30 October, 2009

California: Federal Judge Voids Keyes’ Lawsuit Challenging Obama’s Citizenship Status

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You knew it was gonna happen, didn’t you?


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  7. 14 Responses to “California: Federal Judge Voids Keyes’ Lawsuit Challenging Obama’s Citizenship Status”

    1. Me Says:

      Well now the insane nitwit that always gave great examples of what not to say or do if one was reasonable is sitting in a jailcell claiming he was trained by the FBI to “push the edge,” and that therefore he was not subject to general law and prohibitions about direct incitement. Whatever. Main takehome point here: the irriesponcible unreasonable fucktard claiming to represent NS is probably a plant, and that’s why he or she is unreasonable.

      Are you paying attention:?

      Health care is funny. The communists are making a grab. The Americans are getting a clue, but not fast enough. Monkeys with mandated equality are eager to make manifestly bad situations worse, with excuses worthy of thier retarded comprehension. The retards stand strong for more communism, and are blocked to reason, most likely for (anti-white) racist reasons.

      As I stated before, never in post WW2 history has such an opportunity presented itself to illistrate to the “massess” the fact they are being and have been misled. Never before has the shallow shield of PSYOPS been so open to penitration, such that the White Race may be awakened to its exsistance, let alone its potential.

      As we move into this new battlespace, I recognize Dr. Pearce, I recognize Vangard, I recognize many unknown others, and simply say, *spread awairness and don’t give up.* The battle has not yet begun and the lines of formation are still open. No future has been dictated. Much is still in play. The good men of the BNP demonstrate such, so too the American resistance to communism, which is the enemy of all.

      Gentalmen, fighting the common enemy is job one. Enforcing dogmatically adherence to whatever particular school fights that enemy is not. That is fact. Greater fact is, as I stated before, EGO is YOUR greatest enemy. The tendency that has enabled and fueled you as individuals to persist as yourselves in the face of this total communist onslaught has been a great strength, and I, from where I am, thank God for it. YET, it is also your greatest weakness, because the history of NS in the USA is far too often one of attention grabbing or a desire for recognition; these youthful notions, already foolish when you understand the enemy will kill you upon recognition, are self destructive to the movement. Too many gifited NS individuals have been consumed by competitive notions related to other NS individuals.

      No cirticism of fellows alligned ought to be uttered by members, period. This is not about market share for particualr people or entities. This is about the message and saving Western Civ, let alone the White Race (that may not be possiable). But dammit ego arguments as opposed to support B/W NS entitites absolutly must go away.

      At all times, remember that this is a fight agaisnt the fundimental evils of Communism above all, and think more widely about where allies might be found. It is not useful to sustain any notion of an isolated non-mainstream NS movement that is unwilling to support or work with any. That approach supports the enemy.

    2. R CROSS Says:

      The comments section sound exactly the same as the rabid communists in this country(England).In the sixties ,i travelled the hippy trailaround the world,and the majority of Americans that i met were capable of an intelligent informed conversation,wether they agreed with you or not,how times have changed,what we see in the comments is not reasoned opinion ,but hysterical emotion,the type that burns witches,and books,thier violence does not spring from certainty but the reverse which is the nature of a mob,an unreasoned frenzy that can be led by the nose to do the corrupts bidding,even though it is against thier interests.Perhaps i have lived to long,but people never used to behave like this.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      If Barry Obongo has a genuine long-form birth certificate why doesn’t he produce it and have its authenticity confirmed? The only conclusion we can sensibly reach is that his royal highness doesn’t have one.
      Has anybody done research into the travels of Ms Dunham-Obongo that could shed some light as to where this conterfeit was actually born? It shouldn’t be too difficult to track down Kenyan visa applications etc. Also airline passenger records, if still available, will be very revealing.

    4. Ein Says:

      Those records, if still available, would probably be sealed or “lost” or in some other way access would be obstructed — as with all his other records. This person who is now sitting in the White House emerged, as it were, from out of the blue, was hastily elected president, and it’s amazing how little we actually know about him!

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      There’s a big suprise!That Muslim mulatto monkey is a Communist,White-Hating piece of Corrupt Chicago trash.Americans are too stupid to question his background,its easier to just go with the flow.Every-time they say “the President” i laugh,knowing he’s just a street-hustling NIGGER,who the JEWS put in power over us so they can finally institute their Communist/Socialist workers paradise.I predict he will be the most devisive “president” in history,besides the first American tyrant-Abe Lincoln.And Yes-i did just call that monkey a “nigger”-and it felt really good.His Teflon Coating will last until he’s served Big Jew and THEIR purposes,then they might “JFK” him to make him a “martyr”.In an honest Republic,this would not be happening.

    6. -jc Says:

      I agree regarding legitimate birth records delivered to a forensic document examiner being the simplest way to address this issue. My guess is there’s a rabbit at the end of this hole.

    7. 2050 Says:

      Ein, some people have already done that research. Even his Grandma in Kenya says he was born there because his momma was too pregnant to fly to hawaii.
      Anyway, It doesn’t really matter. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do.

    8. The Red Skull Says:

      We need to do some research into his mother “Stanley”-she had very dark hair and dark eyes.It could be that she was a Jewess,as she was a Hard-core Commie,if so,then BHO is NOT 1/2 White,but 1/2 Kenyan and 1/2 Jewish,which would explain even better the support the Jews have given him.Technically,he wouldn’t even be “half-White”.In any case,he’s in the White House,Now the Black House,i hope Old Abe is happy,as this is what the Yankee victory in the “civil war” has wrought.Whatever the case,Big Jew is thrilled to have him in Power,a Muslim Mulatto,without a Paper Trail,with nothing but Marxists and Commies and Radicals as “mentors”.Kudos To VNN and Socrates,for posting my previous comment,about “our president” being a Street-Hustling Nigger,its nice to know we still have some
      freedom of Speech,at least for awhile longer in this Jew-run Country.I would like to quote our first (and greatest)president who said-“If the Freedom of Speech is ever taken away,then dumb and silent we may be led,like sheep to the slaughter”-George Washingon.Heil VNN,ALEX and the 14 WORDS!

    9. Tom McReen Says:

      “We need to do some research into his mother “Stanley”-she had very dark hair and dark eyes.It could be that she was a Jewess,as she was a Hard-core Commie,if so,then BHO is NOT 1/2 White,but 1/2 Kenyan and 1/2 Jewish,which would explain even better the support the Jews have given him.”

      I agree, something’s off about that bitch and her twisted famblee. Maybe they were just insane libtards.


    10. Ein Says:

      Wasn’t her mother a Vice President of Bank of Hawaii?
      I recently read that somewhere.

      A banker? Hmmmm. Being a Jew would help.

    11. Ein Says:

      Checking Tom’s sources, I find:

      In 1955, the family moved to Seattle, where her father was employed as a furniture salesman and her mother worked as vice president of a bank. They lived in the Wedgwood neighborhood where Ann attended Nathan Eckstein Junior High School.

      In 1956, the family moved to Mercer Island, an Eastside suburb of Seattle. Dunham’s parents wanted their 13-year-old daughter to attend the newly opened Mercer Island High School.

      So I see that her mother was a bank Vice President in Seattle also, while her communist father worked as a furniture salesman. But within a year they could afford to move to very expensive and exclusive Mercer Island (which is where Bill Gates has his palatial abode, btw).

      That strikes me as an odd combination: Communist father, bank president mother.

      I wondered if there are any blacks on Mercer Island, so I checked.
      The pop. is [presently] 84% white,12% Asian, and 1% black. Probably in the 1950s there were no blacks at all.

    12. Tom McReen Says:

      Yes, any information about the areas the Dunhams stayed in and the ethnic make-up of these areas at the time would help.

      “They lived in an apartment complex in the Wedgwood neighborhood where Ann attended Nathan Eckstein Junior High School.[12]

      In 1956, Dunham’s family moved to Mercer Island, an Eastside suburb of Seattle. Dunham’s parents wanted their 13-year-old daughter to attend the newly opened Mercer Island High School.[5] At the school, teachers Val Foubert and Jim Wichterman taught the importance of challenging social norms and questioning authority to the young Dunham, and she took the lessons to heart: “She felt she didn’t need to date or marry or have children.” One classmate remembered her as “intellectually way more mature than we were and a little bit ahead of her time, in an off-center way,”[5] and a high school friend described her as knowledgeable and progressive: “If you were concerned about something going wrong in the world, Stanley would know about it first. We were liberals before we knew what liberals were.” Another called her “the original feminist.”[5]”

    13. whodareswings Says:

      Mercer Island is very Jewish. The Wedgewood neighborhood in Seattle is upper middle class white. Some Jews live there, but many more live on Mercer Island which has always been regarded as an enclave, especially after the Jackson-Vannick Act which was a plan to get Jews out of Russia to Israel initiated by Wash State senator Henry M. Jackson. Thousands never made it to israel. They ended up on Mercer Island and in Bellevue. They’re all over the Crossroads Mall on any given day of the week enjoying their Social Security. It’s odd that Obama’s family history is so sketchy. Especially since he’s the new American messiah.

    14. Ein Says:

      Regarding the “Birthers” lawsuit, something that caught my attention was that the movement is lead by an Israeli woman, Orly Taitz,    who lives in California and has both a law degree and a dentistry degreee.  She’s both lawyer and dentist.   (Bizarre)   Is it even appropriate for her, an Israeli, to get involved in this?  

      But the bottom line is that BOTH sides of the debate on this matter are being directed and  controlled by Jews!  And Israeli Jews at that!!!  (I’m referring to Rahm Emanuel).   Obama’s backers are Jews and his attackers are Jews.  Backers & attackers… Their strategy is to control ALL sides of any issue.