23 September, 2009

The Forgotten Conservative

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VNN hasn’t forgotten Revilo Oliver (although granted, there is less focus on him here on the front page than on Pierce, mainly for stylistic reasons):


(Also, re: Oliver and the John Birch Society: read about “The Neutralizers” by Birch Society founder Welch in which he says that anti-Semitism is merely a diversion from anti-Communism. Hah-hah. Funny stuff in light of historical fact).

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    1. Adam Says:

      From the article:

      Oliver and the John Birch Society came to a final parting in July 1966, after a speech by Oliver, “Conspiracy or Degeneracy?” which he delivered at the New England rally for God, Family, and Country. In this talk, Oliver asked whether the failure adequately to confront Western decline stemmed more from biological degeneracy or conspiracies that aim at our destruction. Suggesting that the former was more likely, he asked his audience to imagine that the Jews, a group he held in the forefront of the anti-Western conspiracy, “were vaporized at dawn tomorrow.” Would not the problems that had led to the present crisis, Oliver thought, soon recur?

      The complete speech is available here:


      It’s a pity that Oliver never considered other causes of Western decline than biological degeneration or conspiracy. He gets tantalizingly close to understanding what the problem is, but never quite arrives. At around minute 16, the quoted passage occurs, and by minute 18, he is pining for a return to the golden age of the white man’s technology, which he places at the beginning of the twentieth century. Dr. MacDonald gets closer, admitting that “modernity”, i.e., the growth of the global technological system since around that time, has played a role in the West’s decline, although he weights the Jews a more important cause. Why, he does not say. By contrast, the technophilic Dr. Pierce, as far as I remember, never in any of his addresses attributes the West’s decline to anything but the action of Jews. Dr. Oliver here derides that view as inadequate to explain the rise and fall of civilizations generally.

      Ultimately, Oliver pessimistically concludes that the main problem may be that whites may have lost the will to live. The talk makes references to racial differences genetics – a topic that was just beginning to be understood at the time of his address – but is surprisingly egalitarian for a so-called racist. He says that “evil” is found among all races, and if he understood that such things as the intense raciality of Jews, as opposed to whites, has a genetic basis and may well be basis of their ascendancy over whites during this period, he doesn’t even hint as much. Like Drs. Pierce and MacDonald, he is basically a technophile, and shares their naïve faith in “progress”, although in the part of this speech where he offers a nightmare vision of a possible future based on the work of a Jew named Seidenberg, he also seems to realize that human devolution as an outcome of the growth of the technological system is a real possibility. Absent from any of these men’s thoughts is the idea of technological necessity found in Ellul. Inexplicably for men of such scientific casts of mind, they seem to think that human will is absolutely free, and that a given stage of technological development implies nothing about what will follow. But this is quite obviously wrong. The insatiable desire for MORE drives the technological system’s expansion. It would therefore be impossible, as Dr. Oliver indicates would be optimum, to simply arrest technological development at the level of 1909 or so. On the contrary, it was about that time that the white man’s quest for resources to feed his wonderful invention of technology brought him fully into contact (and into conflict) with the rest of the races of the world. For reasons of history, culture, and genetics, he was unwilling to simply exterminate those other races, and from that moment on, his fate was sealed. In a familiar pattern, repeated endlessly throughout history all over the world, the establishment of economic relationships with subject peoples led to the granting to them of political rights, which has led to social and finally genetic mixing with them. In a sublime irony, the white man’s will to live, as embodied in the expansion of the technological system, has brought him face to face with his own racial extinction.

    2. Jan L Says:

      Oliver was one of the greatest thinkers and writers ever, but the writer of this article, Nesta Bevan, is not particularly bright. He don’t seem to have understand much of what Oliver tried to say.

      This, for instance, is pure stupidity: “The notion that his own opinions were merely that—opinions—rather than the expression of a primordial racial consciousness seems not to have occurred to him.”

    3. Stronza Says:

      I haven’t listened to the speech yet.

      You don’t necessarily need subject peoples getting all kinds of rights, which would lead to subsequent race-mixing. Multicult or monoethnic, it seems to me that the situation is more a case of technology producing easier lifestyles; this promotes pathological laziness; and then just about everyone (except those who can see what’s happening & take the trouble to live correctly) gets degenerate & debased – and it all comes apart at the seams.

      Some time later, a few hardy souls decide that this is all very bad and lead a revolution towards health, wholeness and decency once again. Takes a long time, though.

      While this is an omelet impossible to unscramble because of so many factors all intertwining and building one upon the other, still I’d say that maybe this depraved human condition can happen to all races & ethnic groups. Which is indeed occurring everywhere; in our case it’s just faster and more obvious.

    4. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      I read Oliver’s “The Origin of Christianity”.
      It’s a good read, but perhaps a little dry for 21st century propaganda purposes.

    5. Maynard Says:

      I know that this is off topic but today is my birthday and I want to say some things to “old dutch”( poster on this blog)! First of all my Father is Russian and Polish and my Mother is Sicilian! I am a white separatist! I was raised Roman Catholic in northwest Ohio. I grew up with southern “carpetbaggers” and “Hillbillies”! One of the carpetbaggers (could have been a hillbillies but I was 5) raped me as a 5 year old child. They came up here and stole our jobs and treated us like shit! The Hillbillies idea of a “GOOD TIME” was to get drunk and kick the shit out of people, especially the one’ who called them “Hillbillies!

      You can say what you want, but I am a WHITE MAN and I want to see our race survive. Being from an Italian family, I had my Mom and my Dad and my brothers and sisters and my cousins, uncles, aunts, second cousins etc., etc., etc. On my Dad’s side, my grandfather escaped the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia! He came to America! My Polish grandma escaped as well.

      Old Dutch: You can call me a Dago and the Catholics (I am now an Agnostic) names and I can call you a “Hillbilly”. When are we going to come together as the white race?
      PPS We must fight the tyranny in our land! Alexander S. (can’t spell his last name) said: “It the people would have resisted. Taking up shovels or axes (guns where taken away) maybe the “jack boots” would have lost their taste for genocide !

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Dr. Oliver had a great intellect, but a GREATER intellect would’ve found a way to make his arguments more succinct and understandable to a wider audience while using an economy of words, a la Thomas Paine.

    7. Angryyoungman Says:

      @ Tim McGreen

      You are right about the greatest philosophers reaching to the common man. But let’s not kid ourselves, if we ever take power there MUST be a ruthless Meritocracy. The average white person, even the highly intelligent, will only look 20 years into the future, and for their own families benefit.

      I admit that I am not fully literate when it comes to the Greek Classics, or Roman. Compared to Joe six-pack, I wouls be brilliant since I would recognize the names of those great teachers.

      It would be folly, though, not to wish that our sons would be fully versed in such tradition. Since North American Whites are Euro-mutts, a solid education in the various European philosophies and traditions would be highly desirable.

    8. Angryyoungman Says:

      Excuse me, “would be brilliant since…”

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      I agree with you, sir, a Meritocracy is what will be needed in any future White Aryan State. No more “lucky sperm club”, where undeserving idiots and ne’er-do-wells with names like Kennedy, Gore, Bush and Hilton get special treatment and privileges simply because of the family they were born into. And no more inherited wealth, either. If you die rich, your money goes to the State, not to your spoiled brat offspring. Let them make their own fortunes through their own efforts. No one would get any special treatment unless they’ve PERSONALLY earned it.

    10. Stronza Says:

      Why would anyone try to attain wealth if they knew the government would just steal it from them when they die? Just because you inherit a pile of $ doesn’t automatically mean you are going to throw it around on high living. Nothing wrong with being rich, either.

      In any case, I’d rather see lazy heirs wasting their money than see it go to the State.

    11. keebler Says:

      Mister Oliver was too enlightened and too smart to be a conservative. Oliver was a free thinker. Backward people like Limbaugh who bend their knee for Jews are conservatives. Rush couldn’t shine Revilo’s shoes.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Why would anyone try to attain wealth if they knew the government would just steal it from them when they die? Just because you inherit a pile of $ doesn’t automatically mean you are going to throw it around on high living. Nothing wrong with being rich, either.

      In any case, I’d rather see lazy heirs wasting their money than see it go to the State.”


      I disagree. In an ideal White Aryan Republic, there would be no spoiled, neurotic cunts like Paris Hilton living a life of wretched excess on some dead relative’s dime while millions of other Whites struggle to survive. Also in such a society, the fortunes of dead zillionaires could not be put into any so-called non-profit foundations, either, where they are safe from the taxman and are always used to fund all kinds of liberal, anti-Whitel organizations and causes.

      We have to stop idolizing the rich as if they were somehow better than everyone else. And if they will not voluntarily give something back to the system that made it possible for them to be rich in the first place, then it will be taken away from them. The rich are swine, anyway. Their only loyalty is to their money and to their class, they couldn’t give two shits about the plight of their less fortunate fellow Whites.

    13. Ein Says:

      “We have to stop idolizing the rich as if they were somehow better than everyone else. And if they will not voluntarily give something back to the system that made it possible for them to be rich in the first place, then it will be taken away from them.”

      You do have a good point there, especially about foundations that posthumously seem always to be taken over by extreme left-wing groups, even if it’s going completely against the benefactor’s wishes (eg. Henry Ford).

      But if they were to give it all away within their lifetimes, as apparently Bill Gates has announced he wishes to do, just look at the list of non-white causes he is giving money to! Never a dime to whites or white countries. Soros, Buffett, and so many others too.

      Ultimately, I don’t know that it matters very much whether they give it away now, or if somebody else gives it away for them later.

      It’s highly “fashionable” and rewarding to give money to leftist, anti-white causes and be applauded as a great philanthropist . But anyone wishing to be remembered as a ‘humanitarian” would never give it to whites and risk being labeled a racist.