4 September, 2009

What Canada’s Free Speech Victory Says About America’s Matthew Shepard ‘Hate Crimes’ Bill

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by Kevin Michael Grace.

“When American leftists dream, they dream of Canada.

North of the border, we’ve had socialized medicine since 1965; abortion on demand (pretty much) since 1969 (and with no restrictions whatsoever since 1988); official multiculturalism since 1971; and nationwide gay marriage since 2005. All this, and higher Third World immigration, relative to our population, too.”


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  7. 4 Responses to “What Canada’s Free Speech Victory Says About America’s Matthew Shepard ‘Hate Crimes’ Bill”

    1. Irma Grese Says:

      See, this is where he’s wrong:

      “Canada may have the highest immigration rate in the world, but this is not an issue. Canada’s major cities may have been turned into simulacrums of the Third World, but this is not an issue. Quebec is the tail that wags the Canadian dog, but this is not an issue. There is little left of what we used to be, and what little that exists steadily disappears, but this is not an issue, either.”

      Um, YES IT IS an issue! Those totalitarian laws and Kangaroo Courts were set up precisely to protect the Turd World immigrants and the kikes who let them in. Only when White Canadians rise up and EXTERMINATE the jew infestation can the muds be driven off and liberty be restored to the land! It’s that simple and that hard. WHAT WOULD CANADA LOOK LIKE IF IT WAS ALL WHITE AND JEW-FREE??

    2. Stronza Says:

      I think K. M. Grace was being sarcastic in that paragraph.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      How did White Canadians get to be such self-hating pussies? It’s never been much of a country, anyway.

    4. zoomcopter Says:

      The first rule of war is to correctly identify the enemy. Since Canada has made it a crime to even mention the enemy, all White Canadians are now doomed to be herded like sheep onto the multicultural train to genetic oblivion, never to emerge. Like the young James T. Kirk at the Starship Academy, when confronted by a lose/lose situation, we, too, must break free of the restrictive parameters which, the powers that be, have enclosed us. Only by altering the script can we even make it a fair fight. History books will be written by the winners of these cultural wars. The losers will be labeled war criminals. Canada wants to defeat us before the script is revised, and revised it will be, as the alternative is racial oblivion. The same problem Captain Kirk faced, or was it Admiral Kirk?