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25 November, 2009

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“Klugman,” huh? Is that an Irish name? The UN has Jewish fingerprints all over it, from its ideological roots (the Soviet Comintern, run by the Jew named Zinoviev, was an earlier, failed attempt at global government) to its founders (Pasvolsky, Perlo, Adler, etc.). This is from early October, but just saw it today for the […]

25 November, 2009

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by Arch Stanton. Twenty-eight-year-old United Nations Private Kawanzi Anigbo squinted into the rocket launcher’s sight aperture to get a better view. The rain was making it difficult for Anigbo to see through the opening on the miniature, ladder-like device that served to aim the weapon. Carefully remembering the instructor’s words, Anigbo squeezed the rubber-coated bar […]

25 November, 2009

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by Dr. William Pierce. “The subject I’ve discussed most often is the dominant Jewish influence in the mass media of news and entertainment. I’ve spoken most often about this because it is the most important problem with which we must deal. It’s also a subject on which I receive a lot of flak. One of […]

24 November, 2009

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What’s the difference between the old Bush administration and the new Obama administration? The Jews have different names: [Article].

24 November, 2009

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Guess what would happen if you took away all the foreign tax dollars, foreign aid, foreign weapons and foreign technology from Israel – most of which came/come from the “sub-human” gentiles in America? In fact, without White people, Israel would sink like a stone in a kettle of matzoh ball soup: [Book Review].

23 November, 2009

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If the U.S. government had its priorities straight, American defense weapons might look like this:

23 November, 2009

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by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon. [Part 1]. [Part 2].

23 November, 2009

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“Oops,” says the average British octogenarian, upon reflection. “Hitler’s vision of a White Europe wasn’t so bad after all.” Too late, pal: [Article].

23 November, 2009

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“Billions of euros are at stake”? You don’t say! Marxism and profits, both… [Article].

22 November, 2009

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Gahan Wilson is world-famous for his macabre-but-funny cartoons: [cartoon] [cartoon] [cartoon]