9 November, 2009

Online Book

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“America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative” by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver:

(a .pdf file): [Book].

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    1. Junghans Says:

      Thank you for the great public service, Socrates. Essential reading for all WN’s. Lesen u. denken 101.

    2. Bret Ludwig Says:


    3. Bob Says:

      A good complement, “What we owe our Parasites”: http://resist.com/updates/2009/NOV_09/00-RPO-Parasites-19680609.mp3

    4. Joe 90 Says:

      With the lynching liberals of academia colluding to destroy the white race and Western civilization, it seems Professor Oliver was one of few academics who actively opposed this conspiracy. Would that there were more like him; unfortunately he was one of a kind.