21 November, 2009

England: BNP Signs First Non-White Member

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The British government has taken the “national” out of White nationalism. Now any mud can join the BNP [1]:


[1] actually, non-Whites joined the BNP before this Indian fellow did, i.e., Jews joined. Furthermore, any BNP membership vote on this issue is moot, since the government won’t allow the party to continue as it did

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    1. reo Says:

      It was not the British government but the Zionist BNP leadership who pushed this in co-operation with the Zoglings so that there would be an excuse for the members , most of whom are innocent chumps with good hearts but too small brains.

      That the BNP has been hostile to Revisionism for quite some time is a more serious matter than a few token nogs in it because it shows that it crossed the line and became ZOG.

      The BNP bitches like a right-wing Jew and has also sounded that way quite a while.
      I don’t care that Muslims execute gays or keep women at home, pity we don’t, but the BNP condemns the muzzies for these things in a PC way.

      The Jews want people to see Muslims as the main threat (not along with but instead of the Jews who the BNP loves).
      The BNP helps the Jews by offering this bogus explanation to people that somehow there is an Islamic conspiracy out there and not a Jewish one.

      In fact there are strange Muzzie groups but they are funded and supported by ZOG just like the BNP which got money like Amren from Rabbi Schiller.

    2. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      the “BNP” has been a pile of crap for the last decade or so!….ever since John Tyndall “karked” it…..and……yeh………their “stance” on the HollowHoax clearly demonstrates that they’re just another bunch of “false-flaggers” & kike-a-likes…..if you don’t “call out the kike”, then, yr just another fckn ZOG-bot!

    3. Tom McReen Says:

      So the BNP response to White people being banned from forming groups is to roll over? Lame. That’s very Conservative behaviour.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      It has long been suspected in Brit WN circles that Nick Griffin has made a deal with the zionists in the false hope that big media jew would cut the BNP some slack.
      At present the BNP and its anemic leadership is the best we have, but it isn’t all doom and gloom, because Griffin for all his faults is saying things that only a year ago would not have been reported.
      His comment that “we are witnessing the silent genocide of the British people” certainly jolted a few somnamblists. The more the BNP brings the race issue to the forefront of political debate the easier it will be for real WN to start preaching the ‘unthinkable’.
      I recommend hard-core unrepentent WN join the BNP and use it as a vehicle for networking and information gathering.
      Some of the old NF stalwarts have gone underground and formed organisations such as politicalsoldier.net, and there is http://www.iamanenglishman.com an anonymous site that doesn’t water-down the WN message. So British White Nationalism is like an iceberg, 90% of the true believers are out of view, the way it should be.

    5. Ein Says:

      Naturally, I’m none too pleased about this development (not that they would give a hoot about my opinion anyway) but as CW alone says, “at present, the BNP is the best we have.” I agree with that. It’s a poor second choice, and not my preference, but it’s a choice. In life, you can’t always get what you want; sometimes you have to settle for what’s available. Some wise person said that, “Politics is the art of the possible.” So they’re doing what is possible. What is their alternative?

      The BNP are like a toddler confined inside a playpen: they have to play within the limits that restrain them. They have no choice. There is nowhere for them to go. I’ld like to know just what other possibilities their critics would recommend. The critics, other than offering plenty of free criticism, don’t seem to offer any useful alternatives. Those who claim to care but dish out only negativism without providing any useful options aren’t being constructive or friendly.

      What would they suggest? That the BNP should go out of existence? Or should its leaders should put up a futile fight, accomplish nothing and land in prison, disgraced and ruined, with their movement completely outlawed, bankrupted and disbanded? Just what the BNPs enemies would love!

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Here’s what I would suggest….Form an underground guerilla resistance movement made up of small action units, a la Al Qaeda, the VietCong, the Wehrwolves, the Reconstruction-era Klan and the Taliban. No more playing by the System’s rules. Make the System very, very afraid.

    7. Sgt. Skull Says:

      At least the Sikh member supports the BNP’s charter of returning Britain to native Britons and is openly hostile to Muslims. Something tells me that if Muslims organized a political party with the stated purpose of imposing Islam on the hapless Brits it would me met with wild applause by the decadent and pathetic European establishment.

    8. reo Says:

      VNN needs to clean off the BNP smear team who attack White nationalists and Revisionists brazenly on the forums. So many people have been purged from the BNP, such as Simon Smith , who was thrown out for saying 911 was an inside job, that the BNP actively attacks people who have not sold out to get them to keep their heads down. This is part of their cultish jew identity .



      Most of the UK White nationalists have been driven off VNN and are on the North West forum there.

      The BNP make up slanders such as so and so has a black grand father and so and so has a Jew wife, but when I checked these all turned out to be lies.
      There have even been physical confrontations in the UK.
      So don’t imagine for a second the BNP is us, many some of the innocent members are ok but the leadership are enemies.

      Interesting there Spanish nationalists are more intelligent that British ones and attacked Griffin recently.

      There are some strange Muslim groups also in the UK but they are intelligence service assets also, as the Jews seek to distract the Whites with a “clash of civilisations ” with the Muslims.

      Note most non-Whites in the UK are not Muslim.

    9. Irma Grese Says:

      So in other words the BNP is just another Amren style ZOG-run false front. Oh well. Too bad. NEXT!

    10. Zoroastro Says:

      On the side note -higher caste Indians are most definitely ‘white’ . Much more so than your average ‘white’ Kwan or Briton glued to his weekly fix of niggerball (be it the amerikoon bakkuball or the ‘premiershit’ niggerball)…Also, when you talk to smarter Indians, they are far more aware of the nefarious Kike.

    11. Tom McReen Says:

      “On the side note -higher caste Indians are most definitely ‘white’ . Much more so than your average ‘white’ Kwan or Briton glued to his weekly fix of niggerball (be it the amerikoon bakkuball or the ‘premiershit’ niggerball)”

      Hello Zarastrutha/Parsifal/Mega Therion/Tim McGreen/Mike Jahn.

      “Also, when you talk to smarter Indians, they are far more aware of the nefarious Kike.”

      Proof please. I’d like to hear more about these Hindoo anti-semites who are more genetically White than the British. Perhaps these ‘smarter Indians’ with whom you socialise enlightened you to their Swastika admiration over a secretly-disposed dead corpse curry?

    12. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      Indians are 3rd world losers…whatever their caste. We don’t need them in the ‘kwa or in Western Europe. Let them work on bettering their own miserable, overpopulated hellhole, India.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      McReen, you don’t like my Zoroastro personna? Wow, you’re hard to please.

      And you should know that there are indeed some very White-looking Wogs in India, McReen. After all, your once-great country ruled over India for 200 years. Wasn’t your Victoria the Empress of India?

    14. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      Each foreigner legal or not represents one less job or university seat for the native White population. They simply all have to go and the floodgates must be shut in Western Europe and the USA. Accept no substitutes!

      These 3rd world cruds should be making their own hellholes(India, Pakistan, China, Korea, etc) better and not taking advantage of/burdening us under Jew supervision…

    15. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      I forgot worthless beaners from Mexico and further south as well…just wanted to add them to the crud grouping…

    16. Tom McReen Says:

      “The BNP bitches like a right-wing Jew and has also sounded that way quite a while.”

      Not good news for Whites if they become the Richard Littlejohn party (and he would still despise them anyway, showing what a sham ZOG-controlled jewish ‘nationalism’ for Whites is in reality).

      No more Conservative cowardice or neo-Con phony nationalism.

    17. Blackshirt Says:

      “No more Conservative cowardice or neo-Con phony nationalism.”

      Uh oh! One of the agents who post under McReen’s name is not towing the line. I think they are going to have to pull this one in a back room somewhere to get reeducated. The primary voice that posts under the “Tom McReen” moniker would NEVER say such a thing about his friends, Conservatives.

    18. Tom McReen Says:

      “The primary voice that posts under the “Tom McReen” moniker would NEVER say such a thing about his friends, Conservatives.”

      Proof please. I know you’re on a ‘Tom McReen is an agent’ kick (after I hade already said the same about you and your proven anti-White friends here) but spreading lies as well? Poor form.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m not sure that McReen is an agent. An agent would have to have some degree of finesse, I should think. Tom, however, is a crude, ill-mannered boor, hardly the stuff secret agents are made of.

    20. Tom McReen Says:

      “Tom, however, is a crude, ill-mannered boor”

      Still an irony fan, I see.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      Are you going to disagree with my characterization, McReen?

    22. Brad Says:

      BNP is a Zionist run outfit. Yesterday, Jim Giles at, radiofreemississippi dot net, did an interview with Arthur Kemp who currently works as the Foreign Affairs Spokesperson for BNP.

      FACTS about BNP

      1. BNP loves Jews
      2. BNP says their is no Jew conspiracy and Jews do not own Media
      3. BNP says Arabs did 9/11.
      4. BNP calls anyone who reveals the Jew; losers, cranks, cancers, psychopaths