17 October, 2009

Louisiana: Mixed-Race Couple Denied Marriage License

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How not surprising that the ACLU got involved. This matter is directly related to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1967 Loving v. Virginia ruling:


More: [Here].

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    1. Edward Randolph Says:

      A lot of White people fall into the crypto-racialist category. That is, they will justify a move from an increasingly multiracial area to a predominantly White area as “wanting to hear people speak English” or some such filler reason rather than being open about their real reason, possibly not admitted even to themselves. Or, as in this case, someone will focus on the pain which the offspring of mixed marriages feel without, again, expressing openly racialist sentiments. (My mother would say much the same thing as this man did, about the pain the children must feel as a result of not fitting into either race proper.)

      The foot-dragging of such people — their identities as White people shadowy, a basket of various forms of passive resistance — is important, if not exactly the sort of ideological consciousness desired… It represents the ‘mainstream racialists’ rather than the tiny ideologically-conscious WN minority: those who are not radicalized per se into a White Nationalist groove but who resist the multiracialocracy in a thousand ways. Speaking as an immigrant to NZ, & specifically a Christchurch resident, I notice how the mainstream White locals — however racialist they might be in reality — are almost completely uninterested in the open expression of WN ideology.

      My partner & I asked some local skinheads who were demonstrating recently whether they had heard of Kevin MacDonald & others. The replies were negative. We were probably some of the few people to comment possibly on their demonstration, & the replies were still negative. Our goal — to find the more intellectual skinheads — simply did not happen. As for the demonstrating skinheads, how can they possibly appeal to mainstream White Kiwis, who are racialist in a crypto-racialist fashion at best? If some of those demonstrating had had dreadlocks (like Kiwi construction workers often do), if children had been running around at mothers’ feet, if professors had been reciting WI poetry at passerby, I would feel less depressed about what I saw a few months ago.

      How does one radicalize that numerically more numerous crypto-racialist grouping? I have no clue, because I can read books, I can come up with ideas, I can write poems, but I cannot, cannot, crack my people’s code. Sorry to be gloomy, but I don’t know the answer to this question.

    2. Edward Randolph Says:

      Sorry, by “possibly” I meant “positively”.

      I mean, the skinheads we saw were very polite, very non-confrontational… It was a rainy day… In a way, all we could see of the protesters was their eyes, because when men shave their heads the color of their eyes seems to come to prominence. Some of them were very shy… If we said something positive they would be surprised that someone had spoken at all. We spoke to one guy who was, again, very nice, but we did not learn much.

      I guess I just wonder where the “WN Beatniks” are… people not unlike the bohemian cadre in The Turner Diaries. Now, I consider that book rather crude when compared to the much more sophisticated The Camp of the Saints… but I liked the bohemian cadre, because I saw it as the most positive part of the whole frigging shebang… That is, the enemy could care less what their people do so long as they support the struggle against the “Fascist National Golgotha”, whereas in our camp we insult each other about allegiances to secondary issues at the drop of a hat.

      Ah well. I’m 25. If I could drop in on a WN professor & bounce ideas off of him, I would, but have a met a single person like that in my whole life? Nope. I think about “ideological field trips” to “leading lights” in NZ, like writers used to show up at Ezra Pound’s prison to say hi… & I don’t know, considering how splintered WNs are, whether the reception would be at all what I expect.

    3. 2050 Says:

      That’s the question we try to figure out every day around here. The folks Dr. MacDonald calls implicitly white, rather than explicitly white like us WN types.
      Here they’re represented by the NASCAR crowd and such, and I still don’t have a clue how to awaken them without mass media. Someday, when we are being hunted for sport perhaps they’ll come around.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Please tell me that picture of the jet-black Negro and the red-headed White girl is photoshopped and not a real couple!

    5. Edward Randolph Says:

      I guess I don’t expect White people to disappear no matter what happens… because people presently Eskimo may be the ones to sweep aside the Neo-Minoans…

      The Gentiles in general – White or Other — emphasize performance IQ over verbal IQ in their makeup… This toss-up is not surprising, but I have no place in it, being verbal-oriented.

      I feel… not betrayed, as such, but sidelined. I expect candor, & I receive versions of racialism other than I expect. I think of the “Isolationist Internationale” as something which can appeal to many White people, & I never encounter people who… act as I expect.

      Fuck! I think you WNs have more of “Truth” on your side, but no one is receptive, even if they’re White. What is one to do? A Jew might contact fellow Jews and receive an appropriate reception, but a WN with an intellectual bent cannot simply approach those who are supposed to be more receptive.

    6. Curt O'brian Says:

      Yes too bad they are not a gay couple. That’s ok. I know because every late night comic has told me so many times.

      I wish it could be a gay couple adopting children and teaching them how evil having parents of both sexes really is. I mean the rest of the animal kingdom has got it wrong lo these many hundreds of millions of years. You don’t want a male and a female…

      That’s CrAzy talk!

      Two males raising a little girl and two females raising a little boy. That’s good!

    7. CW-2 Says:

      ER: We don’t often get comments from NZ residents, you are probably the first. I have some friends in NZ and it is a real struggle to get them to openly admit that WN provides the only solution to the problems facing the White race. This reticence stems from their reluctance to offend the Maori population, with whom they have generally good relations.
      Also, not only is the local media completely jewed it is extremely superficial with semi-slogans being accepted as factual reporting and no real or even pretended discussion of important topics. The gelded skinheads you describe are symptomic of the whole country, a dumbed-down population used by the globalist elite as an isolated area where they can experiment on pushing the multiculturalist agenda.

    8. Junghans Says:

      NZ white nationalists should seek out Kerry Bolton, the elder NZ resident WN intellectual. He has many excellent books & essays to his credit.

    9. CW-2 Says:

      Yes, I had forgotten about Kerry Bolton, An interesting character but his mixing of semi-mythic mumbo jumbo with WN has got him nowhere. WN has got to be factually based and rational.

      Colin King Ansell, one of the more colorful WN in Sydney during the late ’60’s and early ’70’s started his career in New Zealand, but his penchant for dressing in NS regalia didn’t endear him to the locals.

    10. Long Live The Confederacy!!! Says:

      Justice Keith Bardwell did the right thing, and in this day when our country is being run & overrun by niggers that takes balls!!! I wish there were more white patriots in power who had a spine like this man!!!

    11. th Says:

      i find it amusing that when this story broke, no where in the jew media did it describe the justice as being white. whenever there is racism it assumed it is white oriented. even though most older blacks don’t want halfbreed carmel grand kids either. al the monkey sharpten will be on his way to hammond soon enough. hammond is a nice little town, where folks that want to escape the gorilla killing fields of new orleans go to live. so al might not be so welcome there.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Justice Keith Bardwell did the right thing, and in this day when our country is being run & overrun by niggers that takes balls!!! I wish there were more white patriots in power who had a spine like this man!!!”


      The thing is, Justice Bardwell, like every other White guy who’s confronted by charges of racism, gets all defensive and denies he’s a racist. Well, of course he’s a racist! And that’s a GOOD THING. I just wish someone would admit to being a racist for once. I certainly don’t run from that word.

    13. Edward Randolph Says:

      “This reticence stems from their reluctance to offend the Maori population, with whom they have generally good relations.”

      Having lived around both Maori and Africans, I guess I have to say ‘No wonder’.

      Also, I can see that Maori have an interest — even if they do not recognize it — in not becoming just another minority; there is room for tactical alliance between Maoris and Whites in NZ the explicit purpose of which is to keep every other group at bay. How might one ‘purchase’ loyalty? Perhaps by giving Maori, and Maori alone, the same kind of freedom to travel and own property outside of Auckland as Whites, a privilege — framed properly — which they would have an interest in retaining. (Auckland is pretty fucked, hence the assumption here that it could be a sort of ‘interzone’, at least for an interim period, as the rest of NZ returns to normalcy.)

      Here is a quote from CK Stead’s Smith’s Dream which captures something about the situation… said by Volkner, the leader in his novel:

      “I read what they print in their clandestine presses. I get reports on what they broadcast from the hills — that I’m a Hitler, a fascist — all that fashionable leftist cant. Well, they’re welcome to it. New Zealand may have become a fascist state. I haven’t heard any of them acknowledging that it’s still a multiracial state. What kind of a Hitler does that make me? I’ve always loved the Maori people. How many Maoris are there in the Communist Party?” His voice grew shriller and his articulation more formal. “The Maori is the aristocrat of the dark races. He is Polynesian to begin with, which makes him superior to the yellow and the black. But, second, he is a Polynesian who has had the initiative to drive south into colder waters in search of larger territory. Cooler latitudes and a challenging terrain have taken from him all but a trace — a quite picturesque trace, I may say — of Polynesian indolence.”

      Leaving aside the bit about Polynesians being superior to “the yellow”, which is a bit of an overstatement(!), there is truth to this fictional portrayal. Sometimes opposition to WN by Whites may take the form of having at least the beginnings of an indigenous ‘explicit racialism’ of their own. Even that, of course, is unlikely to phase the ‘implicit racialists’ around here.

      As to Bolton, I’ve read essays by him before…

    14. Andrei's Ghost Says:

      From The Future…….

      Interspecies “couple” denied marriage license in Indiana.

      by Andrei Yustschinsky, United Pricks International
      Sunday, December, 25, 2017

      HAMMOND, Indiana. (United Pricks International) – A Louisiana justice of the peace said he refused to issue a marriage license to an interspecies “couple” out of concern for the human “half” contracting Lyme Disease

      Timmy Martin, justice of the peace in Lake County, says it is his experience that most interspecies marriages can lead to Lyme Disease and other medical problems associated with human-K-9 sexual (“love making”) contact.

      Neither Martin nor the couple immediately returned phone calls from United Pricks International. But Martin told the Daily Press Herald of Hammond that he was not against anti-cross-species mating.

      “I would do ceremonies for humans who want to wed k-9s, jack asses or even horses right here in my house,” Martin said. “My main concern is those goddamn lice.”

      Martin said he has discussed the topic with humans and attempted to with non-humans, along with witnessing some cross-species marriages. He came to the conclusion that most of human society does not readily accept such relationships, even though the non-human seems to enjoy it, he said.

      “I don’t do cross-species marriages because I don’t want to see the human side tortured by Lyme disease and other body lice misfortunes,” Martin said. “In my heart, I feel for both the human and the k-9, the donkey or the billy-goat will later suffer.”

      If he does a cross-species marriage for one couple, he must do the same for all, he said.

      “I try to treat everyone and everything equally,” he said.

      19-year-old Ashley Smyth, a female human, and 5-year-old Rod, a male Doberman (K-9), both of Hammond, say they (she) will consult the North American Union Justice Department about filing a discrimination complaint.

      Smyth told the newspaper she called Martin on Dec. 6 to inquire about getting a marriage license signed. She says Martins’s wife told her that Martin will not sign marriage licenses for cross-species couples.

      “It is really astonishing and disappointing to see this come up in 2017,” said North American Union Civil Liberties Union of Indiana attorney and Sarah Silvernan look-a-like Miriam Goldblatt. “The North American Union Supreme Court ruled as far back as far as 2012 that the government cannot tell people who or what they can and cannot marry.”

      The ACLU was preparing a letter for the Indiana Supreme Court, which oversees the state justices of the peace, asking them to investigate Martin and see if they can remove him from office, Goldblatt said.

      “He knew he was breaking the law, but continued to do it,” Goldblatt said.

      According to the clerk of court’s office, application for a marriage license must be made three days before the ceremony because there is a 72-hour waiting period. The applicants are asked if they have previously been married to humans or whatever. If so, they must show how the marriage ended, such as divorce or the earlier death of the non-human because of the life expectancy difference between the two species .

      Other than that, all they need is a birth certificate and Social Security card for the human and proper tags and rabie shot documents for the non-human.

      The license fee is $105, and the license must be signed by a Indiana minister, justice of the peace, judge or an authorized PETA official. The original is returned to the clerk’s office.

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting “on the spot” from the Lake County, Indiana Justice of the Peace office, Crown Point, Indiana……..

      Copywrong 2009 United Pricks International. No rights reserved. This material can & willt be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    15. Tom McReen Says:

      Curt, the media in the UK is promoting the new ‘smash-hit US show’ called Modern Family. Yep, you can smell something bad from the title and sure enough one of the featured ‘families’ is a fag couple with a baby. It’s mainstream now, sayeth the kike media.

      The trailer I saw was using The Simpsons to help promote it! The kikes think we’re stupid.

    16. Chonodomarius Says:

      ” Viewed from the racial solidarist perspective, intermarriage is an act of race war. ” RACE The Reality of Human Differences Sarich & Miele

    17. Doug Says:

      I’m starting to think, from seeing how many white girls are having niglets, that we need to throw away our obsolete morality of marriage before kids, and impregnate attractive white girls who are at highest risk of having a niglet. I have a feeling that monogamy, in this era of the welfare state, is detrimental for male white racialists. Instead, we should impregnate as many white females as possible, not the ones who are wanting marriage and a normal family, at least not immediately, but those who are a little more promiscuous but still clearly racially valuable.

      There’s a limit to how many white children can be born in a “normal” monogamous relationship with a typical healthy white female, but the sky is the limit for having kids with white females who live in a manner that would much more likely result in ending knocked up with a nigger (the type who is fashionable and pretty, but brainwashed enough that some suave nigger might take advantage of them). It’s a numbers game. I recommend this especially for anyone who does a lot of travel, as the SS recommended the soldiers to impregnate Nordic women (ABBA’s Anni Frid Lyngstad was born of such a union). In today’s era it’s even more important, since the alternative is niggers rather than other Nordic males we’re competing with. Those white males with superior minds, who have reached this point of understanding our dilemma, need to fuck for the future. The welfare state selects for numbers, and those who aren’t adapting to this environment will only have their money fund someone else’s children.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:



      Is the lack of readers and posters at WN sites due to trolls and knocking the sites off line for months in some cases over last few years; or is it just fear and or willful arrogant ignorace?

      Lemmings after ten years of the internet still don’t read.

      I have actually meet working so called professional’s who think Tom Clancy was intellectual material.

    19. 2050 Says:

      I just saw a commercial for Disneyland that had Miss Piggy dreaming about romance with a buck nigger.

    20. TheJewHunter Says:

      The problem doesn’t only lie within black / White unions.

      I cannot count how many of the non-White intelligent races make it a habit of pursuing White poon simply because they are much more attractive than the native women which these Chinamen and curry-niggers claim as their own.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      Godammit Doug, you’re RIGHT!!! Enough of those antiquated bourgeois notions of chastity, monogamy and morality. Our Race is in danger of extinction, for crying out loud!!! It’s time for every healthy, halfway decent-looking White guy and White girl to get together and start producing a few hundred million White children! Any White mother who produces at least 5 healthy White offspring gets a solid gold Mother’s Cross and a free shopping spree at Filene’s Basement. Never mind the wedding plans or the bridal and baby showers, just start humping! It’s later than any of us realize.

    22. Blackshirt Says:

      B-b-b-but Tim! Having children out of wedlock is a sin! What would McReen say? Yahweh doesn’t like sinners, you know ;-)

    23. Ein Says:

      Doug says: “I have a feeling that monogamy, in this era of the welfare state, is detrimental “

      After the two disastrous world wars, there was a severe shortage of men; many fine women were forced to go husbandless and thus childless, and to die as spinsters. This contributed to the terrible toll on our race that the war had already taken.

      This was madness. Morality should serve some purpose.

      I have often thought that if we had relaxed our rigid moral code a tiny bit and taken a more lenient attitude to polygamy, Europe would not now be facing the population decline that it is suffering, nor the invasion of mud people from the Third World to replace all those white children who were never born.

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      Russia is still suffering from the loss of over 10 million of their best young men in WWI and II, not to mention all the millions of White Russian men who were sent off to Siberian labor camps, starved to death in artificial famines or put in front of firing squads under Stalin. Mostly all one sees in Russia these days are widowed old women. The Jew Bolsheviks really did a good job ruining that country, maybe forever.

    25. Tom McReen Says:

      Blackshirt1488, keep your fantasies about Christians to yourself. Go and make a voodoo doll of a Christian pastor and take your obsession out on that instead of projecting it onto me.

      Second, you and your socks/pals have made your pro-queer, anti-morality, 60s-loving left-wing agenda clear in the past many times, as well as here.

    26. Andrei's ghost Says:


      “The American Lutheran Church and the Jewish Community”

      General Convention of the American Lutheran Church


      [posted with the permission of the ECLA Department for Communication]


      There are many cogent reasons which urge us to reconsider the relationship of Lutherans, and indeed of all Christians, to Jews. Christians are not as aware as they should be of the common roots and origin of the church and the Jewish tradition of faith and life. Both Judaism and Christianity regard the Hebrew Bible — the Old Testament — as the document which bears witness to the beginning of God’s saving work in history. They worship the same God and hold many ethical concerns in common, even though they are divided with respect to faith in Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah.

      Christians must also become aware of that history in which they have deeply alienated the Jews. It is undeniable that Christian people have both initiated and acquiesced in persecution. Whole generations of Christians have looked with contempt upon this people who were condemned to remain wanderers on the earth on the false charge of deicide. Christians ought to acknowledge with repentance and sorrow their part in this tragic history of estrangement. Since anti-Jewish prejudice is still alive in many parts of the world, Christians need to develop a sympathetic understanding of the renewal among Jews of the terror of the Holocaust. It is as if the numbness of the injury has worn off, old wounds have been reopened, and Jews live in dread of another disaster. Christians must join with Jews in the effort to understand the theological and moral significance of what happened in the Holocaust.

      We need also to look to the future to see if there are things Christians and Jews can do together in service to the community. Better communication between Christians and Jews can lead to more adequate joint efforts on behalf of a humane society. The new atmosphere in theological research and interfaith encounter which has developed within recent years summons us to undertake serious conversations with Jewish people. Some Christians feel a special concern to explore the contribution which American churches might make in and through contacts with their Jewish neighbors and others to a resolution of the conflict in the Middle East that will be to the benefit of all those living in that region.

      The urgency of the foregoing considerations is heightened by the fact that about 50 percent of all Jews live in North America. As Lutherans we ought, therefore, to regard our Jewish neighbors as major partners in the common life.

      We urge that Lutherans should understand that their relationship to the Jewish community is one of solidarity, of confrontation, and of respect and cooperation.

      I. Solidarity

      Our common humanity

      Lutherans and Jews, indeed all mankind, are united by virtue of their humanity. Lutherans and Jews agree that all people, regardless of race, religion or nationality, are equally God’s children, and equally precious in his sight. This conviction is based on a concept of God as Creator of the universe, who continues to care for his creation, whose mercies are over all his creatures.

      Our common heritage

      The existence of Jewish congregations today shows that a religious tradition which traces its ancestry back to the time of Abraham is still living and growing. It is a tradition that gave rise to Christianity; a tradition from which Christianity has borrowed much. But modem Judaism has grown, changed, and developed considerably beyond the Judaism of biblical times, just as the modem church has grown, changed, and developed considerably beyond its New Testament beginnings.

      It is unfortunate that so few Christians have studied Judaism as it grew and flowered in the centuries since the New Testament era. The first step for Lutherans, therefore, is to devote themselves to completing this long-neglected homework. It is strongly recommended that Lutherans ask the Jews themselves to teach them about this long and critically important period in Jewish history.

      Our spiritual solidarity

      Our solidarity is based on those ideas and themes held in common, most of which were inherited by Christianity from the Jewish tradition. It is important to note that the ministry of Jesus and the life of the early Christian community were thoroughly rooted in the Judaism of their day. To emphasize the Jewishness of Jesus and his disciples, and to stress all that binds Jews and Christians together in their mutual history is also to attack one of the sources of anti-Jewish prejudice. We are, after all, brothers one to another. Judaism and Christianity both worship the one God. We both call Abraham father. We both view ourselves as communities covenanted to God. We both feel called to serve in the world as God’s witnesses and to be a blessing to mankind.

      This emphasis on solidarity is not meant to ignore the many differences that exist between Lutherans and Jews. Rather it is through an understanding and appreciation of what we have in common that we can best discuss our differences. But for the moment, Lutherans have an obligation to fulfill — namely, to understand adequately and fairly the Jews and Judaism. This is the immediate purpose of Lutheran conversations with Jews.

      It is hoped that as Lutherans better understand this similar, yet different religious tradition, the wounds of the past will be healed, and Lutherans and Jews together will be able to face the future receptive to the direction of the Holy Spirit as he seeks to accomplish the will of the One in whom all men live and move and have their being.

      II. Confrontation

      The history of separation and persecution

      American Lutherans are the heirs of a long history of prejudicial discrimination against Jews, going back to pre-Christian times. The beginnings of this history of hate are obscure, but gross superstition and the desire for a scapegoat were prominent aspects. The separation between church and synagogue became final by the end of the first century. When Christianity was made the official religion of the Roman Empire, a systematic degradation of Jews began in which both church and empire played their parts. Jews were regarded as enemies who were to be eliminated by defamation, extermination, prohibition of their writings, destruction of their synagogues, and exclusion into ghettos and despised occupations. During these 19 centuries, Judaism and Christianity never talked as equals. Disputation and polemics were the media of expression. More recent developments reflect the continuation of patterns of ethnic behavior growing out of this heritage, by which Jews have been excluded by non-Jews, and have, in turn, themselves drawn together in separate communities.

      No Christian can exempt himself from involvement in the guilt of Christendom. But Lutherans bear a special responsibility for this tragic history of persecution, because the Nazi movement found a climate of hatred already in existence. The kindness of Scandinavian Lutherans towards Jews cannot alter the ugly facts of forced labor and concentration camps in Hitler’s Germany. That the Nazi period fostered a revival of Luther’s own medieval hostility toward Jews, as expressed in pugnacious writings, is a special cause of regret. Those who study and admire Luther should acknowledge unequivocally that his anti-Jewish writings are beyond any defense,

      In America, Lutherans have been late and lethargic in the struggle for minority rights in the face of inherited patterns of prejudice. We have also been characterized by an inadequate level of ethical sensitivity and action in social and political areas.

      Distinctive ideas, doctrines, practices

      Customarily, American Lutherans have increased misunderstanding by trying to picture Jews as a “denomination” or “faith-community” like themselves. Actua}ly, Jewishness is both a religious phenomenon and a cultural phenomenon which is exceedingly hard to define. While for most Jews, ancient and modem, it is seen as a matter of physical descent, the aspects of religion and nationhood have at times occupied decisive positions, as is currently true in regard to Zionism. We create misunderstanding when we persist in speaking of “Jewish” creeds and “Jewish” theology, for not all Jews necessarily believe in Judaism, although that religion is their heritage.

      Judaism, while it does indeed have teachings, differs markedly from Christian denominations in that its essence is best summed up not in a set of beliefs or creeds, but in a way of life. The distinctive characteristics of the words “Jew” and “Judaism” should neither be ignored nor should they be revised to fit better with Christian presuppositions. We must rather allow Jewishness to be defined by Jews, and content ourselves with the already tremendous difficulties of trying to keep aware of the complexities of this shifting and not uncontradictory self-understanding.

      To the extent that both religious practices and theological reflection manifest themselves among Jews, some basic guidelines can be attempted. There is no reason why Jewish practices and beliefs should be understood or judged differently from those of any minority group. They ought, indeed, to be respected especially by Christians, since they flow from a tradition which served as the “mother” of Christianity. But even where they are in disagreement with the practices and beliefs of Christians, they still deserve the same full protection and support which are given to the religious convictions of any American citizen. While modem interest in ethnicity has furthered the appreciation of diversity of heritages, American Lutherans still need warnings against bigotry and urgings to work toward minority rights.

      The unique situation of the sharing of the books of the Hebrew Scriptures by Lutherans and Jews is the source of great problems as well as the potential for significant dialogue. Because Jews are not a “denomination” with a unity shaped by a theological consensus, these Scriptures do not have the same role for them as they do for us. For both Jews and Lutherans the Old Testament has a kind of mediate authority. For Jews this authority is mediated by millennia of tradition and by the individual’s choice as to whether or not he will be “religious”. For Lutherans as well, the Hebrew Scriptures do not have independent authority. They gain their significance from their role as Old Testament and are subordinated to the New Testament Christ, in whom they find a complex fulfillment, involving cancellation as well as acceptance, and reinterpretation as well as reaffirmation. Lutherans must affirm what Jews are free to accept or reject, namely, that it is the same God who reveals himself in both Scriptures. The consequence of this is that Lutherans must view Judaism as a religion with which we in part agree wholeheartedly and yet in part disagree emphatically. Judaism worships the same God as we do (the God of Abraham is our God), yet it disavows the Christ in whom, according to Christian faith, all God’s promises have their fulfillment and through whom God has revealed the fullness of his grace.

      In view of these divergences, Lutherans and Jews will differ, sometimes drastically, about questions of biblical interpretation, especially in regard to Christian claims about the fulfillment of the Old Testament. Such disagreements should not be the cause of either anger or despair, but rather should be seen as the doorway to a dialogue in which there can occur the discovery of both the real sources of the divergences and their appropriate degree of importance. Out of such learning there can come a mutuality of understanding which can make witness far more meaningful.

      III. Respect and cooperation

      In recognition of the solidarity that unites us and of the tensions and disagreements which have divided us, we affirm the desire of the American Lutheran Church to foster a relationship of respect and cooperation with our Jewish neighbors.

      Cooperation in social concern

      Jews and Lutherans live together in the same society. They have common problems and obligations. The bonds of common citizenship ought to impel Lutherans to take the initiative in promoting friendly relationships and in making common cause with Jews in matters of civic and social concern. It is of special importance that Lutherans demonstrate their commitment to the intrinsic worth of Jewish people by giving them all possible assistance in the struggle against prejudice, discrimination, and persecution. Jews and Lutherans need not share a common creed in order to cooperate to the fullest extent in fostering human rights.

      A mutual sharing of faith

      Within a context of respect and cooperation, Lutherans should invite Jews to engage in a mutual sharing of convictions. Lutherans who are aware of the Jewish roots of their faith will be moved by both a sense of indebtedness and a desire for deeper understanding to share on the level of religious commitment. Many Lutherans wish to engage in a mutual sharing of convictions, not only for the sake of greater maturity, but also because Christian faith is marked by the impulse to bear witness through word and deed to the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

      It is unrealistic to expect that Lutherans will think alike or speak with one voice on the motive and method of bearing witness to their Jewish neighbors. Some Lutherans find in Scripture clear directives to bear missionary witness in which conversion is hoped for. Others hold that when Scripture speaks about the relation between Jews and Christians, its central theme is that God’s promises to Israel have not been abrogated. The one approach desires to bring Jews into the body of Christ, while the other tends to see the church and the Jewish people as together forming the one people of God, separated from one another for the time being, yet with the promise that they will ultimately become one.

      It would be too simple to apply the labels “mission” and “dialogue” to these points of view, although in practice some will want to bear explicit witness through individuals, special societies, or ecclesiastical channels, while others will want to explore the new possibilities of interfaith dialogue. Witness, whether it be called “mission” or “dialogue”, includes a desire both to know and to be known more fully. Such witness is intended as a positive, not a negative act. When we speak of a mutual sharing of faith, we are not endorsing a religious syncretism. But we understand that when Lutherans and Jews speak to each other about matters of faith, there will be an exchange which calls for openness, honesty, and mutual respect. One cannot reveal one’s faith to another without recognizing the real differences that exist and being willing to take the risk of confronting these differences.

      We wish to stress the importance of interfaith dialogue as a rich opportunity for growth in mutual understanding and for a new grasp of our common potentiality for service to humanity. We commend to the American Lutheran Church the LCUSA document, “Some Observations and Guidelines for Conversations between Lutherans and Jews”, as a helpful means toward realizing the goals of interfaith dialogue. It should be understood that the LCUSA document limits itself to the aims and methods of dialogue and does not attempt to cover the entire field of Lutheran-Jewish relationships. Consequently, its comment that “neither polemics nor conversions are the aim of such conversations” does not rule out mission.

      The State of Israel

      The LCUSA “Guidelines” wisely suggest that “the State of Israel” be one of the topics for Jewish-Lutheran conversations. The tragic encounter of two peoples in the Middle East places a heavy responsibility upon Lutherans to be concerned about the legitimacy of the Jewish state, the rights of the Palestinians, and the problems of all refugees.

      The history and circumstances of the Israeli-Arab conflict are very complicated. It is understandable that Lutherans should be deeply divided in their evaluation of the situation in the Middle East. In Jewish opinion, Israel is more than another nation. It is a symbol of resurrection following upon the near extinction of the Jewish people within living memory. There are also some Lutherans who find a religious significance in the State of Israel, seeing in recent events a fulfillment of biblical promises. Other Lutherans espouse not a “theology of the land”, but a “theology of the poor”, with special reference to the plight of the Palestinian refugees. Still other Lutherans endorse what might be called a “theology of human survival”, believing that the validity of the State of Israel rests on juridical and moral grounds.

      It seems clear that there is no consensus among Lutherans with respect to the relation between the “chosen people” and the territory comprising the present State of Israel. But there should be a consensus with respect to our obligation to appreciate, in a spirit of repentance for past misdeeds and silences, the factors which gave birth to the State of Israel and to give prayerful attention to the circumstances that bear on the search for Jewish and Arab security and dignity in the Middle East.

    27. kilgore Says:

      I applaud the judge for not marrying these cretins. Should he blindly “follow orders”? We have so many positive examples of mixed race couples. Like OJ. Then theres the 70% violent crime rate of blacks. What kind of white woman with any self pride would even enter into sucha relationship. I daresay that the divorce rate between these clowns must be well over 95%. It was a futile gesture, Quixotic even. But you gotta do what you gotta do. I wouldnt have married them either. BTW when is VNN gonna make some more podcasts or audios of some kind? I miss them.