23 September, 2009

The New World Order

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“Today let’s talk about the New World Order. We’ve talked about it
before, and we’ll be talking a lot more about it in the future. I always used to feel a little funny about using that term. It sounds like the sort of terminology right-wing cranks use. And I think many people don’t believe it’s real. They think it’s a concept invented by right-wing cranks who are paranoid about the United Nations. Even when I was being interviewed by the Voice of Iran last week, and I mentioned the New World Order, the interviewer in Teheran asked me what that is, as if it were something he had never heard of before.

Well, during the past few days it has become much easier to talk about the New World Order without having to worry about being considered a right-wing crank. That’s because the whole Clinton gang has begun talking openly about it. Which is to say, the whole New World Order gang has come out of the closet.”


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  7. 10 Responses to “The New World Order”

    1. old dutch Says:

      You can keep up with the diverse and multi-cultural activities of the Jew & Roman Catholic a$$holes at the g-20 as they play both sides against White Americans here: http://www.post-gazette.com/

    2. New America Says:

      I would like to discuss an issue this thread seems to frame rather nicely.

      I think the collapse of the National Alliance – Pierce’s organization – pretty much collapsed nascent White Nationalism, and in that, we e the seeds of opportunity.

      Historically, what has self-identified as “White Nationalism” has pretty much operated within the bounds of parody – as if the choices they made were false choices, leading to ineffectiveness and impotence as people who were so socially inept you would not want to be in a room with them made all manner of claims, all backed by stunning ineptitude.

      If these people, for the most part, were not agents provocateurs, they may as well have been the unwitting – literally! – handmaidens and sock puppets of those who were.

      What is to be done?

      Two ways forward seem all but obvious, and they complement one another quite well.

      One, VNN remains the preeminent analytical site for discussing what stops Whites from organizing at any level, in any effective manner, whatsoever, and that is Judaism.


      Only VNN actually shows, daily, in examples from the news, how the cancer operates, shows what the cancer looks like, shows how the cancer subverts and destroys all that it touches.

      VNN is what Pierce’s dreams of a White information medium would be – at least, VNN is the intellectual backbone of such efforts.

      Yet, to what end?

      Pierce wrote and spoke of “White Zion(s),” a series of White Archipelagoes that would develop in the sea of mud, and would unite and form a larger entity.

      Pierce was maddeningly vague on how this would take place, and I suppose it was the teacher in him offering the students to chance to prove him right, first at the conceptual level, and then at ever more complex levels of organization.

      Pierce had the right Idea, but not enough time to carry it forward.

      The ultimate, concrete example of what Pierce’s White Zions would lead is seen in Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic, a White Homeland that has exactly ONE Prime Directive:

      Defend The White Race!

      Everything else is a footnote.

      Covingtons’ Northwest Republic Analytical Model has been critiqued, but never constructively criticized, must less countered.


      Because we have always thought too small, and rarely did we think in concrete terms of how to get from where we are, to where we truly want to be.

      The bridge must be a series of very flexible organizations, anchored more in the Ideal of White Nationalism than any single point o contact, or any single direction, other than doing better, much damn better, than we have, for our families, and our Race.

      Rounder made a much stringer point than many realized wen he said, “If people actually SEE White Men, organized and marching down the street, people WILL join us.”

      The exact nature of such political organizations is a topic for another time – “Hugh,” on the VNn/F thread “A World View,” had many useful ideas.

      Linder made the best constructive, and quite complementary, criticism of “Hugh’s ideas.

      Linder said, in effect, that we must approach this with the mindset of disciplined revolutionaries.

      As we are the one Racial group everyone can discriminate against, and, as Harold Covington said, “The entire System is aimed at stopping what it is we are trying to do,” it behooves us to not merely study the evergreen words of Dr. Pierce, but to develop a way of Doing Better.

      No greater honor could be paid to our great Teacher.

      No greater Duty is owed our Posterity.

      VNN’s Curt O’Brian:
      You DO know the goal is to have white men hunted and destroyed while giving blond white women away as trophies?

    3. Adam Says:

      As we saw below with the Lisbon Treaty, we can see again from Dr. Pierce’s words here, the New World Order is being assembled in the same way that criminal gangs are assembled. It’s a protection racket. A nation either resists joining the gang at the cost of being attacked and overthrown, or joins and pays “protection money” in the form of letting the NWO dictate its internal policies. Either way, it loses its independence. Serbia resisted joining the gang, and so it was smashed and forced to join. Ireland is now being threatened with the same fate, although the threats here are economic, not military (at least, not yet). The strong are gobbling up the weak, just as always. It’s survival of the fittest, and the global technological system would appear to have decreed that the era of the nation-state is over.

    4. New America Says:

      Some further thoughts re: Dr. Pierce’s Commentary:

      We can all see this “New World Order,” which looks remarkably like Communism, with effective mass control systems – in short, another front for the goddamn Jews and their incessant war against Mankind.

      But the question of WHAT TO DO about it seems unanswered, for one reason:

      We have always defined our Goals in terms that are far less than what WE are, and what we could, and damn well SHOULD, Become.

      This is where Harold Covington just wins first prize, now and forever.

      Covington’s Answer – in part, the Northwest Republic as a White Homeland – answers the question that is never really answered – or at least, adequately answered.


      Do we simply do what all too many of our kinsfolk do, drink beer, take prescription tranquilizers, and watch goodamn niggerball on ESPN – and wonder why our women decide to watch the same “sports,” look at whom we seem to be admiring, and say to themselves, “Damn! I might try some of that myself”?

      We have always set our sights too damn low.

      No magic is coming to our aid – no Sky God Pierce, no Sky God Rockwell, no Sky God Uncle Adolph.

      And, all the Jews have to do to succeed is stop us from taking the First Step towards effectiveness.

      And what is that First Step?


      Replace what can never work, with what is the only thing that CAN work.

      Think of Charlie Brown and the football, with Lucy pulling the ball away, week after week, and Charlie Brown – fat, soft, White, bald, stupid Charlie Brown – going nowhere but flat on his back, week after week.

      What’s Charlie Brown’s “World Order?”

      How is the New World Order Pierce described any different, save in scale and complexity?

      The principles are EXACTLY the same.

      We have ALWAYS accepted the Jew’s Terms and Definitions uncritically; even if we attempted criticism, we were blocked by the inability to actually Do Something about it.

      Our answers, all too often, were literally handed to us by our Racial Enemies, who laughed as we adopted the insignia of White Power Past, as if, somehow, wearing a swastika armband or a pillowcase over our head would make us into someone much more than we were, and a part of something much greater than we are.

      Charlie Brown ALWAYS accepted the belief – supplied to him by Lucy and her supporters – that she would hold the football steady for him, so he could kick the football to the best of his ability.

      Lucy always betrayed Charlie Brown’s trust, yet, Charlie Brown came back, each week, and tried again.

      Think of Lucy as being the embodiment of Judaism – masterfully duplicitous – and the FAITH that Charlie Brown displayed as being Institutional Christianity IN ACTION.

      Blind faith, deliberately misguided, and Terms and Definitions supplied by our Racial Enemies.

      No wonder so many of us are on prescription tranquilizers, alcohol, inappropriate diet habits, and get lost in fantasy television shows – all activities that are controlled by the Jews, and make money for the Jews.

      All – ALL – of these are Jewish “cuckoo eggs,” where the Jews supply us with the Dreams they have chosen for us – to their benefit, and to our detriment.

      In short, they have created and controlled both the Old World Order and the New World Order.

      Now, how about us taking the responsibility, and the initiative, to create our of the substance of our lives, ourselves as the Living Foundation of OUR World Order, with our own Racial Homeland, the Northwest Republic, as the touchstone where our Posterity can walk Toward The Stars, so THEIR Posterity cvan walk Among The Stars.

      It’s really quite easy to Do Something, and the smallest good deed is of much greater importance than the grandest of intentions.

      Sending some money to Alex Linder, address at the top right of your screen, would be an excellent beginning, and a very good place to start.

      VNN’s Curt O’Brian:
      You DO know the goal is to have white men hunted and destroyed while giving blond white women away as trophies?

    5. Hoff Says:

      How To Spot The Jews In Any War

      This is really easy, to spot the Jews in any war the only thing you have to do is listen to who the puppident of America is siding with. The stronger backing from the puppident, the more are the jews in control of that state and the jews started the war.

      Remember the Georgia – Ossetia war? The Lying Jewish propaganda-machine, what you call “media” of course lied and told the world it was Ossetia that attacked Georgia. Then Russia was portrayed as the aggressor, when the simple truth is that Russia had a UN mandate as peacekeeper in Ossetia.

      The Jew run Georgia started the war o8o8o8. l don’t know if the number means anything to the Jews, but the Jews started the war during McClown and Obama NoBody puppident race and both came out as diehard Georgia supporters. McClown even said that “We are all Georgians now”.

      Just find the one the puppident supports and you have spotted the Jews in any war mess. Big timesaver.

      “Ossetia Part 1?


    6. Truthteller Says:

      If you are going to talk about “The Great One” Adolf Hitler, show some respect and spell his name correctly. It’s “Adolf” and not “Adolph”.

      I cannot recommed the bio-book by Prof Griffin on Dr. Pierce more highly, “The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds”.

      A movement that hopes to bring about revolutionary change needs a ‘worldview’, both moral and spiritual to move the masses to action. In Fame, Dr. Pierce gives us that ‘worldview’ in an easy to understand manner. We cannot bring revolutionary change with the Internet alone, we need on the street cadres spreading the message to our kinsmen and woman.

      Dr. Pierce put his whole life into this cause for White liberation, he gave us a solid worldview for today. After his death, we have yet to make him proud, we continue to stumble around, no real focus, no real advancement.

      Dr. Pierce left us his legacy of his words and ideas, a consistent ‘worldview’ for the survival of our people worldwide.

      Since Dr. Pierce’s death we as a movement have been shown to be wanting!

      Time to get out act together!!

    7. Ein Says:

      show some respect and spell his name correctly. It’s “Adolf” and not “Adolph”.

      Let’s not quibble. Do we have time to fuss over spellings? Are there no more important things to preoccupy posters?

      In German, it’s spelled Adolf. When you’re writing in English (as we are here), it’s Adolph. That’s just a matter of spelling, not respect.

    8. Truthteller Says:

      Everywhere on the planet it is spelt “Adolf” the only people who use “Adolph” are people out to disrepect one or the greatest champions our race has ever had.

      It’s about respect NOT spelling!

    9. New America Says:

      in reply to ein:

      Thank yo.

      in reply to Truthteller:
      Let me address an issue that has needed clarity, and, bluntly, the one person who has attempted to address this issue is Harold Covington, with his Northwest Quarter series of books, wherein he defined the foundation of a Northwest Republic.

      The question is, “What were the lessons, the methods, the systems of economic development, of NSDAP Germany that are relevant to today, and how can this relevancy be brought to fruition?”

      The fact is, identifying with Hitler is the political equivalent of suicide in America. Indeed, the Democratic Leadership – Pelosi, et. al. – are defining OUR Nationalists as being “Nazis.”

      Peter Schank said the day would come where the White Race would be identified as synonymous with Hitler.

      He was prescient; this is happening, even as we speak.

      So what, realistically, would you do if you had to try to capture and develop the NSDAP Cultural Moment on American soil?

      Here are two ideas:

      One, have the largest goal possible, tied into the fulfillment of a Racial Destiny.

      This means a Northwest Republic, a White Homeland – nothing less than a political entity that serves the Race – First, Foremost, Forever.

      Two, personally, Be Better.

      The bridge between these two ideals will be built by people who study the examples provided on the VNN/F thread titled “A World View.”

      Hugh’s comments are especially insightful.

      Take an issue, and tell us how we could work with it to make Uncle Adolf proud of us.


      Tell us how to restore Christianity to its Racial foundation, and the Masculine tradition that is absolutely essential to the ONE religion the Jews fear, the ONE religion the Jews attack in all possible ways.

      You might want to start with the Christian Separatist website; their Anointed Standard Version is excellent, and well worth study.

      Duke seems to be trying to from a BNP-like political organization.

      I wish him well; Duke is a masterful politician, and i mean that in the best tradition of politics.

      Such an organization will not be allowed to draw breath in the America we know.

      As Harold Covington said:

      The entire System is designed to stop us from doing what we want to do.

      Look at my comments elsewhere on VNN, where I quoted Linder as saying:

      Take ANY State in the Union, no matter how forbidding and forsaken it may seem. Make it “WHITES ONLY, and stand back, or you will be run over by the greatest land rush in American history.

      The Jews fear EXACTLY two things – the White Race, organized consciously along Racial lines, and Christianity – even the soft, gelded, JUDEO-Christianity we see before us.

      Put the two together in our own country, and one example we have of the success we shall experience is the Mormons, who left an America that had left them, and scorned their Dreams, their Aspirations. The Mormons seem to have done pretty well for themselves.

      Oh, and there were those people at Plymouth Rock.

      Their Posterity seemed to have done pretty well for themselves.

      Harold Covington.

      Northwest Quarter series of books.

      Northwest Republic.

      White Homeland – government devoted to defending the Race.

      I like to think that’s the kind of social development Uncle Adolf would have had in mind for us…

      At our best.

      VNN’s Curt O’Brian:
      You DO know the goal is to have white men hunted and destroyed while giving blond white women away as trophies?

    10. Tom McReen Says:

      “We can all see this “New World Order,” which looks remarkably like Communism, with effective mass control systems – in short, another front for the goddamn Jews and their incessant war against Mankind.”


      The only people who spell ‘Adolph’ that I’ve seen are conspiracy tards on the internet who blame nazis for the coming new world order. Patriotards who listen to Alex Jones, for example. No-one else in the world uses ‘Adolph’.