13 October, 2009

Instauration Archive

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These are in .pdf format: [Documents].

More about Instauration: [Here].

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    6. 2 Responses to “Instauration Archive”

      1. John A Says:

        I subscribed to “Instauration” and will always remember a note I got from the publisher after it ceased publication.

        The final issue came with an insert saying publication was ending and had a list of possible “make goods” to complete the subscription.

        I sent the form back with my own note saying a “make good” wasn’t necessary but asked, “What happened?”

        He replied by returning my note with three words written on it:
        “Tired – No Money”

        It was one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen.

      2. Tom McReen Says:

        Thanks for this link, I remember seeing Instauration mentioned on FAEM a few years ago.

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