9 September, 2009

Whites Killing Whites = Thrilling, Sexy, Lied the Kikes

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“Here’s an American poster with the message that war is sexy.” The war wasn’t even over in January 1945 but already the “allies” were gloating. Of course, it was the yids who created the myth that World War II – the most awful war in history in terms of lives lost and property destroyed – was a “good” war.

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    1. Irma Grese Says:

      Had the Axis won the last World War – the Germans winning their Grossdeutsches Reich, Italy its Nova Roma and Japan their Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, the world outside the Jewnighted States would be SO MUCH BETTER it beggars description! We always see this scenario in fiction but it is only ever presented as a bad, horrible thing when in actuality it would be a GIGANTIC BLESSING! Question: has ANYONE ever written a novel like that? EVER? A positive depiction of life in a world where the Axis WON? There would still be a cold war with the JEW-CONTROLLED USA, but that’s a given. I’d love to read such a thing!

    2. Cranky Frank Says:

      That’s a nice picture. Bunch of fatass forerunners to the modern neocon gang reveling in the fact that they’re too old/well connected to have to worry about getting sent to Europe and shot at, while toasting to some slutty war goddess who won’t have to either.

    3. Cranky Frank Says:

      EDIT: Europe and the Pacific.

      The “Liberators” picture cracks me up because it’s so true to this very day.

    4. Angryyoungman Says:

      That’s why I don’t give two shits about the “health care” debate currently.

      These half-crazed WWII whiners, or the “Greatest Generation”, should reap what they have sown. They didn’t challenge MLK, they didn’t challenge Johnson, Christ! They didn’t even challenge the hippies and the faggots! They fought a single war and expected to be treated like Gods the rest of their lives. I hope the lifestyle is horrible for their remnant.

      The true “Greatest Generation” were the WW1 vets. The men who came back from the hell of trench warfare and had to raise children and siblings children during the Great Depression. No one remembers that generation, the generation before the West went mad.

      It just shows how childish the WWII generation was, and how their baby-boomer children were even more spoiled and childish.

      Good vid for those Noble Whites, British or not:


    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Just think of all those burnt corpses lying at the bottom of a pile of rubble that used to be their homes. Or the dirty, starving refugees in the internment camps. Or the eighteen year-old vets coming home with a missing leg and waking up screaming every night for the rest of their lives. Yeah, real sexy.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hopefully, the GI Jane in that cartoon got gang-raped and then thrown off a bridger by a bunch of Black soldiers after the party. War-mongering slut.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Bridge, I mean.

    8. Nogkiller Says:

      looks like a kike – the one with glasses looking up the girl’s skirt

    9. Jim Says:

      Irma Grese is absolutely correct. If the Axis had won the war, the jew lie of racial equality would probably have been discredited even in the U.S. We would probably have no nigger problem as all the spooks would have sent back to Africa. America would have been 100% White today. All the kikes would have been sent to some island where they could not contaminate the rest of humanity.

    10. Marwinsing Says:

      Stunning brainwasher of an illustration that is. Start writing that book, that’s a goodie Irma! Then make a blockbuster movie out of it! Can I play Hitler?

    11. Tom McReen Says:

      The other ‘good’ war, according to the kike media, was the US ‘civil’ war – Whites slaughtering Whites.

      Who are we to question Bart Simpson?

    12. tergiam hulotov Says:

      welkl from what I gather allmost all wars since the english revolution were machinations of the jooz,seems i learned that at thissite and others. civil war was machinated by northern jooz business habits of fuckin the south with high prices then goaded them into a war they knew lincoln would oppose secession,and then they got the booty of the south afterwards and let loose exslaves to do as they pleased. they allways have a hydra headed approach, then the damn ww1 preceeded by the federal resrerve wilson was the biggest traitor along with roosenvelt truman johnsoncarter,2 bushes clinton and this current thing.we all shoulda never gone to their wars what they di to germany with our stupid complicity was a shameful blot on the human race.I am lucky i never went to war and if i did I woulda skeddadled.as war does not benefit commoners, germans had to fight they were up against it tats is trhe time to fight, we just go around doing israels work and it may come back on us with fiercesoem results,I see us going down as there are too few who know anything about the machinations and when you tell them they say racsistsand gimme proof and you are a anti semitc degenerate.like wading through mud they way this sytem will finally tarp one, it wont coem with a bang i should thing althoiugh i have a few bangs left well my frenz see ya later if not this side of paradise then the next side of it.

    13. Irma Grese Says:

      I’m tempted to, Marwinsing! Believe me! It’s way past time OUR SIDE was given something to inspire it. Turner Diaries is pretty long in the tooth after all these days!

    14. The Red Skull Says:

      I have long contemplated that the world would be a better place,if the Axis had won.No world overpopulation as the Axis would have solved that problem with camps,sterilization,forced labor,etc.There would be more resources to go around,and no International Communist monster to contend with.China and Indias populations would never had exploded like they have,due to Jap occupation and control.The only holdouts would have been the Jew-run US/Canada area.No Muslim invasion of Europe,and no Mexican Invasion of the JEW-S.No Snivel Rights,no Forced Integration,no mass jew media control,no cultural Marxism to brainwash our children with “equality”.Probably there would be a true Aryan Social safety net for those truly unable to find/able work.The Germans probably would have a research base on Mars by now,with permanent moon bases to harvest minerals from asteroids.A healthy,ecologically sound world where White people are favored and prosper like never before,when the world was controlled by International Jewish Finance.Whats not to Like?Sign me up!