2 September, 2009

Who Are the Haters?

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“My organization, the National Alliance, concerns itself with all things relevant to the welfare and progress of the European peoples, the White people of this earth. We are advocates for all things which could be beneficial to our people, and we are opponents of all the influences and tendencies and groups who are harmful or to our people. As a consequence of this we receive a certain amount of hate mail, and I find it interesting to read these hate letters and try to understand the psychology, the motivations, of the people who write them. I won’t read any of these hate letters to you today, because they’re all pretty nasty and tend to lean pretty heavily on the use of four-letter words. They also tend to be blindly and irrationally hateful and to be based less on what I actually have said or done than on some misrepresentation about me or the National Alliance which has appeared recently in the controlled media.”


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  7. 3 Responses to “Who Are the Haters?”

    1. steve Says:

      Hello Alex!

      Metzger is a hater to all that don’t agree with his ideology. Dr. Pierce called him a dirty bolshevik.

      Has Metzger gone mad? The basis of his website focuses on persecuting the South and rewriting the war of aggression. In his spare time, he criticizes VNN.

      Metzger flies a Confederate guerilla flag on his website. He plays Southern music on his website. He calls his website the Insurgent. Lincoln called the Southern people insurgents. It’s apparent that Metzger has a love/hate relationship with the Southern Country. He’s all over the board.

      Racism without honor and integrity goes nowhere. Dr. Pierce understood that.

    2. Luke Says:

      Thanks, Alex, for occasionally posting Dr. Pierce’s articles and broadcast texts.

      I miss Dr. Pierce as though he had been a member of my very own family, and despite the fact that I never met him in person – I will proudly credit this fine man as being one of the most influential individuals in my entire life.

      Someone in the Free Talk Live or Goyfire broadcast team once said the William Pierce’s face will one day be on Mount Rushmore – and I hope I live long enough to see it happen!

    3. Adam Says:

      From the article:

      Back during the Vietnam war they were at the forefront of the flag-burners, and they persuaded a whole generation of university students and other young Americans to despise patriotism. Today their deceptive hate campaign is still directed against patriots, whom they portray as terrorists or potential terrorists.

      Nothing shows the inherent hostility of the global technological system to nature and all natural distinctions better than the current war against “hate” and its expression in terrorism. This war is being waged simultaneously on several fronts. While the militaries of the West are engaged subjugating the Muslim inhabitants of the pre-technological world, at home campaigns for “diversity” and “tolerance” endeavor to provide the glue to keep it all from flying apart. The centrifugal forces are incredible, and only by means of such howling lies as “Diversity is our strength” can races that naturally despise one another and want to separate be kept in the same geographic areas. The slogan is not wholly false, however. For diversity is indeed the Life and the strength of the global technological system – it is its lifeblood and sine qua non of its existence – but it is the Death of distinct peoples and their folkways, of nations, and of races.

      At home, the mass media, the propaganda agencies of the global technological system, cast all of their opponents in the same bin: haters, terrorists, nationalists, patriots, fascists, “Islamo-fascists”, racists, white supremacists – they are all the same as far as the system is concerned. This is because to be in favor of the preservation of the natural distinction of race is to be against “progress”, which means to stand in opposition to the global technological system. That’s what the wars in the Middle East are really about. The made-up term “Islamo-fascist” actually denotes the resistance of primitive, largely pre-technological Muslim peoples to their forcible incorporation into the global technological system. They understand, even if they are not able to articulate it clearly, that such incorporation will destroy their way of life, and irrevocably alter their genetics.

      Hard, cold, and inexorable as the machine, the global technological system champions the forces of Death, forcing the genocide of race, and all pre-technological ways of life along with it. Resistance to the machine, by the so-called “haters” and their terrorism, rages back from the forces of Life. Only with the permanent destruction of the global technological system will the forces of Life be finally and completely victorious.