14 December, 2009

Black and White: a Collection of Material Regarding Race…

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by Jerry Abbott: [Here].

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  7. 16 Responses to “Black and White: a Collection of Material Regarding Race…”

    1. Jim Donaldson Says:

      Race is not a social construct. The statement, “Race is a social construct,” is a social construct. As are all statements.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Black and Brown populations would be exceedingly small and manageable if it weren’t for White people’s misplaced sense of compassion, especially from those stupid idiot White Christians. That’s the fatal flaw in Whites, ie, the need to meddle in other people’s affairs and to try and “civilize” them. That’s why I always rejoice when I hear of some White missionary being put a pot and eaten by savages in Africa. Try minding your own business for once, Honky.

    3. nnews media Says:

      To alex linder

      what about your friend Hal turner look what he has done to your white movement.did I or ddid I not Try to tell you all the truth about him and when I exposed him as a conman a liar and a degenerate not just only to you but to the members of the kkk arayn national vanguards and the neo skinheads that when i showed you all proof of what he was doing alex you all should of knew that hal turner or better yet the Hal Barney fife turner would turn against you.

      if you didnt know I spoke with that agent he emailed that information he reply back and said and I quote hal turner is working with the fbi as a terrorist informant against racial hate .also Hal was giving them information on all of you who donated money to fund and run this stuff operated by the fbi to find out who was in the movement and to release personal information about them like checking account information there names and address and city state and zip so they can run it through ncic ok you think they dont know who you all are well guess again.thats how they nailed bill white and alfred stromthanks to hal turner.

      so alex go to my blog rally to keep hal in jail and let me hear you say dude you were 100% freaken right about hal.and next time trust what some media tell you are truth not all of us do it but I sure as hell can.


    4. nnews media Says:



    5. Ein Says:

      Frankly (and to be perfectly honest with you) I have a hard time understanding it. Maybe YOU know what you’re talking about, but I sure don’t.

      (Do you ever bother to proof-read your own stuff? You may have a worthwhile message there; if so, what a shame that it’s lost.)

    6. nnews media Says:


    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I was willing to give Hal Turner the benefit of the doubt, as there are always lots of Internet rumours floating around about everyone. But in hindsight I should have been a lot more suspicious. Turner is a dangerously unstable flake. Whether he goes to prison or not, he will have to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. Serves him right.

    8. Alex Linder Says:

      uh, “dude,” i don’t know who you are, but congrats on your great work. you are a credit to semi-literate aardvarks everywhere. i know it’s not easy typing with your nose, so that’s no gibe, bro.

      seriously – we were never big hal-pals here, so not real sure you don’t have us mistaken for someone else.

    9. alex Says:

      Let’s keep the comments on track.

    10. JJ Says:

      What was said earlier about Whites misplaced altruism towards “developing nations” and people deserves further exploration.

      Yes, Jews are powerful manipulators, but even without them, would we not have put ourselves in harms way to serve their lost cause(s)?

      Sure. Absolutely. But we would have learned our lesson long ago.

    11. alex Says:

      My entire life I have had the feeling that the THRUTH was out there somewhere. I am glad to see I was right.

    12. Jim Donaldson Says:

      I am always amazed when people talk about how “there’s no such thing as race” because “99.9..%” of our DNA is the same as this or that. Even biologists will make statements like this. They seem to miss the fact that, biologically speaking (due to evolution), similarities are meaningless. The differences, the variations, are what matter. Eliminate differences (genetic “melting pot”) and you lower the adaptability, and thus survivability, of everyone.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Real scientists know there IS such thing as Race, but they have either been bullied into silence or have been bought off. It’s the exact same thing with the global warming scam that so many scientists have been promoting. It helps further their careers to spread that false gospel. And most people, even scientists, would rather be liked than right.

      Um, er…..Sorry, Colonel Linder, but I…Well, as far as staying on topic is concerned….Darn it, I just wouldn’t want to see this fine website of yours become over-moderated and over-regulated like, say, Stormfart.org. Just an, um, suggestion, Sir. (gulp!)

    14. nnews media Says:


    15. alex Says:

      Um, er…..Sorry, Colonel Linder, but I…Well, as far as staying on topic is concerned….Darn it, I just wouldn’t want to see this fine website of yours become over-moderated and over-regulated like, say, Stormfart.org. Just an, um, suggestion, Sir. (gulp!)

      That’s why new policy is to have open thread every 10. That’s where you put stuff not reasonably related to the other posts. If ten isn’t enough, we’ll do it every five or six. The rule of relevance will obviously be more strictly enforced on the threads where the intial post contains a question or calls for people’s response.

    16. David Baker Says:

      I will say this, we shouldn’t feel superior to people of other races. We all pollute this earth in one way or another, and the world is not any race’s oyster (except perhaps, Jews…) to rule on that basis. Noting that, I have noticed that certain black people are prone to parlay simple arguments or misunderstandings into major conflicts. The impetus for this behavior stems from “Hate Crime” laws, that criminalize speech or violence against blacks, Jews, women and homosexuals. These statutes place a rather large chip on the shoulders of blacks who feel they can behave contentiously toward white people, and not be held accountable for their actions. They seek-out situations where they can accost a white person with their polished indignance, and demand the satisfaction of an apology, no matter what event has transpired (Usually, it was the black person creating the conflict..) Of course, unless “Whitey” (as Ms Obama likes to call them) immediately demures to said ‘victim’, a litany of racist terms spews forth in some variation of an ebonic syntax. I often wondered why people of different races shouldn’t try to create protectionist legislation for those who claim a minority status. Now I know…