7 October, 2009

Blackface: Not “Allowed” in the West Anymore

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Connick – a Jew under traditional Jewish law – tells the Aussies a thing or two about race relations [1]:


[1] in traditional Judaism, a Jew is someone born to a Jewish mother

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    1. Dagon Says:

      Well, it is not precisely correct that black-face is no longer allowed in the West. In The Netherlands and Belgium there is a practive of people painting their faces in black to represent “Black Piet” who is part of the whole Santa Claus story in the Benelux countries. Black Piet is represented as a dark dwarf who is Santa’s helper.

      I was surprised to see people painted up as “Black Piet” when I was in the Low Countries just before Christmas 2006. Before going there I had just assumed it had been banned as “insensitive” years before though it is probably just a matter of time until the practice is condemned the the PC commissars of the EU.

    2. Dagon Says:

      That should be “condemned by the PC commissars of the EU”

    3. Ein Says:

      So Harry Connick is a Jew too? I never suspected. I should have known, since he’s in show biz, but I never cease to be surprised. Shame on me! I ought to be beyond surprising by now.

      Yes, I checked. His father (Irish) was the New Orleans District Attorney. His mother was Jewish. Both parents were lawyers.

      Why is it that in these half-breed mixtures, the Jewish side nearly always seems to prevail …. just as the black side always does with mulattoes?

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Think about that name for a second……..Harry Connick. That does sound pretty Jewish and he does have that greasy black Jew-hair, so yes, he’s a Jew, not an American and he’s certainly not White. He’s a typical nigger-loving kike who uses Sambo as a weapon against White people any chance he can get. I remember after Hurricane Katrina how Connick went down to New Orleans so he could be shown on TV paddling his raft through the flooded streets looking for stray niggers to save. What a dick.

      And Harry, us White goyim aren’t the ones that make the Shvartzes look ridiculous. They do that all by themselves, you black-haired Jew boy.

    5. Cranky Frank Says:

      To answer your question Ein, it’s because nearly all White characteristics, both physical and psychological (behavioral) are recessive. That usually makes any serious non-White taint in a person more than obvious; if the bulk of our people were racially aware, they’d quickly learn to regard ostensibly White adults who frequently display TNB or TJB as not White, as well as quickly expel from their midst all of the semi-Asiatic “passers” that are something like 1/3 Mexican and get counted as White in censuses.

      I view the recessive nature of White traits as a superb warning system to identify and subsequently purge miscegenation within our race, but alas, roughly two millennia of egalitarian Christian brainwashing, gigantic fratricidal wars and the more recent jew-tube lobotomies has left much of the remains of our race too stupid to even begin to understand any of this. If the TV Jews really wanted to in the near future, they could probably convince most of the dumb ‘Kwans that a fingernail-sized piece of shit improves both the taste and health benefits of a glass of milk, or that it’s good to drink piss because it’s 95% water.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wearing blackface makeup and a black curly wig, along with a top hat and tails…..What a great Haloween costume! “Way down upon da Swamee Rivuh….”

    7. J.J Says:

      It is good to see that the vast majority of Australians can’t see what all the fuss is about. They simply don’t understand this nigger worship that Americans engage in and expect others around the world to as well. The Aussies should tell the Kwans to go fuck themselves!

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jew Connick doesn’t speak for the millions of White Americans who don’t share his Negro fetish.

    9. Joe 90 Says:

      Pity Blacks aren’t allowed to show their faces in the West!

    10. Vaultner Says:

      “Hey Hey It’s Saturday, for whom the midweek show”

      UH Saturday’s at the end of the week guys.

      “we’ve spent so much time trying to not make black people look like buffoons”

      Like a line from an old Bronson movie where in he plays a brainwashed Soviet agent the code phrase to awaken him & do his evil deeds was “Miles to go before you sleep” yes & much much more time will be needed to keep the nigger from looking like a buffoon.

      Harry Connick jr.’s not only a jew but a homo as well. Go ahead you kike faggot take it really to heart.

      P.S. If da mudda is juish da babies are juish. That means the dog could be the father. jew grandmothers / mothers tell their little jewess babies they can do anything they like just so long as they eventually only marry a jew.

    11. J.J Says:

      I like how the host and the woman judge don’t seem to mind, the woman also found it enjoyable. Aussies are much less PC than kwans. It seems that if you make fun of a nigger the kwans will bomb you.

    12. Ein Says:

      Wasn’t it about thirty or forty years ago (more or less) that the blacks took over the once-great city of New Orleans? That means that if Harry’s father was DA there, he must have been one of the collaborators with the new regime, otherwise he would have been out. And his mother too, as a successful lawyer. So they are sell-outs, quislings, whatever. That explains it. “White”-(appearing) collaborators with the blacks. But not really white at all.

    13. CW-2 Says:

      Lack of talent never stopped anybody getting on in show biz, providing you are a jew or a fag, if you’re both, well you have it made.

    14. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Farggin kikes make the nigface popular and now deride it as a no-no. A perfect example of “jews build up-jews tear down”. I can’t wait for the day when it’s “jews build up-Whites send jews horizontal”.

    15. Curt O'brian Says:

      No wonder Connick was so featured in the efforts for New Orleans after Katrina. Once they get the hate bill passed protecting gays the jewish gays can harass anyone wearing a cross or acting “too conservative” at will. What they do to you in a line at the airport doesn’t leave any evidence. If you hit them you get the felony hate crime treatment – lucky you.

    16. Ein Says:

      Stan says: ” kikes make the nigface popular and now deride it as a no-no. A perfect example of “jews build up-jews tear down”.

      What an interesting observation! Yes, it’s really ironic, isn’t it?
      They can, but you can’t.

    17. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Ein Says: “What an interesting observation! Yes, it’s really ironic, isn’t it?
      They can, but you can’t.”

      It is a classic observation, I do believe paraphrased from something that Alex Linder said – “Jews set up-jews knock down”. It is what they have done for over 3000 years.

      I have come to the thinking that I can do whatever I want. If I want to walk in public dragging my knuckles in blackface, then I will. If I have to fight for the freedom to do so I will. No hatecrimes or hatespeech laws are going to stop me. If I don’t do it, who will? THAT should be the attitude of every White man and woman regardless of what Uncle Jewy passes.

      Fight or flight. I choose fight.

    18. Ein Says:

      “No hatecrimes or hatespeech laws are going to stop me. If I don’t do it, who will? THAT should be the attitude of every White man and woman regardless of what Uncle Jewy passes.”

      They can’t possibly drag everybody into court, or put everybody into jail. The system would be impossibly clogged. It would break down. They depend on most people docilely and meekly going along with nary a whimper. This herdish behavior is what enables Uncle J. to get away with it.

    19. Z.O.G. Says:

      I didn’t know Harry Connick, Jr. was a Jew. I guess it’s not surprising though.

    20. Ein Says:

      “I didn’t know Harry Connick, Jr. was a Jew. I guess it’s not surprising though.”

      You know about everybody ELSE who’s a Jew. I’m surprised you didn’t know about him. THAT’S what’s surprising!

      [just teasing here… no offense]

    21. AusC Says:

      The joke of it is that the performers are actually Indian (from India) whose families migrated years ago…’black on black’…very stylish.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ein, you’ve made a good point about how vulnerable the so-called justice system really is. Cops, detectives and DAs don’t like working too hard, so they rely on witness testimonies, defendant’s confessions and lots of plea bargaining. In other words, the cops and prosecutors want to do as little leg-work as possible, so they try to get witnesses and defendants to talk instead. The System would INSTANTLY grind to a halt if people would just keep their yaps shut and make the cops and DAs do all the work instead.

      But fortunately for the System, that won’t happen. The snitches, big mouths, cowards and fools will always be there to help the pigs, intentionally or not.

    23. 2050 Says:

      The jew Al Jolson was the one that made blackface famous. Typical that they’d be screaming about it now.

      The jew producers made all white movies(except for the jews who we thought were white), then complained that ‘white’ people didn’t have blacks in the movies.

      When I was a kid I saw a minstrel show, with ‘full on blackface’ put on by the local JayCees at the school auditorium. Everyone in school was there. It was funny. That was the late 60s.

    24. Andrei's Ghost (A. Yustschinsky, 1898-1911 Says:

      Another Jew from Louisiana (this one queer) is the “fitness” guru Richard Simmons…….

    25. Z.O.G. Says:

      Richard Simmons is a faggot. I didn’t know he was a Jew too. Wow, another shocker.

    26. Z.O.G. Says:

      Oh, I almost forgot to say…

      Fuck Harry Connick, Jr.

    27. NSN Says:


      Harry quits gig after web attacks


    28. Z.O.G. Says:

      haha! Good, fuck that piano-playing Kike.

    29. Tim McGreen Says:

      That’s how Jews are, ie, arrogant, condescending, preachy, holier-than-thou…..Imagine the nerve of that Jewboy, a guest in someone else’s country, lecturing them about what he doesn’t like about their culture. Fruity little greasy-haired Kike crooner. I hope he gets hounded by this incident everywhere he goes until he scurries away like the rodent he is.