14 October, 2009

Florida: White Kid Torched by Non-Whites

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A teenager experiences the joys of multiculturalism:

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    1. Blackshirt Says:

      In general the state of Florida is dangerous for White people. It is definitely not a good place to raise racially conscious White children. I’m sad that any White child has to grow up in such an environment, and it is an act of criminality that some White parents put their kids in that situation. Any White parent(s) who puts their children in majority non-white schools or in proximity to large groups of non-whites is committing a crime in my eyes.

    2. 2050 Says:

      The media will have no trouble showing the white side of this crime.
      Three niggers and two white kids. I guess one of the niggers is a hispanic one. The left won’t be happy till white kids commit heinous crimes just like niggers, then they can say “seeee!”
      Racist crime statistics need to be fixed and nothing will do that better than having white kids hang out with niggers and spics.
      Notice a lot more white male and black female couples on TV these day? I have. I believe the purpose and result will be increasing lust of negresses by whites and therefore the raping of negresses by whites, to even out those racist stats a bit. Even a few would get enough press to make it sound epidemic.

      Looks like the fake mixed race gangs of TV shows and movies are coming to pass.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      If an incident like this happened 80 or 90 years ago, every White man and White boy in the state would have descended on Spic Town and skinned alive a few hundred greaseballs in retaliation. But now we just have a bunch of pussified Whites whimpering stupid things like “I don’t understand why this happened. It’s kinda sad, I guess.” So, the spics who committed this crime will go to jail for a few years and the other spic inmates will regard them as heroes and bad-asses for having attacked a White boy. And they’ll laugh about it and high-five each other about it every day. That’s the Jew-dicial system for you.

      But maybe someday, those Spics, Jews, Blacks and White race-traitors will get a taste of the White Man’s Justice. I live for that day.

    4. Spaceman Says:

      2050, I have noticed a lot more black female/white male couplings on tv also. I think the jews have been playing the black male/white female angle for so long that they might be switching gears a bit. Dont know if it will result in more rapes, but the funny thing is that these white male morons who lust after Halle Berry/Beyonce/Tyra Banks types will be quite disappointed when they look for them in the real world and only come up with 200 hundred pound ghetto trash “Shaniquas.”

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sorry for being off-topic here, but I’ve been reading about that boy who got inside a balloon in his backyard in Colorado and took off inside of it. His dad is a normal-looking White guy and he’s got an Oriental mom. This whole race-mixing thing seems to be more common than I feared. White women sleeping with niggers, White men sleeping with Chinks. WTF??? Whatever happened to being “hard-wired” to mate within your own species?

    6. 2050 Says:

      hey blackshirt you’re back, I answered your question at the end of that Roman Polanski thread. I messed that one up.

      Any one see the commercials(that was enough for me) of Disney channel’s show True Jackson? About a negess girl who is a CEO or something and has a white boyfriend?

      Anyway, that kid that got burned, his sister is married to a spic. I wonder if it’s one of those nigger spics like the perps?
      Those white brothers look like some mean cocky little punks.

    7. 2050 Says:

      If you guys go to that second link to the news story above, you’ll find a link to ‘Jewish Celebrities.’
      In honor of the holiday season, they have a nice scrolling of pictures of Famous Jewish actors in Hollywood.
      So you can see which hot chicks are really jewesses.
      So you can go, oh yeah, so and so said he or she was a jew, but i don’t think so.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Scarlett Johansen and Amanda Bynes are Jewesses? Wow, that’s disturbing. How much Jewishness do they possess? I suspected Jack Black (Schwartz?) was a Jew, what with his peurile, obnoxious immaturity. Mel Brooks, Joan Rivers, Adam Sandler, Babs Streisand and Woody Allen are way too obvious. Even Helen Keller would’ve figured out they’re Jewish.

    9. Blackshirt Says:

      Yes, I saw your post on the other thread, 2050. No problems.

      As far as the Florida story goes, I can speak from experience that Florida is a multiracial shithole, and I would wager that it is one of the top three race-mixing states. One of the reasons I live way up north where I live is that I couldn’t stand living in close proximity to thousands of mud people. Yes, we have mud people up here, but we will never be overrun with them since they hate the cold weather. The South on the other hand, especially places in the tropical part of the South are natural environments for muds. Unfortunately too many pussy white people get upset at the cold and move down to an area where they probably shouldn’t be in the first place.

    10. Sgt. Skull Says:

      My sentiments exactly. Decades ago the non-white who committed an offense against a white person would receive a serious, serious beating or worse and the rest of their so called community would be punished along with them. And rightfully so since they always celebrate murders of white people and actively support their criminal element. Minorities receive a hero’s welcome in prison when they kill a white person.

      In the early years of the 20th century, in Springfield, IL, a black man snuck into the room of a white girl and attempted to rape her. When her father came to her rescue the black rapist stabbed her father and killed him. The white townsfolk spent the following evening killing every black person in sight and burning down their homes.

      This is why black on white crimes such a rarity. They knew there would be an overwhelming response from the whites and they often times weren’t willing to take that chance so adopted a fearful, deferential stance towards whites. Such is the dynamic in a multiracial hellhole. Either we’re persecuting and kicking the shit out of them or they’re doing it to us.

    11. Sgt. Skull Says:

      This is why black on white crimes were such a rarity in those bygone days.

    12. Syd Spada Says:

      Another brave, White man ridiculed, persecuted and probably prosecuted.

    13. Long Live The Confederacy!!! Says:

      You wouldn’t know that niggers were involved by reading the mainstream press. They never list the perp’s color unless he is white. I lived in Broward County Florida for 2 years too long. When you’re in traffic and look around, you realize that you’re surrounded by niggers. Whites have to live in gated communities with armed guards because of the constant influx of jobless Haitian niggers who are bent on raping your white wife, sister or daughter. Every time their box blows over in a storm in Haiti they come to Florida and the bleeding heart liberals in Florida let them in as “refugees” so they get visa’s and free citizenship. Thanks Florida retards!!!

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      IMO most all of the racially retarded willfully A.H. White patriotards are government employee’s or governent employee’s bitching about how little they don’t earn.

      Government employee’s over night given power by the regime would gladly/willing become local NKVD type’s IMO.

      Yes, yes I know not all of regime employee’s are retards, just most.

    15. 2050 Says:

      Checking out the news video about the burning of that boy in FL., I noticed that the ‘father’s’ bicycle is one of those low rider bikes that mexicans/latinos/hispanics/island mexicans like cubans and puerto ricans like to build and ride.
      So perhaps in addition to his sister being married to a spic, seems there’s a good chance that his stepfather is a spic too.
      The joys and benefits of multiculturalism.
      Diversity is our strength.

    16. Ein Says:

      So perhaps in addition to his sister being married to a spic, seems there’s a good chance that his stepfather is a spic too.

      No. From the picture I saw of that boy, there’s no chance of it. None at all.

    17. Long Live The Confederacy!!! Says:

      In Florida the only thing that smells worse that a dirty spic is a nigger and the damn smelliest nigger of them all is a Haitian. They don’t bathe, they smell like shit rolled in incense. When they would come to work on our job site we wouldn’t even let them use the Porto-potty, they smelled so bad. They would have to use the bushes and guess what, they would never ask for toilet paper. I guess that’s what that shit smell was that always followed them around. Anyways they hated us whites but I used to enjoy handing them each a shovel when they showed up, with a big smile on my face because digging holes was all them Haitian niggers were used for.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ugh! Even the other niggers don’t like the Haitians. Why are we allowing those jet-black, head-shrinking voodoo savages in here? And just how many of them are there in Haiti, anyway? 100 million? It seems like it.

    19. Howdy Doody Says:


    20. Long Live The Confederacy!!! Says:

      Here’s the history of Haiti: Before 1789 as a French colony under White rule, San Domingo (Haiti) was as rich or richer in productivity as all the 13 American Colonies combined. It was considered the “crown jewel” of the French colonial system, and was in fact the most prosperous colony anywhere in the world. Populated by 40,000 Whites, 27,000 freed Mulattoes, and 450,000 Black slaves and with a bountiful climate and productive soil, it supplied all of France and half of Europe with sugar, coffee, and cotton. But in 1791, the French government issued a decree ordering Haiti to give the vote to the Mulattoes, and soon after another ordering freedom for all the slaves. This resulted in a bloody civil war in which the entire White population (about 40,000 Frenchmen) was murdered, down to the last man, woman, and child. Rape, decapitation, and mutilation were committed almost universally upon their bodies. And this my friends is the reason why niggers can’t be trusted! I highly recommend reading this also concerning the substandard nigger and his inferiority to the white man as proven by scientific testing, http://christianparty.net/wm/wm0254a.html and http://christianparty.net/wm/wm0254b.html . This stuff is very informative and will give you a much clearer understanding of the negro animal.

    21. Ein Says:

      “And just how many of them are there in Haiti, anyway? 100 million? It seems like it.”

      It would seem that way.
      That’s because it’s a non-stop baby factory. That’s about all they produce — black babies.
      And it does them no good for us to allow some of them to come here, because as fast as they emigrate from the island, they reproduce even more to replace the ones who left.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Island of Hispanola, along with the Continents of Africa and South America, should all be the happiest, most prosperous places on Earth. They have beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, an excellent climate for tourism, agriculture and raising cattle. They’ve got minerals, natural gas, oil and all kinds of valuable resources that we don’t have, yet those parts of the world are backasswards and poor beyond belief. They’ve done almost nothing with all the abundance that Nature has provided them. Based on such evidence, one would have to be a fool not to see that the races are clearly not equal.

    23. Long Live The Confederacy!!! Says:

      Here’s the scientific proof to back up that theory http://christianparty.net/wm/wm0254a.html and http://christianparty.net/wm/wm0254b.html

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      Fascinating stuff, Mr. Confederacy. Thanks for providing the invaluable info!

    25. Long Live The Confederacy!!! Says:

      Yea, you won’t find those scientific studies taught in the race-mixing, diversity-loving public school system! That would undermine their whole indoctrination process!!!

    26. damn catholics! Says:

      Hey. Tim, i just read about the balloon boy. Turned out to be a hoax. The guy and his AmerIndian or whatever wife are going to be in a bit of trouble now after getting the National Guard mobilized to look for the boy’s ‘body.’

      Oh, and Miss Piggy is dreaming of a romantic night with a nigger in a new Disney commercial.

      As long as she’s blonde thinks the nigger.

    27. Long Live The Confederacy!!! Says:

      Omg!!! You’re right about Miss Piggy! I guess that’s why she’s called piggy! Well I won’t be taking my kids to that homosexual & nigger loving theme park!!! I’m sure old Walt is rolling in his grave right now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FI2gvsUbUk