13 November, 2009

Mormons, Too

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Holy Jeebus, even the “latter-day saints” are jumping onto the pro-fag bandwagon. Egalitarianism: it’s a disease you catch from Jews:


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    1. S.U.N. Says:

      Meanwhile spics all over the US celebrate that CNN ousted Lou Dobbs.

    2. old dutch Says:

      The Mormons are just another weird temple cult with a marriage taboo.

    3. old dutch Says:

      SUNNY, if CNN wanted to get rid of Lou Dobbs, they would have had to buy his contract out. Since he had two years left on his contract that would have cost CNN Millions!

      Plus, Dobbs is smart enough to know that people like me, click the clicker at the first sight of Wolfe Blitzer, or any Sanchez etc.

      Could be that in two years Dobbs will run against ancient Jew Frank Lautenberg for US Senator from New Jersey.

    4. Curt O'brian Says:

      They don’t have a choice – the handwriting on the wall is right there with the Democratic Party control. You can’t walk in the sunlight as a big group whose choir is supposed to play the Kennedy center and not follow federal hate crimes law at the same time. The web of punishments that has been already set up brick by brick for other civil right causes in taxes and who knows what else…

      I can see the New York and California senators laughing at the Utah congressional people. It’s like Microsoft trying to play games giving over records with the Justice department twenty years ago in that Monopolistic practices investigation. Justice won. Do the Mormons even have the power of Bill Gates?

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mormons are the biggest back-pedaling pussies on Earth. First they backpedal on polygamy, then on Race and now on the issue of fags. The Mormons want to be liked by everyone so badly. Well fuck them and their made-up bullshit religion.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      How long will it be before the Amish and Menonites are forced to accept nigs and fags into their communities.

    7. Wolf Says:

      My bet is the Mennonites give in before the Amish.

      Mormonism appears to be like a UFO cult.

      All Protestant sects are a little cultish. Many of them are not much different from the Moonies, the Hare Krishnas, the Scientologists etc.

    8. Blackshirt Says:

      Wolf, it is my opinion that all religions are cults. It’s just that some religions are very old and accepted, and others aren’t. Take the “Heaven’s Gate” cult- in 2000 years it’ll probably be as popular as Christinsanity.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mormonism is simply based on treasure-hunting and polygamy……..

      I’d love to ship all Mormons, Quakers, Shakers, Mennonites and Jehovah’s Witnesses to labor camps in the Arctic Circle.

    10. Tom McReen Says:

      Mormons are Christians? I thought they were just another cult invented by secret society minions.

      “Wolf, it is my opinion that all religions are cults.”

      Radical stuff there, repeating what every bland athiest on the internet says. Quick to forget that ‘secular’ wisdom has been publicly running the show for a long time.

    11. Blackshirt Says:

      I see Tom has found another thread to continue his attacks. Socrates, when are you going to take care of this clown?

    12. Ein Says:

      “Mormons are Christians? I thought they were just another cult invented by secret society minions.”

      I’ve been trying to determine that for years! I’ve even asked pointed questions. Even when I was in Salt Lake. I never could get a direct and clear reply.

      My conclusion is that they are “sort of”, but not exactly. (!!!) Maybe at times, when it suits them, but not otherwise when it doesn’t. (Now try to make sense of that.)

      The bottom line seems to be that they are a cult that shifts positions according to how the wind is blowing at the time.

      [Kind of like another cult that is sometimes a religion and other times a nationality/tribe/ethnic group, depending on what is most advantageous in that given time and place.]

    13. Tom McReen Says:

      Mormons are a bullshit cult posing as (almost) Christians. Joseph Smith was apparently connected to Freemasonry so that explains a lot.

      The Jehovah’s Witnesses seem like another shady Mormon-like cult but I have less knowledge of them.

    14. Ein Says:

      “Mormons are a bullshit cult posing as (almost) Christians.

      Indeed. It’s really incredible to see how you can take otherwise intelligent people, if you get them young enough and brainwash them throughly enough, to believe in almost anything!

      Still, it must be said that Mormons lead very healthy and wholesome lives, are very prosperous, and they were kept racially pure — at last up until recently. They do tend to be white, clean-living, and good-looking. So their religion, however wacky, did serve a useful purpose. I’ll grant that much. But it’s just amazing how any otherwise intelligent adult can believe all that incredible nonsense!

    15. Tom McReen Says:

      “Still, it must be said that Mormons lead very healthy and wholesome lives, are very prosperous, and they were kept racially pure — at last up until recently.”

      True, despite their ‘religion’ being the bullshit of an opportunistic cult leader. Makes you wonder about what White people can do under even better circumstances.

      Now they’re making the usual Conservative mistake of making concessions. It won’t work. Whatever remaining opposition they have to the jews’ agenda could well be made illegal in the next few years by the Obongo administration anyway.