27 November, 2009

Afghanistan: More U.S. Troops Will Fight for Zionism

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More American soldiers will fight – and lose their lives/limbs – in order to advance Jewish imperialism in the Middle East. Will Joe Citizen ever stand up and say “no more wars for Israel!”? Not as long as niggerball is on the TV and donuts are in the pantry:


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  7. 7 Responses to “Afghanistan: More U.S. Troops Will Fight for Zionism”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Imagine that….the once-mighty US military has only about 30,000 troops left to spare. That’s it. If ZOG wants to keep fighting wars of imperial conquest, like attacking Iran, it will soon have no choice but re-instate the Draft. But how will Congress and the President get away with doing that? And how will they manage to keep their own Draft-age children out of the Draft?

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      BTW, I think the young woman holding that sign in the photo is a Jewess. Only members of The Tribe are permitted to publicly and openly criticize the Zionist Entity, you know.

    3. M9999 Says:

      I just want it on the record that I am opposed to both wars, have been since they started, and am extremely frustrated that they are continuing. It doesn’t seem to be something that many people think very much about. How else can we explain that both candidates for president last year had continuing these wars as part of their platform? Ridiculous and anger-inducing.

    4. J.J Says:

      Tim McGreen Says:

      BTW, I think the young woman holding that sign in the photo is a Jewess.

      No way, she is an Arab.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well, she’s some kind of Semite. I wish the Jews and Arabs would fight their battles in the Near East where they belong and leave us out of it.

    6. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      Bitch is a jewess. ONLY jews are allowed to criticise I$rael here, period. I used to wear my “Fuck Israel” t-shirts to “Women in Black” demonstrations, which more properly should be named “Skank Jewesses in Black.”

    7. TimMcGreen Says:

      Exactly, Mr. Morris. It seems there a lot of people here who are being contrary just for the sake of being contrary.