21 September, 2009

Where Have East Germany’s Women Gone?

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A number of them were snapped up by White men in the U.S. and UK who knew that they’d be getting “old fashioned” women who were not yet corrupted by feminism and modernity. (Dr. Pierce himself sought out Eastern European women):


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  7. 14 Responses to “Where Have East Germany’s Women Gone?”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Taking away one-third of the Reich’s territory after WWII and then dividing what was left into East and West was a criminal act. Unfortunately, the perpertrators are all gone and can’t be punished. A protracted high unemployment rate AND no young women around? That’s definately asking for trouble.

    2. old dutch Says:

      How you going to keep ’em down on the former collective farm in Thungaria once they’ve seen Berlin. LOL.

      I dunno, from what I’ve read they got the same problem in rural western Wurttemberg. No Italian, or Greek Islands vacation if you gotta to stay home, and watch the farm animals & crops.

    3. tbow002 Says:

      Theres a lot of Cute Russian chicks lookin for guys. Decent Russian guys are few and far between from what the Russian gals are sayin…lol

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Why would anyone want to live in the multi-culti hell hole of Berlin. The former eastern half, museum island and Unter den Linden are OK, but the western half, particularly the residential areas where the Wall used to be, is like a middle eastern casbah.

    5. Luke Says:

      I wonder how many of these German women are being held prisoner
      in Israeli Whore houses?

      Kidnapped, dragged to Tel Aviv and forced to service Jews?

    6. Nord Says:

      Experts fear that the female exodus might indirectly fuel a rise of far-right extremism among bored young men, many of whom lack education and job prospects — and a girlfriend.

      Anyone else see a silver lining here? Germanic blood for Britain and America, two countries that can use more of it. And nationalism in Germany, a country where it has a chance of growing and affecting things, as opposed to in the U.S. and Britain. (And no, I don’t think the BNP will make a difference.)

    7. Nord Says:

      Some sociologists now fear the emergence in some regions of a “male proletariat” of young men who might be attracted to extreme political parties, especially the far-right.

      “When you look at the lives of young neo-Nazis you realise that it’s when they find a girlfriend that they drop out of such peer groups,” according to a local councillor.

      Sadly, many leave nationalism because of their girlfriends. Why? Because few girlfriends want their boyfriend to take risks that put their job opportunities, social status, and even their safety at risk. Their horizons are shorter. This is natural – women are primarily concerned with building a functioning home for the children. Men need such a builder by their side. But right now this instinct among women is working against nationalism. I estimate that only one in six active nationalists is a woman.

    8. Angryyoungman Says:

      @ Nord
      “Anyone else see a silver lining here?”

      Not really. These girls are getting married to wealthier, older British and American men who are most likely part of the democratic/capitalist system that we wish to annihilate. It’s providing good sex for the sell-outs and fence-sitters, basically.

      Whites with economic power have to prove their worth, I have no respect for the good-old boy’s who cuss and complain by the liquor cabinet but are too chickenshit to help their folk. They’ve been doing it for 50 years now!

    9. nignogger Says:

      i picked up a slovakian ‘trophy’ wife, shes thin, blond, deep blue, aryan looking with the oblong skull shape (as opposed to the negro mellon shape), beautiful super thin legs, nice ass, big tits and not a jew-inscribed golddiggin american hoe. she is very family oriented and ‘for the faimily’, obviously she xcant raed/watch the jewish soap opera filth, nor talk to american women on ‘getting the men’. i try to sheild her from all the jew filth in ameican media. this was the wish of my dad knowing the problems i had with these golddiggin hoes.

    10. nignogger Says:

      what do you think, polish women beautiful, THIN THIN THIN and not jew corrupt! go to walmart and see these FAT FAT FAT pigs, both white, spic bitches andd always the sheboons

    11. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Dr Pierce was a great warrior for the White volk but his personal life was a shambles. He married and divorced many women, never a good sign. And he only sired once (there were twins, but one pregnancy).

      My dad used to say one broken marriage was part of life but two meant one was deficient and three proved you were unfit for family life. The Methodist church, a rascally institution in many ways, had one policy with which I agreed: they would allow a minister to divorce and remarry once but if that marriage broke up he was out of the clerical business.

      By all means marry a good White woman from Eastern Europe-but only one.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      There ought to be a law that forbids anyone from marrying again after three times. Old Russian saying: A man’s first wife comes from God; A man’s second wife comes form another man; And a man’s third wife comes from the Devil.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nignogger is right, we shouldn’t allow OUR women-folk to let themselves go after they get married and bear our children. We should make them stay in shape and stay attractive-looking for us, even if that means locking the refrigerator at night so they can’t stick their snouts in there looking for the Cool-Whip or the Boston cream-pie.

    14. Blackshirt Says:

      You know, people like McReen who are Capitalist Conservative types rail against Communism and Socialism, and yet ironically it was “Communism” that preserved the White core of the race in Eastern Europe. Isn’t that interesting? I’ve been to Eastern Europe several times and I always find it refreshing to be out of multicultural and multiracial hell that Western Europe has become.