced to conform by the threat of punishment or are brainwashed. In a religious institution you are brainwashed also. Most religious groups here in my area are overwhelmingly ethnic such as Korean or Chinese churches. Sikh temples, Jewish Synagogues or Mosques.

      In a society that has been multiracial for at least two generations now (my city), I would say I see less mixing now than I did twenty five years ago. You don’t need a PhD to see that! My own theory is that as a society becomes more multiracial, you have some mixing at the beginning, but as the ethnic groups become more numerous and more confident about who they are, you see them solidifying into their own respective communities all making demands on the government which is all too anxious to please them with endless handouts of cash. You walk into a public place such as a school, you will see each group sitting amongst themselves. This is especially true with young people! They know who they feel comfortable with. Such racists! I love it!.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      I cancelled my subscription to Newsweek.

      I didn’t like that Jon Meacham guy, the editor, anyway. He claims to be this big Christian. Maybe he is. Maybe this is the Christian thing to do, to rebuke your own people for being “racists” when they are about eight months old.

      Meacham wrote a best-selling book about Andrew Jackson. Jackson would beat his ass.

    5. Hoff Says:

      Every single “paper” in the whole western world is owned by JEWS. Every single so called “journalist” in the whole western world is a JEW-Whore.

      The only reason every single so called “journalist” is hired by the JEWs is that they promotes the JEWs agenda. The day the “journalist” grows a brain he-she is fired, and the JEWs just take in another stupid self.hating goyim.

      Get the big picture! The more the JEWs post up a so called “politician” or a so called “journalist”, the bigger JEW.Whore this person is, in essence they are stupid and ignorant people that don’t know the first thing about JEWs.

      ” Bedford/St. Martins Publishing has decreed that white people should not even be pictured on the front cover of a textbook on Western Civilization.”


    6. Andrei Yustschinsky (Andrei's Ghost) Says:

      Armed teen male negro bucks attempt to kidnap, abduct Hammond White woman

      By Andrei Yustschinsky, [email protected], (219) 852-4311 | Posted: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 1:45 pm | (6) Comments

      Hammond, Indiana

      A Hammond White woman thwarted a would-be carjacking Monday night after armed negro teen males followed her into her garage, demanded she turn over her keys and purse and get into the trunk, authorities said.

      The 45-year-old White woman was on her way home at 7:15 p.m. when she was four teenaged negro bucks standing in the middle of the street in the 1000 block of 177th Place trying to flag her down, according to Hammond Lt. Richard Hoyda. The the woman did not stop and told police she was afraid she was going to hit the colored group.

      She drove past them and into her alley hoping to get into her garage with the four coal black bucks running after her car and yelling the negro term “motherfucken White hoe” at her, she told police.

      She got into her garage and tried to close the door, but two of the teens followed her. Hoyda said one of the coal-black bucks came to the driver’s side window, pointed a gun at her and told her to turn over her keys. Another negro teen came to the passenger side window and told her to give him her purse.

      The White woman told them they could have the car and her purse. The armed negro male teen asked how to operate the trunk then ordered her to get inside of it, Hoyda said.

      The White woman got out of the car and went to the back as though she were going to get into the trunk, but ran out of the garage trying to get help instead, he said.

      She ran to a neighbor’s house but did not get an answer at the door. She then tried to seek help on River Drive, where a resident heard her screams and came outside to investigate.

      When the resident came outside, she saw the negro teens leaving the victim’s garage in her car. The negro teens jumped out of the car and were joined by the two other negroes who initially tried to chase down the victim in her car. Two pointed weapons at the White women before the entire group fled, leaving the car behind.

      Hoyda said the White victim was right to flee from her would-be colored abductors.

      “Absolutely the smartest thing she could do was not to get in the trunk,” Hoyda said.

      Still, he cautioned others about what not to do if they get into a similar situation.

      “Unless you know for sure you can get into your house or car without any fear of being hurt, don’t do it,” Hoyda said. “Also, don’t stop your car unless you know who you are stopping it for. Drive to a public place where you know you can call police or drive to the police department.”

      Police “do not” have detailed descriptions of the four negro offenders who were described as very dark skinned with kinky -coconut-like black hair and all wearing FUBU designer jackets with their trousers half way down thus revealing their butt cracks. All of the negroes were said to be over 6’9″ in height, looking like basketball players.

      Hoyda said police have “stepped up” patrols in the area of 177th and River Drive, including in the Riverfront Park area in response to the incident, and are asking anyone who might have information about the crime to contact the department at (219) 853-6490

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from “on the spot & in a parking lot” near 177th & River Drive in Hammond, Indiana, 46324…..

    7. Hoff Says:

      “The International Jew –The World’s Foremost Problem”


    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Babies are hard-wired to look for their own kind, just like any other helpless newborn creature would. It’s called evolution and survival. But I’m sure the Liberals and Jews will find some way to explain away this phenomenon as somehow being the fault, as usual, of White heterosexual males and their evil racist, sexist, global-warming agenda.

    9. zoomcopter Says:

      “Antagonistes Says:

      15 September, 2009 at 7:07 pm

      I cancelled my subscription to Newsweek.”

      Good for you. I hope you told them exactly why you canceled.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Why did you get a subscription to that JEWSmagazine in the first place?

    11. CW-2 Says:

      For those rushing to cancel their subscriptions to jewsWeek magazine, may I suggest they invest in a subscription to The Barnes Review, only $46 pa. The latest issue of TBR has articles on how Hitler saved Europe. Essential reading.

    12. Vaultner Says:

      Well it should be good for Whites. That is to say if the liberal communist demigods that makes up our society by way of B.S. talk shows, feel good P.C. correct editorials & social demented programs applied the same brand of logic they did to the queers being born that way, & not being systemic of environment as I’m sure we all agree to be more the case.

      However the likelihood of this playing out in reality in the near future is unlikely. It may do well to sow the seeds of change.

      Barnes Review good looking magazine thanks CW-2, I’ve been missing National Vanguards publication for sometime now.

    13. Antagonistes Says:


      Absolutely I told them. Quite politely, too, but to the point.

      They were quite nice about it, and my refund is supposedly on the way.

      But, you know, “nice” people can do a great deal of harm!

    14. Dave Logsdon Says:

      Adam perhaps goes to far at least for the next decade in suggesting society will try to wipe out the tendency to seek or look for their own kind but I agree he’s dead-on in recognizing it is a rationalization / justification to argue that whites just can’t help forcing further steps. Once it becomes the established doctrine and society buys into it fully it will enable them to argue whites must be treated different than other races because of their inherent racist tendencies. “Separate but equal” remember that argument they rejected decades ago? They can impose economic, educational, and other restrictions for whites arguing it’s necessary to protect society from the whites now definitively proven unable genetically to conform to true equality and diversity norms. It is just another step to our enslavement. What I would like to argue is that our first steps to fighting back are inhibited by what I call the loyalty quandary. It must now start to be evident that we will be persecuted, killed or enslaved for our labor and abilities to serve an anti-white society. The powers that be will not ask our political affiliations, religious beliefs, or about our family tree. It reasonable to assume some whites will claim to have some portion of non-white ancestry to curry favor and mercy it won’t matter. Skin color, just skin color will place you as an ally or enimme.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      One thing that pisses me off is when advertisers or professional baby photographers only use pictures of White babies with big, blue eyes, as if brown or hazel eyes in a White baby isn’t attractive. Assholes.

    16. Vaultner Says:

      The amazing thing is that they rarely show a little monkey kid with the afro, except to make a statement. That works for free charity & guilt but not if your trying to sell stuff. There is hope.

    17. The Red Skull Says:

      How much longer before the state takes away little White Babies from their parents,turning them over to “Tolerance Centers” where baby can have his/her evil White racism expunged through constant indoctrination,commie “education”,and learn to hate themselves properly?WHAT?!?!The public schools are now taking on this role covertly?!?OH,never mind.

    18. Vaultner Says:


      Commie Obama trying to raise a modern Communist youth ‘Red Guard’ in the Public Schools
      The signs with the White hand shaking the Black hand is an old JEW Communist Internationale emblem. Obama is a Communist dog and a full-fledged Marxist. He is trying to copy the late butcher Chairman Mao’s ‘Red Guard’ youth of Communist China by getting into the Public schools of the United States.

      Dr. James P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

      Indoctrination Of ‘Obama Youth’ In Schools Accelerates.

      President’s speech is only one component of brainwashing activities that have been ongoing for the last year.

      Paul Joseph Watson
      Despite efforts to portray last week’s event as merely the President giving a speech to students, the full scope of what some education experts are decrying as part of an indoctrination program represents an advancement of the creepy, Orwellian, cult of personality- style worship of Obama and servitude to government being pushed in schools throughout America.

      Obama Youth: Homeland Security Wants To Recruit Girl Scouts

      Two part video:
      The Obama Youth Corps/ The Wave

      They’re working on it likely they’ll leave it to their current indoctrinees to raise the truly brainwashed.